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4.0 Grade Point Average
Peipei Alexander, Farha Azmi, Ryan Backstrom, 
Siri Baldrica, Marcus Barnett, Anastasia Besoli, 
Yemaya Bruce, Mia Bugarin, Danica Chen, 
Hailey Chen, Jayden Cheng, Zoe Chiu, Payton 
Chung, Kyla Dancel, Daniel De la Torre, Miriam 
Elghefari, Frances Farnam, Ezra Flores, Emily 
Fong, Peyton Fox, Thomas Garcia, Max Geller-
Schwartz, Scarlett Glick, Harrison Gwaltney, 
Samuel Gwaltney, Jonathan Hong, Maria Karapetyan, 
Gwendolyn Kathol, Mackenzie Kish, 
Caleb Kodama, Ava Lamond, Alyssa Lewis, 
Trinity Liang, Leo Luster, Michael Manoukian, 
Ava McGarry, Noah Moore, Zalea Nunes, Andreas 
Peterson, Ishan Prabhu, Nathan Reaves, 
Robert Shema, Megan Sinclair, Lillian Su, Dhiren 
Swamy, Jaya Swamy, Cayden Tai, Annika 
Tamppari, Aidan Thomas, Charlevoix Torrence, 
Jake Walkup, Ethan Wiles, Taylor Wu, Karla Yacoub, 
Kevin Yeretzian, Alexander Yiakoumatos, 
Nicholas Yiakoumatos 

3.5 GPA or Higher
Joseph Aguilar, Kaeden Alkhadra, Sophia Alpuche, 
Noah An, Jackson Bradley, Katerina Carr, 
Colton Cerin, Rylan Cho, Emma Cruz, Nathaniel 
Fulford, Jonas Hellings, Brenna-Marie 
Henley, Peter Herb, Dylan Hoang, Layla Huang, 
Lucy Hunt, Zhurong Jin, Dayton Johansen, 
Annabella Kellerman, Nathaniel Llana, Sofia 
Manacker, Ryan Manzanero, Harout Mitilian, 
Finneas Moser, Ian Ng, Anne Perkins, Mark-
Anthony Rodriguez, William Shema, Maliha 
Syeed-Miller, Harley Toshikian, Alicia Uriarte, 
Carloyn Wang, Nathan Yang 


4.0 Grade Point Average
Arthur Acosta, River Axelrod, Madeleine 
Bertsch, Micah Ching, Danielle Choi, Oliver 
Clark, Micah Clauson, Kayla Dayman, Fernan-

Alverno Heights Academy200 N. Michillinda Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024(626) 355-3463 Head of School: Julia V. FanaraE-mail address: 
Arcadia Christian School 
1900 S. Santa Anita Avenue Arcadia, CA 91006Preschool - and TK - 8th Grade 
626-574-8229/626-574-0805Email: inquiry@acslions.comPrincipal: Cindy Harmonwebsite: 
Arcadia High School180 Campus Drive Arcadia, CA 91007Phone: (626) 821-8370, Principal: Brent 
Arroyo Pacific Academy41 W. Santa Clara St. Arcadia, Ca,
(626) 294-0661 Principal: Phil ClarkeE-mail address: 
Barnhart School 
240 W. Colorado Blvd Arcadia, Ca. 91007 
(626) 446-5588Head of School: Tonya BeilsteinKindergarten - 8th gradewebsite: 
Bethany Christian School93 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024 
(626) 355-3527Preschool-TK-8th Grade 
Principal: Dr. William Walnerwebsite: www. 
Clairbourn School 
8400 Huntington DriveSan Gabriel, CA 91775Phone: 626-286-3108 ext. 172 
FAX: 626-286-1528 
Holy Family Catholic School1301 Rollin Street South Pasadena Ca 91030 
(626) 799-4354 •
Transitional Kindergarten - 8th GradePrincipal: Mrs. Jennifer GarziaWebsite: info@holyfamily.orgFacebook & Instagram @HFSKnights 
Foothill Oaks Academy822 E. Bradbourne Ave., Duarte, CA 91010(626) 301-9809Principal: Nancy 
Frostig School971 N. Altadena Drive Pasadena, CA 91107 
(626) 791-1255Head of School: Jenny Janetzke 
The Gooden School 
192 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024 
(626) 355-2410Head of School, Jo-Anne Woolner 
High Point Academy1720 Kinneloa Canyon RoadPasadena, Ca. 91107 
Head of School: Gary Stern 626-798-8989 
La Salle College Preparatory3880 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Pasadena, Ca. 
(626) 351-8951 website: 
Principal Jamal Adams 
Monrovia High School325 East Huntington Drive, Monrovia, CA 91016(626) 471-2800 Principal Darvin JacksonEmail: 
Odyssey Charter School725 W. Altadena Dr. Altadena, Ca. 91001(626) 229-0993 Head of School: Lauren O’Neillwebsite: 
Pasadena High School2925 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Pasadena, Ca.
(626) 396-5880 Principal: Roberto Hernandezwebsite: 
St. Rita Catholic School 
322 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024Principal: Adela Solis (626) 355-6114solis@st-ritaschool.orgWebsite: 
Sierra Madre Elementary School141 W. Highland Ave, Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024(626) 355-1428 Principal: Lindsay LUISE-mail address: 
Sierra Madre Middle School 
160 N. Canon Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024(626) 836-2947 Principal: Garrett NewsomE-mail address: 
W a lde n School 
74 S San Gabriel Blvd 
Pasadena, CA 91107 (626) 
Weizmann Day School1434 N. Altadena Dr. Pasadena, Ca. 91107(626) 797-0204Lisa Feldman: Head of School 
Wilson Middle School 
300 S. Madre St. Pasadena, Ca. 91107(626) 449-7390 Principal: Ruth EsselnE-mail address: 
Pasadena Unified School District 
351 S. Hudson Ave., Pasadena, Ca. 91109(626) 396-3600 Website: 
Arcadia Unified School District 
234 Campus Dr., Arcadia, Ca. 91007 
(626) 821-8300 Website: 
Monrovia Unified School District 
325 E. Huntington Dr., Monrovia, Ca. 91016 
(626) 471-2000Website: 
Duarte Unified School District 
1620 Huntington Dr., Duarte, Ca. 91010 
Wills and trusts are two 
of the most commonly 
used estate planning 
documents, and they 
form the foundation of 
most estate plans. Whileboth documents are legalvehicles designed to 
distribute your assets toyour loved ones upon yourdeath, the way in which they work is quite different. 
From when they take effect to the property theycover to how they are administered, wills and trustshave some key differences you need to consider when 
creating your estate plan. That said, when comparingthe two documents, you won’t necessarily be choosingbetween one or the other—most plans include both.
But you should still be aware of some of the key 
differences between each. 
When They Take EffectA will only goes into effect when you die, while atrust takes effect as soon as it’s signed and your assets 
are transferred into the name of the trust, known as“funding” the trust. To this end, a will directs whowill receive your assets upon your death, while a trustspecifies how your assets will be distributed beforeyour death, at your death, or at a specified time afterdeath. 
Furthermore, because a will only goes into effectwhen you die, it offers no protection if you become 
incapacitated and are no longer able to make decisionsabout your financial, legal, and healthcare needs. Ifyou do become incapacitated, your family will have topetition the court to appoint a conservator or guardianto handle your affairs, which can be costly, time-
consuming, and stressful. 
With a trust, however, you can include provisionsthat appoint someone of your choosing—not thecourt’s—to handle your assets if you’re unable to doso. When combined with a well-drafted medical powerof attorney and living will, a trust can keep your familyout of court and out of conflict in the event of yourincapacity, while ensuring your wishes regarding yourmedical treatment and end-of-life care are carried out 
exactly as you intended. 
The Assets They CoverA will covers any asset solely owned in your name. Awill does not cover property co-owned by you withothers listed as joint tenants, nor does a will cover 
assets that pass directly to your loved ones via a 
beneficiary designation, such as life insurance, IRAs,
401(k)s, and payable-on-death bank accounts. 
Trusts, on the other hand, cover any asset that has 
been transferred, or “funded,” to the trust or where thetrust is the named beneficiary of an account or policy.
That said, if an asset hasn’t been properly funded to thetrust, it won’t be covered, so it’s critical to work withyour attorney to ensure all your assets are fully funded. 
Most lawyers will set up a trust for you, but few willensure your assets are properly inventoried or funded,
and this is one of the most important aspect of estateplanning. And it’s not just about making sure yourassets are properly inventoried and titled when youinitially set up your trust, your lawyer should helpensure that any new assets you acquire over the courseof your life are inventoried and properly funded toyour trust on an ongoing basis to ensure your planworks when your family needs it. 
How They Are AdministeredFor assets in a will to be transferred to a beneficiary,
the will must pass through the court process known asprobate. During probate, the court oversees the will’sadministration, ensuring your assets are distributedaccording to your wishes, with automatic supervisionto handle any disputes. 
However, probate proceedings can drag out for years,
and your family will likely have to hire an attorney torepresent them, which can result in costly legal feesthat can drain your estate. During probate, there’s alsothe chance that one of your family members mightcontest your will, especially if you have disinheritedthem or plan to leave significantly more money to onerelative than the others. 
Bottom line: If your estate plan consists of a will alone,
you are guaranteeing your family will have to go tocourt if you become incapacitated or when you die. 
Furthermore, since probate is a public proceeding,
your will becomes part of the public record upon yourdeath. This means everyone will be able to learn thecontents of your estate, who your beneficiaries are, andwhat they inherit, setting them up as potential targetsfor scam artists and fraudsters. 
Unlike wills, trusts don’t require your family to gothrough probate, which can save time, money, and thepotential for conflict. Plus, when you have a trust setup, the distribution of your assets happens in private—
not the courtroom—so the contents and terms of yourtrust will remain completely private. 
How Much They CostWills and trusts do differ in cost—not only whenthey’re created, but also when they’re used. The averagewill-based estate plan can run between $500 to $2,000,
depending on the options selected. An average trust-
based plan can be two to four times mor than that,
again depending on the options chosen. So at least onthe front end, wills are less expensive than trusts. 
However, wills must go through probate, whereattorney fees and court costs can be quite pricey,
especially if the will is contested. So even thougha trust may cost more upfront to create than a will,
the total costs once probate is factored in can actuallymake a trust the much less expensive option in thelong run. 
Find The Option That’s Right For Your FamilyThe best way for you to determine whether or notyour estate plan should include a will, a living trust,
or some combination of the two is to meet with an 
experienced estate planning attorney. This processshould, at a minimum, include an analysis of yourassets, a discussion of what’s most important to you,
and a clear picture of what will happen to your lovedones when you become incapacitated or die. And whenyou’re done, you should feel 100% confident that youhave the right estate planning solution to fit with yourunique asset profile, family dynamics, and budget. 
A local attorney andfather, Marc Garlett 
is on a mission to 
help parents protect 
what they love 
most. Schedule an 
appointment to sit down and talk about ensuring alegacy of love and financial security for your familyby calling 626.355.4000 or visit www.CaliLaw.comfor more information. 
do De Necochea, Mason Del Rosario, Declan 
Denison, Zi Diaz, Flint Fieseler, Tiffany Fink, 
Kyra Fletcher, Remy Gaskell, Guohoa Ghiloni, 
Isabela Ghiloni, Lawton Gray, Josiah Himsl, Jasmine 
Hsiung, Ruei Huang, Michael Hudick, Julietta 
Hutt, Hana Iptchilar, Collette Kiesel, Lacy 
Kong, Madeline Korman, Agnesa Kreakopyan, 
Zacharias Kuo, Connor Lam, Melinda Lansford, 
Christian Lee, Aubrey Lee-Ho, Jesse Liou, Megan 
Ly, Oneder-ful Vanglorious Martin, Namya 
Mehra, Ruby Meyer, William Milla, Trenton 
Nam, Elizabeth Nieberg, Sienna Park, Ethan 
Parker, Stellan Pearson, Kovas Radvenis, Riley 
Rapp, Eero Schmunk, Anneka Siao, Angelleen 
Sie To, Ruby Sprague, Luke Touloumian, Noah 
Tsui, Aditya Velusamy, Megan Vuong, Macsen 
Wallis, Sydney Wang, Wan-Hsing Wang, Miles 
Waters, Gabriel Wong 

3.5 GPA or Higher
Adam Abdelwahed, Ali Abu Rayyan, Sebastian 
Aguilera, Caleb Ambrose, Jane Anderson, Leynah 
Barcarse, Louis Barna, Samuel Bortnik, 
Dylan Brooks, Georgia Calvert, Jordan Chang, 
Clement Chen, Joshua Chen, Ryan Chen, Dylan 
Divers, Aiden Eusebio, Lucas Fackrell, Marisol 
Fernandez, Kayla Gavel, Anya Gnanapragasam, 
Emerald Green, Harvey Green, August Heinsen, 
Joseph Hernandez, Kaden Higashi, Ares 
Ho, Owen Ho, Marissa Ibarra, Matthew Khuu, 
Alexan-der Klein, Tyler Knight, Paul Lee, Penelope 
Linares, Andrew Lopez, Shaunt Manuelian, 
Liam McCabe, Matthew Mitchell, Sabrina 
Nessman, Tyler Nguyen, David Ohlson, Ehatn 
Ong, Jayden Ong, Aldo Ortiz, Baron Owens, Elliott 
Park, Jesse Peterson, Charlie Renk, Thiago 
Rivero, Alex-andra Rodriguez, Nathan Sanchez, 
Rebecca Sanchez, Benjamin Thompson, Ian To, 
Liam Wahl-strom, Olivia Widman, Atticus Williams, 
Madelyn Wilson, Kaitlyn Yohn, Jacob 



1. Sweeney Todd's weapon
6. It's in the hole? 
9. Plural of #6 Across 
13. Soft palate dangler
14. Each one for himself? 
15. Red Cross supply
16. Short skirts 
17. Flightless bird
18. Wavelike patterned silk
19. *Philip Banks' wife
21. *Dre Johnson's wife on "Black-ish" and occasional 
site around rain storm 
23. 31st of the month, e.g.
24. E-mailed 
25. Digital audio workstation
28. Essence of idea 
30. Mouth infection 
35. Fusses 
37. Burden or load 
39. Official language of Lesotho
40. Choose politically
41. Sashay
43. Thailand, formerly
44. All worked up
46. One assigned menial work
47. Rancher's unit 
48. Blue jeans
50. Famous Scottish lake 
52. A cause of inflation 
53. Number one 
55. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's guitar
57. *Stars Hollow Luke's love interest 
61. *Louise Jefferson's husband 
64. Like a solitaire player
65. Government Printing Office
67. Home to BYU 
69. Request to Geico
70. Calendar mo. 
71. Gladdened 
72. 36 inches 
73. *Jake and ____ of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
74. Rub off 

1. Cuba Libre ingredient
2. Tel ____, Israel
3. Pueblo tribesman 
4. Good will branch 
5. Leveling to the ground
6. Congregation's echo
7. *Mitch's husband in "Modern Family"
8. Accustom 
9. Long, long time
10. Baby container
11. German currency
12. Old World duck 
15. The ____, an English rock band from the '80s
20. Goodbye to amiga
22. Marching insect
24. Classroom attendee 
25. *Patrick's fiance on "Schitt's Creek" 
26. Dig, so to speak
27. King of the gods in Wagner's "Das Rheingold"
29. Barber shop sound
31. Civil Rights icon
32. Ancient city in Africa
33. *Javen's companion on "Temptation Island" 
or Lamb Chops' puppeteer
34. *Marge Simpson's husband
36. Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
38. Kind of gin
42. Follow as a consequence
45. Bald Eagle to Americans, e.g.
49. Old Man's turf, according to Hemingway
51. Capital of the Republic of Macedonia
54. Fraternity letter
56. Trial's partner
57. Like a doily
58. Paella pot
59. Big cat sound
60. Blyton or Bagnold
61. Like a bloody horror movie
62. Romantic painter Francisco ____
63. December 24 and 31, e.g.
66. *Jim's co-worker and wife on "The Office" 
68. Type of poem 
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