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Mountain View News Saturday, August 13, 2022 7ALTADENA - SOUTH PASADENA SAN MARINOMountain View News Saturday, August 13, 2022 7ALTADENA - SOUTH PASADENA SAN MARINO
Landmark Legislative NASA Studies Find Previously San Marino UpcomingBills Pass the Legislature Unknown Antarctic Ice Loss Events & Programming 

A number of Assemblymember Commission to design the 

Marino Fire Department 

Chris Holden’s bills passed framework to achieve an eighty 

Summer Concert feat. The participated in the San 

the Senate Committee on percent net reduction in new 
Appropriations Thursday and construction by 2045, which is Molly Miller Trio Marino Police Department’s 
are headed to the Senate Floor. aligned with Executive Order The Old Mill Foundation is National Night Out Event. 
The bills include: AB 1604 – B-55-18 that sets a statewide excited to host their second The Fire Department hosted 
The Upward Mobility Act of goal of carbon net neutrality no summer concert, The Molly multiple stations to teach 
2022: boards and commissions: later than 2045. Miller Trio, on Saturday, residents life-saving skills 
civil service: examinations: AB 2632 would ban the use August 20th. Gates open at such as CPR, first aid, how 
classifications, AB 1720 – Care of solitary confinement for 7 PM and music starts at 8 to use a fire extinguisher, facilities: criminal background certain populations including 

PM. Members $20/ticket, and utility shut-offs. 

checks, AB 2446 – Embodied people who are pregnant, 

non-members $25/ticket. Fire Chief Rueda 

carbon emissions: construction have disabilities, or fall within New research on Antarctica, natural cycle of calving and 

Purchase your tickets online participated in the City’s 

materials, AB 2632 – certain age limits. The bill also including the first map of replenishment that keeps 
Segregated Confinement, AB defines solitary confinement as iceberg calving, doubles their size fairly constant over or at our office Tuesday to Public Safety Town Hall on 
2515 – Proprietary and private any period of confinement that the previous estimates of the long term. Sunday between 11 AM - 2 Monday, August 1. Chief 
security services, AB 2644 exceeds 17 hours a day in a cell, loss from ice shelves and But in recent decades, the PM. Rueda provided an overview 
Custodial interrogation, AB requires facilities to document Family Storytime of the fire department 

details how the continent is warming ocean has been 

2773 – Traffic or pedestrian any instance in which solitary Tuesday, August 16 at 10:30 and answered questions 

changing. destabilizing Antarctica’s 

stops: notification by peace is used, and places limits on AM, Children’s Area from residents as part of a 

 The greatest uncertainty in ice shelves by melting 

officers, AB 1919 – Youth the duration any person can be Storytime features moderated panel. Transit Pass Pilot Program: free held in this manner. forecasting global sea level them from below, making 

activities for children ages 5 The Fire Department 

youth transit passes, and AB AB 2515 would require a person rise is how Antarctica’s ice them thinner and weaker. 

and under that will promote continues to focus training 

1737 – Children’s camps: safety. registered as a proprietary loss will accelerate as the Satellite altimeters measure 

early literacy and lifelong efforts on the department’s 

 “Meeting the needs of private security officer to deliver climate warms. Two studies the thinning process by 
Californians today requires us a written report to the director published Aug. 10 and led recording the changing learning through songs, three probationary 
to listen to our communities describing the circumstances by researchers at NASA’s Jet height of the ice, but until movement, fingerplays, firefighters. Probationary 

and these bills are a reflection of surrounding the discharge Propulsion Laboratory in this study, there hasn’t been and books. Storytime is firefighters are evaluated on 
that process. As this legislative of any firearm, or physical also an opportunity for firefighter and EMS skills 

Southern California reveal a comprehensive assessment 

session comes to a close, I will altercation with a member of caregivers to learn ways they at 4-months, 8-months, 

unexpected new data about of how climate change might 

continue to work with my the public while on duty, in a can incorporate learning and 12-months. After the 

how the Antarctic Ice Sheet be affecting calving around 

colleagues in the Legislature manner similar to the above-

activities into everyday 12-month evaluation, 

and Governor Newsom to fully described report required from has been losing mass in the continent. 

routines. Storytime occurs probationary firefighters are 

implement these measures,” a person licensed as a private recent decades. That’s partly because 

weekly on Tuesday through assigned a special project to 

said Assemblymember Chris patrol operator. One study, published in satellite imagery has been 

October 4. Registration be completed by the end of 

Holden. AB 2644 recognizes that this age the journal Nature, maps challenging to interpret. 

is not required. Please their 16-month probation. 

AB 1604 would require range should also be shielded how iceberg calving – the “For example,” said Greene, 
that State Personnel Board from improper interrogation breaking off of ice from a “you can imagine looking at watch our social media for Street Sweeping 

(SPB) establish a process that methods. cancellations. In keeping with the City 

glacier front – has changed a satellite image and trying 

includes diversity and best AB 2773 would require a peace the Antarctic coastline to figure out the difference Toastmasters Talk of the Council’s priority of well-
practices in each aspect of the officer making a traffic or Town maintained infrastructure, 

over the last 25 years. The between a white iceberg, 

design, announcement, and pedestrian stop, before asking Thursday, August 18 at 6:30 the Parks and Public 

researchers found that the white ice shelf, white sea 

administration of examinations any questions, to state the PM, Thornton Conference Works Department works 

for the establishment of reason for the stop, unless the edge of the ice sheet has been ice, and even a white cloud. 

Room with Athens Services 

employment lists. officer reasonably believes that shedding icebergs faster than That’s always been a difficult 

 Do you feel shy speaking to ensure that the City 

 AB 1720 would streamline the withholding the reason for the the ice can be replaced. This task. But we now have 

in front of groups? Practice receives comprehensive, 

licensure process for those that stop is necessary to protect life surprise finding doubles enough data from multiple 

giving short speeches at this environmentally responsible 

have been convicted of a crime or property from imminent previous estimates of ice loss satellite sensors to see a clear 

to ensure that an unrelated prior threat. meeting. The leaders offer street sweeping services. 

from Antarctic’s floating ice picture of how Antarctica’s 
conviction does not prohibit a AB 1737 would require the shelves since 1997, from 6 coastline has evolved in coaching to foster greater Frequent street sweeping 
qualified, rehabilitated person Department of Social Services; trillion to 12 trillion metric recent years.” self-confidence and personal not only improves the 
from securing employment. in consultation with state tons. Ice loss from calving For the new study, growth for the participants. appearance of the streets, 
The bill would not make major agencies, parents, and other Although Toastmasters but also prevents unwanted 

has weakened the ice shelves Greene and his co-authors 

changes to the procedure for stakeholders; to develop 

charges a nominal fee to join materials from flowing into 

licensing foster family homes, for and allowed Antarctic synthesized satellite imagery 

recommendations the their organization, visitors storm drains, keeps job sites 

certified family homes Legislature to protect children glaciers to flow more rapidly of the continent in visible, 


are welcome to the Library clean, and helps minimize 

resource family homes of a from harm while attending to the ocean, accelerating thermal infrared (heat), 

meetings at no charge. tire damage. Residents can 

licensed foster family agency. recreational camps. the rate of global sea level and radar wavelengths since 
AB 2446 would require a life “We are collaborating to provide rise. 1997. Combining these Registration is not required. visit the Street Sweeping 
cycle assessment to determine Californians with solutions that The other study, published in measurements with an FREE Sunset Summer page on the City’s website 
the carbon intensity of both work; for the good of the public Earth System Science Data, understanding of ice flow Concert Series for more information on the 
residential and non-residential and the planet,” said Holden. Friday, August 19, Lacy Park street sweeping schedule for 

shows in unprecedented gained from an ongoing 

buildings in the state. The For more information visit: Get your summer grove their neighborhood. 

detail how the thinning of NASA glacier-mapping 

bill would require the Energy on at the last free concert! Meetings 

Antarctic ice as ocean water project, they charted the 

The Kings of 88 will present Public Safety Commission 

Bill Creating Regional Affordable melts it has spread from the edges of ice shelves around 

a fun-filled collection of Monday, August 15 at 6 PM; 

continent’s outward edges 30,000 linear miles (50,000 Housing Trust Heads to Governor into its interior, almost kilometers) of Antarctic classic piano rock hits. The Teleconference 

concert begins at 6 PM. A Design Review Committee

 Senate Bill 1177, authored and affordable home ownership doubling in the western coastline. 

variety of food trucks will be Wednesday, August 17 at 6 

by State Senator Anthony units. Due to insufficient parts of the ice sheet over the Losses from calving have 
Portantino which creates an local funding, they have been past decade. Combined, the outpaced natural ice-shelf available. For questions, call PM; Teleconference 
affordable housing regional unable to bring their backlog of complementary reports give growth so greatly that (626) 403-2200. Summer Sunset Concert 
trust between the cities of affordable housing projects to the most complete view yet the researchers think it’s Recent Happenings Friday, August 19 at 6 PM; 
Pasadena, Burbank, and completion. On August 2, the San Lacy Park 

of how the frozen continent unlikely Antarctica can grow 

Glendale, is headed to the “Housing is a regional issue 

is changing. back to its pre-2000 extent 

Governor’s desk for signature. and cities working together 
In June, the Senator announced in partnership, together with Iceberg Calving by the end of this century. Pasadena POPS Concert the 

that his budget request to the state is the best strategy to “Antarctica is crumbling at In fact, the findings suggest best of Billy Joel & Elton John

create and fund the regional constructing more affordable its edges,” says JPL scientist that greater losses can be 
affordable housing trust had housing for our communities. Chad Greene, lead author expected: Antarctica’s largest The Pasadena POPS continue 
been approved in the 2022-We are stronger when we work of the calving study. “And ice shelves all appear to be their one-of-a-kind, popular 
2023 State Budget, allocating together,” stated Pasadena when ice shelves dwindle headed for major calving outdoor summer concert 
$23 million to help finance Mayor Victor Gordo. and weaken, the continent’s events in the next 10 to 20 series with Michael Cavanaugh 

affordable housing projects SB 1177, would create the massive glaciers tend to years. singing the best of Billy Joel 
created by SB 1177. regional housing trust fund speed up and increase the Mapping 36 Years of Ice Loss and Elton John on Saturday, 

 “Burbank, Glendale and that would be administered August 27 at the LA County 

rate of global sea level rise.” In the complementary 

Pasadena have been at by a joint powers authority Arboretum. Hand-picked by 

 Most Antarctic glaciers flow study, JPL scientists have 

the forefront of meeting (JPA) comprised of the cities Billy Joel himself, Cavanaugh 

to the ocean, where they combined almost 3 billion 

California’s housing needs. I’m of Burbank, Glendale, and got his start as the lead role in 
happy to help them create and Pasadena. Under the bill, the end in floating ice shelves data points from seven the Broadway musical Movin’ 
fund this effort,” stated Senator JPA would be allowed to request up to 2 miles (3 kilometers) spaceborne altimetry Out, which earned him both 
Portantino. and receive private and state thick and 500 miles (800 instruments to produce the Grammy and Tony Award 
Burbank, Glendale, and funding allocations, as well kilometers) across. Ice longest continuous data set nominations. Acclaimed for 

Pasadena have nearly 3,000 as authorize and issue bonds, shelves act like buttresses on the changing height of his highly energized piano 
affordable housing units in to help finance affordable to glaciers, keeping the ice the ice sheet – an indicator and lead vocals, Cavanaugh 
the combined development housing projects for persons from simply sliding into of ice loss – from as early as expanded his repertoire to and the excellent charts make 

pipeline, including permanent and families of extremely low-, include an electrifying tribute this a must-have for both the 

the ocean. When ice shelves 1985. They used radar and 

supportive housing, senior very low-, low-, and moderate-to Sir Elton John, and he will orchestra and the audience.” 

are stable, they have a laser measurements of ice 

housing, workforce housing, income households. bring the music of both of these All concerts are held at the Los 

elevation, accurate to within 

superstars face-to-face for one Angeles County Arboretum 

centimeters, to produce the 

and Botanic Gardens. Grounds 

San Marino Election Information night only this summer on the 

highest-resolution monthly Arboretum stage. 

open for picnicking and dining maps of change ever made Get in a “New York State of at 5:30pm and performances 
of ice loss. Mind” with your favorite “Piano begin at 7:30pm. Don’t miss 

 The unparalleled detail in Man” and “Rocket Man” hits – the best outdoor dinner party 
the new record reveals how “Italian Restaurant,” ”Uptown in town with spacious circular 
long-term trends and annual Girl,” “Crocodile Rock,” “Tiny table seating with fine linens, 
weather patterns affect the Dancer,” “Goodbye Yellow or lawn seating for those who 

Brick Road,” “Bennie and the want to bring a blanket – each 

ice. It even shows the rise 

Jets,” “Candle in the Wind” option carries on the tradition 

and fall of the ice sheet as 

and many more. For this of picnic-dining with your 

subglacial lakes regularly fill 

exclusive Southern California family and friends listening to and empty miles below the engagement, Cavanaugh will the San Gabriel Valley’s premier 

surface. “Subtle changes like breathe new life into these orchestra! Among many venue 
these, in combination with rock ‘n roll classics for a night amenities, concert goers can 
improved understanding of of sing-along favorites with enjoy pre-ordered gourmet 
long-term trends from this the POPS orchestra and a full box dinners for on-site pickup 

data set, will help researchers back-up band. “[Cavanaugh] just steps from their table or a 
understand the processes has reinvented these songs variety of food truck options. 
into something that dare I say The Arboretum is located 

that influence ice loss, 

sometimes improves upon the at 301 North Baldwin Ave., 

leading to improved future 

originals.” (MD Theatre Guide). Arcadia, CA. Subscribers 

estimates of sea level rise,” 

 This is not Cavanaugh’s first may purchase pre-paid onsite 

said JPL’s Johan Nilsson, lead rodeo with the POPS, having 

parking at the Arboretum, and author of the study. performed The Music of Billy all concertgoers can purchase 

 Synthesizing and analyzing Joel in 2016 and Elton John is guaranteed and convenient 
the massive archives of 2019 to a sold-out audience. parking at Santa Anita Park, 
measurements into a single, “Michael’s show is hands with non-stop shuttle service to 
high-resolution data set took down the best contemporary the Arboretum’s main entrance. 
years of work and thousands symphony pops show we have Tickets start at $25, and are 

had the honor to present,” available by calling the box 

of hours of computing time 

commented Chief Executive office at (626) 793-7172, online 

on NASA’s servers. Nilsson 

Officer Lora Unger. “The at PasadenaSymphony-Pops. 

says it was all worth it: 

combination of popular songs, org or at the Arboretum on “Condensing the data into his talent as a superb showman concert days. 

something more widely 
useful may bring us closer 
to the big breakthroughs we 
need to better understand 
our planet and to help 
prepare us for the future 
impacts of climate change.” 

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