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Caltech Remembers Pasadena Boston Court Chris Holden Builds Ties 
Professor Richard Dean Reading: Hold These Truths Through Syunik Sister City 

Richard Albert Dean (BS ‘45), 
a professor of mathematics at 

Assemblymember Chris

Caltech from 1955 to 1987, 

Holden announced last week 

passed away on January 27, at 

that his resolution, ACR 105,

the age of 97. 

Sister state relationship with

Dean (pictured) was born 

in 1924 in Columbus, Ohio. the Province of Syunik has 
He earned an undergraduate passed the Senate Floor. The 
degree from Caltech in 1945 resolution would establish 
and a PhD from Ohio State sister state relationshipUniversity in 1953. He taught between California and 


mathematics Middlebury the province of Syunik in

College in Vermont in 1947. 

Armenia. Syunik is the

Dean returned to Caltech in 

southernmost province in

1954 as the Harry Bateman 

Armenia and has profound

Research Fellow before joining 

historical and cultural

the faculty as an assistant 
professor in 1955. Dean was significance for Armenia 
named associate professor in and the world. It is one of 
1959, professor in 1966, and the original provinces of 
professor emeritus in 1987. of the American Mathematical the ancient of

and around the world. The Kingdom cultural engagement,” saidDean’s achievements in Society and the Mathematics Streaming Monday, February event will be hosted by Tamlyn Armenia. It is also home to Assemblymember Adrin 

mathematics include showing Association of America. He 

that the word problem in a earned an honorary doctorate 28 at 6 p.m. Tomita and Sean Miura and live-the Armenian Stonehenge Nazarian, co-author of ACR 

Tickets are free to the streamed on Monday, February which dates to the bronze 105.finite presented lattice (a certain of science from Denison 

public; All attendees must 28th at 6PM PST. All attendees age and has petroglyphs that “Today, we are grateful to

type of algebraic structure University in Ohio in 1973.

 Dean also served as an register by visiting: must register by visiting bit. are seven thousand years Assemblymember Chris

coming from order theory) 

admissions officer at Caltech. HoldTheseTruthsVirtual. ly/HoldTheseTruthsVirtual . old. Syunik is described by Holden for working with us

is solvable. He later applied 

Created in response to the The event will be available as a

lattice theory to problems in “This was very important to Armenians as the backbone and spearheading the effort, 

economics. He authored two him, because he felt that he sharp rise in hate directed video on demand for 48 hours of Armenia, as it is an now adopted both by thetoward the AAPI community following the live-stream on 

algebra textbooks, Elements was able to give a chance to essential to importing and State Senate and the State

over the past few years, the 28th. 

of Abstract Algebra (1966) students who didn’t necessarily exporting goods from the Assembly, in establishing

Boston Court Pasadena, East Playwright Jeanne Sakata 

and Classical Abstract Algebra ‘check all the boxes’ but showed 
(1990), and co-authored the great drive,” says Jason Dean, West Players, and Pasadena says, “It’s been an incredible south. a Sister State relationship

Playhouse have joined forces joy and honor to have worked ACR 105 would reinforce between California andhigh school algebra textbook Richard’s son, who is now a 

Arithmetic and Calculators: researcher in sociology at the to share a virtual reading of with so many brilliant AAPI California’s solidarity Syunik province of Armenia. 
University of Strasbourg in Jeanne Sakata’s timely solo actors who have performed with and support for the At such a critical time when

How to Deal with Arithmetic 

France. play Hold These Truths. The Hold These Truths over the people of Syunik and will Syunik’s sovereignty is at

in the Calculator Age (1978).

Dean served as a lieutenant In addition to his son, Dean evening is co-directed by Jessica last 15 years, and who have facilitate mutually beneficial great risk under the grave 
in the United States Navy from is survived by his second wife, Kubzansky and Margaret shared Gordon Hirabayashi’s educational, economic, and threats posed by AzerbaijanShigeko Starbuck. story all across the country.

1943 to 1946, and 1952 to 1954, Carol K. Dean, formerly of cultural exchanges between and Turkey, this bold move

All proceeds raised through With six of those actors – Ryun

and as a consultant for the Pasadena City College; four the two states. The resolution by the State of California is 

grandchildren; and four great-this event will go to the Yu, Greg Watanabe, Michael

National Security Agency from Consortium of Asian American would also create a taskforce a declaration of solidarity

Hisamoto, Hansel Tan, Jomar

1955 to 1963. He was a member grandchildren. 

Theaters and Artists and the Tagatac, and Steven Eng – now with representatives from meant to facilitate mutually

incredible work they do to joining forces to raise money the community of Syunik, beneficial educational,SAN MARINO CRIME BLOTTER promote AAPI artists and to for CAATA so that more AAPI government of Syunik, economic, and cultural 

contribute to our national artists can share their stories government of California exchanges, which in turn 

theatre ecology. You are invited as well, I’m grateful to be and community partners of will strengthen the resolve

For the period of Sunday, 2:09 P.M. / PC 459 – to this special event to honor, reminded of the great power 

California. of the people of Armenia

February 6 through Residential Burglary support, and uplift our amazing of our individual and collective “Strengthening the 

to stand strong against

Saturday, February 12, 1300 Block of Sierra Madre community of AAPI Theatre voices in combating the anti-

relationship with Syunik the ongoing threats they

the San Marino Police Boulevard Artists. AAPI hate and violence of our 

comes at a critical time face from belligerent and

Department responded to Unknown suspect(s) made Hold These Truths, an times—the same forces that our as regional powers likeexceptional evening of parents and grandparents faced aggressive actors in the

436 calls for service. One entry into the location. 

theatrical storytelling, tells so courageously before us— Azerbaijan and Turkey region,” remarked Nora 

residential burglary, zero Unknown suspect(s) then pose a threat to its

the inspirational true story and to celebrate these stories Hovsepian, Chair of the 

commercial burglaries, and fled from the location in existence and livelihood.

of a civil rights hero, Gordon that tell the world, “we are here, ANCA-WR. 

zero attempted commercial an unknown direction by 

Hirabayashi, who took his and we are here to stay.” This resolution reaffirms “In the aftermath of theburglaries occurred during unknown means. World War ll fight for his “On behalf of the Board of California’s solidarity with war and given the absencethe reporting week. The Tuesday, February 8 constitutional rights all the Directors of CAATA, we have Armenia and our 1-million

of requisite pressure by the

following is a summary 2:36 P.M. / 901T – Traffic way to the Supreme Court. long been fans of playwright strong community of 

international community,

report of the key incidents Collision with Injuries Playwright Jeanne Sakata Jeanne Sakata and her powerful 

California-Armenians,” said the Azerbaijani military

handled by the San Marino 2000 Block of Huntington relayed to Broadway World, play about the life of American Assemblymember Chris 

conducted deep, cross-

Police Department during Drive “In the 1990’s, I saw on PBS hero Gordon Hirabayashi, and 

Holden. There is power in 

this reporting timeframe. Officers responded to a a documentary film made his resistance to the Japanese our solidarity and there 
border incursions into 

by John de Graaf called A American incarceration during the Republic of Armenia’sSunday, February 6 traffic collision involving two is even when

more we

Personal Matter: Hirabayashi World War II,” said CAATA Syunik and Gegharkunik

9:48 A.M. / Multiple Offenses vehicles. 
vs. The United States, where Board President Leslie Ishii. acknowledge the wrongs provinces. Such actions

2100 Block of Huntington 3:26 P.M. / Fall on City 

I first learned about Gordon. “We are grateful to our member committed and urge for are in clear violation ofDrive Property And I was just floored, because theater East West Players, as justice. We set precedent for Armenia’s sovereignty andOfficers observed a male 2400 Block of Huntington here was this absolutely well as Boston Court Pasadena the future with our action 

territorial integrity. The 

subject yelling at vehicles and Drive riveting story about a young and Pasadena Playhouse or inaction and today, we Armenian Assembly ofdrinking out of an aluminum Officers responded to a Japanese American college for designating CAATA the are creating long-lasting ties America salutes and thanks can that appeared to be an call for service regarding student who had taken such a recipient of this benefit. Funds 

to thread forward a better Assemblymember Chris 

alcoholic beverage. Officers an individual who fell on brave stand for his rights as an raised will go directly toward 
American citizen, and I had CAATA’s programs to advance tomorrow. Holden for working in 

contacted the subject and city property and sustained “As an immigrant, this issue solidarity with Armenian

never heard about him. It was the field of Asian and Pacific

determined that the subject injuries. 

fascinating, and enthralling, Islander American theater hits close to home for me. I Americans statewide and 

was under the influence of 5:14 P.M. / 901T – Traffic 

and also upsetting at the same through our national network and many of my constituents leading this landmark 

alcohol. Collision with Injuries South 

time. I asked myself the same of organizations and artists, worry about the safety of humanitarian effort.The subject and suspect Los Robles Avenue and Oak question that many people and we thank you for your loved ones residing in that Now adopted both by thebecame uncooperative Street ask when they come to see the support.” region. So, I am deeply California State Senateduring contact with the Officers responded to a play: “Why haven’t I heard this CAATA says, “Our mission 

aware of the uncertainty and the State Assembly, we 

officers. While attempting traffic collision involving two story before? Why isn’t it in is to advance the field of inherent in living there and look forward to assistingto place Miller in handcuffs, vehicles. our history books?” After that, Asian American theater 

the privilege we have to live Assemblymember Holden

he physically resisted and Wednesday, February 9 I became absolutely obsessed through a national network of 

in California. By creating in creating a long-lasting

with the story and determined organizations and artists. We

verbally threatened the 11:56 P.M. / CVC 14601 – 

that I was going to find out collaborate to inspire learning this sister-state relationship bond between the State 

officers’ safety. Officers Driving while License is 

everything I could about it.” and sharing of knowledge, with the Syunik Province, we of California and Syunik 

gained control of the suspect Suspended/Revoked South

 75 years ago, Executive Order and resources to promote a will do our part, albeit small, Province,” stated Mihran and took him into custody. Los Robles Avenue and 9066 called for all people of healthy, sustainable artistic to share some of the benefits Toumajan, Western RegionHe refused medical treatment Wilson Avenue Japanese ancestry on the West ecology. As a collective of Asian of living here through Director of the Armenian 

and officers on scene suffered Officers conducted a traffic Coast to be ripped from their American theater leaders and economic, educational, and Assembly of America.minor injuries. stop on a vehicle and homes and forced into barbed-artists, we bring together local 
The subject was transported contacted the driver and wire prison camps, without and regional leaders to work 

Pasadena Senior Center to hold

to Pasadena City Jail for suspect, to be in violation of due process of law. Amid the nationally toward our shared 
booking. He was charged CVC 14601. He was issued chaos, one young student stood values of social justice, artistic Carnegie Cosmic Cocktail Hour

up for what he passionately diversity, cultural equity and

with PC 647(f) – Disorderly an own recognizance citation 

believed were his rights as an inclusion. We hold national

Conduct: Public Intoxication, and was released from the registers will receive an email

American citizen. Based on a conferences and festivals

PC 594 – Vandalism, and PC scene. In the early eons of cosmic link to access this Zoom event.

true story which follows the biennially in different parts of

148 – Obstruction of Justice. Thursday, February 10 time, how did the universe Neither Pasadena Senior Center

life of civil rights hero Gordon the country, reaching as wide

10:16 A.M. / PC 459 – Vehicle 1:13 P.M. / Found Property Hirabayashi, Hold These a range of Asian American transform from slow-moving membership nor residency in 
clumps of dark matter to large Pasadena is required.

Burglary San Marino Police Truths is a shockingly relevant populations and communities 

and complex galaxies, such as Then pour your favorite

500 Block of Winston Avenue Department cautionary tale of the injustices as possible. We survey Asian 

Andromeda and our own local beverage, sit back and enjoy the

Unknown suspect(s) broke A report was made for perpetrated when nationalism, American theater artists and 

Milky Way? astronomical trip.into the victim’s vehicle, documentation purposes for fear, and hysteria collide. organizations to find out their For the Carnegie Observatories In addition to online classes,

This live-streamed event foremost concerns. We form

took property, and then fled found property. Cosmic Cocktail Hour onsite events and other

features six of the wonderful alliances with other theater

in an unknown direction by 6:12 P.M. / PC 484 – Petty presented by the Pasadena activities, members and 

actors who have given tour-groups of different affinities

unknown means. Theft Senior Center Wednesday, Feb. nonmembers of the Pasadena

de-force solo performances as to advance mutual goals

11:04 A.M. / Warrant Arrest 2700 Block of Huntington 23, at 4 p.m. via Zoom, Dr. Senior Center are encouraged
Gordon in Hold These Truths cooperatively and to exchange

1400 Block of San Marino Drive Ivanna Escala will discuss what to visit the website regularly for 

productions across the country ideas and strategies.” 

studies have revealed about the a monthly magazine, COVID

Avenue Unknown suspect(s) took 

building blocks of galaxies in updates specifically for older

Officers made contact with a property from the victim and Pasadena Heritage Tour 

the broader universe. adults and more.

subject loitering in the 1400 fled in an unknown direction

 Escala is a Carnegie-The center, at 85 E. Holly

block of San Marino Avenue. by unknown means. Three Early Communities 

Princeton postdoctoral fellow St., is an independent,

After conducting a records 6:55 P.M. / 902T – Traffic whose research at Carnegie donor-supported nonprofit 
check, it was revealed the Collision without Injuries This Drive yourself Tour Observatories includes galactic organization that has served 
subject had an outstanding San Marino Avenue and Premiers Sunday, Feb. 27. archeology, stellar spectroscopy older adults for more than 60 
no bail warrant for a parole Orlando Road Three of Pasadena's earliest and galaxy formation. She uses years. During the pandemic, 
violation. Incident to arrest, Officers responded to a solo neighborhoods contain some ground-based telescopes to doors are open Mondays 
the subject was searched vehicle traffic collision. of the city's best architect-measure chemical abundances through Fridays from 8:30 a.m. 
and drug paraphernalia Friday, February 11 designed homes, including of individual stars in nearby to 4:30 p.m. for social services 

galaxies and learn about their and other critical services for

was located on his persons. 11:11 A.M. / PC 459 – Vehicle those by Charles and Henry 

formation history. She earned older adults in need as well as

The subject was taken into Burglary Greene, Alfred and Arthur 

her undergraduate degree in limited occupancy for events,

custody for the outstanding 1400 Block of Westhaven Heineman, Lloyd

Frank about its transformation and physics with a specialization the library, fitness center and warrant and issued a Road Wright, George Washington contributions to building in astrophysics from the computer lab. Masks and socialcitation possession of drug Unknown suspect(s) broke Smith, Sylvanus Marston, and Pasadena’s community. University of California distancing are required. Rooms 
paraphernalia. into the victim’s vehicle, more. What was once called Tours may be taken at San Diego and her PhD in are sanitized after each use. 

Monday, February 7 took property, and then fled “Millionaire’s Row” with an any time by downloading a astrophysics from Caltech. In accordance with Los 

11:04 A.M. / PC 484 – Petty in an unknown direction by abundance of Victorian-PDF list of addresses with The cost of Cosmic Cocktail Angeles County Public Health 
Hour is only $7 for members Department guidelines, proof
Theft unknown means. style mansions remains a brief written descriptions 

of the Pasadena Senior Center of COVID vaccination is

1700 Block of South Saturday, February 12 beautiful boulevard with or by downloading the izi 

and $10 for nonmembers 50 required for everyone who uses

Robles AvenueUnknown No significant incidents to expansive lawns and garden TRAVEL app at:

property report for this date. and older. To register, visit: the fitness center or attends

suspect(s) took 

apartments and echos of and listening to the guide on and onsite activities indoors.

from the victim and fled in For more information 

the past. Drive the route your favorite mobile device. click on Lectures & Classes, All onsite instructors and an unknown direction by aboout the San Marino Police that begins the world’s most For more information visit: then Special Events or call presenters are required to meet 
unknown means. Visit: famous parade and learn 626-795-4331. Everyone who minimum COVID protocols. 


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