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Election Night Live 
Coverage on KPAS

Seek Help, 
on Shooting 
Near Rose 


 The city’s local cable station 
KPAS is set to have live 
coverage from The Pasadena 
Conference Center at 300 
E. Green St. on Tuesday, 
election night.

 Live coverage will begin 
at 7:30 p.m. on KPAS 
(channel 3 on the Charter 
system and 99 on U-Verse) 
and via streaming video 
at www.cityofpasadena.
net/publicaffairs (click on 
the KPAS logo). Election 
result updates will be 
posted on the city website 
throughout the evening.

 Barry Gordon, co-host 
of City Beat on KPAS, and 
Tami DeVine, news director 
of Crown City News on The 
Arroyo Channel, will serve as 
anchors of the live broadcast 
in the conference center 
foyer. On-set contributors 
will include Larry Wilson, 
public editor of the Pasadena 
Star-News, André Coleman, 
reporter with the Pasadena 
Weekly, Terry Miller, editor 
of the Pasadena Independent 
and Dean Lee, city editor of 
Mountain Views News.

 Ann Erdman, public 
information officer for the 
city of Pasadena , will serve 
as a roving reporter and will 
interviewing candidates, 
elected officials and others 
at the conference center 
throughout the evening. 

 City Clerk Mark Jomsky 
will oversee the counting 
of ballots at the conference 
center immediately after 
they begin arriving from 
precincts at 8 p.m. 

 “I encourage all registered 
voters to go to the polls 
on March 8 and cast their 
ballots, then come to the 
conference center, watch the 
live KPAS broadcast or visit 
the city website for up-to-
the-minute results,” Jomsky 

 From 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on 
March 8, voters will go to the 
polls to make their choices 
for Mayor, Pasadena City 
Council representatives for 
Districts 1, 2, 4 and 6, and 
PUSD Board of Education 
representatives for Seats 2, 4 
and 6. 

 Early voting is available in 
room S208 at Pasadena City 
Hall through Friday, March 
4, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and 
Saturday, March 5, from 10 
a.m. to 2 p.m.

 If necessary, a runoff 
election will be scheduled 
Tuesday, April 19. For 
more information visit
cityclerk/election or call 
(626) 744-4124.

 Residents in the 1000 block 
of Armada Dr. called police 
early Monday morning after 
what they said sounded like 
gun shots. A little more than 
an hour later a body was 
found in Brookside park. 
Officers had checked the 
area but nothing was found. 
They said the echo from the 
shots could have thrown 
them off.

 At approximately 5:22 
a.m., an employee of the city 
parks department notified 
Pasadena Police that as he 
was arriving for work he 
saw a Black male lying in a 
dirt area of the Brookside 
Parking lot, approximately 
100 yards south of Seco 
Street at Arroyo Blvd.

 Officers arrived and 
discovered the body of a 
Black male in his thirties 
who had been shot. 
Paramedics were called and 
the man was pronounced 
dead at the scene. 

 The victim was later 
identified by the Coroner’s 
office as Victor F. Cass, 56, 
of Duarte.

 “Police detectives are 
diligently investigating the 
death of Mr. Cass. This type 
of incident is very tragic, but 
also very uncommon,” said 
Police Chief Phillip Sanchez. 
“Hundreds of adults and 
youth enjoy the wonderful 
facilities around the Rose 
Bowl every day. They can be 
assured the area is safe and 
well patrolled.” 

 It is unknown if the incident 
on Armada is related to the 
discovery of the deceased. 
Detectives are investigating 
both incidents.

 The Pasadena Police 
Department is seeking the 
public’s assistance in this 
investigation as the Rose 
Bowl vicinity is patronized 
for recreational activity. 
Someone may have heard 
the gun fire, or observed a 
vehicle or person(s) leaving 
the area in the early morning 
hours and not realized 
their observations were 
associated with a crime.

 Anyone with further 
information pertaining to 
either of these incidents is 
asked to call the Pasadena 
Police Department 
Homicide Detectives at 

626 744- 4511.

City Declares Water Emergency 

 In preparation of a planned 10 
day shutdown of imported water 
supplies from the Metropolitan 
Water District (MWD), the city 
council unanimously approved 
a level 4, the highest, water 
shortage emergency banning 
all outdoor watering. Pasadena 
receives 60 percent of its water 
from the MWD.

City officials said the ban will 
take effect March 18 through the 
27. The city will lift current Level 
1 Water Shortage restrictions 
from March 11 to 17 – the week 
before the shutdown – to allow 
customers to water any day of 
the week, as much as they think 
is necessary, to prepare their 
landscaping for the watering 
ban. PWP customers will 
have another week without 
restrictions after the shutdown 
ends before Level 1 Water 
Shortage restrictions resume. 

 “Our horticultural consultants 
advise that most established 
plants and lawns can hold up 
well without water for 10 days 
and even longer,” said Nancy 
Long, water conservation 
manager for PWP. “We are 
also telling our customers to 
consider rescheduling any new 
landscaping plans, since plants 
that aren’t yet established are 
much more vulnerable.”

 MWD is planning a seismic 
retrofit of the F.E. Weymouth 
Water Treatment Plant in 
LaVerne and will stop all water 
deliveries to Pasadena and 
neighboring cities through its 
upper feeder pipeline during 
the project. For those 10 days, 
Pasadena must rely solely on 
its groundwater and reserves 
officials said. 

 Just before the pipeline 
shutdown, PWP will fill 
the city’s 14 reservoirs with 
about 80 million gallons of 
local groundwater and water 
imported from MWD. As these 
reserves fall during the 10-day 
shutdown, PWP will replenish 
reservoirs with up to seven 
million gallons of groundwater 
per day pumped from wells 
throughout Pasadena. All 
told, Pasadena can count on 
150 million gallons during 
the shutdown, whereas about 
250 million gallons would 
be consumed under normal 

Councilmember Margaret 
McAustin said she will be 
interested to see how well the 
city does.

 “This is a really good exercise 
for us to get an idea of what a 
situation might be like if there 
were an earthquake or other 
natural disaster and we were cut 
off from MWD water,” she said. 
“It’s something very important 
to think about, just how much 
water we use every day.” 

 More information on the 
watering restrictions, tips on 
how to prepare and daily updates 
during the shutdown can be 
found at www.cityofpasadena.
net/shutdown. Water waste 
can be reported on the website 
and through the Water Shortage 
Hotline at (626) 744-8888. Fines 
for violations could range from 
$100 to $1,000 staff said.

Park Multi-
purpose Field 
Now Open

Previously available to 
organized sports programs 
only on a permitted basis, the 
multipurpose field and two 
baseball/softball diamonds at 
Robinson Park are now open 
for Pasadena community use 
only on a first-come, first-
served, walk-on basis every 
Sunday through Friday from 
noon to 4:30 p.m.

“We are extremely proud 
of the improvements at 
Robinson Park and want 
to preserve them for future 
generations,” said Horace 
Wormely, deputy director of 
the Pasadena Human Services 
and Recreation Department. 
“We appreciate everybody’s 
cooperation and invite the 
community to enjoy this 
outdoor recreational space.”

Groups and organized sports 
teams will not have use of the 
field and diamonds during 
those days and hours. 

The multipurpose field, with 
synthetic turf, is the first 
regulation-size football field 
in any Pasadena park and has 
a soccer overlay. The field and 
the two recently renovated 
diamonds are among first-
phase improvements at the 
park. The synthetic turf is part 
of a water-saving initiative at 
the park. 

The park, at 1081 N. Fair Oaks 
Ave., was named in honor of 
the entire Robinson family, 
including Jackie, Mack, their 
three other siblings and their 
mother Mallie. 

For more information call 
(626) 744-7330.

Citizen Journalism Meet-up




The Pasadena Community 
Network and this newspaper 
are holding a workshop on 
Citizen Journalism. 

 This group is the place where 
aspiring journalists can learn 
from trained professionals 
and support their local 
community by covering 
what’s really happening in 
their neighborhoods.

 We will put the news in your 
hands. Learn how to find 
the story, the tools needed 
to capture the story and the 
means to tell the story using 
the power of video, audio and 
print along with online social 
media The next meeting is 
March 8 from 6 p.m. to 8p.m. 
at the Pasadena Community 
Network - Studio G, 2057 N. 
Los Robles Ave.

 For more info call 
626.794.8585 or visit

Learn not just how 
to blog but how to 
report the news

EIR Ok’d for 1.5 million Cubic 
Yards of Sediment Removal

Founder of Homeboy 
Industries to Make 
Appearance at La Salle

Photo Courtesy of US Forest Service

 A motion by Los Angeles 
County Mayor Michael 
D. Antonovich directs the 
Department of Public Works 
to conduct an Environmental 
Impact Report (EIR) on the 
proposed project to remove 
over 1.5 million cubic yards 
of sediment from the Devil’s 
Gate Dam and Reservoir area 
in Pasadena. The motion was 
approved Tuesday during 
the County’s Board of 
Supervisors meeting. 

 “With a significant impact 
on the environment and 
the community, this project 
merits careful environmental 
analysis,” said Antonovich. 

 The motion also requires the 
Department to report back 
to the Board in 90 days with 
a plan to remove sediment 
along the face of the dam 
while the EIR is conducted 
on the entire site.

Fr. Greg Boyle, founder 
of Homeboy Industries, 
will make a presentation 
at 7:00 pm in the La Salle 
Dining Hall on March 16. 
Fr. Boyle was ordained as a 
Jesuit priest in 1984, and his 
mission since has been been 
to address unmet needs of 
gang-related youth. As an 
alternative to the danger and 
destruction of the streets, Fr. 
Greg has advocated for “Jobs 
Not Jails” in his ministry. To 
this day, thousands of youth 
who were at risk of living 
lives of crime and violence 
now give credit to Fr. Greg 
that they are now able to live 
productive and meaningful 

 Homeboy Industries 
provides social services, 
education, job training, and 
tattoo removal for those 
who wish to separate from 
gang life. Today Homeboy 
Industries comprises 
Homeboy Bakery, Homeboy 
Silkscreen, Homeboy/
Homegirl merchandise, and 
Homegirl Café.

 Greg will also be available 
to sign copies of his latest 
book, Tattoos on the Heart: 
The Power of Boundless 
Compassion , which will also 
be available for purchase.

See http://www.homeboy- for more.

 For more information 
about the event please call 
626.696.4313. There is no 
charge for admission. The 
School is located in north-
east Pasadena at 3880 East 
Sierra Madre Boulevard. 
Ample free parking is 
available on campus.

Pet of the 

One City, One Story Events For March

 Pasadena Public Library’s 
annual One City, One Story 
program is designed to broaden 
and deepen an appreciation of 
reading and literature in the 
community, engage participants 
in dialogue and bring Pasadenans 
together by promoting greater 
understanding of differing 
points of view. 

 This year’s selection is 
Mudbound by author Hillary 
Jordan. Hillary Jordan’s debut 
novel Mudbound received 
the 2006 Bellwether Prize for 
Fiction, a prize founded by 
Barbara Kingsolver to reward 
books of conscience, social 
responsibility, and literary merit, 
as well as the 2009 Alex Award 
from the American Library 
Association and was named one 
of the Ten Best Debut Novels of 
the Decade by Paste Magazine.

 Conversation with author 
Hillary Jordan on Saturday, 
March 26, 3 to 5:30 p.m., the 
author will join Library Director 
Jan Sanders in dialogue as they 
discuss her experience first 
envisioning and then writing 
Mudbound. A question and 
answer session from the 
audience will follow. The 
event will be held at Pasadena 
Convention Center Ballroom, 
300 E. Green St.

 Upcoming Events

 March 1 to 31: Exhibition: 
Photographic Interpretations of 
Mudbound Created by Michael 
Kluch’s Pasadena High School 
photography class. Central 
Library, North Entrance and 
Great Hall, 285 E. Walnut St.

Saturday, March 5, 11 a.m. 
USO Show: “One for the Boys” 
Theatre Americana, formed as 
part of President Roosevelt’s 
WPA program salutes our 
veterans. Music of the ‘30s and 
‘40s, along with contemporary 
pieces, will take audiences on 
a sentimental journey through 
the history of the camp shows. 
Hastings Branch Library, 3325 
E. Orange Grove Blvd.

 11:30 a.m. Demonstration: 
Southern Cooking Old Town 
Cooking School’s Deb Swartz 
will demonstrate Southern 
cooking with traditional 
Southern recipes and a sampling 
of treats. Allendale Branch 
Library, 1130 S. Marengo Ave. 
Also Saturday, March 12, 11 
a.m. at Linda Vista Branch 
Library, 1281 Bryant St.

 2 p.m. Film: The Tuskegee 
Airmen at San Rafael Branch 
Library, 1240 Nithsdale Rd. 
Special showing of the film 
portraying the 332nd Air Force 
squadron. In World War II 
it was honored for keeping 
casualties low and bombers safe. 
The squadron also made history 
because its members were the 
first African American pilots to 
take to the skies for America. 
Few, however, knew of their 
accomplishments nor how they 
managed to serve in the face 
of the rampant racism they 
endured. (1995, PG)

 Thursday, March 10, 7:30 p.m. 
Lecture: Race, Resistance and 
Power in Post-World War II 
Mississippi at Central Library, 
Donald R. Wright Auditorium, 
285 E. Walnut St. Presented by 
Dr. Rita Roberts professor of 
History and Africana Studies 
at Scripps College. Dr. Roberts 
teaches courses such as The 
Modern Civil Rights Movement, 
Slave Women in Antebellum 
America, Civil War and 
Reconstruction, and Women, 
Religion and Antebellum 
Reform. She is the author of 
Evangelicalism and the Politics 
of Reform in Northern Black 
Thought, 1776-1863, published 
in fall 2010 by Louisiana State 
University Press.

 Saturday, March 12, 1 to 3 
p.m. Workshop: Write Your 
Own One City, One Story at 
Lamanda Park Branch Library, 
140 S. Altadena Dr. Discover 
writing techniques to write your 
own story and the compelling 
techniques that author Hillary 
Jordan used when writing 
Mudbound. Presented by Laurie 
Richards, Extended Learning 
Institute writing instructor, 
California State San Marcos.

Hillary Jordan Photo by 

Michael Epstein

Kelly, a beautiful, five year 
old, gray and white cat is 
very friendly, calm and loves 
attention. She would be a great 
companion for someone in 
an apartment or condo that 
allows pets. Kelly qualifies for 
our Senior for Senior program 
where people over age 60 can 
adopt a pet over 5 years for 
just $20! Come visit with Kelly 

 The regular cat adoption fee 
is $70 which includes the spay 
or neuter surgery, microchip, 
vaccinations, and a free 
follow-up health check at a 
participating vet.

 Please call 626-792-7151 and 
ask about A284109 or come 
to the Pasadena Humane 
Society & SPCA, 361 S. 
Raymond Ave , Pasadena 
CA , 91105 . Our adoption 
hours are 11-4 Sunday, 
9-5 Tuesday, Wednesday, 
Thursday, and Friday, and 
9-4 Saturday. Directions and 
photos of all pets updated 
hourly may be found at www.

Coleman to speak at Citizen 
Journalism Speakers Series

 Andre Coleman, Journalist & 
Author will speak at the “2011 
Citizen Journalism Speakers 
Series”. Coleman has worked 
as a professional and freelance 
reporter for almost 20 years. 
His work has appeared in 
Black Voice News, The Daily 
News, Pasadena Star-News and 
many more. In 1998, Coleman 
optioned his first screenplay. 
Today, he is the city reporter 
for the Pasadena Weekly, 
working on his next novel and 
producing his first independent 
motion picture. This free 
lecture event features local and 
national journalists, telling their 
personal stories and adventures 
in the life of journalism and 
media. The event will be held 
on Tuesday, March 29, 2011, 
6:00pm, hosted by Pasadena 
Community Network and 
Mountain Views News.

 Each program includes a 
presentation by the speakers 
and an engaging 15-minute 
question and answer session 
with citizen journalists and 
community members in the 

 The speaker series will be 
held at: Donald R. Wright 
Auditorium 285 E. Walnut St., 
Pasadena, CA 91101 (located in 
the Pasadena Central Library). 
Door Open at 6:00pm