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Mountain View News SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 2024 


 Mountain Views News SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 2024 


ALL THINGS By Jeff Brown 

Meaning of Life According to Non-Duality Philosophy

Non-duality philosophy, also known as Advaita Vedanta in Hinduism, emphasizes the fundamental 
oneness or unity of existence. The concept of the "meaning of life" is approached from a 
perspective that transcends dualistic thinking. Here's a brief overview.

1. Oneness: Non-duality philosophy asserts that at the deepest level, all apparent distinctions 
and dualities dissolve into a singular, undivided reality. From this perspective, the meaning 
of life is to realize and embody this fundamental oneness. This realization involves recognizing 
that the separation we perceive between ourselves and the world is illusory.

2. Self-Realization: The primary goal in non-duality philosophy is often described as self-
realization or self-awareness. This involves understanding one's true nature beyond the ego or 
individual identity. The meaning of life, then, becomes the journey of awakening to this deeper 
reality and experiencing the inherent unity of existence.

3. Freedom from Suffering: Non-duality philosophy teaches that suffering arises from attachment 
to the illusory sense of self and the belief in separateness. Therefore, the meaning of 
life can also be understood as the liberation from suffering through the realization of one's true 
nature as the unchanging, limitless essence of existence.

4. Living in Harmony: Understanding the oneness of existence naturally leads to a sense of 
interconnectedness and compassion for all beings. Thus, the meaning of life includes living in 
harmony with others and the universe, recognizing that everything is part of the same underlying 

5. Transcending Dualities: Non-duality philosophy invites individuals to transcend dualistic 
thinking, including concepts of good and bad, right and wrong, and self and other. Instead, 
the meaning of life lies in embracing the paradoxes and complexities of existence without being 
bound by them.

In summary, the meaning of life according to non-duality philosophy revolves around realizing 
the fundamental oneness of existence, liberating oneself from the illusion of separateness, and 

Birthday wishes to Sierra Madre residentMarna Korell who celebrated 
her 100th Birthday earlier this week!


National Women's Political 
Caucus Greater Pasadena 
Area is excited to announce 
that our March 28, 2024 
chapter meeting will feature 
an open mic 

session where members can 
share their own personal 
women's history stories.

We believe that each of our 
members has a unique and 
inspiring story to tell, and 
we would love to hear from 

Whether it's a story about 
a woman who has inspired 
you, a personal achievement 
you are proud of, or a 
moment that has shaped 
your journey as a woman, 
we encourage you to share 
it with us at the open mic 

This is a wonderful 
opportunity to celebrate 
the diverse experiences and 
contributions of women 
who are members of our 
National Women's Political 
Caucus Greater Pasadena 
Area chapter.

If you are interested in 
participating in the open 
mic session, please email and let us know in advance so we can allocate time for 2 minutes to share your 
women's history story. We also encourage you to invite friends and family members to join us for 
this special event.