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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! …October Birthdays*

Janda Ferris, Darlene Traxler, Margit Johnson, Sole Krieg, Dick Anderson, 
Eva Poet, Mary Jane Baker, Dixie Coutant, Jill Franks, Cathleen Cremins, 
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and Angela Stella * To add your name to this distinguished list, please call the 
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SENIOR CLUB Every Saturday at Noon Hart Park House

Open to all seniors 50+ Fun - Games - And More! Call Mark at 626-355-3951 



Dear Savvy Senior:

Can you recommend some medical escort services that help 
seniors get home after a medical procedure? I need to have a 
colonoscopy, but my doctor’s clinic won’t schedule my appointment unless I supply them with a name and 
phone number of the person taking me home afterward. I live alone with no family nearby, and my friend 
doesn’t drive anymore. Any suggestions?

Need a Lift

Dear Need:

Good question! Finding “door-through-door” medical escort services for outpatient screenings and procedures 
that involve anesthesia can be challenging for older patients without nearby family or friends to 
rely on.

Door-through-door escorts that most clinics require is a safety measure. With a colonoscopy, for example, 
patients often receive an anesthetic, like propofol, or a narcotic such as Demerol or fentanyl, combined 
with anti-anxiety medication like Versed or Valium.

These drugs affect the brain, and they can stay in the system for four to six hours. So, what’s needed is 
someone to escort you out of the building, take you back home and see you into it.

While there’s no one simple solution to this medical escort problem, there are wide variety of local service 
providers, nonprofits and home-care companies that may be able to assist you. But what’s available to you 
will depend on where you live.

Finding Help

A good first step in making medical escort arrangements is to talk to your health care provider that’s 
doing the procedure to find out if their clinic offers transportation services or if they can refer you to a 
local medical escort service or person who can help you. If not, see if you can remain in the clinic for an 
extended period of time, until the drugs wear off, so you can safely drive yourself home or hail an Uber, 
Lyft or taxi to take you.

If these options aren’t available, here are some sources you should check into.

Area Agency on Aging (AAA): Your local AAA is one of your best resources for locating transportation 
services and should be able to refer you to medical escorts available in your community. To find your 
AAA call the Eldercare Locater 800-677-1116 or visit

Local nonprofit groups: The National Volunteer Caregiving Network ( connects about 
700 community organizations nationwide, most of which provide door-through-door transportation 
without charge.

Shepherd’s Centers of America: There are 55 affiliates in 17 states that provide support services for older 
adults – see Most offer escorts to and from medical appointments without charge.

Village to Village Network: There are around 250 local village networks across the country (see VTVNetwork.
org) that often help with medical escorts, though there’s an annual fee – usually subsidized for 
lower-income seniors – to join a village.

Home-care companies: You may also be able to hire a medical escort through a home-care agency, or you 
can find someone on your own through websites like or Note that Medicare 
doesn’t cover medical escorts, but in many states Medicaid does. If you choose this option, be sure you 
give plenty of notice before your appointment.

Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit Jim Miller is 
a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of “The Savvy Senior” book.

by Michele Silence

Michele Silence, M.A. is a 37-year certified fitness 
professional who offers semi-private/virtual fitness 
classes and a weight management support group. 
If you have questions or ideas for this column 

contact Michele at 

Visit her Facebook page at: michelesfitness.


A Weekly Religion Column by Rev. James Snyder


 You've recently started a fitness routine and 
have been doing great at staying consistent. You've 
been working on your strength and making sure to 
get enough cardio exercise. However, one thing you 
often skip is stretching after your workouts. Maybe 
you think it's not that important, or perhaps you're just 
happy to finish your workout and call it a day. Even experienced 
exercisers sometimes forget to stretch after 
a tough workout. But is stretching really that important? 

 The answer is a definite yes! Stretching might 
seem like a small part of your exercise routine, but it 
packs a big punch in terms of benefits.

 First, stretching is essential for maintaining and 
improving your flexibility. When you're more flexible, it's easier to perform exercises with the right form, 
and you'll have a greater range of motion. This means that simply adding stretching to the end of your 
workout can significantly boost your overall athletic performance.

 Stretching also plays a key role in preventing injuries. Flexible muscles are better able to handle 
sudden changes in direction, explosive movements, running, and other athletic activities. Nobody likes 
having to take time off from exercising due to injuries, muscle soreness, or stress. But adding stretching to 
your routine can help with all these issues and more. Injuries can heal faster because stretching increases 
blood flow to the muscles. Stiffness and soreness go away more quickly. Plus, a stretching routine com-
bined with mindfulness and deep breathing can reduce both mental and physical stress.

Better circulation is another important perk of stretching. Good overall fitness and improved muscle function 
depend on getting enough blood to all the major muscles in your body.

Stretching also encourages a strong connection between your mind and body. You become more in tune 
with your body, understand its limits better, and improve your overall fitness experience. Dynamic stretching, 
which involves movement, can prepare your body for more challenging exercises by getting your muscles 
ready for action.

 Another great benefit of stretching is improved posture. Many people who spend long hours sitting 
at a desk or in front of a computer develop tight muscles in the chest and hip flexors, along with weak mus-
cles in the back and hamstrings. Stretching can help fix these imbalances and promote better alignment.

It's important to know that not all stretching techniques are the same or produce the same results. Dy-
namic stretching involves rhythmic movements that gently take your body into moderate stretches, making 
it a great warm-up before a workout. Static stretching, where you hold stretches without mov-ing for 
20-30 seconds, is best done after exercise because it can reduce your strength and performance during a 
workout. This is especially important in activities like weightlifting, sprinting, or high-intensity interval 
training. PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching is a method that elongates muscles 
through a series of hold-and-release movements. For example, lie face down and grab one foot with the 
same-side hand, pull your foot toward your rear to stretch the front of your thigh, hold it for a few seconds, 
then instead of relaxing, contract the muscle by pushing against your hand for a few sec-onds. Relax and 
then repeat the process. This type of stretching is great for rehabilitation and sports training to increase 
range of motion. All these types of stretching have a place in your workout routine. They add variety, improve 
your fitness, and help prevent injuries.

 No matter which type of stretching you use, make sure to stretch all the major muscles in your 
body. This includes the upper body (arms, chest, back, shoulders), abdominals (core muscles), and lower 
body (front, back, inner and outer thighs, and calves). Work through these muscles systematically, either 
from head to toe or toe to head, on both sides of your body. It's a good idea to have a fitness profes-sional 
help you create a well-rounded stretching routine to avoid developing muscular imbalances. Some muscles 
may become overly flexible while others stay too tight, which can affect your posture, move-ment patterns, 
and increase the risk of injury. Aim for a routine tailored to your unique needs, and don't push yourself too 
hard. Stretch until you feel some discomfort but not pain. Stretching should never be painful. You should 
feel better after you're done.

 With a little guidance in choosing the right stretches and staying consistent in doing them, you'll 
notice your body feeling better. You'll experience fewer aches and pains, less stiffness, and more comfort 
during everyday movements. Give it a try for a month and feel the difference. It takes little time and produces 
big results. So, the next time you’re ready to end your workout tell yourself…. just stretch!


This past week started out 
as the best week of the whole 
year. At least, I thought so at 
the time. I finished my book 
manuscript and sent it to the 
publisher. I caught up with some other projects 
that were lagging. And I had time to balance 
my checkbook. hat could be better than 

 The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage 
came into my office and said, “Why are 
you smiling so much? Did you win the lottery?” 
It was better than the lottery. “No, my 
dear, I’m just so excited that I’m all caught up 
with my projects. Now I’m ready for summer 
to begin.” Then I laughed with a joyful laugh. 
“What you mean you’re ready for summer?” 
“Like I said, I’m all caught up and now I have 
the whole summer to really enjoy myself and 
have a little bit of fun.”

 Looking at me rather strangely, 
which is not unusual, she said, “You do know 
it’s October, don’t you?” Although my smile 
was frozen, it began to deteriorate inside. 
“What you mean it’s October?” She laughed 
at me and said, “Don’t you have a calendar? 
Don’t you know what day it is?”

 I could not say anything for a moment 
because I did not know what to say. 
Then I got out my cell phone and checked 
the calendar. Sure enough, like every other 
time, The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage 
was right. If I live a thousand years, there will 
never be a day when she is wrong.

 It is October, and for some reason, I 
have not kept up with the time. I was so busy 
trying to get caught up with my projects, especially 
my book manuscript, that I wasn’t 
paying attention to the ticking clock. ooking 
at her in frustration, I said, “Where did the 
summer go?”

 I guess that’s the trouble with life. 
You are so focused on one thing that everything 
else falls by the wayside. I am glad I’m 
caught up, but I don’t know how I lost track 
of time. I wish there was a way to freeze time 
for as long as you want to. If I have a project 
on a schedule, I could freeze time so that I 
can be caught up and then come back and 
unfreeze time. Where are these genius scientists 
when you need them?

 “So,” I said to The Gracious Mistress 
of the Parsonage, “it is October and I just got 
caught up with my time.”

 Being caught up with time is not a 
possibility. When I get up on a Wednesday 
morning that means Tuesday is gone forever.

“If you need help getting caught up,” my wife 
said, giggling, “just let me know.” Then, she 
re-turned to her craft room. I sat back in my 
chair and thought a little bit. How can I keep 
this from happening again? How can I keep 
time in hand?

 Of course, I could ask help from The 
Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage, but you 
know what that would do. I need to figure out 
how to keep up with time. What I really need 
is a nice hot cup of coffee and a fresh Apple 
Fritter. Of course, if I had the Apple Fritter, I 
would be in “timeout.” I just went and got a 
nice hot cup of coffee, returned to my office 
and sat down to think this through.

It was not that I missed that time; I was focused 
on some important things then. Sometimes, 
my priorities overtake what I should 
be doing.

 What bothers me is, what did I miss 
by missing the summer? hinking back over 
that time, I realized I did not miss anything. 
In fact, The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage 
is in charge of all our activities, and not 
one was missed. She has a wonderful way of 
keeping up a good schedule and balancing 
our time like nobody I know.

 I lived through the summer and enjoyed 
each day of that summertime; it’s just 
that I was more focused on projects. I wanted 
to complete each project in good time.

One of the great aspects of getting old is 
not remembering. Oh, don’t get me wrong, 
I don’t forget hardly anything; it’s just that 
many things I don’t remember. For example, 
on a Monday morning, The Gracious Mistress 
of the Parsonage will come to my office 
and say, “Do you remember you have a 
doctor’s appointment this afternoon?” Then 
I remembered I had a doctor’s appointment.

 In all truth, my not remembering is 
entirely the fault of The Gracious Mistress 
of the Parsonage. The simple fact is I don’t 
have to remember anything because she remembers 
everything, and I can depend upon 
her memory. I can use my memory for better 
things. In the morning, I get up, go to my 
office and prepare for the day, and if there 
are any appoint-ments for that day, The Gracious 
Mistress of the Parsonage will remind 
me. So, why do I need to waste my time remembering 
things like that? In my thinking, 
a certain Bible verse came to mind. “This is 
the day which the Lord hath made; we will 
rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24).

I only have one shot at today, and I had better 
make the most of it. My best shot is to rejoice 
and be glad in it. This I plan to do.

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