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Cooking at the Arboretum

$45 members / $50 non-members

The Raymond Restaurant with Chef Tim Guiltinan

Reservations required - call 626.821.4623 as soon as possible. Space Is Limited.

Wednesday, March 9 3-5 pm

All Things LOBSTER!

Chef Tim will talk about everything you always wanted to know about lobster - from the various 
types of lobsters... to how to choose one... to how to cook, clean and prepare one... to how much meat 
you should expect from a single crustacean! And feast your eyes on this tasting menu that you will 

A Lobster Salad

A Lobster Bisque

A Classic Lobster Roll

Stuffed and Roasted Lobster

One of Pasadena's hidden gems, The Raymond features an innovative, contemporary menu in a historic, 
casual setting. Chef Tim Guiltinan combines his inspired cuisine with an unyielding passion 
for the freshest locally grown ingredients. A welcoming ambiance in one of the cozy dining rooms or 
on the garden patio, an award-winning wine list, and impeccable service provide a memorable dining 
experience at The Raymond. 

Smoking and The Law

I am not the Smoking Police, Well, I am not !! But.... have you noticed more employees brazenly 
smoking out in front of eating establishments? 

For your information, here is the Law in Pasadena:

On October 27, 2008, City Council unanimously approved a No-Smoking Policy in certain 
outdoor places.

According to Section 8.78.07: Smoking prohibited in certain outdoor public places.

 A. It shall be unlawful to smoke in the following outdoor public places:

 • Outdoor areas of shopping malls;

 Unenclosed areas of bars and restaurants;

 In service waiting lines or within 20 feet of such lines; 

 Outdoor public gathering events/special events/parades/fairs.

 B. Notwithstanding exemptions enumerated under California Labor Code 

Section 6404.5, the prohibitions in Section A above shall apply to the outdoor areas of a 
private smokers lounge and retailer or wholesale tobacco shops as defined under state law 
and to significant tobacco retailers under the City’s Zoning Code.

Section 8.78.072 Reasonable smoking distance required – 20 feet. 

Smoking in unenclosed areas shall be prohibited within a reasonable distance (20 feet) from 
any doorway, window, opening, or vent into an enclosed area in which smoking is prohibited, 
except while actively passing on to another destination.

The Ordinance took effect on November 30, 2008. Staff 
will also be implementing a proactive public education 
communications effort, coupled with clear and prominent 
signage to notify the public about the newly adopted 
policies. Enforcement of the proposed policies would 
be built into an existing enforcement mechanism operated 
by the Public Health Department. This mechanism 
is a complaint-driven process with a telephone number 
and website for the public to register complaints. For 
more information or to report a violation of the new law, 
please contact call the Pasadena Public Health Department 
at (626) 744-6014.

Agree or disagree, those are the Laws, It literally burns 
me up when I walk into a coffee shop/restaurant and 
there is an employee, usually more then 20 feet away 
openly smoking, yes they have the right and they are allowed 
by law or their ten minute break, I just find it disgusting. 
I called over to Robin Salzer from Robins BBQ, 
he said that while he understands the rights of employees 
and him being a non-smoker, he pointed out that 
when he was bartender it was common for patrons to 
smoke at the bar!! Now a father of three, the only smoke 
he wants anywhere near is the beautiful smoke of BBQ. Agree or disagree? 

Next week an update on the upcoming Pasadena Restaurant week. Join me on Facebook and 
Twitter. Ciao for now

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills

Come and Celebrate 
Valentine’s DayTwo Course Meal (For Two)
Fajitas Trio for TwoA Chicken, beef and shrimp mix with bell peppers, 
onions, tomatoes and flamed with white wine, 
accompanied with rice, beans and tortillas.
1 DessertChoose one of our delicious dessertsFresas con Crema, Crepas con cajeta,
Fried Ice Cream, Cheesecake,
Flan de la Casa or Vanilla Ice Cream$25.95From 11am to 9:00pm, Valentine’s DayNew Hours beginning 
February 14th, 2011Open at 8:00am for Breakfast 
7 Days a WeekIf you bring in or mention the paper,
you will get a surprise.
wARCADIA(626) 445-5327625 E. Live Oak Ave.
91006PASADENA(626) 795-0230655 N. Lake Ave.
91101DUARTE(626) 359-36141856 E. Huntington Dr.

Calling All Chocoholics

 The Sierra Madre Woman’s Club invites you to clear your 
schedule and come learn about (and personally experience) 
Chocolate by one of the Los Angeles International Chocolate 
Salon’s 2010 Master Award winners, Mignon Chocolate, 
with shops in Glendale, Pasadena and Tehran. Founded 76 
years ago (1935), the chocolates offered by Mignon are (as 
my unfortunately increased girth since discovering them 
can personally attest) absolutely amazing. 

 Wednesday, March 9 the free Chocolate Lover’s Program 
begins at 1 pm. For the true chocolate lovers interested in sampling real chocolates, post-
program chocolate tasting requires $5.00 and advance reservations by Sunday, 3/6 to 355-

 If you’d love to meet our members before-hand, you are also invited to join us at our 
12:00 luncheon – advance ($10 prepaid) reservations required by Friday, March 4 – also to