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Mountain View News Saturday, September 10, 20228 Mountain View News Saturday, September 10, 20228 
Peter Dills Knows 

The holidays they are in the rear view mirror but it seems like January 
is full of birthdays and other celebrations. When its my birthday 
or Father’s Day and I’m with family I still pick up the bill, seems like 
it’s a Dills’ tradition. The other night my friend Manny Almeida had 
a birthday and I almost had to wrestle the bill away from him. 

This week’s adventure is something that we can all relate to, going 
out with friends and family- the dreaded bill! Dining out is certainly 
one of the delights of life. Disagreeing over how to split a check can 
be frustrating and downright awkward. It has happened to me just 
recently. We were all done with the meal when a tablemate mentioned 
he was picking up the tab of someone else’s portion of the bill because 
they treated last time. Ok, that’s fine but what happened next 
was, ‘Thanks, I am glad you remembered. Let me order after-dinner 
drinks on us. On us?’ Sure enough I was stuck with the portion of 
the additional bottle of wine. Did I mention it was $130? What to do? 

Here are a few suggestions that I have learned might lessen the 

1. Be up front: “I love that restaurant, but this is my budget.” 
2. While waiters may cringe, tell the server from the beginning that you want a separate bill 
3. Keep track of what you order.
4. Traditionally the person who made the invite paid for the bill. We all know that is long gone, though 
my feeling is that the person who made the invite can and should be in charge of the accounting. We 
know that some of us are more generous than others. If you are the one ordering, you might offer to pay 
for the entire tip once the bill is evenly split.
All in all, it usually evens out in the end. If it’s a few dollars here and there don’t worry about it. If the 
high roller keeps ordering the Patrón shots, tell him ‘thanks for the shots. I’ll have a bottle waiting for 
you at my house for the next party. If you aren’t invited to the next dinner party, it might be for the 
Dining with Dills Radio on AM 830 
Great News: The Front Runner at the Santa Anita Race Track has brought the very popular Crab Cakes 
and the original recipe!! Check it out 

ALL THINGS By Jeff Brown 

There is a presence, a silence, a stillness which is here by itself.
There is no doer of it, no creator of this stillness. It is simply here in you, with you. It is the 
fragrance of your own self. There is nothing to do about this, it is naturally present. This 
fragrance of peace, this spaciousness, it is the fragrance of your own being.

Thoughts in your head are really no different than the sound of a bird outside. It is just that 
you decide that they are more or less relevant.They disappear if not given attention like wisps 
of smoke. Adyashanti 

Your Self, Aware Presence, knows no resistance to any appearance and, as such, is happiness 
itself; like the empty space of a room it cannot be disturbed and is, therefore, peace itself; like 
this page, it is intimately one with whatever appears on it and is thus love itself; and like water 
that is not affected by the shape of a wave, it is pure freedom. Causeless joy, imperturbable 
peace, love that knows no opposite and freedom at the heart of all experience....this is your 
ever-present nature under all circumstances. Rupert Spira 


Happy New Year! Time to get 
a dog? Lookin’ for a couple of 
cuties? Meet TINO & TINA, 
very young adults. They're 
dog and human friendly, and 
playful. Would probably be 
great for a family with children. They still need to learn a few things, which their 
foster is working on. They’ll come spayed & neutered, etc. 

Learn more about them on our Pooch Place web-site page:
pooch-place.html. Start off a grr-eat year with a new pet! We have beautiful cats and 
kittens, too. 

Pet of the Week

 Delta is extremely intelligent and very playful! This fiveyear-
old dog loves to play fetch (and knows “drop it”),
knows how to sit on command, and even waits for his 
food. He’s very gentle and polite and is a big fan of bellyrubs. Delta is housebroken and gets along with otherdogs. Delta would be a great companion for someonewith an active lifestyle!

 The adoption fee for dogs is $150. All dog adoptionsinclude spay or neuter, microchip, and age-appropriatevaccines.

 New adopters will receive a complimentary 
health-and-wellness exam from VCA Animal 
Hospitals, as well as a goody bag filled with 
information about how to care for your pet.

 View photos of adoptable pets and schedule 
an adoption appointment at pasadenahumane.
org. Adoptions are by appointment only, and newadoption appointments are available every Sunday and Wednesday at 10:00 a.m.

Pets may not be available for adoption and cannot be held for potential adopters byphone calls or email. 

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