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Mountain View News Saturday, September 17, 2022 7ALTADENA - SOUTH PASADENA SAN MARINO 
Mountain View News Saturday, September 17, 2022 7ALTADENA - SOUTH PASADENA SAN MARINO 
San Marino Upcoming Portantino Given 2022 Senate NASA’s Rover InvestigatesEvents & Programming Legislative Champion Award Geology Rich Mars Terrain 

Joyful Living Happy Life The senator was NASA’s Perseverance rover as nitrogen, phosphorus, and 
Sunday, September 18 is well into its second science sulfur. While there are chemical 

honored for his 

from 2:00 – 4:30 PM, Barth campaign, collecting rock-core processes that produce these 
Community Room dedication to mental samples from features within molecules that don’t require 
This workshop gives you health policies an area long considered by life, some of these compounds 
scientists to be a top prospect are the chemical building 

tools to face challenges in the 

workplace, social life, and Senator Anthony Portantino for finding signs of ancient blocks of life. The presence 
microbial life on Mars. The of these specific molecules is family life. Join the Unified this week received the 2022 

rover has collected four considered to be a potential 

Charity Foundation as they Barth Community Room Senate Legislative Champion 

samples from an ancient river biosignature – a substance or talk about the customs and Lacy Park Closure for Award from the California delta in the Red Planet’s Jezero structure that could be evidence 
traditions in a new land SMUSD Cross Country Alliance of Child and Crater since July 7, bringing of past life but may also have 
and how to remove cultural Meets Family Services during their the total count of scientifically been produced without the 
obstacles to prosperity. Thursday, September 22 at 1 Homecoming Conference. compelling rock samples to 12. presence of life. 
Registration is not required. PM to end of day The Senator was honored “We picked the Jezero Crater In 2013, NASA’s Curiosity 
Brain Aerobics & Lip Parks & Public Works for championing policies for Perseverance to explore Mars rover found evidence of 
that promote the social, because we thought it had organic matter in rock-powder 

Reading Street Rehabilitation which currently offer one 

Monday, September 19, emotional, and behavioral the best chance of providing samples, and Perseverance has 

Project or more courses in health 

scientifically excellent samples detected organics in Jezero 

and Tuesday, September 20 Earlier this week, All wellbeing of children and 

education to middle or high – and now we know we sent the Crater before. But unlike from 9:30 – 11:30 AM, Barth American Asphalt, the families. school students, to include rover to the right location,” said that previous discovery, this Community Room contractor for the City’s “I am proud to advocate mental health content Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s latest detection was made in 

 This popular class led by Annual Street Rehabilitation for comprehensive mental in those courses. It also associate administrator for an area where, in the distant 
Francine Katz (MA, SLP, & Project, began the concrete health policies that benefit requires that the California science in Washington. “These past, sediment and salts were 

CCC) concentrates on lip and curb and gutter removal our children and families Department of Education first two science campaigns deposited into a lake under 
reading and memory. She portion of their project and I am very humbled to develop a plan to expand have yielded an amazing conditions in which life could 
provides seniors a fun way to south of Huntington receive this honor,” stated mental health instruction diversity of samples to bring potentially have existed. In 
Senator Portantino. “I am back to Earth by the Mars its analysis of Wildcat Ridge, 

fight the common problems Drive. Residents on these in California public schools 

also privileged to work Sample Return campaign.” the SHERLOC instrument 

of diminished hearing and impacted streets received on or before January 1, 2024. 

memory as people age. alongside many advocacy Twenty-eight miles (45 registered the most abundant 

notices ahead of time from 

SB 14 requires the California kilometers) wide, Jezero Crater organic detections on the 

Registration is not required, organizations dedicated to 

All American Asphalt, with Department of Education to hosts a delta – an ancient fan-mission to date. but plan to attend regularly. additional details about the improving mental health recommend best practices shaped feature that formed “In the distant past, the 
Family Storytime timeline for work on their outcomes for those in need. and identify training about 3.5 billion years ago at sand, mud, and salts that now 
Tuesday, September 20 at street and what the project’s Together we will continue to programs to address youth the convergence of a Martian make up the Wildcat Ridge 

10:30 AM, Children’s Area impact to the neighborhood push forward policies that behavioral health, including river and a lake. Perseverance sample were deposited under 
Storytime features activities will be. Working hours for are critical to ensuring the but not limited to, staff and is currently investigating the conditions where life could 
ages and long-term and delta’s sedimentary rocks, potentially have thrived,” said 

for children 5 the project are 7 AM to 5 PM wellbeing pupil training. Additionally, 

academic success of our formed when particles of Farley. “The fact the organic 

under that will promote Monday through Friday. The the bill ensures that youth 

various sizes settled in the once-matter was found in such a 

early literacy and lifelong City appreciates resident kids.” absences from school for 

watery environment. During sedimentary rock – known 

 Senator Portantino has a 

learning through songs, cooperation, as the street mental health issues will its first science campaign, the for preserving fossils of 

movement, fingerplays, strong record of advocating 

rehabilitation program be treated as an excused rover explored the crater’s floor, ancient life here on Earth – is 

and books. Storytime is for mental health policies 

helps improve the City’s absence in the same way finding igneous rock, which important. However, as capable 
also an opportunity for infrastructure and resident and has been dedicated to any other health issues are forms deep underground from as our instruments aboard 
caregivers to learn ways they safety. improving youth mental treated. This year, Senator magma or during volcanic Perseverance are, further 
can incorporate learning Sand Bags Available to health outcomes during Portantino authored SB activity at the surface. conclusions regarding what 
activities into everyday Residents his time in public office. 1302 to establish or improve “The delta, with its diverse is contained in the Wildcat 
routines. Storytime occurs The Parks and Public The Senator previously wellness and mental sedimentary rocks, contrasts Ridge sample will have to wait 
weekly on Tuesdays through Works Department is authored SB 972, which health support centers on beautifully with the igneous until it’s returned to Earth for 

required schools to print the rocks – formed from in-depth study as part of the 

October 4. Registration providing residents a campuses, which is on 

crystallization of magma – agency’s Mars Sample Return 

is required. Please self-fill suicide hotline on student the campaign. 

not sandbag location, Governor’s desk for discovered on the crater floor,” ” 

identification cards. He 

watch our social media for given the recent stormy signature. said Perseverance project The first step in the NASA-

cancellations. dedicated three years to 

weather and approaching “The California Alliance of scientist Ken Farley of Caltech ESA (European Space Agency) 

San Marino Center pass SB 328, a policy which 

rainy season. Sand and Child and Family Services is in Pasadena, California. “This Mars Sample Return campaign 
Groundbreaking bags will be available at pushes back start times for honored to award Senator juxtaposition provides us began when Perseverance 
Ceremony the Stoneman parking lot middle and high schools. Anthony Portantino with with a rich understanding of cored its first rock sample in 
Join us at 9 AM on (1560 Pasqualito Drive), and Scientific data and research the 2022 California Alliance the geologic history after the September 2021. Along with 
for the residents are welcome to fill show that later school start crater formed and a diverse its rock-core samples, the rover 

September 29 Youth Legislative Champion 

sample suite. For example, we has collected one atmospheric 

Groundbreaking Ceremony up to six bags to help protect times lead to improved Award for the California 

mental health for kids, with found a sandstone that carries sample and two witness tubes, 

of the San Marino Center! their home from potential Senate,” said Christine 

grains and rock fragments all of which are stored in the 

DID YOU KNOW? flooding. A limited supply reductions in instances of Stoner-Mertz, CEO of 

created far from Jezero Crater rover’s belly. There are over 32 different of additional bags can be anxiety, depression, and the Alliance. “Senator – and a mudstone that includes The geologic diversity of the 

suicidal ideation. For his past 

types of bird species and picked up by appointment Portantino has focused so intriguing organic compounds.” samples already carried in the 
butterflies living in and at City Hall. Please contact work, Senator Portantino much of his career in the “Wildcat Ridge” is the name rover is so good that the rover 
migrating through Lacy the Parks and Public Works received the Children’s Hero Senate on improving the given to a rock about 3 feet (1 team is looking into depositing 
Park annually! Department at 626-300-Award from the California lives of children, youth, and meter) wide that likely formed select tubes near the base of 
Join us on Saturday, 0765 or publicworks@ Academy of Child and billions of years ago as mud the delta in about two months. 

families across the state. His 

September 24 at 8:15 AM for with Adolescent Psychiatry and and fine sand settled in an After depositing the cache, the 

tireless advocacy and work 

our Audubon Society Nature any questions. has been recognized by on SB 224 to bring mental evaporating saltwater lake. On rover will continue its delta 
Walk featuring Pasadena Election Update Family Services Agency in health to July 20, the rover abraded some explorations. 

education our 

of the surface of Wildcat Ridge “I’ve studied Martian 

Audubon Board Member The City was notified this Burbank and Sycamores young people was pivotal. 

so it could analyze the area with habitability and geology for 

in Pasadena. Last year, 

and professional bird guide week that City Council We hope that his dedication the instrument called Scanning much of my career and know 

the California Council of 

Luke Tiller! You’ll get to Candidate, Diana Milikie will inspire others to join Habitable Environments with first-hand the incredible 

Community Behavioral 

explore Lacy Park and have Nixon, has formally him in this critical work.” Raman & Luminescence for scientific value of returning a 
all your questions about requested to withdraw Health Agencies (CBHA) The California Alliance of Organics & Chemicals, or carefully collected set of Mars 
birds and birding answered. from the election. Due to honored the Senator Child and Family Services SHERLOC. rocks to Earth,” said Laurie 
Public Safety CommissionMeetings 
withdraw names, her name 
the County deadline to 
as a Behavioral Health 
the samples feature a class of 
SHERLOC’s analysis indicates 
Leshin, director of NASALaboratory. “That 
’s Jet 

promotes the health, 
well-being and safety of 

organic molecules that are we are weeks from deploying 

Monday, September 19 at will still appear on the ballot Senator Portantino is children, youth and families 

spatially correlated with those Perseverance’s fascinating 

6 PM; Teleconference and but Ms. Nixon has requested the author of multiple in California and serves 

Barth Community Room this be bills aimed at improving of sulfate minerals. Sulfate samples and mere years from announcement as a collective voice for minerals found in layers of bringing them to Earth so 

Design Review Committee mental health outcomes 

made public. You can view organizations that serve sedimentary rock can yield scientists can study them 

for youth. SB 224 requires 

Wednesday, September 21 her withdrawal email at: children, youth and families. significant information about in exquisite detail is truly 

local educational agencies, 

at 6 PM; Teleconference and the aqueous environments in phenomenal. We will learn so 
which they formed. much.”

Sept. Library 

What Is Organic Matter? JPL, which is managed for 
Organic molecules consist of NASA by Caltech, built and 

Card Sign-

a wide variety of compounds manages operations of the 
made primarily of carbon and Perseverance rover 

Up Month 

usually include hydrogen and For more about Perseverance 
oxygen atoms. They can also visit: 

September is Library Card contain other elements, such 
Sign-up Month, when librariesnationwide join the AmericanLibrary Association (ALA) to or as an ally. Oct. 11, 2022, 

remind parents, caregivers, Celebrate marks the 34th anniversary 
students, and community of National Coming Out Day. 
members that signing up for a National Thirty-four years ago, on the 

library card is the first step on 

anniversary of the National 

the path to lifelong learning. 

Coming March on Washington for

 To celebrate National Library 

Lesbian and Gay Rights, 

Card Sign-up Month this year, the 

Out Day National Coming Out 

Pasadena Public Library is givingaway a set of limited edition Day was first observed as 
library post cards. Each set has Join the Pasadena Library as a reminder that one of our 
a post card dedicated to one of they commemorate the city’s most basic tools is the power 
our locations with a beautiful efforts to celebrate and foster of coming out. 
Art Deco style illustration on an inclusive community One out of every two 

one side and writing space on 

and mark the anniversary of Americans has someone 

the other. Each branch has 25 

National Coming Out Day close to them who is gay 

sets that will be given to the first 

October 11. or lesbian. For transgender 

25 people to sign-up for a card at

 During the annual event people, that number is only 

their locations. Along with this,

new card members can go home there will be music, resource one in 10. 
with a Libraries are Limitless tables, crafts, speakers, free Coming out - whether it 
bookmark (while supplies last) HIV testing, and giveaways is as lesbian, gay, bisexual, 
to accompany their new card for all ages. Presented by transgender, queer or asexual 
and any items they check out the Pasadena Public Health - STILL MATTERS. When 
that day. Department, Pasadena people know someone who

 The Pasadena Public Library 

Public Library, and Pasadena is LGBTQ, they are far more 

is an information center for the 

Parks, Recreation and likely to support equality 

Pasadena community in order to 

Community Services. under the law. Beyond that, 

preserve and encourage the free

 National Coming Out our stories can be powerful 

expression of ideas essential to

an informed citizenry. A variety Day, celebrates coming out to each other. 
of highly vetted programs are as lesbian, gay, bisexual, For more information visit: 
presented for children and adults transgender, queer (LGBTQ) 
and they represent the researchand opinions of the presenter anddo not reflect an endorsement 
by the City of Pasadena nor thePasadena Public Library.

 To sign up for a library card orto learn more about the library’sresources and programs, visit: or 
call (626) 744-4066. 

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