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“What’s Going On?” 

News and Views from Joan M. Clayton



Altadena’s crime-fighting Chihuahua will be the Honorary Guest at 

Webster’s Fancy Food Truck Friday on August 12th!

The Monrovia-Arcadia-Duarte

(MAD) Town Council

Taking a Bite Out of Crime

YouTube’s newest sensation is Paco the Crime 
Fighting Chihuahua. Recently, Paco jumped into 
action protecting Ace Smoke Shop in Altadena 
from two armed robbers. Since then he’s been 
patrolling the neighborhood keeping Lake Avenue 
safe! Paco and his owner Erik Night will be 
Webster’s honorary guests on August 12 for Fancy 
Food Truck Friday from 6pm to 8pm. Patrons will 
be able to take their photo with Paco, shake his 
paw, and receive his paw-tograph. Erik will also 
have commemorative T-shirts available for sale. 
Proceeds will benefit dog rescues.

The Best Chihuahua Meets the Best 

Food Truck Cuisine

Accompanying Paco this month in Webster’s 
parking lot will be some of the best gourmet food 
trucks in town. Featuring sizzling good eats from 
behind their glass windows are: Food Network’s 
Great Food Truck Race Winner: Grill em All, 
Greenz on Wheelz, Shrimp Pimp, India Jones, 
Hungry Nomad, and A Rockin Ice. 

Building Community

This fun family event is fast becoming a local 
favorite where neighbors meet and visit with each 
other. “We want to invite our Altadena neighbors 
to come and hang out†with their friends and 
family.†To make that easier, we will have†family-
style tables set up to enjoy the fabulous food and 
relax!Ӡcommented Event Producer, Meredith 
Miller. Webster’s parking†lot is located on the 
corner of Lake Ave and Marcheta in Altadena. 
Entrance†is complimentary, street parking and 
adjacent lot parking will also†available. 

Fast Facts:

Webster’s Fancy Food Truck Friday: August 12th 
From 5pm-9pm

Hosted by: Webster’s Community Pharmacy, 
Fine Stationers and Liquor Stores

Participating Trucks: Grill ‘em All, India Jones, 
Greenz on Wheelz, Shrimp Pimp,

Hungry Nomad, A Rockin Ice

Complimentary Entry and Parking

Parking: Webster’s lot, adjacent streets and designated 

Location: 2450 N. Lake Avenue, Altadena CA, 
Corner of N. Lake and Marcheta

For more information: 626-797-1163

What is a Town Council? 
Does it have the power to 
change laws, tax people? 
Are its members paid? The 
Town Council is an elected 
volunteer group of five 
members. Back in 1993, 
when the Town Council began, there were seven 
elected members, representing 11,000 residents 
of the unincorporated areas.

 What a history it has! How certain people 
influenced it is amazing! It began in late 1992, 
when deputies were being shot at. Temple Sheriff’s 
Station’s Commander, Captain Bob Mirabella 
called for a special community meeting held at 
Maxwell School, Duarte. Their principal, Julian 
Rodriguez was also concerned with the area’s 
problems. Lieutenant Ruddi Jefferson, Sergeant 
Sam Jones and all of Temple Station’s deputies 
were introduced. Local residents voiced their 
concerns. Supervisor Mike Antonovich’s Chief 
Field Deputy, Sarah Flores and Lori Howard were 
present as was Pamela Park’s Recreational Director, 
Maurice Wyre, 

Two more meetings were held in early 1993. 
Maurice explained how his area had a Town 
Council! The first order was to have a “Formation 
Committee” with David Hall as Chair Person. 
The Formation Committee met EVERY Tuesday 
from March-June, 1993 at Maxwell School. Principal 
Julian Rodriguez opened the doors, stayed 
to translate and guide us. He even gave a seminar 
on the election process to help us move along.

The Sheriff’s Department also played an integral 
role. Sergeant Sammy Jones arrended every 
meeting to answer community questions regarding 
crime. Because of the foresight of the Sheriff’s 
Department and Supervisor Mike Antonovich, a 
grant was established in March 1993 for a special 
assignment deputy at Pamela Park. Deputy Paul 
Clay immediately set up boxing and basketball 
programs, purchased new sports equipment and 
helped plan an “Anti- Drug/ Gang March and 
Youth Appreciation Day. 

The question of a “MAP” of our area was 
brought up and I offered my services. I used the 
Thomas Guide including all the pale yellow areas 
representing unincorporated areas. Someone 
said, “We don’t need Arcadia”, but I put my foot 
down. Arcadia was adjacent to us!

When election time FINALLY came, we put 
ads in the paper and passed out flyers. For TWO 
consecutive weeks, some of my students and 
I passed out 500 flyers in south Arcadia. The 
Pasadena Star News was contacted and alerted 
the public of the upcoming elections and candidate 
forum. Carolyn Ziegler came because she 
lived on Daines and had received one of the flyers 
we passed out. (Carolyn is WHY the entire 
MAD area has Monrovia Transit. She did all the 
leg work. She also initiated the free annual large 
trach pick-up by Newco.She also played a part in 
the 4 way stop sign on Daines/Tyler in Arcadia! 
Residents had tried unsuccessfully for 20 to procure 
one. Carolyn, an articulate speech writer, 
represented us well when meeting with public officials 
and for correspondence!

The winners of the first election in 1993 were 
David Hall, Yvonne Bullock, Carolyn Ziegler, 
Joan Schmidt, Richard Brown, Stan Trinaystich 
and Paul Diffley. We drew straws to decide the 
term for the first elected council members. Four 
members would have a 4-year term; three members 
a 2-year term. We didn’t want a complete 
turnover in four years. After that first election, all 
elected candidates would have a 4-year term .Four 
of us- David, Yvonne, Carolyn and myself picked 
the larger straws. It was fate as we remained on 
the council for the longest period of time. We 
were immensely disappointed that Reyna Diaz 
wasn’t elected, but fate set in. Stan resigned after 
a few months and Reyna, a real “mover and 
Shaker”came aboard. A great representative of the 
Hispanic community, She held many fundraisers 
to benefit natural disaster victims.. Every Christmas, 
she and her family brought 1000’s of toys to 
Mexico. Reyna the first Hispanic elected to the 
Duarte School Board still holds that position.

The Town Council can be described as the liaison 
between its residents and all county agencies. 
What has the Town Council done?

Over the years the Town Council has been involved 
with youth programs at Pamela Park.

We played a role in keeping Pamela Park 
opened. Neema Torres, County Director had 
neat programs going on. I took photos and wrote 
columns published by local papers. I sent them 
to Supervisor Antonovich so he could see what 
good the Park was doing.

We helped keep Duarte and Live Oak Libraries 
open. I took my sixth grade to the Board of Supervisor’s 
meeting, had two students speak, and 
wrote columns telling residents $22 a year isn’t a 
lot to keep our libraries open!

We brought deputies to our meetings who 
alerted county officials that vagrants were living 
at the old Edwards Drive-in site and drugs 
were being sold. That brought the removal of the 
screen and ticket booth! (Current site of beautiful 
Greystone homes.)

The Town Council arranged for the Community 
Development Commission to help homeowners 
apply for delayed loans.

The Town Council alerted residents of available 
grants for home improvements.

Members Served on the Habitat for Humanity 
Selection Committees, Duarte Education Foundation, 
Duarte School Board and Temple Station’s 
Civilians Activity Committee.

Our meetings provided an opportunity for not 
only the Sheriff’s Department, but also the CHP, 
LA County Fire Department and various county 
agencies to address the public.

Our meetings provided a setting for all projected 
businesses to address the public.


3rd Tuesdays each month

Even Tuesdays at Annunciation Church Hall, 
1307 East Longden Ave., Arcadia.

Odd Tuesdays at Pamela Park, Duarte.


Further Info: (626) 358-8444

 (Next week I will give more information about 
the current Town Council Members and their 

 What better way than a 
scoop of ice cream with a 
little fudge sauce on top to 
savor women’s right to vote? 

 To celebrate the momentous 
day 91 years ago when 
women gained full participation 
in democracy with the 
passage of the 19th amendment, 
the League of Women 
Voters Pasadena Area is 
throwing an ice cream social 
for the whole family on Sunday, 
Aug. 28, 4:00-5:30 p.m., 
at the historic Hillmont 
House, 939 N. Hill Ave., 


 Ragtime music by Dad’s 
Band Plus One, games 
and activities for children 
and plenty of Carmela’s 
ice cream on the lawn of a 
Victorian landmark promise 
and old-fashioned good 
time. Children under 13 are 
free. Everyone else pays only 

 Reservations and further 
information about the 
League are available by calling 

 Reservations and tickets 
also are available online: 



Salmonella Outbreak Strikes LA County

A salmonella outbreak 
linked to ground turkey meat 
is affecting several states 
across the nation, including 
California. To date, there 
has been one case of salmonella 
linked to this outbreak 
here in Los Angeles County. 
That person has recovered. 
I would like to assure you 
that Public Health is working 
with its state and federal 
partners in this investigation 
and that we will update you 
when information become 

Information on food product 
recalls related to this 
outbreak can be found here: 
htm. Additionally, there are 
simple steps that you can take 
to protect yourself and your 
family from food-related illnesses 
such as salmonella:

Always wash your hands 
with water and soap before, 
during and after preparing 

Thoroughly clean utensils, 
counters and other food 
preparation surfaces, cutting 
boards, and sinks before and 
after preparing meals, especially 
when handling raw 
meat and poultry. 

Avoid cross-contamination. 
Separate uncooked food 
from cooked food by using 
different, clean cutting 
boards and serving platters. 

Ground poultry, such as turkey 
meat, should always be 
cooked to an internal temperature 
of 165º F. 

Do not rely on the color of 
cooked poultry; turkey can 
remain pink even after it is 
cooked to 165º F. Use a food 
thermometer to ensure the 
correct temperature. 

Leftovers containing ground 
poultry should be reheated 
to 165º F. 

Uncooked ground turkey 
should be refrigerated (at 40º 
F or below) within two hours 
of purchase and can be kept 
in the refrigerator for up to 
two days. 

Uncooked ground turkey 
may be stored in the freezer 
(at 0º F or below) for up to 
four months. 

Cooked ground turkey 
should be refrigerated (at 40º 
F or below) and used within 
three to four days. 

Cooked ground turkey may 
be frozen (at 0º F or below) 
and used within two to three 

Salmonella can cause diarrhea, 
fever and abdominal 
pain 12 to 72 hours after 
infection. Illness can last up 
to seven days, and is particularly 
dangerous for infants, 
older adults and those with 
compromised immune systems. 
Always practice safe 
food handling skills to ensure 
that you and your loved 
ones can enjoy memorable 
meals without the risk of 



Meet Sassy the wonder dog (A4310942)! She 
is a cooperative, two-year-old, spayed female 
Parson Russell Terrier mix who came to the 
Baldwin Park shelter as a stray on July 14th. A 
fit, healthy girl at sixteen pounds, Sassy walks 
beautifully on leash. She seems to be trained and 
to have been well cared for, and has a healthy 
white and tan coat. Super friendly with other 
dogs, Sassy has a remarkably perfect energy level, 
and is much calmer than most Parson Russell 
Terriers. This sweet girl loves dogs of all kinds, 
people, and above all, treats. With an all-around 
good temperament, Sassy will be a wonderful 
indoor pet for anyone in any type of living 
situation. To watch a video of Sassy interacting 
with a volunteer, please visit
watch?v=LF b6094l0y0

To meet Sassy, please visit her at the Baldwin 
Park Shelter, located at 4275 N. Elton, Baldwin 
Park, CA 91706 (Phone: 626-430-2378). For any 
inquiries about Sassy, please reference her animal 
ID number: A4310942. Sassy will be available to 
go home starting August 9, and her adoption fee 
is $100, which includes vaccinations, spay/neuter, 
and a microchip. The shelter is open seven days a 
week, 12 pm-7 pm Monday-Thursday and 10am-
5pm Friday-Sunday. This is a high-intake shelter 
with a great need for adoptions. For more information 
about Sassy or the adoption process, contact 
United Hope for Animals Volunteer Adoption 
Coordinator Samantha at samanthasayon@ or 661-309-2674. To learn more about 
United Hope for Animals’ partnership with the 
Baldwin Park Shelter through its Shelter Support 
Program, as well as the many dog of all breeds, 
ages, and sizes available for adoption in local shelters, 


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