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 On April 10, 2012, voters in Sierra 
Madre will go to the polls and select 
three people from a field of seven to 
sit on the City Council and elect a new 
City Treasurer and City Clerk. They 
will also vote on a local ballot measure on whether or not to extend the 
User Utility Tax and a related advisory measure.

 The city council race will fill two seats for new four year terms and 
one seat for the unexpired two year term vacated by former Mayor Joe 

 The Mountain Views News will provide our readers with comprehensive 
coverage of this election. Each week, as we have done in the past, we will 
profile the candidates and give each of the candidates the opportunity 
to introduce themselves to our readers by answering the following 
questions: (All candidates are being asked to answer the same questions)

1. Why are you running for Office? 

2. What are your plans if elected?


The revised schedule:


THIS WEEK: Candidate John Capoccia for City Council - 4 year 

March 3rd Candidate Gene Goss for City Council - 4 year term

 Campaign Kick Off: Sunday February 26


March 10th Candidate John Harabedian for City Council - 

 4 year term


March 17th Candidate Colin Braudrick for City Council - 

 2 year term

 Campaign Kick Off: February 29th


March 24th Candidate Chris Koerber for City Council - 2 year term


 Camdidate Bill Tice for City Council - 4 year term

 No website available at this time.

 It is our sincere hope that each candidate will submit their answers so 
that we can share them with our readers. A separate letter has been sent 
to each candidate asking them to participate.

 In addition to the candidate spotlights, we will attempt to cover the 
various forums sponsored by local organizations. Where possible, the 
unedited video of these forums will be broadcast on the paper’s website.

 Our reporting on this election will be as fair and objective as possible. 
However, please keep in mind that our columnists are always free to 
share their opinions. Their opinions are their opinions and may or may 
not reflect the position of the paper. This is true in all things, not just 
this election.

 We will also provide for you the calendar of important dates regarding 
the election. It is our goal to do whatever we can to help you make an 
informed decision on April 10, 2012. 

Susan Henderson, Publisher and Editor 

TO SIERRA MADRE By Susan Henderson

 Sierra Madre resident Robert 
Matheson, who was arrested, convicted 
and jailed for possessing and smuggling 
child pornography into Canada lasat 
year, was deported by Canadian 
Authorities earlier this week and 
returned to his home in Sierra Madre.

 Matheson, 66, pleaded guilty to 
the charges after he was arrested on 
October 17th at the Halifax Stanfield 
International Airport. The sentence 
imposed was 120 days with 12 days 
credit for time served. He was detained 
in Canada under house arrest from the 
time he posted bail until sentencing. 
Prior to his arrest he owned a home 
in Pictou, Nova Scotia, a small, close 
knit town, much like Sierra Madre. 
According to Canadian news reports, 
that home was sold to cover legal 
expenses and bail. There is a great deal 
of concern that after his release he will 
be deported back to the United States 
and return to Sierra Madre. 

 In a press release from the Sierra 
Madre Police Department, Chief 
Larry Giannone states, 

 “Matheson voluntarily came to the 
police station and met with Interim 
Police Chief Larry Giannone. 
Giannone said “Mr. Matheson 
voluntarily came to the police station 
to advise us that he was back at his 
residence and simply stated; “There 
are two sides to every story”. The 
Police Department has confirmed 
at this time Mr. Matheson is under 
no obligation to register as a sex 
offender based on California law.

 Immigration and Customs 
Enforcement (ICE) officials were 
notified that he would be released 
at the end of February, but were 
unsure of the exact date. The ICE 
investigation regarding Matheson is 
still on-going.

 Giannone said “ICE is still actively 
working on the Matheson case, 
however it is a lengthy process and 
I am not at the liberty to discuss 
details of the investigation. Mr. 
Matheson is aware of the continuing 

 Matheson was caught with more 
than 2,500 pornographic photos 
of children and almost 300 video 

 After Matheson was jailed by the 
Canadian courts, a search warrant 
was executed by local and federal 
authorities of his house on Liliano 
in Sierra Madre. No information 
has been made public as to the 
items removed from the home, nor 
has any information been made 
public as to who the children were 
or the origin of the photos.

 The fact that at this point Matheson 
does not have to register as a sex 
offender has many residents upset. 
However, the Federal Investigation 
is still underway and may result 
in additional charges against 

 In another local matter concerning 
Meaghan’s List, MV News learned 
of the recent passing of a very 
elderly child molester who lived 
unnoticed in the community for 
years. His name and picture were 
posted on Meaghan’s list and the 
public was encouraged to go to the 
website to get more information. 
He was in his 80’s when convicted. 

Robert William Matheson, 66, of Sierra Madre, Calif., enters Dartmouth provincial court Tuesday. 
He pleaded guilty to possessing and smuggling child pornography. 

Photo Courtesy Krochak/Herald 


By Bill Coburn

The big pepper tree in Kersting Court, 
the one with the crevice in the trunk 
that you took a picture of your kid 
standing in, the one that was a “mature” 
tree long before it was part of a 
set on the film “Invasion of the Body 
Snatchers” in 1954, the one that has 
come to serve as an identity for the 
downtown, the one that many consider 
to be an old friend, will be cut down on 
the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 29th, 
according to the Public Works Dept. 

The tree, which I’m told by town historian 
Phyllis Chapman was planted 
in the 1880s (I think she said 1887) 
by a teacher at Sierra Madre School 
(which was located there at the time), 
was recommended for removal by the 
City’s arborist, and the Tree Commission 
agreed. The tree suffered some 
damage during the recent windstorm, 
but interestingly, it actually had a major 
branch break off the day the winds 
came, several hours before the winds 
arrived. SMFD came and cordoned off 
the area, and then the winds hit later 
that night.


According to Pat Alcorn of the Community 
Services Commission, “The 
Community Services Commission and 
the Tree Commission met jointly on 
Tuesday night and even though as a 
group mourned the demise of the tree, 
agreed that it had to come down. The 
wood will be saved, and perhaps some 
time or another can be used for something 
in Kersting Court. The Community 
Services Commission and the Tree 
Commission will have public hearings 
about what will be done with Kersting 
Court once the tree is gone.”


A local resident suggested to me that 
perhaps a bench could be made out 
of the tree that could go in Kersting 
Court, and I thought that was a good 
idea. I asked Public Works Director 
Bruce Inman if the contractor cutting 
the tree could cut it in big enough 
pieces that slabs could be cut to make 
a bench, and he said they could. Of 
course, nothing will be done without 
the Community Services and Tree 
Commissions approving it.


Also, Patricia Ancona of the Friends 
of the Arts has suggested that between 
now and Wednesday, people take pictures 
of the tree, with family, friends, 
animals, etc. to be used in a public presentation 
as a memorial to the longtime 
“city elder.”



I am running to represent the 
people of Sierra Madre on the 
City Council because I have the 
necessary real-world leadership 
and analytical skills to shape the 
future of the town that we love 
in a positive, thoughtful, and 
collaborative manner. 

As a recently retired former 
engineer, certified project manager 
and former general manager at 
AT&T, I am in a unique position 
to make a difference by working 
full time to secure Sierra Madre’s 
future by using my skills to:

Ensure that development is 
appropriate, consistent with our 
general plan and municipal codes, 
and I’ll fight to make sure that 
voter-sponsored initiatives such as 
Measure V are not undermined.

Promote policies that conserve our 
natural resources, such as our water 
supply and associated watershed, 
and protect our hillsides so that 
future generations can enjoy our 
precious resources as we have.

Fight inappropriate mandates, 
such as Low-Mod “stack and pack” 
high-density housing, “Transit 
Oriented Development” and other 
programs that do not provide value 
commensurate with cost.

Appropriately prioritize and 
allocate funds for city services, 
keeping in mind that the primary 
mission of city government is to 
provide for public safety, essential 
infrastructure such as roads, 
water and 
etc., while 
that the 
of our 
our youth 
are met.

Promote citizen engagement 
– Sierra Madreans care deeply 
about our town. They are smart, 
enthusiastic and articulate – 
Working closely with our citizens 
will help us to meet our challenges.

Promote self-reliance. State and 
federal grants often come with 
strings attached that drive up our 
costs and diminish our ability 
to provide essential services. I’ll 
ensure that decisions made today 
do not compromise our future.

A quote from President Lincoln 
sums up my approach to 
governance: “You cannot escape 
the responsibility of tomorrow 
by evading it today”. As your 
representative on the City Council, 
I’ll be collaborative, honest and 
forthright, and will represent Sierra 
Madre’s citizens faithfully.

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SPORTS - Harvey Hyde Page 19

 The first public endorsements for 
candidates for Sierra Madre City 
Council were announced last week 
by the Sierra Madre Police Officers 

 Newly elected President Lt. Ed 
Delcour and Vice President Officer 
Esther Doyle announced that 
the Association had endorsed the 
candidacy of Colin Braudrick and 
John Harabedian.

 According to Delcour, both candidates 
displayed a deep concern 
about the quality of life in Sierra 
Madre and how to maintain it. 

 This is not the first time the 
SMPOA has endorsed council 
candidates, although it does not 
happen every election. According 
to Officer Doyle, Michael Minehart, 
a candidate in 2006 was the 
last person the SMPOA officially 

 Both DelCour who has been with 
SMPD for 8 years and Doyle who 
has been with the department for 
17 years, said that the Association’s 
endorsement is in no way self serving. 
They noted that Braudrick 
and Harabedian were the only two 
candidates that reached out to the 
SMPOA for an endorsement. They 
also reiterated a statement that has 
been made many times before, that 
the men and women who serve in 
the SMPD do not think of Sierra 
Madre as just a place to work. They 
want the public to know that they 
sincerely care about preserving and 
protecting the town. 

 S. Henderson/MVN

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