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Mountain View News Saturday, September 17, 2022 2 SIERRA MADRE NOTICES & MORE Mountain View News Saturday, September 17, 2022 2 SIERRA MADRE NOTICES & MORE 
On November 8, 2022 the Sierra Madre 
Municipal Election and the Statewide General Election will 
be held. 
For the Municipal election, voters in Sierra Madre will go to 
the polls and 
select three people from a field of five to sit on the City 
Council. Local voters will also vote on the citizens initia-
tive, Measure HR the citizens initiative that seeks to rezone the property where the Meadows at Bailey 
Canyon is to be built and as a result of such a change restrict the projects size and scope. 
The General Election ballot will include nominees for U.S. Senate , House of Representatives, State 
Assembly and State Senate as well as statewide ballot measures and initiatives. 
In an effort to keep the residents of Sierra Madre informed regarding the Municipal 
Election, The Mountain Views News will provide our readers with weekly coverage. Each week, as we 
have done in the past, we will profile the city council candidates and give each the opportunity to intro-
duce themselves to our readers by answering the following questions: 
1. Why are you running for City Council? 
2. What are you going to do for Sierra Madre? 
3. How do you plan on accomplishing your goals?
(All candidates are being asked to answer the same questions and their answers will be publishedunedited.) 
The candidates running for Sierra Madre City Council are (in alphabetical order) :
EDWARD GARCIA (incumbent) 
GENE GOSS (Incumbent)
This paper will also review the pros and cons of Measure HR and other election related information. 
Coverage will begin in the September 17th , 2022 edition and run through November 5th, 2022. 
It is our sincere hope that each candidate will submit their answers so that we can share them with you. 
A separate letter has been sent to each, asking them to participate. 
Our reporting on this election will be as fair and objective as possible. However, please keep in mind 
that our columnists are always free to share their opinions. Their opinions are their opinions and may 
or may not reflect the position of the paper. This is true in all things, not just this election. 
We will also provide for you the calendar of important dates regarding the election. It is our goal to do 
whatever we can to help you make an informed decision on November 8, 2022. 
Susan Henderson, Publisher/Editor 
Non-compliant on its own property 
Ad paid for by No on Measure HR, Sierra Madre Neighbors for Fairness, a Coalition of Local Residents, Taxpayers, 
and Mater Dolorosa Passionist Retreat Center; Committee major funding from 
New Urban West 
Measure HR permanently changes 
local rules to impact Sierra Madre's 
community character. 
Our Mayor and City Council unanimously agree: 
Measure HR is wrong for Sierra Madre. 
• Makes the 100-year old Monastery non-compliant 
on its own property 
• Allows 68 mansions to be built at the Monastery Site 
• Circumvents Sierra Madre's existing checks and balances 
• Sets a dangerous precedent that jeopardizes private 
property owners rights 
Out of character for Sierra Madre 
Is this what we want? 
Vote NO on Measure HR 
Read the City Council's complete argument against Measure HR→
Source: Ballot argument and rebuttal in opposition to Measure HR, 
Sierra Madre City Council, Aug 18, 2022
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