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During the past month Sierra Madre Search and Rescue 
(SMSR) responded to nine calls for assistance. 

Fallen Hiker, Chantry Flat: The Team was called to Chantry 
Flat to aid a hiker who had fallen in an off-trail location. 
SMSR members responded to the site with a backpack-sized 
medical kit and determined the patient had fallen from a cliff 
approximately 40 feet high, suffering extensive injuries. EMT-
certified Team members treated and stabilized the patient, 
who was evacuated via litter wheel-out to an ambulance at 
Chantry Flat.

Overdue Hiker: 
Montrose Search 
and Rescue notified 
SMSR that it was 
searching for an 
overdue hiker who 
was believed to be 
heading toward 
Sierra Madre. The 
Team launched 
a comprehensive 
search of area 
trails, sending 
several crews into 
the field on foot 
and in vehicles. 
An SMSR crew 
located the subject 
in good condition 
and escorted them 
to family members 
waiting at Chantry 

Heat Exhaustion, 
Big Santa Anita 
Canyon: SMSR 
responded to a report of a hiker in distress near Hoegee’s 
Camp in Big Santa Anita Canyon. The hiker was determined 
to be suffering from heat-related illness and was treated by 
paramedics from the Sierra Madre Fire Department, and 
EMT-certified Search and Rescue Team members. The patient 
was then evacuated to an ambulance waiting at Chantry Flat.

 Environmental exposure is a common cause of emergencies 
in the backcountry. In Southern California at this time of 
year, hikers, bikers, runners, and others who enjoy the local 
mountains are particularly at risk for heat-related illness. This 
can be as mild as heat cramps--painful muscle spasms--or as 
serious as heat stroke, which is a life-threatening emergency 
that requires immediate intervention.

 Tommy Ingulfsen, Chairman of SMSR’s Medical Committee, 
says: “The chance of developing a heat-related illness may be 
aggravated by pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, 
kidney disease and obesity, as well as the use of alcohol and 
drugs.” Infants and the elderly are particularly at risk since 
their ability to regulate body temperature is reduced. 

 Ingulfsen adds: “In hot weather it is a good idea to keep outdoor 
activity to a moderate level and stay in the shade as much 
as possible. Also make sure to stay well hydrated.” Ingulfsen 
advises that in addition to drinking water, sports drinks 
that contain 
sodium are good 
for replacing 

 Some common 
symptoms of 
illness include 
cramps, dizziness 
and vomiting. “If 
you or a friend 
develop any of 
these signs,” says 
Ingulfsen, “cease 
activity, find a 
cool place to rest 
and consider 
calling for help.”

 The Sierra 
Madre Search and 
Rescue Team is 
an all-volunteer, 
organization that 
has been serving the local community for 60 years. SMSR is 
funded entirely by donations and never charges for any of 
its services. The Team provides a range of public programs 
on wilderness safety in addition to its search and rescue 

 For more information, including how to arrange a wilderness 
safety demonstration for your school or community group, visit or email 

Toni Buckner, Meegan Tosh and Gayle Bluemel are among 
those proudly displaying the library’s “Family Place” banner.

Sierra Madre Public Library is a Family Place library, a statewide 
initiative to promote the literacy, early childhood development, 
parent education and family support of young children. Modeled 
on a national Family Place project, the project is supported by the 
U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions 
of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered in 
California by the State Librarian.

 For more information or to make a reservation, please contact 
Sierra Madre Public Library Youth Services Librarian, Meegan 
Tosh, at (626) 355-7186 or The 
Library is located at 440 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., in Sierra Madre.

Members of the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team participated in the Sierra 
Madre National Night Out on Tuesday. Photo by Chris Bertrand

The Sierra 
Madre Fire 
and Sierra 
Madre Search 
& Rescue 
Joint Training

Would you like to help 
those who will help you in 
an Emergency? 

The Sierra Madre Fire Department 
will be hosting a 
joint training session with 
the Sierra Madre Search and 
Rescue Team on Saturday 
August 13th from 8am to 12 
noon. This training will simulate 
a large scale incident 
that may result in mass civilian 
casualties. This training 
will allow the Sierra Madre 
Fire Department, and the Sierra 
Madre Search and Rescue 
Team to better prepare 
for major incidents such as; 
earthquakes, wildfires, and 
other unforeseeable incidents 
they may have to respond 
too – to protect the 
lives of those who live and 
work in our community.

The Sierra Madre Fire Department, 
and the Sierra 
Madre Search and Rescue 
Team would like to ask for 
some volunteer help with 
this training exercise. We 
would like to have 50 to 100 
volunteers of any age to help 
with this training (children 
may assist if accompanied 
by an adult). You would be 
participating as an “actor” 
simulating injury requiring 
evacuation, and or medical 
assistance. Lunch will 
be provided to all who attend 
this training exercise. If 
you would like to have some 
fun – and at the same time 
help your local emergency 
services agencies prepare to 
“help you” if necessary during 
a major incident; please 
attend one of the information 
meetings to be held at 
the Sierra Madre Fire Department, 
located at 242 W. 
Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra 
Madre, CA 91024. 

 For more information, 
please contact the Sierra 
Madre Fire Department at 
(626) 355-3611.

The City of Sierra Madre has a 
number of vacancies on commissions 
and committees looking 
for people like you to join! 

The Sierra Madre City 
Council encourages citizen 
participation in its decision-
making process through the 
use of citizen commissions. 
Currently, there are six citizen 
commissions established 
by the Council to advise and 
assist them in dealing with 
specific problems (presently 
the Planning Commission 
has the responsibilities of 
the Cultural Heritage


 The following vacancies on 
the various Commissions 

-Community Art Commission 
– 3 Vacancies

-Community Services 

Commission – 2 Vacancies

-Library Board of Trustees 

2 Vacancies

-Senior Community 

Commission -1 Vacancy

-Tree Advisory Commission 

1 Vacancy


These advisory bodies are 
able to study a variety of issues 
and problems in detail. 
After gathering all pertinent 
information, hearing arguments, 
and weighing values, 
they recommend to the 
Council what they consider 
the best action to take. In certain 
situations, commissions 
are empowered to make specific 
decisions, subject to appeal 
to the Council. Public 
notice on all commissions 
are prepared in compliance 
of the Maddy Act. Applications 
may be obtained at 
City Hall or the City website 
at www.cityofsierramadre.
com should you wish to apply. 
Applications will be accepted 
until all positions are 
filled. For more information 
please call 626-355-7135.

Sierra Madre 

Police Blotter

During the week of Sunday, July 24th, to Saturday June 
30th, the Sierra Madre Police Department responded to 
approximately 318 calls for service. See for 
updated information. 

Tuesday, July 26th:

9:17 AM- Auto Burglary, 500 blk. W. Highland Ave. 
Unknown suspect(s) entered a locked parked car with both 
of its rear windows down, between the evening of July 25th 
and the morning of July 26th. The suspect(s) stole a Beretta 
92FS (9mm) with a fully loaded magazine, U.S.A. Passport, 
American Express credit card, Macy’s credit card, Well’s 
Fargo ATM card, Well’s Fargo Visa card, Costco card, Los 
Angeles Police Dept. Credit Union card, Well’s Fargo check 
book, Chase check book, Leatherman tool, Spider company 
knife, handcuffs, California driver’s license, small black gun 
bag, gym bag with clothes and an IPod. 


9:41 AM- Attempted Residential Burglary, 500 blk. W. 
Highland Ave. Unknown suspect(s) rang the front door 
bell in the victim’s house and tore the kitchen window 
screen to gain entry into the house. The victim yelled at the 
suspect, causing him to flee up the driveway into a silver 
4 door car with a rear spoiler. The suspect(s) left in an 
unknown direction. 

4:48 PM- Use Another’s Personal Identification to Obtain 
Credit/Etc. This incident involves unknown suspect(s) 
making fraudulent charges to the victim’s debit card at a 
Union 76 gas station in Fontana. Total loss value is $160.53.

5:06 PM- Petty Theft, 100 blk. Adams St. Unknown 
suspect(s) entered an unlocked parked car between the 
evening of July 25th and the morning of July 26th. The 
suspect(s) stole a Verizon LG cellular telephone. 


Thursday, July 28th:

4:18 PM- Threatening/Resisting Executive Officer, 
Possession of Heroin, 100 blk. W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 
Two officers responded to a possible intoxicated man 
slumped over on the curb. Officers spoke to the suspect and 
determined that he was under the influence of an opiate. 
Officers found marijuana and narcotics paraphernalia in 
his daypack, and learned from the dispatcher that he had 
three outstanding arrest warrants. The suspect became 
uncooperative and began to fight with officers, who 
repeatedly commanded him to stop resisting arrest. During 
the fight the suspect bit one of the officers on the hand, and 
dropped a balloon containing tar heroin. The officers were 
eventually able to restrain the suspect and take him into 
custody. The suspect was 25 years old, and from Altadena. 
He was booked on multiple charges at the Pasadena jail. 


Now is a great time to volunteer for Sierra Madre’s General 
Plan Update! This is an important document that the community 
should be involved with. The General Plan Steering 
Committee seeks volunteers to assist with various tasks to 
help complete the technical reports needed for the General 
Plan Update. Topics needing volunteer help include noise, 
land use and urban form, natural environment, transportation 
and mobility, community services and facilities, and 
historic and cultural 

 You can sign up 
by doing any of 
the following:

Call De Alcorn 
at (626) 

Call Development 
Department at 
(626) 355-7135

Email GeneralPlan@

*Please provide 
your name, 
phone number, 
email address, 
and the topic 
that you’d like to 
help with.