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Mountain View News Saturday, December 2, 2023 





Well…. If I’m the coach and I’m fortunate, I’m still playing 
for a conference Championship or a Bowl game. The alumni 
are happy, the players have accomplished their goals. Parents 
are ecited. The athletic Director is happy. (Maybe a bonus 
kicks in?)

Also, if I’m the coach, we get extra practice days, recruits will be able to watch our winning 
ways. And we have more lists and schedules to take care of. All part of the business of the 

Its December. We have bowl game practices. We have to make travel plans. We’ve got a game 
plan to create. In the meantime nowadays, recruiting and planning is complicated by your 
own players opportunity to go into the….. “PORTAL.” Who is staying and who is going? 
Now I have to look to that portal as well. What are my needed positions? (I’d better find a 
good player, not someone who has been encouraged to leave.) Those new people are going 
to change the chemistry of your team. You may waste a freshman scholarship. You don’t 
want to create problems with your current team.

At the same time, You’ve got to evaluate your entire staff, the strengths an weaknesses. Make 
necessary changes.. (which is not easy to do) It’s the holiday season. We’re recruiting kids for 
positions and prepping for that play off or bowl game. Read the news… How many coaches 
got as their holiday gift the news that they were fired? 

I really feel there are too many “Bowl” games. This should be a reward for a great season for 
special teams, schools and players. Should a team that went 6 and 6 (50% winning) think 
they had a great season? Did they accomplish their goal? Win the conference? Again, that 
television money comes into play. The sponsors and cities of those bowls stand to make 
dollars from these games. 

In addition, players now can decide to opt out of playing an extended season, change the 
make-up of the team and the potential of teams playing their best game. This is really 
self serving. The scholarship from the University or school, the loyalty to team mates and 
communities. I believe one should finish what they started. (Yes I get the injury thing but 
this can change the entire team structure and skill level.) The game plan, the recruiting, the 

AGAIN… Here comes December and then coaching changes happen. Hires and fires. 
December when the Bowl games come, coaches are leaving their old team, coaching their 
last game, thinking about the next team or school. Kids are wondering what about my next 
coach? NCAA! Coaches should not be able to change jobs until the FINAL college games 
have been played. No contact by any agent or university. Let’s finish what we started. AND 
signing date? First is in December as well. Have you watched those high school kids during 
play off games announce where they want to go to college? Put on that hat? Make those 
decisions now! 

Can we slow down a bit and let teams and staffs get organized and prepared for their own 
future? Most of these players will NOT be going into professional football. Let’s let them 
enjoy the times they have for playing, not deciding their entire future life!

And speaking of futures…. How about the coaches, fired and hired now. They need to find 
a new job, in a new town or state. Or find a place to live in that new city. Assistant coaches 
especially are at the mercy of what happened to the head coach. Will they stay or go. This 
is famiy time.. holidays, packing, moving, thinking of new schools and cities, doctors and 
other services where to shop. Mom is packing. Kids thinking about where we are going. For 
sale signs. New friends… IS this fun?

The Bowl victories and activities, the championship rings. The memories of this and more 
are all things to remember… And if it’s a Bowl loss, this too will be remembered. And we 
need to remember, we coaches, we didn’t do it by ourselves. WE had:

A wife; a family; other coaches; administrators; equipment people; secretaries; trainers, 
doctors, booster clubs and fans. These seasons are a whole package. Keep remembering,

You’re only as good as the people around you!

 Happy Holidays to you all. Hope yours was or will be a winning season.

And remember, another one is coming!

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