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[Nyerges is the author of the new 
book, “Urban Survival Guide,” of 
which this column was extracted. 
Information about Nyerges’ books 
and classes is available from www.] 

I first heard of Marshall Greenwood 
through an article in the 
Los Angeles Times that was 
written about him. He self-described himself as 
“America’s Greatest Poor Man,” by choice. I purchased 
several of his self-published books, and began 
a long correspondence with him through the 

U.S. mails in the late 1970s. (He didn’t use a telephone 
so I could not call him, and this was before 
the days of the internet.) 
With his permission, I printed and sold copies of 
his “Poor Marshall’s Manual: The Individual Economics 
of Living on $99 per Month.” It’s an interesting 
and insightful book by someone who chose 
minimalism as a more meaningful lifestyle than being 
a “consumer.” 

His book consists of four major parts: First, his 
monthly expenditures; Second, his overview and 
explanation of individual economics; Third, how 
he beats the high price of food; Fourth, his laws 
(173 Precepts) of individual economics; and then 
an Appendix of his fitness regimen. 

From his Preface, he states:
“I seek to glorify the wise, voluntary poverty, which 
makes the most of the least, shuns folly, conserves 
the earth’s resources, spares the environment, sees 
(with Aristotle) thinking and reasoning as man’s 
highest function, and pursues learning for its own 
sake and for the betterment of the world. 

“Our consumption-geared economy seeks to: 

Create need where no need exists. 
Invent a gadget for every function.
Make automatic that which is better manual. 
Represent costly trivia as necessities.
Promote literature, drama, music, and art of dubious 
Push travel tours that waste earth’s dwindling resources, 
pollute the air, invite crime, spread disease, 
expose tourists to needless risks, and inflict anguish 
many times daily on victims who live near airport 
and approaches, thus shortening their lives…
Accelerate consumption of all, leading to misuse, 
abuse, and premature discard. 

“Remember, to save the most is to spend nothing!” 

“Pursuit of wealth is the folly, the mirage of unenlightened 
minds. The few who attain great riches 
in dollars often lament that they did not instead 
seek learning and wisdom…” 

Part IV, the bulk of his book, is titled “Laws of Individual 
Economics.” These are his 173 Precepts, 
the first group of which are quotes from famous 

“The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call 
‘life’ which is required to be exchanged for it immediately 
or in the long run.” Thoreau. 

“To avoid pain, renounce the pursuit of pleasure.” 


53. In eating, a deficit is better than an excess. Great 
runners have the lean and hungry look…. 
54. Meat is the worst food one can eat, budget-
wise, health-wise, ethics-wise, esthetics-wise, and 
57. Drinking too much water is better than too 
little. Too much can only irritate. Too little can 
concentrate urine and possibly cause kidney stones 
or promote bladder infection. Dehydration poses 
86. Rice is the world’s most widely-used cereal. It is 
kind to the stomach and colon. Dry rice keeps for 
years, is easy to cook, and has only 1% fat calories 
of total calories. Boiled cereal digests easier than 
87. A food which has to be drowned in sugar to be 
palatable is no good. 
88. When potatoes are priced high and carrots low, 
use the latter for the former. 
92. Taste is a trusty guide of food only in the negative 
sense, i.e., if it warns that the food is bad, then 
93. The taster the food, the less should be eaten; the 
blander, the more can be safely eaten. Throw away 
that gourmet book! 

105. The more automatic is an appliance or machine, 
the more repair it requires…. 
107. Refrigerators, deemed essential, I don’t need. 
My eggs keep OK in north window. None has 
spoiled in 6 years; I only use non-fat dry milk and 
mix only what I use right then. I have no leftovers… 
108. TV is the most notorious waster of time ever 
invented. Some persons spend half their waking 
lives viewing TV’s violence, crime, inane sex, stupid 
commercials, and overdone news. 
109. Rent near your work, or get work near where 
you live. This pays big in dollars and hours … [do 
the math!]. 
125. A lawn is slavery. Use ice plant or such, or 
small trees to save much water and work. 
132. Before rushing to turn on (or up) the room 
heat, think of Hunza Valley people high in Himalayas 
who don’t heat homes in cold, cold winters ad 
who bathe in cold glacial waters, or, closer to home, 
think of me who got along just fine in winters with 
no room heat at all… 
139. Many drive to a park in order to jog or cycle. 
Far better is to jog or cycle direct from home and 
leave car out of it. 

154. Rented storage space, even when dirt-cheap, 
becomes sky-high in the long run… [do the math: 
If you are paying $100 a month to store $300 worth 
of goods, after three months of rental, you could 
have purchased everything new again. Better to 
give the goods you cannot store to charity and save 
the money]. 
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Sweet Brown Tabbies 

These two adorable cuties, age 
1, are described by their foster 
mom as just "the sweetest!" 
They are playful and loving, 
just as kittens are supposed to 
be when raised with love. Thor 
has amazing dark stripes, and 
Banner has the white nose. 

They are so bonded, almost like iden-tical twins. Being 
best buddies, they like to groom each other, cuddle up, 
wrestle together and watch the birds at the windows. They 
both love toys on a string, and the laser light. Thor likes 
soft balls and plays soccer through the house, while Banner 
carries his favorite stuffed toy around all day and then presents it to his foster mom 
when she's in bed--LOL! Banner is more vocal and is usually the leader, except when 
unknown visitors come. That's when Thor, who's more quiet and confident, takes over to 
charm the visitors. Both boys get the "zoomies" and run at top speed through the house, 
which is hilari-ous! Adopt these boys and put the fun back into your life! Find the adoption 
application on our website where you'll also find more adora-ble pix of Banner & 
Thor on our Teen Cats page, 

Pet of the Week

 One-year-old Mookie is a former stray who’s readyto live a happy life with a loving family! Mookie is anactive dog who enjoys enrichment activities, chew toys,
and games of fetch. With a little bit of time to get toknow new people, Mookie is affectionate and playful!
This sweet and fun dog would love to go home with you!

 The adoption fee for dogs is $150. All dog adoptionsinclude spay or neuter, microchip, and age-appropriatevaccines.

 New adopters will receive a complimentary healthand-
wellness exam from VCA Animal Hospitals, aswell as a goody bag filled with information about how 
to care for your pet.

 View photos of adoptable pets and schedule an adoptionappointment at Adoptions are byappointment only, and new adoption appointments are available every Sunday andWednesday at 10:00 a.m.

Pets may not be available for adoption and cannot be held for potential adopters byphone calls or email. 

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