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The June 4th edition of this paper will be dedicated to the Class of 2022! In order to be included, please send your grads senior picture, their full name, age and school. These grads 

SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2022 
are making history, and the Mountain Views News wants to give them something else to remember! Send to: Subject: Class of 2022 
Listed at $1,599,000 | Sold for $1,940,000 
330 Toyon Road | $1,035 per foot 
3 beds | 3 baths | 1,875 sqft | 16,415 sqft lot 
x beds | x baths | x,xxx sqft. 
Jan Greteman 626.975.4033 
lic #01943630 
Judy Webb-Martin 626.688.2273 
lic #00541631 
Katie Orth 626.688.0418 
lic #00942500 
Q1 2022 
DAYSQ1 2021 
Q1 2022 Q1 2021 
Q1 2022 
Q1 2022 
Q1 2021 
Listed at $2,399,000 
471 Auburn Avenue | 
4 beds | 4 baths | 3,679 sqft | 11,179 sqft lot 
real estate 
We continue to be so appreciative of all our clients 
whom we have been able to support. Despite 
everything, we are NEVER too busy to support you. 
Feel free to reach out to any of us with questions 
about the market and/or if you are interested in 
moving forward with selling or buying a home. 

Some residents may be prohibited from smoking in 
apartments and condos. By Kevin McGuire 

City Council is one step closer to 
passing a smoking ban that will 
impact smokers who reside in 
apartments and condos within Sierra 

Ordinance 1457 would prohibit 
smoking in multi-unit residences. 
This would amend Chapter 8.06 
(Smoking) of Title 8 (Health and 
Safety) of the Municipal Code. 
After a few clarifications and 
edits, Mayor Gene Goss plans to 
push to adopt this ordinance this 
year, though it may not go into effect 
until 2024. 

At the 90-minute mark of the 
4-hour City Council meeting onTuesday, Management Analysisand Management Intern AlondraReynoso gave a presentation before 
Mayor Gene Goss, Council-
members, and many empty seats.
There were just a few dedicatedcitizens in attendance for this 

So, here’s the scoop. 

This ordinance brought before 
Council was initially proposed 
to go into effect on January 1,2023. However, landlords (apartments) 
and homeowner associations 
(condos) were to send out 
notices by July 1, 2022, and have 
to implement the ban on July 1,2023, when units become vacant 
or change occupancy. But 
some on the Council, includingMayor Goss and Mayor Pro Tem 
Edward Garcia, felt more time 
would be needed for residents to 
adjust to the smoking ban, so the 
mayor is looking toward a 2024 

In addition, the current language 
defines a multi-unit residency as 
five or more units, but Council 
may adjust that number to four 
or more units. The ban would 
include common areas inside 
the units and apply to tobacco 
and marijuana smoking and vaping. 
Council wants a clarify what 
would define a “common area.” 

City Attorney Aleks Giragosian 
says the ban will apply to condominium 
owners, despite how long 
the residents have lived there. 

There is also talk of eliminatingdesignated smoking areas, as secondhand 
smoke from those areas 
still affects non-smokers. 

Banning smoking totally within 
Sierra Madre is not part of the 

Some History

After considering a smoke-free 
ordinance back in 2013, CityCouncil decided to form a subcommittee 
to delve deeper into 
the issue. In 2014, discussions 
continued, but no ordinance was 

Jump ahead to September 2021. 
Alisha Lopez, Director of Tobacco 
Programs for the non-profit DayOne, gave a presentation to CityCouncil. The subject matter was 
“the harmful effects of secondhand 
smoke.” Councilmember 
Robert Parkhurst called on staff 
to add to the agenda a discussion 
of a smoking ban ordinance once 

In October 2021, City Council 
provided a list of questions to be 
answered regarding the implementation 
of a smoke-free multi-
unit housing ordinance. 
At the April 12, 2022 meeting, 
the Council directed staff to prepare 
an ordinance prohibiting 
smoking in renter-occupied and 
owner-occupied multi-unit residences 
of five units or more. 

It's a Health Hazard 

Both Mayor Goss and other 

Councilmembers seemed to have 
reservations about imposing this 
ban as it impedes residents’ freedom 
to smoke if they want to. 
Still, Mayor Goss feels secondhand 
smoke is indeed a health 
hazard. “I have always been uncomfortable 
telling people how 
to live their lives,” Goss said. “But 
this is a different situation when 
you have peoples’ health in jeopardy. 
When you're talking about 
public health and public safety, 
you need to think about thingsfor a bit. We don’t want people 
smoking when it will impinge 
upon people’s right to breathe free 
air,” the mayor stated. 

According to the CDC’s Fact 
Sheet on Second Hand Smoke: 

Secondhand smoke is the combination 
of smoke from the burning 
end of a cigarette, and the smokebreathed out by smokers. Secondhand 
smoke contains more than 
7,000 chemicals. Hundreds aretoxic, and about 70 of them can 
cause cancer. 
Since the 1964 Surgeon General’sReport, 2.5 million adults who 
were nonsmokers have died because 
they breathed secondhandsmoke. 
There is no risk-free level of exposure 
to secondhand smoke.

• Secondhand smoke 
causes numerous health problems 
in infants and children, including 
more frequent and severe asthma 
attacks, respiratory infections, 
ear infections, and sudden infant 
death syndrome (SIDS).
• Smoking during pregnancy 
results in more than 1,000infant deaths annually.
• Some of the health conditions 
caused by secondhandsmoke in adults include coronaryheart disease, stroke, and lung 
How Will it be Enforced? 

A notice will be sent out to all 
landlords and homeowner associations, 
stating their responsibilities 
under the ordinance, the 
date it will go into effect, and the 
online posting date. It will then 
be required that notice be sent to 
tenants and residents. 

Violators could see code enforcement 
action initiated by the city, 
an unlawful detainer action or 
eviction initiated by the landlord, 
or a private cause of action by a 
resident or interest group. Landlords 
will be immune from prosecution 
if they follow the required 

The City Attorney will retain the 
authority over the initiation and 
settlement of any private enforcement 
actions. Fines and damages 
will apply to residents who don’t 
abide by the new smoking rules or 
those who allow others to smoke 
in their apartments or condos 
(aiding and abetting). Fines will 
be $100 a day for the first offense,
$200 a day for the second, $500 aday for the third, and $500 a day 
after that. 

Damages could also be awarded 
if another resident makes a claim. 
Giragosian made this example: a 
condo owner having a child with 
asthma who ended up in the hospital 
due to secondhand smoke 
from the unit next door. The 
owner next door could pay damages 
for the total cost of the medical 
bills. The cap for damages for 
one incident is $25,000. 

The Next Steps

After some clarifications and edits, 
the second reading of Ordinance 
1457 will occur during afuture City Council meeting. If 
no further action is required, the 
Ordinance will be adopted; no ifs, 
ands, or butts. 

VOLUME 16 NO. 20 

“BANS OFF OUR BODIES” RallyHeld at Kersting Court. 

In an effort to have local voices held regarding the fate of abortion rights 
in the United States, an organized rally was held on Tuesday, May 10th in 
Sierra Madre. This was only a few days after a similar rally in Pasadena. 

The rally was attended by 25-30 people who are concerned about Roe v 
Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court, and thus banning most,
if not all, abortions. 

Many drivers passing by showed their support by honking and giving 
us a thumbs up. This rally was one of hundreds being held all over the 

A similar event took place 5 days earlier in Pasadena. 


Sierra Madre, CA. – May 9, 2022 – 

In the morning hours of May 4, 2022, 
an officer of the Sierra Madre Police Department conducted 
a traffic stop for a vehicle code violation on the 700 Block of 
Michillinda Ave. During the traffic stop the officer discovered a 
recently cut catalytic converter inside the vehicle. The occupants 
were also in possession 
of several tools, which are commonly used in catalytic converter 
thefts. One of the occupants admitted to recently cutting and 
stealing the catalytic converter from a vehicle in the city of Sierra 

Officers took possession of several evidence items and impounded 
the suspect vehicle. A victim was identified later that 
day. Arrested were, Edgar Pulido, 41 years old from Huntington 
Park and Luis Gabriel, 38 years old, from Los Angeles. 

The Sierra Madre Police Department wants to remind everyone 
that catalytic converter thefts are a recent crime trend and ask 
our community to remain vigilant of any suspicious activity. 

One of the key signs that your catalytic converter has been removed 
is a loud roaring sound when you start your vehicle, 
which will become louder as you accelerate. 

A preventative measure that can be taken to help police combat 
this crime trend is for the public to have their vehicle identification 
number (VIN) inscribed on the catalytic converter. 

Remember, if you see something, say something. 


May 1 – May 7, 2022 Calls for Service 228 

The following represents a summary report of some of the major 
incidents handled by the Sierra Madre Police Department during 
this period. This list is not intended to be considered exclusive or 

Sunday, May 1 Traffic Stop 

Officers stopped a vehicle for a California Vehicle Code violation 
in the area of Foothill Blvd and Santa Anita Ave. The driver did 
not a have a valid driver's license and was cited and released in 
the field for the violation. 

Wednesday, May 4 DUI Arrest 

At approximately 1:00 am, officers observed a vehicle commit a 
vehicle code violation near the intersection of Baldwin Ave and 
Highland Ave. Officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle 
and observed the driver to have the smell of alcoholic beverage 
coming from their person. Officers performed field sobriety tests 
on the driver. Due to the results of the test, officers determined 
that the driver was unable to safely operate their vehicle, and 
they were placed under arrest for driving under the influence. 
The driver was taken to Pasadena Jail for booking. 

AZUSA $1,099,000 

4 bed 3.5 bath 2,995 sf 
Newer home in the Rosedale 
Community of Azusa 

PASADENA $849,000 

1 bed 1 bath 715 sf 
Great opportunity to build in prime 
NE Pasadena. Avail 5/2/22 

SIERRA MADRE $1,100,000 
3 bed 1.5 bath 1,282 sf 
Traditional Home with Remodeled 
Kitchen and Mountain Views

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