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Practical guidelines to resourceful city living, self-reliance, 
emergency preparedness, and getting more for less. 

Published by Skyhorse, June 2022, 280 pages, color photos throughout.
Information about books and classes by Nyerges is available at www.School of, or by writing to Box 41834, Eagle Rock, CA 90041. 

The title of this latest book of mine might be misleading 
to “survivalists” who might think that the book 
is about choosing which rifle to buy to defend your 
supply of dried food supplies in your cellar when 
the apocalypse comes and your neighbors want your 
food. Nor is this book necessarily about surviving the 
next impending disaster, economic or otherwise.
This is a book about looking positively to the future 
by embracing the sustainable life-embracing practices 
of the past. 

“Urban Survival Guide” begins with a discussion of 
how cities ought to be planned and de-veloped for 
the health and safety of everyone who lives there, and 
then goes on to demonstrate how houses can be more 
energy efficient by doing a series of simple measures 
to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer. 
We often forget that over the life of a poorly-insulated 
house, we could spend more on the energy to cool and 
heat than we paid for the house itself. The many passive 
methods of cooling and heating are discussed. 

There’s a whole chapter on water – how to find it, pu

rify it, and store it – since without water, there is no 
life. The practicality of rain water is included, as well as a discussion of some of the lesser-
known sources of water, such as dew, and the condensation from air conditioners.
The book includes some of the standard methods of non-electrical food preservation, as well 
as how to grow food, and find food in the lesser-known sources. There is a tutorial on how 
to grow oyster mushrooms in your home using old cardboard and coffee grounds. 

From here, this book departs from the standard fare about “urban survival” by including the 
importance of hygiene, and not only how to make your own soap, but some of the common 
plants that give you a ready-to-use soap. 

Next, the book includes a dynamite section called “integral health,” repeating some of the 
ancient principles of Hippocrates for sound health. After all, what sort of life will you be living 
if you’re hooked on doctors and drugs and unable to get around? The book details some 
of the work of Dr. James Adams, who co-authored “Healing with Medicinal Plants of the 
West,” and who offers natural alternatives to opioids for pain. Adams is on a mission to show 
his followers how native herbs can have the same efficacy as opioids, without the side effects. 
Then we get to learn about the vast healing properties of the under-rated prickly pear cactus, 
which is also a food. Prickly pear pads and fruits go back hundreds of years as a survival 
food, and are just starting to be re-recognized today as an ideal drought-tolerant survival 

I try not to view “survival” in a parochial point of view, and so I necessarily include practi-cal 
principles of “Economics” in the book. To increase your spending power, you can earn more 
or spend less, and I share the precepts of at least two serious minimalists who lived good lives 
on very little income. Though this book is a presentation on how to live better today, and how 
to be more self-reliant in the present, it is worth noting that in our elec-tronic age, most of 
us could not do financial 
transactions if the 
power went out. Besides 
having a backup 
power system, the individual 
can learn how 
to barter, and have a 
supply of items that 
would be in demand 
in a case of shortage. 
Of course, your skills 
and your experiences 
are far more valuable 
than your stuff that 
you store in your garage. 
One can never 
fully predict what to 
store for emergencies 
---I mean, who could 
have predicted the disappearance 
of toilet 
paper in the beginning 
of the Pandemic. Nyerges dedicates his book to Thoreau, and Richard E. White, an 

ex-treme frugalist, pictured here with Sierra Madre resident Despina 
For me, “urban surviv-Arzouman. 
al” is not about worry 
and panic and fearing the “end of the world.” Rather, it’s about positively and proactivelylearning to make the things you use, growing the food you eat, and becoming a positive part 
of your community. It’s an adventure, not a war. It’s a way of life, not a strategy to avoid a 

Our lovable girl 
Cricket…, with 
the big personality 

She is very affectionate, 
full of spunk, and 
quite play-ful. 
Cricket is a little 
smarty-pants, too,
being a very alert and intelli-gent kitty. She 
loves to talk to you, and tell you what’s on her mind! She enjoys chasing little bouncyballs, and then will jump into a cat tree and play a game, “Catch me if you can, come 
pet me, while I squirm around happy as a clam, just soaking up your love & attention." 
She can be a little rascal at times, but in a cute way. Cricket has a sleek, athletic 
body, like a mini panther, with her shiny & silky black fur. She does fine with 
other cats, but she loves to be No. 1. However, she will settle in, just as she has with 
her fellow felines at our rescue. Cricket is spayed, healthy, current on vaccines, and 

Find the adoption application on our website where you'll also find more adorable pix 
and video of Cricket. 

Pet of the Week

 Two-year-old Boo Radley is a sweet cat insearch of a loving forever home where she can 
feel comfortable coming out of her shell. Boo 
Radley can be a little shy with new people at first,
but she’s been enjoying cheek and neck scratchesfrom our staff and volunteers, and even rolls 
onto her back to show her belly!

 Join us at Pasadena Humane (361 S. Raymond

Ave., Pasadena) on Saturday, August 20 from

10 a.m.-2 p.m. for our NBC4 Clear The Shelters 

adoption event sponsored by Subaru. Adoption

fees will be waived for all available dogs, cats, and critters. All cat adoptions 

include spay or neuter, microchip, and age-appropriate vaccines.

 New adopters will receive a complimentary health-and-wellness exam from

VCA Animal Hospitals, as well as a goody bag filled with information about

how to care for your pet.

 View photos of adoptable pets at
Pets may not be available for adoption and cannot be held for potential adopters

by phone calls or email. 

Tisch School of the Arts, she is a winner of 
the Berrilla Kerr Award. Her previous works 



include A Short History of Nearly Everything;
The Van Gogh Café; The Happy Elf; The

WHAT: Silent Sky. A play. 

Amazing Adventures of Dr. Wonderful and 
WHO: Written by Lauren Gunderson. Direct-

Her Dog!;I and You (made into a film starring 
ed by Barbara Schofield. Presented by Sierra 

Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams); and manyMadre Playhouse. 

more. Silent Sky had its premiere at South 
Coast Repertory in 2011.

WHERE: Sierra Madre Playhouse, 87 W. Sierra 
Madre Boulevard, , Sierra Madre, CA 91024. 

Barbara Schofield directs. At Sierra Madre

This is just east of Pasadena. Ample free park-

Playhouse, she directed productions of Inci

ing is available in adjacent streets and lots. 

dent at Vichy (L.A. Times Critic’s Pick), Proof, 
WHEN: September 9- October 9, 2022. Fri-

Arcadia and The Fantasticks. She is director-
days and Saturdays at 8 p.m., Sundays. At 2 

in-residence and Literary Manager at Open 

p.m. Also, Saturday matinées at 2 p.m. on Sep-
Fist Theatre Company. She is a board member 
tember 17, 24, October 1 and 8. 

of Sierra Madre Playhouse. She has served as 
a faculty member at American Musical and

ADMISSION: $45. Seniors (65+) $40.Youth 

Dramatic Academy. Additionally, Barbara has

(21 and under) $25. 

directed or acted in productions in New York, 
DISCOUNTS: Teen tickets (age 13-19) are 

Kansas City, London and Berlin. Dr. Schoavailable 
at $5 through the TeenTix Pass pro-

field received her Ph.D. in Theatre from Tufts 
gram. Go to our website to learn more. 


RESERVATIONS: (626) 355-4318. 

The cast for Silent Sky includes Ann Marie 
ONLINE TICKETING: https://sierramadre-

Wilding, April Elize, Candida Celaya, Aubrey 

Saverino and Jack Menzies. 


Production Manager: Jeanne Marie Valleroy.

including one intermission. 

Stage Manager : John Dimitri. Assistant Stage 
Manager: Dori Jurican.. Resident Lighting

When astronomer Henrietta Leavitt 

Designer: Derek Jones. Costume Designer:

begins work at the Harvard Observatory in 

Shon LeBlanc. Projection Designer: Fritz Da

the early 1900s, she doesn’t begin by look-

vis. Technical Director: Todd McCraw. Scenic

ing through a telescope. She joins a group of 

Arist: Orlando de la Paz. Interim Artistic Di-

women “computers,” charting the stars as a 

rector: Gary Lamb. Associate Company Man-

vital part of the world’s first study of the sky 

ager; Beryl Tsang.

done from photographs. As Henrietta, in her 
free time, attempts to measure the light and 

Understudies: Madi Bready, Madelyne Her-

distance of stars, she also takes measure of her 

man, Gloria Tsai, Cristiana Barbatelli and

life on Earth, trying to balance her dedication 

Chris Granlund. 

to science with family obligations and the possibility 
of love. Based on the life of 19th-cen-

PLEASE NOTE: Covid-19 safety protocols in 

tury astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, Silent Sky 

effect on performance dates will be observed. 

explores a woman’s place in society during a 

As of the writing, audience members must be 

time of immense scientific discoveries. 

masked and vaccinated. Vax card or digital record 
will be checked.

"Lauren Gunderson’s luminously beautiful 
play Silent Sky is an intellectual epic told on 

Silent Sky is the story of a real woman 

an intimate scale. Bottom line: Heavenly." — 

whose life and discoveries were hugely signifi-

Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

cant for the exploration of the universe. 

Lauren Gunderson is the playwright of 21 produced 
plays. The recipient of an MFA from 

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