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Mountain View News Saturday, June 25, 2022 

City HostsLove, Loud 
and Proud 

Join the City of Pasadena’s 
Parks, Recreation and 
Community Services 
Department tonight for 
the City’s first Pride Month 
celebration, Love, Loud 
& Proud from 6 p.m. to 8 

p.m. at Pasadena City Hall.
This free family eventpromises fun for all ages. 
LA’s premier dance band 
RockCandy will provide 
live entertainment, and 
there will be a special 
performance by LaCienega 
Boulevardèz. Enjoy local 
food trucks, along with fun 
arts & crafts for the kids, 
face painting, photo booth, 
and more! Food will be 
available for purchase.

 Attendees will also 
have the opportunity to 
visit with local LGBTQ 
organizations, community 
partners and allies, 
including San Gabriel 
Valley LGBTQ Center, 
Planned Parenthood, 
PFLAG, Pasadena Public 
Library and Pasadena 
Police Department.

For more information visit or call 
(626) 744-7500. Pasadena 
City Hall is located 100 N.
Garfield Ave. 

South Pas 
Concerts in 
the Park

 Concerts held through 

Aug. 7 at Garfield


 The South Pasadena 
Community Services 
Department will host 
four dates of Concerts 
in the Park this summer. 
Admission is free and 
patrons are encouraged 
to to bring their picnics, 
blankets, and lawn chairs 
with family and friends to 
enjoy a night of music in 
the park.

 The current schedule of 
performances includes:
Escape: The Journey 
Tribute Band on Sunday, 
June 26,
Suavé on Sunday, July 10,
The Wiseguys Big Band 
Machine on Sunday, July 
The series concludes 
with a showing of The 
Ploughboys on Sunday, 
August 7.

 Concerts in the Park 
is held at Garfield Park, 
located at 1000 Park 
Avenue, South Pasadena. 
All concerts run from 5:00 

p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 
For more information, 
please contact the 
Recreation Division at 

(626) 403-7380 or by 
email at recreation@ 
By Dean Lee

 Hundreds of women and men 
came together Friday night for 
a vigil in Pasadena just hours 
after the Supreme Court voted 
to overturn Roe v. Wade taking 
away 50 years of constitutional 
protected abortion rights. Many 
holding pro abortion rights 
signs chanted “abortion is 

 Juliana Serrano Vice President 
of Advocacy & Equity at 
Planned Parenthood Pasadena 
said they held the vigil at All 
Saints Church as a space for 
supporters to come together 
and grieve the loss of the 
constitutional right to abortion. 
As she addressed the crowd, 
Serrano said it was too soon to 
know how she personally felt.

 “It was 100 percent expected, 
after the leaked opinion, in draft 
form, in May,” Serrano said. “So 
we knew what the court was 
thinking. We were prepared for 
that and here we are.” 

 As for California, Serrano said 
they know that abortion is safe 
and legal. “We anticipate that 
not changing anytime soon. In 
fact, we know that our governor 
and state legislature is working 
to continue to protect access 
and expand access to those 
people that are coming from out 
of the state.” 

 Serrano said state officials are 
building up the infrastructure 
to make sure that abortion 
providers like Parenthood 
Pasadena meet this moment. 

 On Friday Governor Gavin 
Newsom signed AB 1666,
which seeks to protect those in 
California from civil liability for 
providing, aiding, or receiving 
abortion care in the state. 

 He also proposed a $125 
million Reproductive Health 
Package to expand access for 
women and help prepare for 
the influx of women seeking 
reproductive health care from 
other states. 

Pasadena Chalk Festival 
All Winners Announced 

Unfinished Best Rendition of a Masterpiece: Gus Moran FamilyTeam. Photo by D.Lee/MVNews. 

Organizers for this year’s 
Pasadena Chalk Festival 
announced the winners of 
the time-honored event held 
during Father’s Day weekend 
—tens of thousands of visitors 
returned to the Festival.

 During the festival, June 1819, 
participating artists and 
festival visitors selected the 
most outstanding murals for a 
variety of awards and prizes. 

 The winning artists in each 
category were: 
Best 3D Effect: PM LAB (Peter 
Zaslav, Michelle Cabalu Zaslav, 
Lisa Felipe, Alex J. Cabalu, and 
Ben Timbol)
Best in Animation Alley: Simon 
Best in Chalk of Fame: 
Samantha Villalobos 
Best in Festival – First Place: 
Karla Navarro 
Best in Festival – Second Place: 
Shaina Joel 
Best in Festival – Third Place: 
Arlou Somo 
Best of the Silent Auction – Leo 
AguirreBest Rendition of a Masterpiece: 
Gus Moran Family TeamBest Technique: Jaslie UlloaBest Use of Color: Monica 
Most Humorous: Ester Petschar 
Most Inspirational: Hazel 

On the Way to MOCA: Grasiela 
RodriguezThe Paseo People’s Choice 
Award: Shelsea Flores

 Nearly 600 artists competed 
for awards in 14 categories 
this year. Winners in 13 of 
the categories were selected 
by their peers, a distinct and 
important honor bestowed 
upon them by their fellow 
artisans. The final category 
was The People’s Choice award, 
and the winner was selected by 
festival attendees. Artists who 
had winning murals received 
gift cards and perks from 
retailers and Pasadena Chalk 
Festival supporters

 The Paseo, an open-air 
lifestyle shopping center in 
downtown Pasadena together 
with Light Bringer Project, a 
non-profit Pasadena-based 
arts organization hosted the 
29th annual Pasadena Chalk 
Festival. Thousands of people 
welcomed the festival’s return 
and came out to see the works 
of art created by hundreds of 
talented chalk artists. 

 The artists used as estimated 
25,000 sticks of pastel chalk 
to create their works of art 
organizers said.

 To learn more about the 
event and see all photos of 
the winning murals, visit: 

Hundreds Attend Roe v. Wade Vigil 

In his statement, Newsom 
said Friday that the California 
Legislature has also introduced 
a constitutional amendment to 
enshrine the right to abortion in 
the state constitution.

 “We know that there are 26 
states that have trigger bans that 
take effect today, as soon as Roe 

v. Wade fell these states were 
prepared to enact a full out ban,
Serrano said.” 
She said all the other states, 
where abortion would still be 
legal, “will be put in a unique 
position of supporting those 
states where abortion has been 
heavily restricted or flat out 

Shakespearein the Park 

Romeo & Juliet Saturday, 
July 23rd at 7 p.m. 

Romeo and Juliet turn 
their backs on their parents’ 
ancient feud and embark 
on an intense and secret 
love affair that explodes 
in some of the fieriest 
writing about love in the 
history of the stage. With 
their families at war, the 
lovers risk everything to 
be together, in a fierce and 
famous drama of love and 
Much Ado About Nothing 
| Sunday, July 24th at 7 

Shakespeare’s screwballcomedy features the 
bantering of two of his 
cleverest characters. For 
Beatrice and Benedick love 
is a game of wits played 
with guarded hearts. Yet 
everyone can see they’re 
meant for each other. 
Newly engaged Hero and 
Claudio conspire to trick 
the pair into admitting their 
affections. But schemes are 
afoot to ruin everyone’s 
happiness through dire 
accusations. Will love win 
out in the end?

 Shakespeare in the Park 
is held at Garfield Park, 
located at 1000 Park Ave., 
South Pasadena

 Admission is free 
(donations gratefully 

 Bring your picnics, 
blankets, and beach chairs.

 For more information 
visit: shakespearebythesea. 

Gun Student and Campus 
Safety Bills Pass Committee 

A gun safety and reform 
measure authored by State 
Senator Anthony Portantino 
(pictured) that prioritizes 
student and campus safety 
by promoting safe at-home 
storage of firearms and robust 
investigations of imminent 
violent school threats was 
one of two gun safety Senate 
Bills that passed the Assembly 
Appropriations Committee 

 Portantino’s SB 906 would 
require the State Department 
of Education, in consultation 
with the Department of Justice, 
to develop model content for 
public or charter schools on a 
threat or perceived threat of a 
mass shooting incident.

 According to Portantino 
upon becoming aware of a 
credible violent threat, schools 
must immediately report that 
threat to the law enforcement 
authorities, and school leaders, 
in consultation with law 
enforcement, must search a 
student’s on campus property 
for the presence of firearms 
Schools are required to include 
information related to the 
safe storage of firearms in the 
annual notification provided to 
the parents or guardians.

 SB 1327, jointly authored by 
Portantino and Senate Majority 
Leader Emeritus Bob Hertzberg 
(D-Van Nuys), is a major gun 
reform bill, allows private 
citizens to sue manufactures, 
distributers, transporters, 
importers or sellers of assault 
weapons, .50 BMG rifles, ghost 
guns, or ghost gun kits in 
California. It allows citizens to 
sue for $10,000 on each weapon 
involved, as well as attorney 

 “The continued need to 
adopt sensible solutions to our 
nation’s tragic history of gun 
violence is dire and necessary, 
Portantino said. “We must 
continue to take swift and 
meaningful steps to stop the 
gun violence epidemic in our 
country and to improve public 
safety for all Californians. 
That includes SB 1327 - which 
I am proud to jointly author 

with Senator Hertzberg to 
empower individuals to bring 
civil lawsuits against those 
who manufacture, distribute 
or transport ghost guns into 
California. Let’s be clear the 
NRA will continue to oppose 
us and we need to be diligent 
with our efforts to make this 
law and keep our communities 

 Governor Gavin Newsom is 
the official sponsor of the SB 
1327 legislation.

 According to Portantino Since 
1970, the United States has had 
over 1,316 school shootings with 
164 occurring in California. As 
experienced in Michigan and 
Uvalde, these shootings are 
fatal. Senator Portantino is 
following up on his safe storage 
of firearms legislation with a 
comprehensive school safety 
plan, which includes a strong 
and prudent mandate to follow 
through on threats.

 “We must be proactive and 
adopt common sense measures 
to prevent future violence at our 
schools,” Portantino said. “SB 
906 can help prepare educators 
and parents to identify red flags 
and heed warning signs. There 
can sometimes be hesitancy in 
acting on these warning signs 
and a comprehensive safety 
plan for campuses is necessary 
to help save lives.”

 For more information visit: 

4th of July Festival of Balloons 

 The City of South Pasadena 
announced the return of an 
expanded 4th of July Festival of 
Balloons. The celebration will 
again begin with a free theatrical 
presentation titled We, Too, 
Are America on Sunday, July 3 
at 6:30 p.m. The performance 
is produced by Lissa and James 
Reynolds and will be held at the 
South Pasadena High School 
Auditorium, located at 1401 
Fremont Ave. 

 The Festival of Balloons 
activities kick off with Kiwanis’ 
Pancake Breakfast at the South 
Pasadena Fire Station at 7:00 
a.m., located at 817 MoundAve.

 Opening Ceremony for the 
parade will start at 10:30 a.m. 
at the South Pasadena Public 
Library Community Room, 
located at 1115 El Centro St.. 

The parade will begin at 11:00 

a.m. and travel from Diamond 
Avenue to Garfield Park where 
games and food will be available 
until 3:00 p.m. 
The day will conclude with 
a live concert featuring The 
Kings of 88 from 6:30 to 8:30 

p.m. and fireworks at 9:00 p.m. 
at the South Pasadena High 
School Stadium, located at 
1401 Fremont Ave. Fireworks 
presale tickets are available for$11.00 per person at variouslocations throughout the city.
Fireworks tickets will be 
available for purchase at the 
gate on July 4 from 5:30 p.m. to
9:00 p.m. for $13.00. 
For more information, 
including locations to 
buy presale tickets, visit: 

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