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Mountain View News Saturday, October 14, 2023 

Fire Services 

Club Haus Local Artists 
Pop Up Event Kicks Off 

Pasadena Fire prides itself 
on providing fire protection 
and Advanced Life Support 
services, including 
Paramedic ambulance 
transport services, to all 
community members. 
City staff said they want to 
ensure that our community 
is aware of all of their 
policies and procedures 
with these services:

- When the City of Pasadena 
through Pasadena Fire, 
or another agency, 
transports an individual 
in an ambulance, there is 
a cost associated with that 
service. That cost would 
exist regardless of whether 
the city provides its own 
ambulance transport or 
contracts with a private 
ambulance company for 
this service. Any costs billed 
to a resident are designed 
to cover the actual costs 
associated with the service 
provided; as a government 
agency, Pasadena Fire does 
not—and cannot—make 
any profit on these services.

- The City of Pasadena 
accepts all forms of 
insurance. If you have 
questions about your 
individual coverage 
or limits, contact your 
insurance company 
directly. Please know that 
any disputes over billing, 
deductibles, billing process, 
and whether certain 
services are in- or out-of-
network must be handled 
with your insurance 

- When there is a 
demonstrated financial 
hardship, the City of 
Pasadena remains 
committed to collaborate 
with community members 
to evaluate all options to 
assist with payment of fees. 
This includes establishing 
smaller monthly payment 
plans in an attempt to 
prevent the collections 
process. The City also 
has a fee waiver process 
for residents who do not 
have the means to pay 
their bill. Any member 
of the community in 
the need of a financial 
hardship exception, should 
contact the Pasadena Fire 
Department EMS Division 

- In December 2022, 
Pasadena implemented the 
Paramedic Subscription 
Program. Under the 
program, residents can 
subscribe annually to 
have fees associated with 
ambulance transport not 
covered by insurance paid 
for through the subscription 
program. Residents must 
opt-in at CityOfPasadena.

Subscription-Service to 
join the program; residents 
who have not previously 
joined the program cannot 
retroactively join to cover 
prior costs. 

"We invite any members of 
the community who have 
not yet registered for this 
program to do so," staff 

 For more information 

 Club Haus, in collaboration 
with Bravo Spa and Salon in 
Pasadena, is set to hold an 
opening night reception for an 
art pop-up, featuring the works 
of five local mixed media artists, 
on Thursday, October 26.

 “I’m excited to launch Club 
Haus Art Pop Up and kick 
off a new networking event 
aimed at nurturing meaningful 
connections within the 
Pasadena community, while 
supporting local artists,” said 
Rebecca Haussling, founder of 
Club Haus. 

 Club Haus Art Pop Up will 
showcase five unique artists 
with a wide range of mediums 
including Andrea Atanay, a 
self-taught mixed media artist 
with a lifelong passion for 
artistic expression through 
abstract expressionist paintings 
and collage. Andrea will be 
showcasing a six-foot-tall 
colorful encaustic painting, 
made with pigmented wax.

 Multi-talented artist 
GERMIZM (pictured) is a self-
made talent who began with 
spray cans and graffiti art and 
transitioned to graphic design 
and screen printing. He created 
the inaugural posters for the 
Coachella Music Festival, as 
well as for musical acts such 
as Boy George’s Culture Club, 
Stan Ridgeway and DJ Paul 
Oakenfold. GERMIZM will 
feature several medium-sized, 
mixed media pieces and limited-
edition prints.

 Kimberly Adamis Fongheiser 
is a multidisciplinary artist and 
photographer. She can be found 
either in her home art studio, 
or creating art portraiture 
and capturing live moments 
through photography. Kimberly 
has toured with Ann Wilson 
from Heart, and in 2019 she 
photographed Heart’s “Love 
Alive” tour. Kimberly’s work has 
been exhibited in Los Angeles, 
Rome, Venice, London and 
now, in Pasadena. Kimberly will 
feature two large mixed media 
works and limited-edition 
Sharpie prints.

 NERV Skyhigh found his 
escape through art as a kid, and 
later with graffiti. NERV spent 
the last 20 years in the music 
business collaborating with 
major brands like Nike, MTV, 
Paramount Pictures, PUMA, 
Krylon and more. His artwork 
has been featured in prestigious 
venues like Christie’s Auction 
House in Beverly Hills and the 
Museum of Contemporary 
Art in downtown Los Angeles. 
NERV will display a large, 
single, mixed media piece 
featuring singer, songwriter, and 
multi-platinum artist, Prince.

 Rounding out the five artists 
is multi-disciplinary artist 
Sya Warfield. Sya’s artwork 
expresses feelings of optimism 
and radiates empowerment. 
Sya’s work is filled with vibrant 
colors and effervescent imagery. 
In 2022, Sya was selected to 
create artwork for a Visa kiosk 
for the Super Bowl Experience 
held at the Los Angeles 
Convention Center. She will be 
featuring several of her mixed 
media works.

 The Art Pop Up will be held 
from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Bravo 
Spa and Salon is located at 455 
South Lake Ave. To RSVP email:

Doo Dah Parade Crowns its Queen

 The Pasadena Doo Dah Parade 
found its Queen, Natalie Flores, 
and a new King/Queen, Robby 
Ravenwood, as they wowed 
the judges Sunday night during 
tryouts. Flores performed a 
rendition of “Colors of the Wind” 
from the film Pocahontas and 
was then joined by her mother 
Minerva, a retired professional 
singer, regaling the crowd with 
“Viva Mexicó.”

 “Queen Natalie is living proof 
that you can have fun, spread 
joy, and love your community. 
Everything about her expresses 
the spirit of the Pasadena Doo 
Dah Parade. We couldn’t be 
happier,” said Tom Coston, board 
chair of Light Bringer Project, 
and producers of Pasadena Doo 
Dah Parade.

 In a tribute to her Arizona 
and Mexican roots, Natalie 
“Mama Sunshine” donned a 
southwestern-style vaquero 
cowboy hat trimmed with a 
beaded band while her tie dye 
leggings were a public admission 
that, yes, she is a devoted Dead 
Head, and her Monarch butterfly 
wings represented her 15 years as 
an urban farmer and community 
coordinator. Her motto is “fly 
high, soar, and don’t be afraid of 
collaboration and being creative. 
We have to tread lightly and love 
each other.”

 Ravenwood, a well know local 
ukulele/comedian, sung an 
original tune he wrote about 
Doo Dah.

 As Flores accepted her crown, 
she led the crowd in a round 
from the John Lennon classic 

 “You may say I’m a dreamer, 
but I’m not the only one. I hope 
someday you’ll join us, and the 
world will live as one.”

 Ravenwood, during questions 
and answers from the judges said 
he felt at home with the Doo Dah 
crowd, “these are my people,” he 
said then joked “is anybody in 
here a Republican?”

 Ravenwood is known for his 
outspoken liberal views. 

 Light Bringer Project Managing 
Director Patricia Hurley said this 
is the first year for a King/Queen. 
Ravenwood will have a banner 
announcing his dignifiecation in 
the parade. 

 This year’s elaborate crown 
was hand created by Doo 
Dah Preservation co-founder 
Veronica Andrade and presented 
by Anne Nowlin representing the 
2021 Doo Dah Queen Altadena 
Twirlers. Live music by MAA 
closed out the day’s lively events.

 Natalie Flores founded the 
nonprofit Nourish LA, which 
works to fight hunger, prevent 
food waste, and cultivate 
community. “My ambition is 
to put so much pressure on all 
food suppliers to not let any bit 
of food go to waste. Food should 
not be wasted. People should not 
go hungry.”

 Nourish LA connects with local 
bakers, restaurants, community 
gardens, farms, and grocery 
stores, picking up their cast 
offs, then helping to feed over 
1,000 people every weekend. 
Nourish LA also offers seedling 
give-aways, teaches community 
gardening, and organizes 
clothing drives. This November 
it will hold its inaugural “harvest” 

 Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah 
Parade celebrates 44 years of 
irreverent frolicking, returning 
to its original route in Old 
Pasadena on Sunday, November 

 For more information visit:

Photo: Queen Flores (middle), 
King/Queen Ravenwood (left), 
by D.Lee/MVNews

City's New 

 The City of Pasadena 
announced the launch of its 
brand-new and innovative 
year-round Aquatics 
Programming Wednesday, 
designed to make a splash in the 
lives of residents and visitors 
alike. With a commitment to 
promoting health, wellness, 
and community engagement, 
these programs promise 
to be a refreshing addition 
to Pasadena’s recreational 

 Dive into a world of aquatic 
adventures as we introduce a 
variety of exciting programs 
and services that cater to 
individuals of all ages and 
skill levels. Our state-of-
the art aquatics facility was 
constructed with upgrades to 
ensure a safe and enjoyable 
experience for everyone. Here 
are some highlights of what’s in 

 Learn to Swim Programs: Our 
comprehensive swim lessons 
are perfect for beginners 
and experienced swimmers 
looking to enhance their skills. 
Certified instructors will 
guide participants through a 
structured curriculum to build 
confidence and water safety 

Water Aerobics: Get in shape 
with a water aerobics workout! 
Our friendly staff make 
workouts fun and exciting. 
This is a great opportunity for 
an invigorating, toning, and 
cardio-conditioning workout.

Parent & Me Group Swim 
Lessons: This class will equip 
parents with information 
on proper holds and safe 
submersion to help them 
become confident handling 
their infants adapt to the water.

“We are excited to introduce 
these new aquatic programs 
as part of our ongoing 
commitment to enhance the 
quality of life for Pasadena 
residents,” said Koko Panossian, 
Director of Parks, Recreation 
and Community Services. “We 
invite everyone to dive in and 
make a splash with us as we 
embark on this aquatic journey 

 The regular pool hours are 
Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. 
to 7 p.m.

 For more information, please 
call (626) 744-7330 or email 
net . To sign up for a class, visit:

Pasadena Parking Strategic 
Plan Meeting set for Thursday

 Acting Director of Transportation, Joaquin Siques, announced this 
week that city staff is hosting a series of community engagement 
opportunities to the public to present the Parking Strategic Plan. 
The first Town Hall Community Meeting will be held on Thursday 
at 6: 15 p.m., at the Huntington Medical Research Institute located 
at 686 South Fair Oaks Ave. The meeting will also be available 
virtually via Zoom.

The goals of the plan are to:

1. Unify the management of the Citywide parking system.

2. Improve the parking user experience and enhance access.

3. Implement financially sustainable strategies.

4. Create an integrated parking system that is adaptable to the City’s 
ongoing needs.

 In 2020, the Department of Transportation contracted with Dixon 
Resources Unlimited to develop a Parking Strategic Plan to outline 
the steps needed to implement an effective and efficient parking 
and mobility program within the City of Pasadena. 

 After research, data compilation, and stakeholder feedback the plan 
has been completed and is available for review on the city’s website:, under the Department of Transportation.

Pasadena Transit Launches 
Onboard Customer Survey

 Acting Director of 
Transportation, Joaquin Siques, 
announced this week that 
Pasadena Transit has launched 
its onboard survey effort as part 
of its Short-Range Transit Plan 
(“SRTP”) Update. 

 Survey takers will be on 
board Pasadena Transit 
vehicles through the end of 
October to administer surveys 
asking questions about travel 
patterns, customer satisfaction, 
demographics and soliciting any 
other feedback or comments. 
The survey is also available 
online at: arcg.Is/nGXHH. 

"We encourage anyone who is 
interested in providing feedback 
on Pasadena Transit services to 
complete this survey,” he said. 

 The SRTP provides guidance 
for five years of programming 
of transit service development 
and investments that support 
the policy goals for the City’s 
public transit services. Pasadena 
provides two vital transit 
services to the community: 
Pasadena Transit and Pasadena 
Dial-A-Ride. Pasadena Transit 
is a fixed-route bus service that 
currently provides six routes 
which operate throughout 
Pasadena, including service 
to the six Metro A (“Gold”) 
Line stations. Pasadena Dial-
A-Ride is a demand-response, 
paratransit service for adults 60 
years or older and individuals 
with disabilities who live within 
the service area of Pasadena, 
San Marino, Altadena, and 
unincorporated San Gabriel.

 According to Siques, within 
the next year, the SRTP update 
process will include multiple 
opportunities to get involved 
including public meetings and 
website updates to track the 
process of the update. 

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