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Mountain View News Saturday, July 23, 2022 


The following represents a summary report of some of the major incidents handled by 
the Sierra Madre Police Department during this period. This list is not intended to be 

considered exclusive or all-inclusive. 

Monday, July 11 Traffic Collision with InjuriesAt approximately 9 AM, officers responded to the area of Orange Grove Ave and Mountain Trail 
Ave, for reports of a traffic collision with injuries. Officers arrived, and located 3 vehicles involved 
in a traffic collision, with air bags deployed. Sierra Madre Fire Department Paramedics responded 
and fortunately, there were only minor injuries. 

Wednesday, July 13 Theft from Motor Vehicle 
At approximately 8 AM, officers responded to 200 block of W Highland Blvd for reports of a possible 
theft from motor vehicle. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the reporting party who 
reported that unknown suspect(s) made acess to his vehicle and stole miscellaneous items.
The Detective Bureau is following up on this incident 

Wednesday, July 13 Domestic Battery ArrestAt approximately 10 PM, officers responded to The Buccaneer Bar (58 W. Sierra Madre Blvd), for 
reports of a domestic violence incident in progress. Officers arrived and investigated the incident. 
One of the involved parties was arrested and booked at Pasadena Jail for battery. 



We are excited to announce this year’s 50th Annual Wine and Cuisine Tasting benefit will take 
place on Friday, September 23, 2022 at the Paddock at Santa Anita Racetrack. 

The benefit will include the Premier Event from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. which is limited to 100 guests. 
The Premier will offer premium wines, specialty foods, door prizes and early access to the Main 
Event. The Main Event is from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. and is limited to 400 guests. The Main Event 
will offer domestic and international wines and beers, food from fine local restaurants, door 
prizes, live music, and a Silent Auction. Tickets for the Premier Event are $100 each and tickets 
for the Main Event are $75. The tickets are on sale on Eventbright and at the library in mid-July. 

Plan to come and enjoy the food from our many restaurants that participate, along with the many 
wineries that will be represented. Join us for our tasting, auction, music, and just plain fun! 

There are opportunities to volunteer or be an event sponsor. If you are interested in helping with 
this event you may contact Leslie Ziff at or 626-321-7735. 





by Deanne Davis 

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an 
enemy into a friend.” 
Martin Luther King, Jr. 

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth 
has a chance to get its pants on.” 
Winston Churchill 

“The nice part about being a pessimist is that you 
are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly 
surprised.” George Will 

There now, several deep and pithy thoughts for 
you to start off your day. I am writing Walking 
Sierra Madre…The Social Side on Tuesday, July 
19th. My granddaughter, Emily Brown, is three 
doors up the street with five of her besties de

vouring pizza and giggling. She is celebrating her 
birthday, which is actually, Friday, when she will be twelve. I am waiting for the bug 
guy to get here to deal with the black beetles which have infested my garage. Only my 
garage, thankfully. It's the weather, they say. I’ve swept them out twice but they really 
like it in there and keep coming right back. My garage, however, looks really nice and 
clean, except for those guys. 

Today is one of those days which never leaves your memory. On July 19, 1974, our 
daughter, Crissy, mother of the aforementioned Emily, ran across the street in front 
of our house on Alegria to get an ice cream cone from the ice cream truck and almost 
ran right into heaven. I will be forever grateful to George Maurer and the other dear 
EMT, who were driving the station wagon we had back then, before our wonderful 
new high-tech emergency equipment. Mr. Maurer scooped Crissy up off the street 
and rushed her to Methodist Hospital where she lingered in a coma for ten days, 
survived brain surgery, and today is an absolutely splendid woman, serving pizza and 
cookies to little girls. I’ve told this story a million times, written about it in my book, 
“A Tablespoon of Love, A Tablespoon of Laughter,” and when this date rolls around, 
thank God with all my heart for His kindness and mercy. 

As promised last week, I am going to wax rhapsodic just a bit more about tomatoes 
and possibly get to zucchini. My son-in-law, Dr. Charles Seitz, horticulturist extraordinaire, 
sent me pictures of some of his tomatoes, which you will be seeing here, and 
I quote, “The cherry tomatoes are the Sungold variety. The plant is a monster, tries to 
take over the whole back yard, but the tomatoes are sweet and delicious. The white 
tomatoes are the Roma variety but not yet turned red. Romas were my mom’s favorite 
because they always produced a surplus that she would make into jars of salsa.” 

Chuck’s mom, Elaine, who spent some time with us at the Kensington, was one of the 
most fun women I ever met. She loved going to the Cheesecake Factory for pumpkin 
cheesecake and champagne. Elaine made salsa out of her tomatoes but all my 
canning efforts went into lemon marmalade, apple butter, bread and butter pickles, 
Christmas jam, and pickled cantaloupe. Also, the most amazing grape jelly until we 
hooked up to the sewer and the septic tank was removed. Don’t think about that too 
much. Anyway, I never ventured into salsa as our tomatoes were devoured, usually 
right off the vine, as John and I did love them. The taste of a tomato you grew yourself 
is simply divine. Trust me! 

Chuck also said he wished he could send me a picture of a tomato hornworm. No 
thanks, Chuck, I never want to see one of those again. In my opinion, one of the 
horrors unleashed upon the world when Eve picked that forbidden fruit (possibly a 
tomato?) is the tomato hornworm. There you are admiring your rapidly growing tomato 
plant, feeding it, talking to it, nurturing it and smiling at those cute little green 
baby tomatoes. All is well in your particular Garden of Eden. Then, one morning, 
you walk out with your cup of coffee and find your tomato plant is in shreds. Leaves 
have been chomped to bits and all the little yellow blossoms signifying many more 
delicious tomatoes on the way have been sucked dry, leaving nasty little brown husks. 
You stand there, mouth agape, in shock and horror. How could this devastation have 
taken place in just one night? Your eyes narrow into beady beacons of rage. Tomato 
hornworm. With shaking fingers, you search through your previously beautiful tomato 
plant, searching relentlessly for this spawn of Satan and find…nothing. You 
follow the icky little trail of black dots of tomato worm excrement and find…nothing. 
Heart pounding, you turn over every leaf and find…nothing. 

If you’ve never encountered one, tomato worms are huge. They are also the exact 
same green as tomato plants. Plant experts say they are easy to find if you lightly 
spray your plant with water. Ha! I say! And Ha Again! You can spray all day trying 
to get those big stinkers to show themselves so you can pick them off and end their 
reign of terror. To no avail, absolutely none. As that wasn’t working, I grabbed my 
Garden Safe Fungicide and sprayed the heck out of that plant. Peace returned to my 
kingdom and new leaves began, hesitantly, to grow back. Gardening is fraught with 
one disaster after another. The leaves on my two orange trees and my lemon tree have 
been fried but the lemons and oranges look like they have the strength and courage 
to go on living. 

Next week: zucchini! I promise. 

Take it easy, be good to yourself, hydrate, read, watch for a great sunrise, eat a tomato 
right off the vine, and be grateful you’re alive! 

“Build houses and live in them; and plant gardens and eat their produce.” 
Jeremiah 29.5 

My book page: Deanne Davis 
Where you’ll find 
“A Treasure Map, A Drunken Owl & 47 Rattlers in A BagTrue Tales of Early California.” 
Hot summer is the perfect time to read this exciting adventure.
For you Emma Gainsworth fans, all her escapades are there! 

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