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There are many myths about Assisted 
Living being like Nursing Homes. This 
is not true at all. Nursing facilities are for 
those with chronic health issues who require 
care around the clock from medical 

In Assisted Living, one will get the support 
as needed, such as getting help with 
showering, grooming, and dressing. 
Again, these services are based on the 
seniors needs. 

There are many reasons in working with 
us. At Safe Path for Seniors, we will assess the senior and depending on their care needs and budget, make 
recommendations. For example, we may suggest that the right fit is a Board and Care Home (normally a 
6-bedroom house) as opposed to an Assisted Living Community or a Memory Support Facility. You will 
work with an experienced agent who 
knows the industry well and will give you recommendations. The good news is that there is no cost for this 

If you have any questions about placing a loved one, visit or call Steve at 


Dear Savvy Senior:
Can you recommend some 
good reacher-grabber tools 
for seniors with back or hip 
problems who need help picking 
things up off the ground? 
I bought a cheap one a few 
months ago that doesn’t work 
very well but would like to find 
one that does. Bad Back Betty 

Dear Betty: 

A good “reacher-grabber” is 
a very practical and popular 
tool for anyone who struggles 
with injuries, arthritis or loss 
of mobility. It works like an 
extension of your arm allowing 
you to reach down and 
pick things up off the ground 
without bending or stooping 
over. It can also help with 
reaching and grabbing thingsin high overhead places, as 
well as areas that are difficult 
to get to. 

But with so many different 
types of reacher-grabbers on 
the market today, finding a 
good one that works well for 
you is not always easy. Depending 
on your needs, here 
are some top-rated products to 

All-purpose: For retrieving 
small and medium-sized 
items, the “Ettore Grip’n 
Grab,” is a top option that 
can handle most chores. This 
34-inch-long tool has a soft 
comfortable trigger handgrip 
and a rubberized jaw that’s 
strong enough to lift objects 

you are looking to create your last 
will and testament online, you’ll 
find dozens of websites that let you 
prepare a variety of estate planning 
documents for very little money, or 
even for free. With so many do-ityourself 
online document services 
out there, you might believe you 
can create your will online, all on 
your own, without paying a lawyer 
to help. 
And in some cases, you can. 
But if you do, you need to understand 
how these services may 
backfire on you and your family. 
Online estate planning can be a 
catastrophe for those who aren’t 
aware of the risks. And as you’ll 
see, creating your will online without 
a lawyer’s guidance can even be 
worse for your family than if you’d 
done nothing at all.
However, if you are determined to 
create your own will online, first 
ask yourself the following 3 questions. 
After considering these 3 
questions, if you determine you 
can create your own will online, 
you should seriously consider having 
an experienced estate planning 
lawyer review it for you once you 
complete the document to be certain 
you’ve properly covered everything 
and everyone you care about. 

1 - Will your online will keep your 
family out of court?
When considering creating your 
own will online, the first question 
you need to ask yourself is: “Should 
I become incapacitated or when 
I die, do I want to keep my family 
out of court?” If your answer is 
“Yes, I 100% want to keep my family 
out of court,” then creating your 
own will online may not be the best 
While a will is a necessary element 
of most estate plans, it’s typically 
just one small part of an integrated 
plan. And a will by itself won’t keep 
your family out of court. For assets 
covered by your will to be transferred 
to your beneficiaries, your 
will must first pass through the 
court process known as probate. 

During probate, the court oversees 
the administration of your estate 
and assets, ensuring your assets 
are distributed according to your 
wishes, while ensuring any creditors 
of your estate are paid, and 

up to 5 pounds 
and up to 4 
inches wide, yet 
sensitive enoughto pick up something 
as small as 
a dime. The jaw 
also rotates and locks at 90 degrees 
for vertical or horizontal 
use to help you reach things in 
awkward spaces. 

Lightweight: If you want a 
reacher primarily for retrieving 
small lightweight items 
around the house, the “RMS 
Featherweight the Original 
Reacher” is a top pick. Available 
in 32 and 26-inch lengths, 
it’s made from ultra-lightweight 
aluminum and has a 
trigger-style handgrip with a 
serrated jaw that provides a secure 
grip when lifting objects. 

It also has a magnet built into 
the tip for picking up lightweight 
metal objects like a 
paperclip, and a small hook 
(or horn) that aids in retrieving 
things like clothes, shoes 
or keys. It even has a built-in 
clip on the arm so you can attach 
it to canes, walkers and 
wheelchairs. But, because of 
its super-lightweight design,
it doesn’t work well at retrieving 
heaver items like canned 
goods from shelves. 

Foldable: For easier storage, 
the top selling folding grabber 
is the “Zayad Reacher Grabber 
Tool,” which is 32-inches 
long and has a slip-joint in 
the arm that allows it to easily 


 By Marc Garlett 



fold in half. It also has a soft 
ergonomic grip with a rubberized, 
rotating jaw that can lift 
objects up to three pounds and 
up to 4 inches wide. 

Heavy-duty: For heaver-lifting 
jobs or for outdoor use, the 
“Unger Nifty Nabber” is a top 
choice. Available in 36 and 48inch 
lengths, this sturdy tool 
has a rubber-coated heavy-
duty claw that grips small, 
large, and odd-shaped items 
with ease. It also has a built-in 
magnet for picking up small 
metal objects, an ergonomic 
squeeze-grip handle and can 
lift 8 pounds. 

Where to Buy

You can buy reacher-grabbers 
at many pharmacies, retail, 
medical equipment and home 
improvement stores. But, because 
it’s a specialty item, the 
selection is very limited. Your 
best bet is to buy one online at, which sells all 
of the top reacher-grabbers at 
prices ranging from around 
$10 to $20. Just type the product 
name in the search bar to 
find it. 

Send your senior questions to: Savvy 
Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 
73070, or visit Jim 
Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today 
show and author of “The Savvy 
Senior” book. 

managing any disputes that arise. 
Probate is lengthy, expensive, and 
open to the public, so you’ll want 
to have more than a will in place if 
you have any assets that would go 
through court in the event of your 
incapacity or death.
To avoid probate and keep your assets 
out of court, your will needs to 
be combined with other planning 
documents and important conversations 
as well. These documents 
include a properly drafted and 
funded trust, up-to-date and effective 
beneficiary designations, and 
you’ll also need to have conversations 
with family to ensure they 
won’t end up in conflict due to a 
lack of preparation.
Beneficiary designations and trust 
planning can be complex, and if 
you have assets that would otherwise 
pass through the probate 
court process, it may be difficult 
to ensure you are making all the 
right choices for your loved ones 
and your assets using an online 
document service. Therefore, I 
recommend that you begin your 
estate planning by consulting an 
attorney. During your consultation, 
the lawyer should help you 
look at your family dynamics and 
your assets, and then assess what 
would happen to everything you 
have and everyone you love, if and 
when something happens to you. 
Together, you can then determine 
the right plan for you and the people 
you love to help keep them out 
of court when something happens 
to you. 

2 -Is your online will’s execution 
legally valid?
If you do not have assets that would 
go through the court process, and 
you want to create an online will 
simply to name someone as your 
executor in the event of your death, 
you’ll want to make sure your on-
line will is legally valid. 
Each state has specific laws stipulating 
how a will must be documented 
and signed to be legally 
binding. If you fail to execute your 
will in accordance with these laws, 
the court can deem your will legally 
If the court 
deems your will 
invalid, it’s as if 
the document 
never existed. 
In that case, the 
court would 
name the person 

it considers best to handle your estate, 
and your assets would be distributed 
according to state intestacy 
laws, which may not necessarily 
match your wishes. 
If you want to ensure your online 
will is legally valid, you must sign it 
properly, and have the right number 
and type of witnesses. 

3 - Does your online will properly 
name an executor? 
If you are going to create your own 
online will, the last question to 
consider is whether the will properly 
names an executor, along with 
back-ups, and that it ensures those 
you name will be appointed by the 
court in the event of your death.
An executor, also called a “personal 
representative,” is the person 
responsible for carrying out 
the instructions in your will. 
Your executor is typically named 
in your will and appointed by the 
court to locate and manage your 
assets, pay any outstanding debts 
and taxes you owe, and distribute 
your remaining assets to your 
If you don’t name an executor in 
your will, or the person you choose 
is determined to be unfit, the court 
will appoint an executor for you. 
As an example of how things can 
go wrong here, one common situation 
in which a named executor can 
be determined to be unfit is if your 
will does not waive the requirement 
for the executor to obtain a 
bond, and your named executor 
cannot qualify for a bond. This is 
a frequent mistake made by those 
who create their own will online. 

The Professional Support You 
As you can see, creating your will 
online without a lawyer’s help is 
a bit of a gamble, and if you get it 
wrong, it can cost your family a 
lot more than money. Rather than 
relying on a one-size-fits-all document 
service, meet with a trusted 
attorney to help get a proactive, 
customized, and effective plan in 
place during 2023. Your loved ones 
will reap the benefits.
To your health, wealth, and family 


Marc Garlett, Esq.
Cali Law Family 



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1st & 3rd Wednesdays 11:00 am— 12:30 pm Hart Park House 

The object of the game is for a player to play all the tiles from their hand onto one or 
more trains, emanating from a central hub or “station”. Call Lawren with questions that 
you may have. 


Tuesday, 1/11 & 1/25 9:00 am Hart Park House 

Staff has launched a new book club series, Tea and Talk, which meets twice a month 
to discuss the fun, suspense, intrigue, love and so much more that each selection will 
have in store! 


Tuesday, 1/17 10:00 am Hart Park House 

If you enjoy knitting, crocheting, embroidery, needlepoint, bunka, huck, tatting or 
cross stitch then we have a group for you! Bring your current project, sit and chat 
with like-minded fiber friends. 


Every Friday 10-10:45 am 

Bring a lei, your flower skirt or just your desire to dance! Hula in the Park is back 
and waiting for you to join in on all the fun! Memorial Park Pavilion. 


Every Monday and Wednesday 10-10:45 am 

Please join us for some gentle stretching, yoga, balance exercise and overall relaxation 
with Paul. Classes are ongoing and held in the Memorial Park Covered Pavilion 
or the Hart Park House. 


Thursday, 1/19 Hart Park House 1:00 pm-2:00 pm

Please join in a fun and lively game of BINGO. Several rounds fun will be had with 
prizes for each rounds winner. 


A Weekly Religion Column by Rev. James Snyder 


Our family's Christmas this year was the best one yet. But, of course, 

The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage says that every year. I completely 
agree with her this year. 

Our great-granddaughter served as the focal point of our Christmas this year. She assumed 
that position because she was born two weeks before Christmas. What a gift. 

This is our second great-grandchild. The first one is in Ohio, and we don't get to see 
him very often. But this new great-granddaughter is only seven minutes from our 
house. I was to realize what a difference that would be. 

My granddaughter's mother and grandmother are now there to support this precious 
little great-granddaughter. 

The time our granddaughter’s mother can spend with her granddaughter is limited 
because of her work schedule. 

The great-grandmother, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage, is free to visit the 
great-granddaughter whenever she pleases. Her “free” does have a cost, and I would 
soon find out that cost. 

Every time we visit, I have to pull the great-grandmother away. I'm not entirely sure 
how this great-granddaughter will affect her when she's a few months old and then a 
few years old because she's only a few weeks old now. So I need to get ready for that. 

The previous week was an interesting one. The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage 
came to my office on Monday morning as I was working and said, "I'm going to visit 
my great-granddaughter, and I prepared lunch in the refrigerator for you in case I 
don't get back in time." She sped off and drove to the great-granddaughter's house 
without waiting for any response from me. 

It was a relatively quiet morning. I stopped to check the time and realized it was time 
to eat. When I entered the kitchen, it was completely dark and quiet. I then recalled 
her mentioning going to the great-granddaughter's house. 

My lunch was in the refrigerator, just as she had predicted. So I took the lunch plate 
out of the fridge and sat in my chair to eat my meal. I then returned to the kitchen 
with my empty plate and entered my office to continue working on my day's project. 

Because I had not heard any sounds coming from the other rooms of the house. I 
decided to check on the infamous great-grandmother. She wasn't anywhere in sight. 

I hoped she didn't have an accident because I didn’t know where she could be. That 
started to worry me. She's never been known to leave the house for an extended period 
without sending me a text or making a phone call. Did she have a problem of some 

I was ready to text her on my cell phone when I heard her pull into the driveway. 
Then, as she entered the door, she said, "I forgot what time it was. I was having so 
much fun…." Then she began story after story of time with her great-granddaughter 
that day. 

When I woke up the following morning, her side of the bed was vacant. I assumed she 
awoke early to prepare breakfast. There was no one in the kitchen when I went there. 

Looking around, I noticed a note on the refrigerator, "My great-granddaughter needed 
me this morning, so I dropped everything to go and help her. Make your own 

Making a meal was simple because I'm not much of a breakfast hound dog. So the coffee 
was the main component of my breakfast, and there was plenty of it. 

When I stopped midway through the morning while working in my office, I heard 
no noise coming from the other parts of the house. Unless there was an emergency 
involving the great-granddaughter, I assumed my wife should have returned home by 
this point. 

I started to worry about the welfare of that tiny infant. Why would The Gracious Mistress 
of the Parsonage be so preoccupied with her if nothing was wrong? 

When lunchtime arrived, I made my lunch. There's nothing better than a peanut butter 
and jelly sandwich for lunch and a hot cup of coffee. So I returned to my desk after 
lunch to pick up on my work. 

I paused and listened for a while after lunch, but there was only silence. I was starting 
to worry a little bit. Was the great-granddaughter ill, or did the great-grandmother get 
into some accident returning home? 

Where is The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage? 

Then I heard her drive into the driveway, exit the car, and enter the house. Then, I 
asked, "Is the great-granddaughter having any problems?" 

"Oh, the great-granddaughter is doing great," she said, beaming one of those smiles in 
my direction. "I spent the entire day with her and had a great time." 

She then began a series of stories about herself and her great-granddaughter, giggling 
while she told me various details about that young baby. 

After a few weeks, whenever I ask myself, "Where is The Gracious Mistress of the 
Parsonage?" I only have to think about that great-granddaughter. That's where she is. 

I believe Solomon in the Old Testament had it right when he said, “Children's children 
are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.” (Proverbs 17:6). 

Children are truly a blessing from God. But grandchildren and great-grandchildren 
are beyond blessing. It is God’s reward He gives to those faithful parents. 

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