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Mountain View News Saturday, September 4, 2021 
Huntington Library NASA’s Perseverance September Movies atAppoints Associate Rover Cores First Rock Pasadena Senior Center 

mathematician John Forbes

Curator of American Art

 Friday Movie Matinees Nash Jr. accepts secret work 

The Huntington Library, are back onsite at the in cryptography, his life takes 
Art Museum, and Botanical Pasadena Senior Center, a turn for the nightmarish. 
Gardens announced 85 E. Holly St., after having The film is based in part on 
Thursday the appointment been canceled due to the the biography “A Beautiful 
of Yinshi Lerman-Tan COVID-19 pandemic. Mind” by Sylvia Nasar. 
(pictured) as the new Seating will be limited and “The Good, The Bad and 
Bradford and Christine reservations will be required The Ugly (1966, R) Starring 
Mishler Associate Curator on a first-come, first-served Clint Eastwood and Eli 
of American Art. Lerman-basis. Each member of the Wallach – Friday, Sept. 24, at 
Tan, who currently is Pasadena Senior Center may 1 p.m. In this classic western

The movement is designed 

acting associate curator of reserve one additional seat set in the Southwest during

Data received late Wednesday to clear the lip of the sample

American and European for a nonmember guest. Call the Civil War, two men form

from NASA’s Perseverance tube of any residual material. 

at San Antonio rover indicate the team has 626-795-4331 or stop by an uneasy alliance against

art the The action can also cause a 
Museum of Art (SAMA) achieved its goal of successfully sample to slide down farther the Welcome Desk to make a third in a race to steal a 
and a postdoctoral fellow at coring a Mars rock. The initial into the tube. After the rover a reservation or for more fortune in gold buried in a 
Trinity University, will join about art, education, and images downlinked after the finished the percuss-to-ingest information. remote cemetery. 
The Huntington on Sept. 20. protest, and co-curated historic event show an intact procedure, it took a second set “Analyze This” (1999, R) In addition to onsite as 

sample present in the tube after of Mastcam-Z images. In these Starring Robert DeNiro and well as online activities,

“Yinshi brings to The “Missing Persons.” 

coring. However, additional images, the lighting is poor, and Billy Crystal – Friday, Sept. members and nonmembersHuntington a background At The Huntington, Lerman-images taken after the arm internal portions of the sample 3, at 1 p.m. Suffering from are encouraged to visit

of shaping narratives around Tan will work with the chief tube are not visible.

completed sample acquisition 

collections by bringing older intense anxiety, New York’s the website regularly for

curator of American art to were inconclusive due to poor “The project got its first cored 

works into conversation most powerful mob boss is COVID-19 updates for

help develop and curate sunlight conditions. Another rock under its belt, and that’s a 

with newer works and round of images with better phenomenal accomplishment,” about to get in touch with older adults and other timely

exhibitions, advise on 

creating opportunities for new art acquisitions, and lighting will be taken (pictured) said Jennifer Trosper, project his feelings with the help of a information, a weekly blog, 

before the sample processing manager at Jet psychologist who has plenty monthly magazine, ongoing

fresh engagement and new secure loans, among other NASA’s 
perspectives,” said Dennis activities. continues. Propulsion Laboratory in of issues of his own. activities throughout the 

Obtaining additional imagery Southern California. “The “World Trade Center” year and more.

Carr, The Huntington’s “I am thrilled to join The 

prior to proceeding with the team determined a location, (2006, PG-13) Starring The center, at 85 E. Holly

Virginia Steele Scott Chief Huntington, a place I have 

sealing and storing of Mars and selected and cored a viable Nicholas Cage and Michael St., is an independent,

Curator of American Art. long admired for how it 

rock sample is an extra step the and scientifically valuable 

Peña – Friday, Sept. 10, at donor-supported nonprofit

“Additionally, she brings builds connections across team opted to include based on rock. We did what we came to

the potential to further 1 p.m. In this true story of organization that has served

art, nature, archives, and its experience with the rover’s do. We will work through this 

expand on the institution’s courage and survival on older adults for more than 60

community,” said Lerman-sampling attempt on Aug. 5. small hiccup with the lightingongoing work in Asian art Tan. “In working with the Although the Perseverance conditions in the images and America’s darkest day, two years. During the pandemic, 
and culture. We welcome remarkable collections, I mission team is confident that remain encouraged that there New York Port Authority doors are open Mondays 
her strong voice in the look forward to expanding the sample is in the tube, images is sample in this tube.” officers hold on to hope that through Fridays from 8 
field of Asian American in optimal lighting conditions Commands uplinked to the they will be pulled out of the a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for social

the bounds of American art, 

will confirm its presence. rover earlier today will result in rubble of the World Trade services and other critical

art and her commitment through interventions like 

Perseverance’s Sampling images of the corer and tube to Center alive on Sept. 11, services for older adults

as a tireless community highlighting understudied 

and Caching System uses a be acquired tomorrow, Sept. 3, 2001. in need, as well as limitedbuilder and advocate for artists and centering the rotary-percussive drill and a at times of day on Mars when 

“A Beautiful Mind” occupancy in the library,

underrecognized artists.” cultures of California and hollow coring bit at the end the Sun is angled in a more

At San Antonio, where (2001, PG-13) Starring fitness center and computer

the Pacific Rim. As The of its 7-foot-long (2-meter-favorable position. Photos will 

she has worked since 2019, Russell Crowe and Jennifer lab. Masks and social

Huntington is already re-long) robotic arm to extract also be taken after sunset to 
Lerman-Tan recently imagining these collections, samples slightly thicker than a diminish point-sources of light Connelly – Friday, Sept. distancing are required. 
co-curated the traveling I am excited to help make pencil. Within the bit during that can saturate an image. 17, at 1 p.m. After the Rooms are sanitized after 
exhibition “No Ocean American art relevant and coring is a sample tube. After The photos will be returned to brilliant but antisocial each use. 
Between Us: Art of Asian alive the completing yesterday’s coring, Earth early in the morning of

for museum’s 
Diasporas in Latin America diverse audiences.” Perseverance maneuvered Sept. 4. Mental Health Education Bill 

the corer, bit, and open end If the results of this additional

and the Caribbean,” an American Art at The 

of the sample tube in order imaging remain inconclusive, Heads to Governor’s Desk

examination of how the Huntington 

to be imaged by the rover’s the Perseverance team still has experience of migration The Huntington’s American Mastcam-Z instrument. The several options to choose from Senate Bill 224, authored can shape an artist’s work. art collection features target for the sample collection going forward, including using by State Senator Anthony J.The exhibition, Lerman-Tan more than 14,000 works attempt was a briefcase-size the Sampling and Caching Portantino (D – La Cañada 
said, was meant to showcase from the colonial period rock belonging to a ridgeline System’s volume probe (located Flintridge), was approved bythe often-overlooked to the present. Works from that is more than half-a-mile inside the rover’s chassis) as the Legislature with bipartisan 
contributions of artists of the 18th century include (900 meters) long and contains a final confirmation of the support and is headed to 

both a sample being in the tube.

Asian descent in paintings by John Singleton rock outcrops and boulders. the Governor’s desk. SB 224 

U.S. and Latin American Copley, Benjamin West, The initial set of images from The Sept. 1 coring is the addresses the growing mental 
Mastcam-Z showed the end of second time that Perseverance health crisis among California’s
context. She also served as and Gilbert Stuart, as well 

a cored rock within the sample has employed its Sampling and youth by implementing mental

venue curator for “America’s as decorative arts from New 

tube. After taking these images, Caching System since landing health education in schools.Impressionism: Echoes of York, Philadelphia, and New the rover began a procedure in Jezero Crater on Feb. 18. “As students return to schoola Revolution” and curator England that provide insight called “percuss to ingest,” which For more about Perseverance this month, families, teachers,for “This Is America,” a into the artistic development vibrates the drill bit and tube for visit: and school administrators 
reinstallation of modern and culture of early America. one second, five separate times. and/or: are faced with mental health 
and contemporary galleries The collection of 19th-challenges,” stated Senator Bill 224,” said Jessica Cruz, 
at SAMA, featuring such century American art Pasadena Pops set to Perform Portantino. “California is in CEO of the National Alliance 

artists as Jeffrey Gibson, includes, others, the midst of a youth behavioral on Mental Illness. “Every week,


Edgar Heap of Birds, works by Raphaelle Peale, Broadway Hits to Close Season health crisis exacerbated by the we learn more about the toll 

COVID-19 pandemic and we that the pandemic has takenFaith Ringgold, and Dario George Caleb Bingham, Michael Feinstein and the In order to provide the need to find ways to reduce the on our youth. As the LittleRobleto. Lerman-Tan also Eastman Johnson, Frederic Pasadena POPS close their safest possible experience stigma around mental health. Hoover Commission pointedtaught Trinity University Edwin Church, and Albert popular outdoor summer for all concertgoers, entry to Although this bill doesn’t nearly out in their recent report on 

courses using SAMA’s 

Bierstadt. The late 19th-concert series at the Los all Pasadena POPS concerts go as far as it should and isn’t COVID-19 and Children’s 


century galleries feature Angeles County Arboretum will require proof of full the version I wanted to send Mental Health, in order to 

Lerman-Tan’s research address COVID’s impact

paintings by John Singer on Saturday, September 11 Covid-19 vaccination. For to the Governor, nevertheless, 
explores, in part, how Sargent, Mary Cassatt, with 100 Years of Broadway. a list of accepted forms of we need to keep these critical on children’s mental health, 

migration, identity, and and William Merritt policies moving forward to give California needs to center

The POPS Broadway proof and the most up to date

inequity shape art. In Chase; furniture by Herter our kids the help they need,” he schools as hubs of mental 

celebration provides a venue safety protocols, please 

added. well-being. SB 224 will serve

an article on Sadakichi Brothers; and silver by fitting cap to a season of five visit pasadenasymphony-With no state-mandated as the map that our childrenHartmann, published Tiffany & Co. Highlights concerts, all performed to education course at the can use to navigate these hubsin the spring 2021 issue of important 19th-century nearly sold-out audiences. protocols-pops. middle or high school level and access the help that theyof Panorama, Lerman-American sculpture include The season finale will All concerts are held at in California, a vast majority need. The Governor, who has

Tan follows the career 

work by Augustus Saint-provide a quintessential the Los Angeles County of California students do not always offered compassion and 

of the influential but 

Gaudens, Chauncey Ives, Feinstein experience with Arboretum and Botanic receive any instruction on support to those who live with a 
underrecognized Asian Hiram Powers, Frederic two of Broadway’s greatest Gardens. Grounds open for mental health. Mental health mental illness or developmental 
American art critic. A Remington, and Harriet performers bringing to life picnicking and dining at education is one of the best disability, will advance the 

photography critic in Hosmer’s monumental ways to increase awareness needs of children’s mental

songs from hit Broadway 5:30pm and performances

the circle of renowned and empower students to seek health with implementing this

Zenobia in Chains. shows from every decade begin at 7:30pm. It’s the 

help, while reducing the stigma new law.”

photographer Alfred The American art collection leading up to today. last chance to catch the associated with mental health “California students areStieglitz, Hartmann was also has a special emphasis Highlights include hits from best outdoor dinner party challenges. returning to in-personone of the first historians of on the Arts and Crafts South Pacific, West Side in town with spacious table If signed into law, SB 224 education, and with that returnAmerican art. Lerman-Tan Movement of the late 19th Story, The Sound of Music, seating and fine linens, or would require that local is the stress that still continues 

examines how Hartmann’s 

and early 20th centuries, Cabaret and Wicked, among lawn seating for those who educational agencies and from the ongoing pandemic,” 
experience as a mixed-race displaying work by Charles many other beloved show want to bring a blanket. charter schools which currently said Christine Stoner-Mertz,
immigrant during the Asian Rohlfs, the Byrdcliffe Arts Each option carries on the offer one or more courses in CEO of the California


exclusion period shaped his Colony, George Washington health education to middle Alliance of Child and Family

“It’s interesting to ask tradition of picnic-dining

discourses about American Maher, the Roycrofters, and or high schools students also Services. “With the impacts

somebody what they think with your family and 

art. Frank Lloyd Wright. The include mental health content of COVID-19 still reeling, we 

about when they hear the friends listening to the San 

in those courses. Educational must empower students to seek

Lerman-Tan’s current work of early 20th-century word “Broadway.” For me, of Gabriel Valley’s premier topics would include but are help while reducing the stigmaresearch focuses on the Pasadena architects Charles course it is about the music orchestra. Among many not limited to the overarching associated with mental healthhidden history of Disney’s and Henry Greene is also and the musical theatre venue amenities, concert themes and core principles of challenges. The CA AllianceBambi through the prominently featured. legacy that has contributed goers can enjoy pre-ordered mental health. SB 224 would applauds the State Legislature 

contributions of Tyrus Wong 

Among 20th-century so much to American gourmet box dinners for on-also require that the California for supporting SB 224 and 

and Felix Salten. Wong, a 

works displayed are those culture…there are many site pickup from Claud’s or Department of Education recognizing that mental health 

painter who immigrated is critical to overall well-being

by George Bellows, John American standards that Julienne, or VIP table service develop a plan to expand 

as a child to the U.S. from Sloan, Agnes Pelton, Edward mental health instruction in and academic success. We now

people don’t realize came from the Peacock Café, as

China, pioneered the film’s Hopper, Robert Motherwell, California public schools on or urge Governor Gavin Newsom

from Broadway.” – Michael well as a variety of food 

groundbreaking art. Salten, and Andy Warhol; also before January 1, 2024. to prioritize student mental

Feinstein truck options and two full-

a Jewish Austrian writer featured are works on The measure is supported by health and sign SB 224!”

 Two outstanding Broadway service beverage centers. a coalition of mental SB 224 was introduced

whose novel the film adapts, paper by Grant Wood and The Arboretum is located health 

alum will be joining the advocates, including the earlier this year and reflectsfled to Switzerland after Joseph Cornell; sculpture POPS orchestra for this at 301 North Baldwin National Alliance on Mental the Senator’s dedication to

Hitler banned his books. by Paul Manship, William with Ave., CA. improving health

showcase, Emmy Arcadia, Illness – California, California mental

Lerman-Tan connects the 

Hunt Diederich, and Elie Award-winner Liz Callaway, Subscribers may purchase Alliance of Child & Family outcomes for youth. The

film to Asian American art 

Nadelman; and collections who got her Broadway start pre-paid onsite parking Services, California Association Senator previously authored 
and modernism, as well as to of glass, silver, and ceramics. in Merrily We Roll Along at the Arboretum, and all of Student Councils, California SB 972, which required schools 

global diaspora and World The Jonathan and Karin Youth Empowerment Network, to print the suicide hotline on

and went on to star in Miss concertgoers can purchase

War II. Fielding Wing displays National Center for Youth Law, student identification cards.

Saigon, Baby and Cats among guaranteed and convenient

Lerman-Tan holds a Ph.D. early American paintings, and the Children’s Partnership. Additionally, the Senator 

others, and Jordan Donica, parking at Santa Anita Park, 

“The National Alliance on dedicated three years to pass SB

in art history from Stanford furniture, and works of 

who made his debut starring with complimentary non-Mental Illness-California 328, which pushes back school

University and a B.A. in decorative art from the as in the historic

Raoul, stop shuttle service to the strongly urges Governor start times for middle and highAmerican studies from Yale Fieldings’ collection of 18th-Broadway production of Arboretum’s main entrance. Newsom to sign into law Senate schools.University. She completed and early 19th-century The Phantom of the Opera. Single tickets start at

her dissertation on still life 

American art works. The Donica has since gone on to $25. Tickets are now on 

painter John F. Peto as a 

Susan and Stephen Chandler play Marquis de Lafayette sale, and are available by

fellow at the Smithsonian 

Wing serves as a space and Thomas Jefferson in calling the box office atAmerican Art Museum. for temporary exhibitions Hamilton, and you can (626)-793-7172, online atAt Stanford’s Cantor concentrating on American currently find him on the PasadenaSymphony-Pops.Arts Center, she curated painting, decorative arts, CW’s Charmed, starring as org or at the Arboretum on

“Blackboard,” an exhibition and works on paper. 

Jordan. concert days. 

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