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Mountain View News Saturday, August 6 , 2022 
Mountain View News Saturday, August 6 , 2022 

A second five-day closure affecting eastbound I-210 will occur on Wednesday, August 17, through 
Tuesday, August 23. The work is part of a project to upgrade the San Gabriel River Bridge on the 
I-210 in Irwindale, upgrading existing bridge hinges and railings and strengthening bridge decksto improve safety. Motorists are encouraged to plan ahead and check the Caltrans QuickMap forup-to-the-minute traffic conditions. More information and updates on this project can be found onthe District 7 website or on Twitter. 

The Chef Knows By Peter Dills 

I sat down with a local restaurant manager, and he asked me “what’s 
happening in the local restaurant scene?” Well, did you know that 
Pasadena is right behind San Francisco for the number of restaurants 
per capita? It makes me wonder why anyone would open a new restaurant 
with all that competition, but I know the answer: everyone 
thinks they can do it better. My friend, Tanya, owns Twoheys restaurant 
in South Pasadena (formerly in Alhambra) and she is one 
of the lucky ones. Her restaurant is thriving - in fact last Sunday we 
waited 30 minutes for a table before opting to sit at the bar. It wasn’t 
a bad way to spend the Sunday morning. Twoheys is a diner/family 
restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

What to order? That’s tough, I really like everything! If you are a 
morning person, try the French toast (one of my favorites). Since it 
was brunch time, I ordered the onion rings off the lunch menu. The 
beer was so cold that it comes in a frosted mug. Don’t believe me? Go to my Facebook page to see 
(yes, I had a beer at 11AM - those three-mile Rose Bowl runs make it ok!!) 

If your passion is for a lunchtime meal, I do recommend 
the burgers (yes, the Stinko burger is alive and well here 
at Twoheys!), and don’t let me forget the ice cream specialties, 
one Sundae please. Dinner is awesome too, short 
ribs and roasted turkey - indeed, a little of something for 
everyone. Tanya tells me next time try the fried chicken 
feast (will do!) or maybe the all-you-can-eat ribs. Geez, 
just writing about Twoheys is making me hungry again! 

I’d better stop here, my belly is getting exhausted! 

Check out their web page at www.twoheys .com for 
hours and prices. Bargain Note: Happy Hour is from 3 
to 6 PM 

I am a fan of Twoheys and I am sure with a single visit, 
you will be too. 

424 Fair Oaks Ave. So Pasadena (626) 284-7387 and 
listen to Dining w/Dills on KLAA AM 830 at 5 PM 


3,995 New Positive Cases and 19 New Deaths Due to COVID-
19 in Los Angeles County 

Over the past week, Los Angeles County’s COVID-19 metrics improved enough 
to move the county back to the medium Community Level on the Centers for 
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 framework. While Public 
Health is greatly encouraged by the decline in cases, hospi-tal admissions and 
deaths, because viral transmission remains high, there are still thousands of new 
people each day who are infected and capable of infecting others. 

The high rate of transmission continues to be driven by the Omicron variant, 
which accounts for 100% of sequenced specimens. The highly infectious BA.5 
subvariant of Omicron continues to be, by far, the most predominant subvariant. 
In the week ending July 23, BA.5 comprised 80% of all se-quenced county specimens. 
With only slight increases in the percentage of BA.5 specimens recently 
sequenced, it is possible that we may be experiencing a saturation of our population 
with this subvar-iant. While we are carefully tracking other subvariants of 
interest (including BA.2.75 and BA.4.6), we have no indication at the moment of 
any new variant that is spreading. 

The 7-day average case count has fallen to 3,660 cases today, a 22% decrease 
from 4,719 cases a week prior. The 7-day average test positivity rate this past 
week is 11.1%, a decrease from 12.5% one week ago. 

Over the last seven days, the average number of COVID-positive patients per 
day in LA County hospi-tals was 1,112, a decline of 9% from one week ago when 
the 7-day average number of COVID-positive patients per day was 1,222. Also, 
the LA County daily hospital admissions rate is now 9.9 admissions per 100,000 
people, a small decline from to 10.1 admissions per 100,000 people one week 

Deaths, which typically lag hospitalizations by several weeks, are beginning to 
drop, with an average of 14 deaths reported per day this week. One week prior, 
there was an average of 17 deaths reported per day. 

Thursday, the CDC revised its guidelines and recommendations for residents 
to protect themselves and others from COVID-19. These revisions largely align 
with already established LA County guide-lines that require anyone testing positive 
in LA County to remain isolated away from others for a min-imum of five 
days. In LA County, a person with COVID-19 can exit isolation on or after Day 
6 if they have had no fever for 24 hours, their symptoms are improving, and a test 
taken on Day 5 or later is negative. Those exiting isolation Day 6-Day 10 should 
continue to wear a well-fitting mask whenever around others. Isolation can end 
after Day 10 as long as there has been no fever for 24 hours. See
covidisolation for more information. 

With many testing at home, and results not reported to Public Health, those 
who test positive should notify anyone they were in close contact with in the 
48 hours prior to their positive test result or COVID symptoms, whichever was 
first. Close contacts in LA County are not required to quarantine provided they 
have no symptoms, test within 3-5 days of their exposure, and wear a well-fitting 
mask for 10 days from their last exposure to the confirmed case. 

“I send my deepest sympathies and wishes of peace and comfort to the many 
families who have lost a loved one from COVID-19,” said Barbara Ferrer, PhD, 
MPH, MEd, Director of Public Health. “While we are thankful to see our county 
move to the medium community level, because we know that get-ting infected 
causes disruptions at the workplace and in the family and for some, becoming 
infected leads to debilitating illness, we advise caution, and ongoing use of a sensible 
approach for reducing the risk of exposure and preventing severe illness. 
All tools available help: getting vaccinated and boosted reduces risk of severe illness, 
testing before and after gathering, wearing masks when indoors, and staying 
home and away from others when sick reduces transmission.” 

Today, Public Health reported 19 additional deaths and 3,995 new positive cases. 
Of the 19 new deaths reported today, one person was between the ages of 30-49, 
three people were between the ages of 50-64, six people were between the ages of 
65-79, and eight people were aged 80 years or older. For information on the onedeath reported by the City of Long Beach, visit Of the 19 newlyreported deaths, 17 had underlying health conditions. To date, the total numberof deaths in L.A. County is 32,922. 

Public Health has reported a total of 3,351,082 positive cases of COVID-19 
across all areas of L.A. County. Today’s positivity rate is 11.1%. 

There are 1,065 people with COVID-19 currently hospitalized. Testing results 
are available for more than 12,392,466 individuals, with 24% of people testing 

A wide range of data and dashboards on COVID-19 from the Los Angeles 
County Department of Pub-lic Health are available on the Public Health website 

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