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THE MEAN ONE By Miette Roehr

 Kathy was the meanest kid in Mrs. Jewel’s class. 
She called everyone names, even Louis and the 
teachers. This meant she got in trouble a lot.

 One day, when she was walking down the stairs to 
go outside, she saw Maurecia. She ran over to her 
and called her Ice Cream face. Maurecia started 
to cry. Louis came running over to her.

 “She called me Ice Cream face,” sobbed Maurecia.

 So Kathy got in trouble. Louis sent her to the 
principal’s office.

 Mr. Kidswatter (the principal) expelled her. He 
said she could never come back!

 She went crying up the thirty flights of stairs. 
Then she packed up and sadly went home. When 
she got home, she told her Mom what happened. 
Her Mom got very mad and sent her to bed. She 
could not have dinner. All night she was starving. 
She started to cry. She decided she was never going 
to be mean again.


By Levi M.

 One Tuesday night at 11:12, Terrence saw an alien! 
He was on the roof of the Hollywood Bowl looking 
at the sky when all of a sudden he sw a red 
thing with ninety-five eyes! It also had seventy-
five ears, popped in front of his telescope that he 
got for Christmas.

 Terrence was very excited so he told DeeDee all 
about it. But he warned her not to tell anyone. If 
she did, he might be famous!

 “Too late,” shouted DeeDee. “I already posted it 
on YouTube”, she continued.

 “Noooo”, exclaimed Terrance


 The sound waves traveled from Terrance and 
knocked the video off YouTube right as someone 
was watching.

 “Whaa”, shouted the random citizen watching the 

 So word started to spread about the aliens who 
meanwhile started to panic. They weren’t ready for 
people to know about them. As they stop their forget 
fast the alien said, “I sid drive to the 6,000th 
Galaxy, not the 60th, you dummy!”

 Pop! Terrance shot out of bed as DeeDee was 
shooting off New Years poppers.

 Terrance, “that was a scary dream.”

 The aliens were never seen again. Pop......

Miss Palmer’s 3rd Grade Class, 31 talented and creative students, have published a 
book! It is called, “Miss Palmer’s Third Grade: Once Upon A Wayside” and it includes 
the work of each of the students in her class. We will publish the book in its’ entirety 
this summer, with 3-4 stories each week. The stories will not be edited, well maybe a 
few spelling corrections. They are all entertaining and original!

 Inspired by the book series they read in class, The Wayside School Series by Louis Sachar, 
the children created their own episodes of life at Wayside. (Hint: Louis Sachar’s 
Wayside School was supposed to be 30 classrooms, one story high; but by mistake it 
was built straight up 30 stories. That should give you some insight into the kind of 
stories you will read from Ms. Palmer’s 3rd Grade Class!)

 A teacher for six years, Ms. Palmer has been at Sierra Madre Elementary for two 
years. She was born and reared in Sierra Madre, played on the SM Girls Softball Team 
and was a Sierra Madre Rose Princess in 2000.

 This is a series of stories that will enlighten, inspire and keep you laughing all summer 

 If you want to read the previous week’s stories, go to: 
S. Henderson/MVNews


by Robert Mangrum

 It all started with Todd. Jason’s birthday worries, 
I mean. It was Jason’s birthday and he was turning 
9. Todd, who was already 9, made up a rumor that 
when you turn 9 really bad things happen to you 
outside school.

 “Really?”, asked Jason after what Todd had told 

 “Nine is an unlucky number,” said Todd, “so never 
trust the 
outside of 

 “I won’t,” 
said Jason, 

 “Hey Jason,” 
“want to play 

 “Sure,” said 
Jason. He 
went to play 

 “Darn!” Jason 
heard Ron 
saying, “only 
three and a 
half feet.”

 “Getting better 
though,” said Terrence.

 “Here’s the birthday boy, “ called DeeDee. Then 
the bell rang. Everyone hurried up the stairs.

 Jason took his seat next to Joy and Allison. Rondi 
sat in front of him.

 “Happy Birthday Jason,” said Todd.

 “Todd, no talking,” said Mrs. Jewels. She wrote his 
name on the blackboard.

 “Take out your workbook,” said Mrs. Jewels.

 Jason took out his workbook. He was on page four 
hundred seventy-eight. Todd was still on five. After 
they were done everyone sang happy birthday to 
Jason. Todd said, “Cha, cha, cha” and Mrs. Jewels 
didn’t like it so Todd got a check. They had cupcakes 
with jelly beans on top, then when everyone 
left school Jason stayed. He believed what Todd 
had said.


 “Come on, wake up Jason!”, shouted Allison. 

 “Let me help,” said Maurica. She screamed at the 
top of her lungs, “Wake Up!”

 “Oh, okay,”said Jason.

 “You slept at school,” called D.J. from his desk. 
“It’s 8:55!”

 “I’m getting up,” said Jason. Just then Mrs. 
Jewels strolled in followed by the rest of the class. 
Jason took his seat.

 “Class,” said Mrs. Jewels, “today we have recess 
all day.”

 “Yayyyy,” shouted the class.

 “Gp get fresh air,” said Mrs. Jewels. The class 
scurried outside. DeeDee was extra happy she 
would get the green ball.

 “Todd?” said Jason,”will you help me?”

 “No, I can’t Jason,” said Todd. Todd just really 
didn’t want to help.

 “Okay,” said Jason. Jason just wanted more information 
about what Todd had warned him about.

 They went down to the playground. Jason felt 
just as gray 
because he was 
still scared.

 It was only a 
matter of time 
before it was 
two o’clock and 
school was over. 
Jason stayed in 
the classroom.

 “Come on Jason,” 
said Allison 
and Maurica.

 “I’ll smile him 
out of it,” said 
D.J. He smiled. 
It did not work.

 “I’m staying,” 
said Jason.


 The next day Json woke up to the sound of pattering 
feet. Everyone was coming in. Jason got up 
and sat at his desk. It was Friday.

 “Workbook time,” called Mrs. Jewels. Jason got 
out his workbook. He was now on page five hundred 
eight. Todd was on page six. He worked untill page 
six hundred. Then it was ten o’clock. Time for 
recess. Jason walked out of the building.

 He ws still scared. The day went by fast and soon 
was over. Jason stayed for the next five days.


 The following Thursday morning, Jason woke up 
at one o’clock am finding Maurica, Allison and D.J.

 “We know what’s happening.” said D.J.

 “Todd’s lying,” said Maurica.

 “Really,” said Jason.

 “Yes,” all three said.

 All of a sudden Jason wasn’t afraid any more. 
Then he shouted, “I’m nine!” That went bouncing 
off the corners of the earth. Jason was not 
afraid. He was proud to be nine.