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Mountain View News Saturday, April 16, , 2022 8 ARCADIA/MONROVIA-DUARTEARCADIA/MONROVIA-DUARTE Mountain View News Saturday, April 16, , 2022 8 ARCADIA/MONROVIA-DUARTEARCADIA/MONROVIA-DUARTE 


On August 10, 2022 a trial setting conference will be held at 9:30 AM in department 
86 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 in response to a recent 
lawsuit filed by Arcadia District 3 resident, Diana Chang, against the City of 
Arcadia. The suit challenges whether or not the term limits as defiined in the 
Arcadia City Charter apply to Mayor Sho Tay who is running for re-election for 
a 3rd time. The lawsuit was filed on May 2, 2022. 

According to a recent social media post by sitting council member April Verlato: 

"The City of Arcadia Charter limits City Council to 2 consecutive terms. The 
Mayor of Arcadia believes that the Charter does not apply to him because he was 
"appointed" to City Council in 2018 when he ran unopposed for District 3. 
City Council has received 2 letters from an attorney demanding that Mayor Taybe allowed to run in November 2022. The attorney argues that the term limits 
of the Charter do not apply to Mayor Tay because he was appointed in 2018, not 
This argument is flawed. Mayor Tay was "appointed" in 2018 pursuant to Election 
Code Section 10299 which states: 

The person appointed, if any, shall qualify and take office and serve exactly as if 
elected at a municipal election for the office....." 

The Petition claims that Council Member Tay is intending to move to the new 
D3 boundaries in order to run for D3 in November. " 


Arcadia, Calif. — May is National Bicycle 
Safety Month, and the Arcadia 
Police Department reminds drivers to 
follow the speed limit and look out for 
people on bike rides. 

“The days are longer, and the weather 
is pleasant, making for ideal conditions 
to go on a bike ride,” Lieutenant Brett 
Bourgeous said. “Drivers, please share 
the road so we may all get places safely.” 

To help keep people biking or walking 
safe, the Arcadia Police Department 
will conduct traffic safety operations 
throughout the month focused on the 
most dangerous driver behaviors such 
as speeding, making illegal turns, failure 
to yield to bicyclists or pedestrians, 
and stop sign/red light running. 

The Arcadia Police Department suggests 
the following safety tips for bicyclists 
and drivers: 


• Slow down and follow the 
speed limit. Be careful traveling 
through intersections.
• Look carefully for bicyclistsand pedestrians before making a turn 
or opening a car door near streets or 
bike paths.

• Be patient when traveling behind 
a bicyclist. Maintain at minimumthree feet of space when passing orovertaking a bicyclist.
• Never drive distracted or 
Bike Riders 

• Use lights at night (at minimum, 
a front white light and rear redreflector).
• Although not required for riders 
18 and older, always wear a properly 
secured helmet. Helmets significantlyreduce the chance of a head injury inthe event of a crash. 
• Bicyclists must travel in thesame direction of traffic and have the 
same requirements as any slow-moving 
• Yield to pedestrians, just asa driver would. Pedestrians have the 
right-of-way within marked crosswalks 
or within unmarked crosswalks 
at intersections. 
Funding for this program is provided 
by a grant from the California Office 
of Traffic Safety, through the National 
Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 


The newest dance studio in the Monrovia area manages to survive and 
provide dance education to hundreds of students as the pandemic continues 
to shift our world and create a “new reality.” 

In a new partnership with Dance Resource Center - Los Angeles, SoCal 
Arts will continue to introduce students to the art of ballet and dance, in 
the studio and across public schools. 

Now entering the third year, the studio is thrilled to announce its Summer 
Dance Season, At the Impressionists’ Edge. The community is invited 
to its Gala fundraiser, At the Impressionists’ Edge on June 3accompanied by a silent auction and a dance performance. The silent 
auction will support not only the school year round program, but also 
scholarships for male students ages 6 to 10, encouraging their inner love 
for dance. SoCal Arts goal is to create a space to bring dance to Monrovia 
and the larger Southern California community. 

The full length performance series will continue on June 4th & 5th at 
1PM and 5PM on both days. These are immersive dance shows, utilizing 
projectors, lighting, and music to engage audience members with the 
performing artists. 

Opened in February 2020, SoCal Arts is a private Performing Arts training 
facility, specializing in a Year-Round dance education program for all 
ages. The core faculty is composed of experienced dancers and teachers 
from across the globe. SoCal Arts aims to be the leading dance school 
in the area offering professional training, mentorship, and live performances 
for children of all ages. 



– The City of Monrovia 
is excited to 
announce the appointment 
of Kevin 
McCune as the new 
public works director. 
Kevin’s first official 
day with the Cityof Monrovia is May23, 2022. 
According to City

Manager Dylan Feik,

“I am excited to wel

come Kevin to the 

City of Monrovia at 
a time where his knowledge, experience and leadership 
will benefit Monrovia. Under the City Council’s leadership, 
we are embarking on a 5-year, $124 million Capital 
Improvement Program to enhance our infrastructure. 
We are building and renovating parks, buildings, roadways 
and public areas. With over 25 years of experience,
Kevin is arriving at the perfect time and he fully embodies 
the City’s mission to serve the people of Monrovia 
to create a community that offers a premiere quality of 

As the public works director, Kevin will oversee the Public 
Works Department with 32 employees and an annual 
operating budget of $15 million. He will oversee all areas 
of the department, including: water and sewer utilities 
operations; streets, sidewalks and transportation, 
and; parks, facilities and open space maintenance. Most 
notably, Kevin will help oversee restoration and repair 


May 6, 2022 —St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Monrovia 
will present its final Evensong of the choir season 
on Sunday, May 15, 2022, at 4 p.m. at the church, 
122 South California Avenue at Foothill Boulevard in 
Monrovia. Admission is free. 
The program will include the return of Lucille, the 
church's three-manual, 42-rank pipe organ, after a 
two-year complete renovation.
"During the painstaking restoration, the instrument's 
thousands of pipes were removed and individually 
cleaned," says Music Director Kent Bennett Jones. 
"With the pipes out of the way, the entire interior of 
the church was replastered and repainted. Now everything 
is back in place, and Lucille is sounding more 
amazing than ever amid the church's spectacular 
The performance showcasing the St. Luke's Choir 
will include music by Ralph Vaughan Williams and 
Charles Villiers Stanford. It will feature William 
Boyce's epic anthem, "I Have Surely Built Thee an 
House," with soloists Marina Harris, Alex Miller and 
Victor Mazzone. St. Luke’s Music Director, Kent Bennett Jones, will lead the ensemble. 
A freewill offering will be taken. Guests are invited to a wine and cheese reception in Guild Hall following the 

About St. Luke’s 
Formally admitted to the Episcopal Diocese of California in 1891, St. Luke’s has been a part of the Monrovia 
community for 125 years. The inclusive church welcomes all to its community. The superb acoustics of its landmark 
1924 Romanesque house of worship make it a popular site for a variety of music performances. Eucharist 
services are held on Sundays at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and alternate Wednesdays at 12:10 p.m. The Reverend 
Brian O'Rourke serves as Interim Rector while Rector Neil Tadken is on sabbatical. For more information on the 
church, its services and programs, visit 



Fresh, Affordable, Local 
Produce from 30 California 
Farmers Available 
Every Wednesday 

DUARTE, Calif. – May 12, 2022 

– The Duarte Chamber of Commerce, 
which acts as the “front 
door” for Duarte-area visitors, prospective 
residents and businesses(, todayannounced it will soon launch the 
area’s first-ever Duarte Farmer’s 
Market. Beginning Wednesday, 
June 1st, and continuing everyWednesday through the end of 
the year, locals and visitors alikewill have easy access to thousandsof pounds of local farm-fresh andseasonal fruits and vegetables allgrown by more than 30 California 
farmers. In addition to locally 
grown produce, the DuarteFarmer’s Market will also host food 
trucks and local bakeries sellingbreads and sweets. 
“The Duarte Farmer’s Market 
was created to offer home-grown, 

of Monrovia Canyon Park after it was damaged by theBobcat Fire (September 2020) and the December Rainstorm 
(December 2021). 

Kevin has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from 
California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. 
In addition, he is a Registered Professional Civil Engineer 
in the State of California. Prior to accepting the 
position with the City of Monrovia, Kevin served as the 
public works director and city engineer for the City of 
Santa Maria and the City of Lompoc. During his tenure 
at the City of Santa Maria, Kevin was instrumental in 
the implementation of programs to improve efficiencies 
and reduce cost in fleet maintenance, the design of a new 
interchange at Highway 101/135 and the completion of 
the city owned Gigabit fiber optic ring to enable Smart 
City technology deployment citywide. 

“I am honored to be selected as the next public works 
director,” said Kevin. “I look forward to engaging with 
the Monrovia community and being a part of a team that 
is committed to providing high level service.” 

In addition to welcoming Kevin and his family to Monrovia, 
the City would also like to thank the many wonderful 
employees of the Public Works Department who 
have gone above and beyond their regular job duties as 
the public works director position remained vacant. 

Kevin is married to his wife, Jennifer, and they have 
three children, Sydney, Caden and Logan. Together, they 
enjoy camping and hiking trips in Yosemite and Rincon 
Beach. Kevin, his family and their dog, Sadie, will be relocating 
to Monrovia. 

says Adam Knight, President, Duarte 
Chamber Board of Directors. 
“Having a source where we can 
collectively purchase locally grown 
produce and baked goods gives us 
a very welcoming hometown feel 
and an opportunity to support the 
local farmers and food artisans that 
reside alongside us in this wonderful 

Opening Day: June 1st 

On June 1st, The Duarte Farmer’s 
Market will host its opening dayfestivities, including a ribbon-cutting 
ceremony at 3:30 p.m. and live 
entertainment provided by the music 
students from California School 
of the Arts (CSARTs). A number of 
local, county and state government 
officials will also be in attendance, 

• LA County Supervisor, 
Kathryn Barger 
• Duarte Mayor, Margaret 
Finlay (District 4) 
• Duarte Mayor Pro Tem,
Tzeitel Paras-Caracci (District 1) 
unique vendors. One exciting and 
very different aspect of the Duarte 
Farmer’s Market is that many of 
the local farmers and growers will 
be on hand each week to offer recipes 
and other information that will 
help shoppers prepare delicious 
meals using their fresh-grown 

Beginning June 1st, the Duarte 
Farmer’s Market will be open every 
Wednesday, rain or shine, from 
4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Each week, the 
market will be held in the same 
spot: the southeast corner of the 
Santa Teresita Assisted Living 
parking lot (located at 819 Buena 
Vista Street, Duarte, CA 91010). In 
addition to cash, debit and credit 
cards, the Duarte Farmer’s Market 
will accept SNAP/EBT cards, providing 
those with limited incomes 
access to fresh, healthy foods. 

About the Duarte Farmer’s 

The Duarte Farmer’s Market is 
a weekly open-air market where 
residents and visitors in the Duarte 

wholesome and affordable pro-
duce that is the most high-quality, 
flavorful and naturally preserved 
in the area,” says Shoshana Puccia, 
Executive Director/CEO, Duarte 
Chamber of Commerce. “Support-
ing the ‘buy local’ trend sweeping 
the nation, the Duarte Farmer’s 
Market offers a friendly and infor-
mative hometown-style of natural 
food retailing. We welcome and en-
courage local residents and visitors 
to join us every week. The Cham-
ber also wants to recognize and 
thank the businesses that helped 
fund the new Farmer’s Market, 
including Burrtec Waste Manage-
ment, Curo Printing and Southern 
California Gas.” 
“As a member of the Chamber and 
local resident, I am so pleased that 
we are able to bring this Farmer’s 
Market to the people of Duarte,” 
• Duarte Councilmembers: 
Cesar Garcia (District 6), VinhTruong (District 2), Jody Schulz(District 3), Samuel Kang (Dis-
trict 5), and Toney Lewis (Dis-
trict 7) 
• Duarte City Manager, Dan-
iel Jordan 
• Duarte Chamber of Com-
merce Executive Director/CEO,
Shoshana Puccia 
The Duarte Farmer’s Market will 
offer “just-picked” seasonal pro-
duce each week, including straw-
berries and vegetables from J&J 
Farms, organic citrus and avocados 
from Sycamore Hill Ranch, organ-
ic fruits and nuts from Etheridge 
Farms, honey from Bill’s Bees, and 
microgreens and mushrooms from 
Baron’s Microgreens, as well as to-
matoes, cherries, lettuce and more 
from a variety of well-known and 
area can find the very best just-
picked seasonal produce as well as 
food trucks and local bakeries sell-
ing breads and sweets. 
Hosted by the Duarte Chamber of 
Commerce and supported by lo-
cal businesses, the Duarte Farm-
er’s Market will provide conve-
nient weekly access to thousands 
of pounds of local farm-fresh and 
seasonal fruits and vegetables all 
grown by more than 30 California 
farmers, many of whom will be on 
hand each week to offer recipes and 
other information that will help 
shoppers prepare delicious meals 
using their fresh-grown produce. 
To learn more, visit: https://
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