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For the period of Sunday, February 19th, through Saturday, 
February 25th, the Police Department responded to 966 calls 
for service of which 114 required formal investigations. The 
following is a summary report of the major incidents handled 
by the Department during this period.

Sunday, February 19:

1. Around 1:36 a.m., an officer conducted a traffic stop 
on a vehicle for speeding on Las Tunas Drive at Live Oak 
Avenue. Upon contact with the driver, the officer noticed 
an odor of alcohol emitting from his breath and person. 
An investigation revealed the 32-year-old White male was 
driving under the influence. He was arrested and transported 
to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 

2. At approximately 4:25 p.m., a male adult suspect 
entered Bose at the Santa Anita Mall, 400 South Baldwin 
Avenue, and stole a pair of headphones from a display rack. 
The suspect was caught on video surveillance. He is described 
as a Hispanic male with dark hair, medium build, in his mid-
thirties, wearing a dark jacket and blue jeans. 

Monday, February 20:

3. At about 1:40 a.m., an officer conducted a vehicle 
check on a red Ford Mustang parked on the north side of 
Clark Street at Peck Road. A vehicle search revealed the 
driver was in possession of credit cards and identification 
cards issued to different people and three laptop computers, 
which were suspected to be stolen. The 24-year-old Hispanic 
male was arrested for Possession of Stolen Property and 
transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 

4. Shortly after 4:21 p.m., an officer was dispatched to 
Rite Aid, 39 West Las Tunas Drive, in reference to a theft 
report. The cashier observed a female adult suspect select 
a recyclable shopping bag from a display unit and fill the 
bag with merchandise. The suspect exited the store without 
making payment and fled the parking lot in a blue Chrysler. 
The suspect is described as a Hispanic female, approximately 
25-years-old, 5’4” tall with brown hair. 

Tuesday, February 21:

5. At about 3:41 p.m., an officer responded to the 000 
block of Hugo Reid Drive regarding a residential burglary 
report. Unknown suspect(s) forced entry through a rear 
window and ransacked all of the bedrooms. The amount of 
loss was unknown at the time of the report due to the family 
being away on vacation. 

6. At approximately 6:59 p.m., an officer responded 
to Zumiez at the Santa Anita Mall, 400 South Baldwin 
Avenue, regarding a theft report. An employee set her cell 
phone on a display shelf to help a male adult customer 
retrieve a jacket. While retrieving the jacket, the employee 
noticed the customer’s female friend, a Black female adult, 
approximately 30-years-old, wearing dark clothing, was near 
her phone. Within minutes, she discovered her phone was 
missing and noticed the female subject quickly left the store. 
The employee believes the subject took her phone and is 
desirous of prosecution. 

Wednesday, February 22:

7. Around 4:03 p.m., an officer was dispatched to the 
000 block of West Lemon Avenue regarding a residential 
burglary report. The victim returned home and discovered 
her jewelry was missing. Unknown suspect(s) forced entry 
through a side door and fled undetected. No one saw or 
heard anything suspicious. 

8. At approximately 5:39 p.m., an officer responded to 
Sephora at the Santa Anita Mall, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, 
in regards to a female adult in custody for theft. The suspect 
concealed merchandise inside her purse and left the store 
without making payment. The 20-year-old Hispanic female 
was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for 

Thursday, February 23:

9. Shortly after 8:55 p.m., an officer was dispatched 
to the 000 block of West Norman Avenue in regards to a 
theft report. The victim was notified by FedEx that two 
packages had been delivered to her home; however, the 
packages were nowhere to be found. The officer determined 
unknown suspect(s) stole the packages from the resident’s 
front porch and fled undetected. 

10. At about 5:37 p.m., officers responded to a three-
party traffic collision on West Duarte Road, west of South 
Baldwin Avenue. While party two was stopped for traffic 
ahead, she was rear-ended by party one, which caused her 
vehicle to move forward and collide with the rear of party 
three. No major injuries were reported. 

Friday, February 24:

11. Around 2:30 p.m., a reporting party observed a 
mountain lion walking southbound on Canyon Road from 
Carolwood Road. Officers conducted an area check but 
were unable to locate the animal. 

12. At about 11:27 p.m., an officer conducted an 
enforcement stop on a vehicle for a broken headlight in the 
area of Second Avenue and Huntington Drive. The officer 
discovered the driver’s license was expired. He was cited 
and released in the field. 

Saturday, February 25:

13. At roughly 3:12 a.m., an officer observed a silver 
BMW sedan swerving between lanes on Foothill Boulevard, 
and conducted a traffic stop at Santa Anita Avenue. Upon 
contact with the driver, the officer noticed an odor of alcohol 
emitting from his breath and person. An investigation 
revealed the driver was under the influence of alcohol, 
and had a suspended license due to a previous DUI. The 
35-year-old Chinese male was arrested and transported to 
the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 


14. Shortly after 10:11 a.m., an officer was dispatched 
to Arcadia High School, 180 Campus Drive, in regards to 
a commercial burglary report. While the band members 
were at rehearsal, unknown suspect(s) entered a secured 
classroom and ransacked their backpacks. One student 
discovered his backpack had been stolen while fourteen 
others reported several items missing. No one saw or heard 
anything suspicious. 

Arcadia Police Blotter


About 500 guests honored neurologist Dr. Kenneth Wogensen 
as Mardi Gras King 2012 last week at the 17th annual Mardi 
Gras at Sirona’s, Santa Anita Park. 

Over $79,000 was raised in support of Methodist Hospital’s 
stroke program. Guests were treated to delicious food 
provided by 24 top area restaurants. The traditional Mardi 
Gras parade, led by Arcadia High School band members, 
included Dr. Wogensen dressed in royal garb and members 
of the Mardi Gras committee.

Ernest and Gunde 
Posey were top “Mardi 
Gras” sponsors. Other 
top sponsors were 
HealthCare Partners 
Medical Group – 
Region 1 and Kindred 

As Dr. Wogensen 
“reigned” over the 
festivities, committee 
co-chairs Lindburgh 
McPherson and Sherri 
Taylor greeted folks and 
ensured that guests had 
a fun time. They and 
their committee of 28 
volunteers spent many 
hours planning the event. 

Julie Maldonado won 
the iPad2 drawing, and 
awards were given to 
restaurants in the Best 
Presentation Contest. 
Dave and Buster’s won 
first place, and The Derby 
and Opera took second 

The support provided 
from the Mardi Gras 
proceeds will help with 
the expansion of the hospital’s stroke program, which greatly 
impacts the lives of those afflicted by a stroke as well as their 
loved ones. Stroke is the leading cause of death and primary 
cause of adult disability within the United States. 

It is imperative to immediately call 911 if someone appears 
to have stroke symptoms. When the brain can be preserved, 
the subsequent quality of life for a person afflicted by a 
stroke can change vastly. Emergency response teams will 
take a patient to an approved stroke-receiving center like 
Methodist Hospital. The certified, interdisciplinary team will 
give immediate, interventional care, striving to have stroke 
patients back home, resuming quality of daily life with their 
loved ones. 

Mardi Gras Committee – (top row) Leandra McCormick, Barbara Lyle, Jan 
McEachern, Kimberly Johnson, Janet Hansen, Debbie Wilkie, Cheryl Wolf, John Reilly
(middle row) Ulanda Lee, Grace Cashion, Clara Howard, Melissa Fuentes and David Neal
(bottom row) Gloria Rico, Noemi Biely, Lindburgh McPherson, Renee Weaver, Cris Quesada


Meet the Candidates! Hear 
the Candidates!

The Arcadia Chinese 
Association (ACA) and 
the Arcadia Branch of the 
American Association 
of University Women 
(AAUW) are co-sponsoring 
an Arcadia City Council 
Candidates’ Forum. The 
Forum takes place on Friday, 
March 16, at 7:00 p.m. at 
the Arcadia Community 
Center, 365 Campus Drive, 
Arcadia. This is a free event. 
Arcadians are invited to 
come early at 6:30 p.m. to 
meet the candidates before 
the Forum begins.

All five candidates have 
confirmed that they will 
participate. The five 
candidates vying for 
two open seats are Mary 
Dougherty, Gary Kovacic, 
Henry Nunez, Sho Tay, and 
John Wuo. A forum such 
as this gives residents an 
opportunity to listen to the 
candidates, to ask them for 
answers to crucial questions, 
and to become better 
informed voters. This year’s 
election will be an all mail-
in election, and ballots will 
be mailed to residents on 
March 10, a month before 
the General Municipal 
Election on Tuesday, April 
10. There will be no polling 

Tao Kuo of ACA is 
chairperson of the Forum, 
and Betty Harris of Arcadia 
AAUW will serve as 
moderator. Residents are 
invited to come and hear 
what the candidates’ visions 
are for Arcadia’s future.



By Joan Schmidt

 On February 25th, I attended 
the celebration of the life of 
Harold Leon (“Tony”) Gex. 
The Celebration began with a 
beautiful Mass at Holy Angels, 
Arcadia and ended at Santa 
Anita Race Track! Tony was 
as awesome man with an 
infectious smile! There were so 
many facets of his life- and he 
was greatly loved and admired 
in each by an abundance of 

 Besides the former students, 
faculty members and even 
principal that came to celebrate 
Tony’s life, there were friends 
from the Tournament of Roses 
Association, Santa Anita Race 
track, the Theater Group and 
both Churches (His parish, 
Holy Angels and his beloved 
wife Audrey’s, Arcadia Friends 
Church). Tony was preceded 
in death by Audrey and leaves 
behind his three sons, Steve, 
Ken and David, daughters-
in-law Beth, Susie, Sylvia, 
grandchildren, Ryan, Rob, 
Aimee, Anna, Alex (and 
husband Jeremy), Megan, 
Kayla Jordan, Noelle, Anthony, 
and great-granddaughter, 
Keira, (born the night before 

 The main celebrant of the 
Mass was Father Peter Dennis, 
from San Dimas, assisted by 
Father Michael Evans, Pastor of 
Holy Angels. 

 Father Dennis gave an upbeat 
homily. He told us not to be 
sad, “Tony’s up and off on his 
way to God…when we come 
to the end of the road, let there 
be no rites of gloom, let me 
go… Tony was a family and 
friends’ man, true romantic, 
loved his sons, daughters-in-
law and grandchildren, loved 
music and theater, stories and 
story-telling… He leaves lives 
changed and inspired others. 
He encouraged others… His 
spirit, attributes and life lives 
on in your midst…He leaves 
us a challenge-we strive to do 
better because of him: “You 
shall pass through this world 
only once; you have one chance 
to do good.”

 After the Prayers of the 
Faithful by Fred Nahra, there 
was the Liturgy of the Eucharist, 
and a beautiful rendition of Ave 
Maria as Jordan, Anna, Noelle 
and Anthony Gex presented 
the Gifts.

 Following Communion, 
Tony’s eldest son Steve gave 
the Eulogy. Steve began by 
thanking all who attended 
(400+), “The great number of 
people here today is quite a 
tribute to our Dad.”

 Steve continued with a short 
bio of Tony: “Dad was born in 
New Orleans and had many 
aunts and uncles who loved 
him. They gave him a nickname, 
“Dunni” and it evolved to 
“Tony” over the years. Tony 
loved to go crabbing. He went 
on to high school and then 
entered World War II, serving 
mostly in France. That was 
great, because “Gex” is actually 
a French name and there is a 
“Gex” in France. After the war, 
Tony began college in Chicago 
but transferred to San Francisco 
College where he met the love 
of his life-Audrey and they 
eloped. After college, Tony was 
offered a teaching position by 
the Arcadia School District. He 
actually began at Dana Middle 
School-taught there till ’59, 
and then moved on to Arcadia 
High School. He taught a total 
of 35 years in Arcadia Schools. 
He taught English and loved 
Shakespeare and theater. 

 In the 1960’s, Tony became 
involved with the Tournament 
of Roses association and 
was on committees for forty 
years. Tony loved his ten 
grandchildren and teaching 
them how to crab in Oregon. 
He loved the Race Track-
was a $2 better, had so many 
friends there-even the workers 
loved him and treated him like 

 David, Tony’s youngest son, 
spoke, “What a tribute. My 
Dad was the ultimate people’s 
person. Look at this group of 
people: former students, faculty, 
principal, Tournament of Roses 
members, neighbors, friends 
from Holy Angels Parish and 
Arcadia Friends Church, and 
race track buddies. Everyone at 
Santa Anita was great to him. 
The women who helped him 
with programs were “My girls” 
and the Valets who popped his 
trunk, and got his wheelchair 
out before the car door was 
opened and then brought him 
to the entrance!

 Ken, Tony’s middle son, who 
had presented him with a First 
Great Grandchild Keira the 
night before, spoke highly of 
his father also. 

 The Sixth race at Santa Anita 
that day was in Tony’s memory 
and everyone bet on “Pork 
Chop”. Pork Chop didn’t win, 
but I’m sure everyone left the 
race track as I did. It truly had 
been a Celebration of Tony’s 







To help offset severe state 
budget cuts to neighborhood 
schools and keep Arcadia 
schools among the 
best in

California by providing 
funds which cannot be taken 
away by Sacramento; to 
retain and attract quality

teachers; keep schools safe 
and clean; and protect quality 
math, science, reading, 
art and music

programs, shall Arcadia 
Unified School District levy 
$ 228 per parcel annually for 
5 years, with senior

exemptions, mandatory 
audits, and independent 




Recreation Staff and Volunteers will offer themed 
games, a movie, a delicious dinner and supervision 
so mom and dad can have a night on the town or 
a quiet evening at home. Children must be at least 
four years of age to attend. All activities will be 
geared toward elementary school children; anyone 
younger must be potty trained. The cost is $15.00 
per child and also includes snacks and beverages. 
Registration for Kid’s Night Out can be done on-line, 
by fax, 626.821.4370 or by coming into the Recreation 
Office, 375 Campus Drive, Arcadia, CA 91007. For 
more information please call 626.574.5113!