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Don’t Forget To Honor Labor, Monday, September 5th




Communities Prepare For 10th Anniversary of 9/11


Students at Sierra Madre Elementary School completed their first week 
of school Friday. The week brought them a mixture of good news and 
bad. The bad news, summer vacation was over. The good news, 
Sierra Madre earned the highest API score of any PUSD school (908), 
well above the state’s average. See full story on page 8.

Photos by S. Henderson/MVNews

Refurbished Masonic Lodge Opens for 
Business as “The Lodge at Sierra Madre”

Meeting & Event Space Downstairs… Dental Practice Upstairs -

Story on Page 17

Sierra Madre Police and Fire Departments at 2008 Ceremony. Photo by Bill Coburn

Pasadena to 
Commemorate 10th 
Anniversary of 9-11-01

New York Drive to serve as memorial to World 
Trade Center victims

Sierra Madre’s Police and 
Fire Departments To Hold 
Special Service on 9/11

“Good morning. On 
Sept. 11, 2001, an 
attack was launched 
on American soil…” 
With these words, or 
similar, the Verdugo Fire 
Communications Center 
each year begins its 7am 
region-wide bulletin 
9/11, remembering 
the horrific events of 
9/11/2001, and taking 
a moment to honor the 
fallen first responders 
that died that morning.

 One year after the 
attacks, New York 
Magazine reported that 
fewer than 300 of the 
victims’ bodies were 
found “intact” and that 
more than 1,700 families 
received no remains at 
all. It estimated that 
more than 1,600 people 
lost a spouse, and more 
than 3,000 children 
lost a parent in the 
attacks. More than 1.5 
million tons of debris 
were removed from 
the WTC site, at which 
fires continued to burn 
for 99 days after the 
attacks. And according 
to the Magazine, nearly 
150,000 New York jobs 
were lost as a result 
of the attacks, and the 
economic impact on 
the City in the month 
following the attacks was 
a loss of more than $100 
billion. The magazine 
also reported that twenty 
percent of Americans 
knew someone that was 
hurt or killed in the 

 In front of the Sierra 
Madre fire station on 
Sunday, 9/11, members 
of the Sierra Madre Fire 
Dept. and the Sierra 
Madre Police Dept. 
will stand at attention 
as Verdugo makes its 
annual announcement, 
as they have each year 
since 2001.

 “It’s been seven years, 
and I wonder are we 
starting to forget? I 
remember how horrified 
I was when the towers 
fell, only guessing on 
how many people died,” 
said Sierra Madre Fire 
Chief Stephen Heydorff 
after the 2008 service. 
“When you remember 
that the first couple years 
after the attacks, there 
were 100 people at these 
services with us, and 
today you look around 
and it was just a few 
family members...We’ll 
continue to do this each 
year, and hope that we 
can remind people that 
this is something that 
needs to be remembered 
every year, not just on 
the more recognized five 
and ten year incremental 
anniversaries,” he added.

 This year is one of 
those incremental 
anniversaries, the tenth. 
In recognition of the 
date, SMFD and SMPD 
are expanding the 
ceremony, adding to the 
service the laying of a 
memorial wreath by the 
stations monument in 
honor of the 9/11 fallen, 
as well as the ringing 
of the bells in honor of 
the fallen, a firefighter 
tradition that goes back 
more than 150 years.

 The public is invited 
to attend the ceremony, 
which will take place at 
7am, Sunday, September 
11th. Bean Town Coffee 
House will be providing 
continental breakfast 
and Leonora Moss is 
donating the wreath to 
be laid at the Firefighter’s 
9/11 memorial.

 On September 11 a group 
of community patriots 
will commemorate the 
10- year anniversary of 
the worst terrorist attack 
on American soil. At 11 
a.m., many local groups, 
citizens and civic and 
community leaders will 
come together to honor 
the nearly 3,000 people 
who lost their lives on the 
attack on the World Trade 
Center in New York City. 
The event will be held at 
the intersection of New 
York Drive and Bradley 
Street in Pasadena. This 
location will be where 
the memorial ceremony 
will be held and signage 
will be unveiled for the 
public’s view. 

 Led by the Pasadena 
911 committee and 
local air force veteran 
John McDannel, event 
supporters include local 
service clubs, airline 
crews, veterans groups, 
businesses, schools and 

 Since the 9-11 attacks, 
McDannel has worked 
tirelessly for the last 
decade towards a 
Pasadena memorial. “I 
couldn’t do anything to 
retaliate, so I planted 
trees,” said McDannel. 
Since then, he has 
solicited and received 
tree donations, and has 
personally planted 140 
native oak trees along 
New York Drive. This 
beautiful effort now serves 
as a living memorial to 
the victims of 9-11. The 
temporary road signs 
noting New York Drive 
as a memorial to 9-11-
01 victims will be placed 
along the boulevard’s 

 McDannel has a larger 
goal for the on-going 
tribute. He wants 
to create a park to 
commemorate and honor 
the victims of 9-11. The 
Port Authority of New 
York has been asked to 
release two I-Beams from 
the World Trade Center 
to be shipped to Pasadena 
with the hope that city 
leaders will incorporate 
these remnants into a 
new memorial park. 

 The ceremony will 
include special guests 
such as Rep. Adam 
Schiff (D-Pasadena) , an 
MCAS 4 F-18 fly-over, 
Pasadena City College 
– Tournament of Roses 
band, and begin at 11 
a.m. at 3100 New York 
Drive. Seats and free 
parking will be available.

 “We are looking forward 
to an important kick-off to 
the permanent memorial 
to 9-11 in Pasadena,” 
said McDannel. “As an 
American, I think it’s 
important for all of us to 
never forget the events of 
that fateful day.” All fire 
fighters, police, EMTs, 
military in uniform, 
schools, civic clubs and 
individuals are welcome 
to attend. 

 In order to donate 
to the permanent 
memorial, please contact 
John McDannel. For 
donations and support, 
please see www.


Captain Larry Giannone, SMPD 
Guest Speaker

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

7:30 am - The Lodge

33 E. Sierra Madre Blvd.

Breakfast: $5 Program: Free


Key players explore current 
and future actions 

Free program Sept. 8 

A birds-eye view of the hot-button 
topic of redistricting will be presented 
by a panel of key players at a 

program sponsored by the League of 
Women Voters Pasadena Area Sept. 
8 at the Women’s City Club, 160 N. 
Oakland Ave. Part of Lunch with the 
League, the free public program begins 
at noon. Lunch is at 11:30. Free 
parking is available on North Madison 
Avenue in the lot behind the 
Women’s City Club. 

Panelists are Kathy Feng, executive 
director of Common Cause; Dr. Lori 
Glasgow, assistant chief deputy for 
county Supervisor Mike Antonovich; 
and Tara Schultz, director of 
administrative services of Alhambra.

Feng will bring a perspective on developments 
in drawing boundaries 
for new Assembly, Senate and 

Congressional districts. Glasgow will 
discuss challenges to modest changes 
proposed by a county commission 
for the five supervisorial districts. 
Schultz will describe how Alhambra 
has proceeded with its redistricting 

The lunch is $25, the program is free. 
For luncheon reservations and further 
information, call 626-798-0965. 
No reservations needed to attend the 
program only. 



 Friday, September 9, 7-9 pm


Saturday, September 10, 9-2 am

108 N. Baldwin Ave.

Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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