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Michael “Mickey” Dennis Marquardt passed away suddenly 
at home December 7th, 2021. Born September 
7th, 1982 at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, 

Mickey was the son of Dennis L. Marquardt and Clare 
Collins Marquardt. He was a graduate of St. Francis 
High School in La Canada Flintridge, where he ran 
cross country and track. 

After attending Pasadena City College, he received his 
BFA in Studio Art from Loyola Marymount University 
in Los Angeles. Mickey was an admirer and lover of 
animals, nature, and all things horticulture. He could 
always find the details and the beauty in each, which 
was evident in his art and in his succulent creations. He 
was able to render anything into a work of art. Mickey 
was a loyal friend and left a lasting impression on all those he would meet. He always thought 
of others and his empathy surpassed the normal confines of friendship. 

He is predeceased by his mother, Clare Collins Marquardt. Mickey is survived by his father, 
“Coach” Dennis Marquardt, his twin brother, Martin Marquardt (Mary), younger brother, 
Andrew Marquardt (Karen), older sister, Katherine Marquardt; nephews, Calvin and Kennan 
and niece, Camille, and his dog, Roxie. The family is working on plans for a memorial at the 
end of January. The family is making plans for a memorial celebration at the end of January. 
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Pasadena Humane Society and The Source 


For those who have never had the occasion to attend a City Council meeting or a Planning 
Commission meeting, I share with you what was discussed at the last PC meeting. On the 
agenda was a request from the family that recently purchased the Wistaria property. They 
wanted to add on to the small house to accommodate their family and make it safer from the 
heavy weight of the Wistaria Vine. Part of the request was to cut down and remove one of 
the 5 trunks of the Vine. To the gasp of those in attendance, it was obvious to everyone in the 
room that something was wrong and it was not all the homeowners fault. It was interesting 
that the Planning Commissioners stated: ‘hold on here, we don’t want to be responsible for 
any damage to the Vine’. 

From that point, we all learned that in the last 40 years the previous owners cared for the Wistaria 
Vine and graciously allowed local organizations and the city to host the Wistaria Festival 
every year, allowing thousands of visitors to walk through their property to view the vine, all 
at the pleasure of the owners of the house and the vine. The new homeowner, who was aware 
of the celebrity of the vine, had an arborist at the meeting but the City wanted them to get a 
second or third opinion at the homeowner's expense. 

The City has not done anything to officially protect the vine by designating it a ‘protected’ 
plant or ‘historical’ treasure in the municipal code, maybe that was because the Wistaria 
Festival was put on by the Chamber of Commerce with the help of other local organizations 
and the community at large. 

The next day I found out that “Gabe”, the City Manager at that time, had looked at the property 
when it was up for sale to consider purchase of the property and the vine by the city. 
Apparently he had Council take no action. 

Taking no action meant the new owners could totally cut the vine down or, if they kept the 
vine, they were under no agreement to allow the public on the property to view the vine for 
the annual Wistaria Festival. 

Learning of the failure at City Hall to protect one of the Treasures of Sierra Madre, I quickly 
sent an email to one of our trusted council members explaining the problem that required 
some quick action and communication with the new owners. The reply I got back was, “I 
spoke to the owner today, I hope the community understands that their actions and words 
make the home owner feel unsafe and unhappy about our City." 

WOW!--the community got scolded for a problem created by City Hall for not taking action 
in the past! 

The council member was referring to a Saturday in October or November when there was 
a truck in front of the Wistaria property being loaded with cuttings from the Wistaria vine. 
Uncertain what was going on, neighbors contacted the City. Word spread quickly and a few 
residents showed up to see what was going on. There was no arborist present and there were 
concerns about the health of the vine. A city employee halted the work until they could 
review the problem during normal business hours. Ironically, had the vine been damaged 
irreparably, the same folks at city hall would probably be asking why no one did anything? 

Sure makes you wonder how many other times City Hall hasn’t acted in the best interest of 
the community? 

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by Deanne Davis 

“Christmas magic is 
silent. You don’t hear 
it – you feel it. 
You know it – you 
believe it!” 
Kevin Alan Milne 

“Lessons from a 
Christmas Tree… 
Share your gifts,
Bring joy to others,
Be a light in the 
You were born to 
sparkle…even if 
your garland’s a little 
It’s OK to be a little 
Jane Lee Logan 

“It’s not what’s under the Christmas Tree that matters… 
It’s who’s around it.” Charlie Brown 

Christmas is just a week away. Can you believe that? A week!! By now you’ve got most 
of your shopping done…thank you! Christmas cards in the mail. It’s OK 
if they don’t arrive till after Christmas. You still get points for having done them at all. 
Your house is beautiful and maybe now you can just stop for a while. Take a little time to 
just enjoy all you’ve accomplished and the beauty you’ve created. It’s time for a moment 
of holiday cheer. Here’s a recipe that won’t fail you: 

1. Buy a carton of prepared low-fat eggnog right out of the dairy case at your favorite 
2. Put a tray of ice cubes in your blender. 
3. Fill the blender two thirds full of that low-fat eggnog. 
4. Add a half cup of rum, brandy, or a little of both to the blender (or more, or less, 
depending on how tired, annoyed or happy you are). 
5. Blend until ice is pleasantly crunchified. 
6. Pour into a large, beautiful, stemmed glass. Grate fresh nutmeg on top. 
7. Sit down, admire your tree and enjoy your eggnog. 
8. Realize that peace reigns. 
9. Put on the Christmas CD that YOU like, the one that has “Grandma Got Run Over 
by a Reindeer” on it. Or maybe Handel’s Messiah. 
10. Allow joy to flood your heart, soul and mind.
11. Admire your lights and think about that first Christmas night, that first Light.
12. Rejoice! Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men! 
13. Know in your heart this year’s Christmas will be the most wonderful one ever. 
That First Noel’s come ‘round again, just like it does each year.
To tell us it’s Christmas, finally it’s Christmas, joyfully it’s Christmas,
The best time of the year!

 The tree is in the window, the wreath is on the door. 
About a million ornaments, were scattered on the floor. 
Presents piled each place you look, bikes and dolls and lots of books.
Candles red and holly green, warm and light this Christmas scene. 

But that’s not the reason we celebrate this season… 
No, it’s that baby in the manger, Christ Child in the manger,
Mary kneeling by his side, Joseph beaming down with pride.
Peace on earth, good will to men, we celebrate that night again! 

Hope was born that Christmas, Joy was born that Christmas.
Angels filled the sky with light, that first silent night, holy night. 

I’m hoping you’ll be able to join in the Candlelight Walk Sunday night starting at St. 
Rita’s at 7 p.m. This is such a beautiful time. John and I did it for many years and it 
warmed our hearts. We saw so many friends and it was such a great way to start the last 
week before Christmas. Give yourself this gift. 

The picture is my manger scene. I broke Joseph’s hand several years ago and despite my 
best attempts to repair it, he still is missing several fingers. 

Merry Almost Christmas, dear friends and neighbors. Rejoice! 

For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given,
And the government shall be upon His shoulder;
And his name shall be called Wonderful Counsellor,
The mighty God,
The Everlasting Father,
The Prince of Peace. 

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