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With Bobby Eldridge 
Hello Southern California...How are you? My name is Bobby 
Eldridge and I am so excited to join the staff at the The Mountain 
Views News as Golf Instruction Editor. My weekly column will 
consist of instruction on how to help you improve your golf 
game. For the past 35 years I have stood on practice facilities 
helping amateur golfers just like you, improve their golf game. 

 I plan on covering the entire game. Every week I will pick a 
different part of the game and you in turn can give me some 
feedback on how it helped you. The one thing that I want you to 
know is that I welcome your input in regards to what topic you 
would like me to write about. Without any further delay, let’s get 
started. You have a big weekend of golf coming up so I picked 
something that ALL of you could use.

One of the most common mistakes that I have witnessed over 
the years is that many golfers do not stand square to the golf ball. 
Don’t worry, I already know what you are thinking, what does 
standing square to the golf ball really mean. Believe it or not it 
is pretty simple.

Take a look at the picture above and let’s start with the two white 
pipes on the ground. The pipe on the right is aiming towards 
my target and the pipe on the left is aiming “parallel left of my 
target”. The pipe on the right is where I aim the clubface, at the 
target and the pipe on the left is where I am suppose to aim my 
body. MY WHOLE BODY!!! As in my FEET, KNEES, HIPS 

This is exactly where you guys get off to a difficult start. You can 
not believe how many of you aim your SHOULDERS miles to 
the left of your feet line. If you do that at address, it is almost 
impossible to hit the ball solid. The golf club has a tendency to 
swing left (along your shoulder line) and you will hit the ball 
with a glancing blow and not a solid strike.

 Have a great weekend of golf and feel free to drop me an e-mail 
on a subject you would like me to write about.

 Golfingly yours, Bobby Eldridge -


Bobby's weekly pearl: Once you have addressed the golf ball, 
have a friend place the shaft of a golf club across your shoulder 
line so you can see if your shoulders are aiming parallel to your 
feet line or left of your target.

Alverno Equestrian Wins Blue in 
Inland Empire Show Series

Riding Santiago, her Arab mix, Alverno High 
School sophomore Eryn Blakely won the blue 
ribbon in the Jr/Am Rider Division (2’9”) Flat 
Equitation at the Inland Empire Show Series.

“This is a challenging event,” says Eryn. “It’s 
the rider who’s being judged on knowing the 
mechanics. And Santiago is not really a “hunter” 
type horse.” Eryn describes a hunter as a horse 
who is quieter and more stately than Santiago. 
“He’s more of a jumper. Not as stylish, but quicker 
around the jumps. He’s more high-strung than 
hunters usually are.”

Eryn and Santiago originally arrived at the McCoy 
Equestrian Center in Chino Hills to compete in 
the Jumper 2’3” Division, which was canceled. 
She and trainer Marissa Thomas decided to enter 
the Modified Hunter Division 2’6”-2’9” at the last 

This is a more formal event than the Jumper 
Division, where riders can compete in polo 
shirts. The Hunter Division requires formal coat 
and blouse. Eryn hastily borrowed them from a 
friend, and she and Santiago took to the ring. The 
result: a first place ribbon.

Eryn is an all-around athlete. She made 
her mark as a cross-country stand-out 
during her freshman year at Alverno, 
and this year she wants to compete in 
the International Equestrian League as 
well. “I love all the equestrian events, 
and luckily, our barn has some great 
horses that I can use to compete. My 
dream is to ride in the Olympics.”

Alverno High School is the 
independent, Catholic, college-prep 
high school for girls in Sierra Madre, 
celebrating 50 years of empowering 
exceptional women. Its college-prep 
curriculum attracts students from 
public and private schools throughout 
the San Gabriel Valley. 

Alverno students can compete in 
six League sports at the school, or as 
independents in other sports, such as 
swimming, diving, golf or equestrian 
events. There is no limit to what 
Alverno girls can do!

Eryn and trainer Marisa Thomas 
with Santiago and the blue ribbon.

Eryn Blakely on her Arabian horse won her event at the Inland Empire Show Series.

Photos by Lara Laramendi

La Salle’s Cheer Team Earns Top Banana Award at Cheer Camp

Pasadena, CA – 

 The La Salle cheer team, consisting 
of 28 girls, attended UCA camp 
at UCLA on July 24-27. The 
UCA program is designed to 
train cheerleaders to be their 
best. Throughout the camp they 
learned a variety of cheers, dances, 
and stunts in a fun and exciting 
environment. On the first day 
the girls were honored to win the 
“Top Banana” award, which is the 
biggest award of the day for spirit, 
hard work, and sportsmanship.

 Coach Meagan Loomis leads the 
girls again this year and captains are 
Kelly Ikeda ’12 and Ashley Rabine 

 The Cheer team will perform at 
the Lancer’s football season kicks-
off this Saturday (September 4) at 
7:00pm versus Village Christian at 
Glendale High School.


September 4 - 11, 2010


Thursday September 9 

Girls Golf Vs So. Pasadena @ Almansor 
Course 3PM

Boys V Water Polo @ El Rancho (T) Game 1 @ 

Game 2 TBA

Friday September 10 

JV Football Vs @ Maranatha 3:30

V Football Vs Maranatha 7PM

Girls V Tennis @ Live Oak Park 3:30

Girls JV Tennis @ Pasadena H.S. 3:30

Boys V Volleyball @ Gahr (T) 6:30

Boys JV Water Polo @ San Marino 4:15 & 7:15

Boys V Water Polo @ El Rancho (T) TBA

Saturday September 11

 Cross Country @ Fastback Shootout 

@ Mt.SAC 7:30 AM

 Girls V Volleyball @ Gahr (T) TBA

 Boys V Water Polo @ El Rancho (T) TBA

 Boys JV Water Polo @ San Marino (T)


September 8th 

Varsity Girls Tennis vs Polytechnic High School 

 Junior Varsity Girls Tennis at Polytechnic High 
School (Scrimmage) 

September 9th

Freshman Boys Football vs Saint Francis High School 

September 10th

 Junior Varsity Boys Football at Saint Francis High School

 Varsity Boys Football at Saint Francis High School 

September 11th

 Junior Varsity Boys Water Polo - San Marino 


September 9th

 V Girls Volleyball vs Temple City

 JV Girls Volleyball vs Temple City

 JV Girls Volleyball vs Temple City

September 5th

 JV Girls Tennis vs Glendale 

September 8th

 V Girls Tennis vs Maranatha 

 JV Girls Tennis vs Maranatha 

September 9th

 V Girls Tennis vs Temple City

 JV Girls Tennis at Temple City 

September 10th

 V Girls Tennis at La Salle

 JV Girls Tennis vs La Salle







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