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Mountain View News Saturday, October 14, 2023 

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Let’s talk minimum wage. The Federal Government sets it at $7.25 but that amount can be superseded 
(big word) by individual states, including California. If you dig further, cities such as Santa Monica, 
Pasadena and San Francisco have their own. For example, San Francisco’s minimum wage is over $17.00 
- this isn’t some Newsom mandate; this was passed by the voters in San Francisco. 

Many restaurant owners I talk to have supported this wage as long as it is for non-tipped employees. 
This where it gets tricky - besides what they and we are going through now restaurants have a very slim 
margin so the question I have for you is: “Is that too much? Too little?” And, if you work in or have 
worked in a restaurant would you rather work for as much as you can get (performance based) or take a 
living wage say, $25 an hour but no tips? 

Places like Target and WalMart pay a minimum 
wage, and at $17 a hour I could see that attracting 
a pretty good young worker, although when 
I was growing up working at McDonald’s or Target 
was purely meant for side cash not supporting 
a family. 

While I’m not an economist what I’ve read tells 
me that as wages go up, menu raises also go up, 
so it makes sense that in a restaurant if the menu 
prices go up tips will also go up. However, for 
over 70% of restaurant employees, their take 
home pay has not gone up. Tipping is down an 
average of 23% every time a restaurant enacts a 
price hike due to minimum wage, while only 5% 
said that tips have gone up, so there goes theory 
one. Consumers often feel that servers are making 
more money so why tip more. I still tip 20%. 

Remember TIPS ensure good service and when I’m out I want it all.


ALL THINGS By Jeff Brown


Rupert Spira is a contemporary spiritual teacher and author known for his teachings on non-duality 
and awareness. Here are some quotes by Rupert Spira related to awareness:

"Awareness is the knowing element in all experience."

"The only way to find lasting peace is to look for it in the only place it can be found: in the quiet and 
open space of present moment awareness."

"Awareness is not a function of the body or the mind. It is the light by which the body and the mind are 

"You are not aware of the awareness. You are the awareness."

"Awareness is not a thing. It is not a thought or a feeling. It is the very nature of thought and feeling."

"Awareness is the most intimate, familiar, and ever-present element of our experience."

"When you take the journey from the head to the heart, you are simply moving from thought to awareness, 
from the mind to the heart."

"Awareness is not personal. It is the shared ground of all experience,and it is always available to all."

"Awareness is like the clear, open sky that allows all clouds, storms,and weather patterns to come and 
go without ever being disturbed or affected by them."

"The more we relax into the space of awareness, the more we recognize its unchanging, ever-present 

These quotes reflect Rupert Spira's teachings on the nature of awareness and its central role in understanding 
one's true self and the nature of reality.

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