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While transmission in L.A. County remains at a high level, the 7-day cumulative case rate 
decreased 16% from last week to 159 new cases per 100,000 residents. This is the second 
week in a row with small decreases in the County’s case rate. Overall, the County has seen 
a 22% decrease from the peak of 204 cases per 100,000 on August 19. 
Public Health continues its strategy for improving access to vaccines by having mobile 
vaccination teams take vaccines to places where people are not yet vaccinated. This week, 
mobile teams are offering vaccines at 480 sites, many of which are concentrated in higherneed, 
harder hit areas. County mobile vaccine teams work to get vaccinations into neighborhood 
places where people gather and are eager to make vaccines easily available to you. 
Ensuring vaccine access to vulnerable residents is one of Public Health’s highest priorities, 
and the County’s in-home vaccination program offers home visits to provide vaccines to 
those unable to leave their homes. The County has so far vaccinated 2,000 homebound 
residents through this program to date, and the County is also offering additional doses for 
immunocompromised residents through this program. 
Residents who are homebound can refer themselves to this program. Caregivers, family 
members and loved ones, healthcare providers, organizations, and others can also make 
referrals. On the vaccine website, residents who are homebound can click “In-home vaccination” 
in the menu to submit a request, or call us at 1-833-540-0473 between the hours 
of 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. seven days a week. Public Health is able to take calls in multiple 
Public Health encourages everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated. Anyone 12 and older 
living or working in L.A. County can get vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccinations are 
always free and open to eligible residents and workers regardless of immigration status. 
Visit: (English) and (Spanish) 
to find a vaccination site near you, make an appointment at vaccination sites, and 
much more. If you don’t have internet access, can’t use a computer, or you’re over 65, you 
can call 1-833-540-0473 for help finding an appointment, connecting to free transportation 
to and from a vaccination site, or scheduling a home-visit if you are homebound. 
As the highly transmissible Delta variant spreads, compliance with masking requirements 
at businesses is critical to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public 
Health) prevention strategy. Masks are required in indoor public spaces and outdoor mega 
events, regardless of vaccination status. 
Public Health inspectors continue to visit businesses across the county every day to ensure 
compliance with required safety measures and masking guidelines, provide technical assistance, 
and respond to complaints of non-compliance. Between July 1 and August 27, Public 
Health inspectors visited 7,833 restaurants, 102 bars, 1,895 food markets, 274 hotels, 282 
gyms and fitness centers, 633 hair salons or barber shops, 353 food manufacturing plants, 
1,522 personal care businesses, 20 shopping malls, 136 retail stores, 131 office sites, and 
9 outdoor venues with a capacity for more than 10,000 people, among other businesses. 
Overall, the inspections revealed very good compliance with masking requirements and 
only 22 citations were issued to businesses, including gyms, restaurants, and office sites, for 
noncompliance with Health Officer Orders. 
Non-compliance at businesses can contribute to increased risk of workplace outbreaks 
and community transmission when COVID-19 spreads among employees and customers. 
Violations of safety requirements and dangerous conditions can be reported anonymously 
to Public Health by phone at 888-700-9995 or online at 
LOCAL STATISTICS 08/27/2021 vs. 09/03/2021 
Cases: 1,397,236 
Deaths: 25,211 
Altadena 43,260 3,827 78 
Arcadia 57,754 3,162 142 
Bradbury 1,069 40 0 
Duarte 22,016 2,607 98 
Monrovia 38,800 3,659 79 
Pasadena 141,371 12,646 354 
Sierra Madre 10,989 570 13 
Cases: 1,412,240 
Deaths: 25,364 
Altadena 43,260 3,887 79 
Arcadia 57,754 3,202 142 
Bradbury 1,069 41 0 
Duarte 22,016 2,646 98 
Monrovia 38,800 3,712 80 
Pasadena 141,371 12,772 354 
Sierra Madre 10,989 576 13 
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TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills 
Mountain View News Saturday, September 4, 2021 8
A warm good by to Bobby, you know Bobby as the loveable owner 
of Avanti café and restaurant for over 30 years Bobby and his family 
put out great pizzas and pasta, Bobby has hung up his apron and we 
wish him all the best! A Mexican restaurant has decided to it’s place 
let’s see what happens. 
We all know restaurant locations throughout Sierra Madre and 
Pasadena that seem to turn over every fall. I have heard the word 
“cursed” used for several locations many times. For instance, the 
location on the corner of San Gabriel and Colorado seems to be 
one that is cursed for sure – it started as the Vault, then it became 
Rio Rio, then Ta Vu, and then a sushi joint (which I actually loved 
because the prices were right). Then is became a chicken wing 
restaurant. Well, I love wings but that failed. For another “cursed” 
location, remember Jerry’s Famous Deli in Old Pasadena? Let’s 
name all the restaurants that went through that location: Union 
Cattle Company, Pasadena Brewing, Brix, Haven Gastro Pub… and 
it started as a gym! 
When interviewing existing owners, they often point the fingers at the landlords saying the rents are 
too high. The excitement and the confidence of “I’ll do it better” might be too strong of a lure for 
restaurateurs to handle. I was bewildered that El Chollo moved from Fair Oaks (Old John Bull) to 
the Paseo. As the building sat empty for a few years, I thought isn’t some rent better then no rent at 
all? Celebrity Chef Rocco said on his TV show that the mortality rate for restaurants is 90% the first 
year. My father said he’d rather have open heart surgery than own a restaurant. 
Let’s look at this fact: the survival rate is higher then 10%, and these numbers are not specific to our 
area. Several years ago, researchers at Cornell University and Michigan State University conducted 
a study of restaurants in three local markets over a 10-year period. They concluded the following: 
after the first year, 27% of restaurant startups failed; after three years, 50% of those restaurants were 
no longer in business; and after five years 60% had gone south. At the end of 10 years, 70% of the 
restaurants that had opened for business a decade before had failed. Those are far different numbers 
than the 90% first-year failure rate quoted by our television star chef. Another academic research 
study concluded that 81.4% of all small business failures result from forces within the control of the 
owners/managers. The bottom line is that even if the failure rate is a little daunting, failure is not 
Join me on Dining w/Dills, the radio version, right before the Angels game at 5PM KLAA AM 830 
Mosquitoes spread West Nile virus. 
Protect yourself and your loved ones from 
mosquito bites. 
• Wear mosquito repellent when you’re 
outdoors. Use spray, wipes or lotion. 
• Cover, clear, clean and throw away items 
that can hold water and breed mosquitoes. 
LEARN MORE AT or call 2-1-1 
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