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2450 N. Lake Avenue, Suite B | Altadena, CA 91001 | 626-797-1135Where great isn’t just an 
adjective, it’s our lifestyle.

There is one thing about the game of golf: 
score cards don’t lie. Ok I will agree with 
you on one point. I have played a number of 
rounds in my life where I hit the ball very 
well, putted great and got nothing out of the 

On the other hand there have been many 
rounds where I couldn’t find the golf course. 
I was lucky no one got hurt. However at the 
end of the day when I added up the score 
card I was very pleased with the number. 

You have to keep in mind that golf is NOT 
one round. It is a lifetime experience. The 
only way you are going to improve is to continue 
to punch holes in your score card and 
find out what part of your game needs work. 
That does not happen in one round of golf.

I know you are wondering where you 
should start. There are a couple of stats that 
jump out at me. Start with the driver. You 
have to track every tee shot. Keep a blank 
score card in your pocket and after every tee 
shot record whether you hit the fairway or 
missed to the left or right. 

The next statistic that will help you lower 
your score is did you short side your approach 
shot? It doesn’t matter if it is the first, 
second, third or even fourth shot of the hole. 
Did you short side yourself? The definition 
of short siding is when you leave your approach 
shot in a position where you don’t 
have any green to work with. 

Everytime you prepare to approach a 
green you have to ask yourself the 10 million 
dollar question. What side is the short side? 
The safe side might leave you with a 30 yard 
pitch shot with nothing but a tiny fringe and 
then the 
in front 
of you. 
with a 
7 yard 
over a 
bunker with a 12 foot lip and a slope running 
straight down hill to the hole. You do 
the math. It doesn’t take many of those a day 
to ruin a good round of golf.

Lastly, grade your attitude before you tee 
off, when you make the turn and when you 
walk off of the golf course. It is a great stat to 
keep track of. If you can maintain an upbeat 
and fun attitude your scores will reflect it. I 
have gone on record for years as saying that 
I haven’t found a more enjoyable place to 
spend four hours than a golf course-when I 
am playing well and having fun. On the other 
hand it is the most miserable place to be 
for four hours when you are struggling and 
not having fun.

Remember, if you use them correctly, score 
cards don’t lie.

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Local Course to Host Annual New Junior Golfer Day

The Golf Learning Centers announces that on Saturday, March 19th, 2011 Arcadia Golf 
Course will host their Annual Spring New Golfer Day. The complimentary clinic will be held 
from 10:00am – 12:00pm and is open to junior golfers of all ages.

“We are excited about the opportunity to sponsor this complimentary clinic and bring new 
players to the game,” said Rich Carlson, Director of Instruction at the Arcadia Par 3 Golf 
Course. “For anyone who has ever wanted to be introduced to try the game of game, our 
Spring Junior Golfer Day provides a fun, non-intimidating environment to be introduced to 
this lifelong sport.”

The two-hour complimentary clinic will feature stations covering the following:

Full Swing: Participants will learn full swing basics including proper alignment, stance and 
will have a personal review of their swing technique. 

Short Game: Attendees will benefit from a presentation on chipping and putting, plus an 
individual assessment of their technique.

Rich hopes that the complimentary clinic and our positive, friendly approach to teaching 
will serve as a springboard, inviting new golfers to explore the game. For more information 
or to register for the Spring New Golfer Day, call 626.443.9367. You can also register at www.