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 On April 10, 2012, voters in Sierra Madre will go to the 
polls and select three people from a field of seven to sit 
on the City Council and elect a new City Treasurer and 
City Clerk. They will also vote on a local ballot measure 
on whether or not to extend the User Utility Tax and a 
related advisory measure.

 The city council race will fill two seats for new four year terms and one seat for the 
unexpired two year term vacated by former Mayor Joe Mosca.

 The Mountain Views News will provide our readers with comprehensive coverage of 
this election. Each week, as we have done in the past, we will profile the candidates and 
give each of the candidates the opportunity to introduce themselves to our readers by 
answering the following questions: (All candidates are being asked to answer the same 

1. Why are you running for Office? 

2. What are your plans if elected?


The revised schedule:


THIS WEEK: Candidate Gene Goss for City Council - 4 year term-Below 

March 10th Candidate John Harabedian for City Council - 

 4 year term


March 17th Candidate Colin Braudrick for City Council - 

 2 year term

 Campaign Kick Off: February 29th


March 24th Candidate Chris Koerber for City Council - 2 year term


 Camdidate Bill Tice for City Council - 4 year term

 No website available at this time.

 It is our sincere hope that each candidate will submit their answers so that we can share 
them with our readers. A separate letter has been sent to each candidate asking them to 

 In addition to the candidate spotlights, we will attempt to cover the various forums 
sponsored by local organizations. Where possible, the unedited video of these forums will 
be broadcast on the paper’s website.

 Our reporting on this election will be as fair and objective as possible. However, please 
keep in mind that our columnists are always free to share their opinions. Their opinions 
are their opinions and may or may not reflect the position of the paper. This is true in all 
things, not just this election.

 We will also provide for you the calendar of important dates regarding the election. It is 
our goal to do whatever we can to help you make an informed decision on April 10, 2012. 

Susan Henderson, Publisher and Editor 


On Saturday, February 
29th, Lucille M. Hoegee 
celebrated 100th 
Birthday, but if you ask 
her she’ll tell you she’s 
turning 25 After all, 
being born on leap year 
she only has a birthday 
every four years. A few 
days before, family and 
friends gathered at her 
home to start the party 

 Lucille Meyers 
Rasmussen was born 
in 1912 in Chicago, IL 
but soon her family 
moved to Lancaster, 
CA. She would spend 
all her childhood there 
on her father’s ranch 
and graduated from Lancaster High School in 1931. She then met and married the love of her life 
becoming Mrs. Vinton A. Hoegee. on Valentine’s Day 1932. Vint and Lucille settled here in their 
beloved Sierra Madre, where the Hoegee family had been in business since 1907 when they opened 
Hoegee’s Campground Resort in the Big Santa Anita Canyon. They would have one son Vinton 
Arnold Jr, two grandchildren, Karen and David, six great grandchildren, Brandon, Justin, Jessica, 
Haley, Jake and Ben, and in 2010 a great, great grandson Vinton Robert.


5 generations of Hoegee’s and Lucille’s beautiful blue eyes have managed to be passed down the line 
as a distinguishing family trait. Those that didn’t get her eye color carry her genuine heart and zest for 
life. Below, Lucille and her grandson David Hoegee and Mayor Pro Tem Josh Moran.


Lucille has lived in Sierra Madre for over 65 years where 
she has been very active in many community clubs. 
While Vinton did service to the community on the 
city council Lucille was busy with ,The Elks, Emblem 
Club, Sierra Madre Woman’s Club, Historical Society, 
Republicans Woman’s Club, San Gabriel Fine Arts, 
Garden Club and her Lutheran Church. She has been 
through wars, fires, floods, winds, earthquakes, births, 
deaths, triumphs and tragedies and has never missed a 
Rose Parade. After Vint passed in 1975 Lucille traveled 
most of the world. She’s seen many countries in Europe 
including her family’s homeland, Holland. She’s been all 
over Mexico and South America as well as The United 
States and Canada. She will tell you her favorite place of 
all is right here in Sierra Madre. CA


She enjoys camping, gardening, bowling, sewing and has 
a passion for oil painting. Her family is very proud of all 
her accomplishments. She is a truly amazing person and 
is very loved by those blessed to know her personally. 
Photos by Bill Coburn


Every day, I am reminded of what is 
at stake in the governance of this city; 
our children, our famiIies, our future. 
I am running because this town has 
found a place deep in my heart. It 
is my family’s home and I want to 
pitch in and help keep Sierra Madre 
the beautiful, friendly, safe place it 
is for generations to come. Walking 
the streets of this town door to door 
for the past weeks has inspired me 
further. The warmth and hospitality of 
our people is unmatched. Our small 
town atmosphere must be preserved!

My life’s work is teaching the 
fundamentals of good government to 
students at Long Beach City College. 
I have been a professor of political 
science there for 21 years. In that 
time I have developed my leadership 
skills as President of the 350 member 
faculty association, as the first ever 
Technology Committee Chair and 
presently I am the Chair of the History 
and Political Science Department at 
the college. As a member of the City 
Council I will apply my knowledge 
and leadership skills to the challenges 
we will face.

The City is facing stringent fiscal 
challenges. After carefully listening 
to the people of this town, I will be 
honest and forthright about what it 
will take to maintain the services they 
wish to preserve. Years ago, on the 
small cattle ranch I grew up on, my 
Dad taught me that everything has a 
cost. I am not going to join the ranks 
of politicians that offer something for 
nothing so they can secure votes.

Our City government is well run 
and is not a “bloated” bureaucracy, 
but it can and should be made more 
efficient. My first goal is to help 
manage the City’s fiscal resources 
with an eye on cost savings through 
careful analysis of each department’s 
budget, elimination of redundancies 
and simplification of administrative 
processes. Also, the City needs to 
invest in technology that can reduce 
overhead expenses. For example, if 
we can save money and cut our City 
offices’ power consumption down by 
installing leased solar systems, I think 
we should do it. 

Careful long term planning and 
prudent decision-making will be 
necessary to make sure essential city 
services are preserved. I will work 
closely with our fine Police and Fire 
Departments to make sure that they 
have the tools necessary to protect 
our town. I will fight to maintain our 
Paramedic Service, which has already 
saved lives in our city. Our Public 
Works services such as streets and 
sewers and our water system serve as 
a backbone for the community. We 
cannot compromise on the quality of 
these services.

I have a passion for our Youth 
and Senior Programs and for our 
magnificent parks and for our Library. 
If I am elected to City 
Council I will fight to maintain these 
programs and assets that help sustain 
our high quality of life and provide 
our residents, especially our children 
and seniors, with a crucial link to our 
community. Also, I will encourage 
and support sensible policies that 
will conserve and enhance natural 
resources such as our water supply, 
our hillsides and our urban forest. 

I will stand strong against any entity 
that tries to impose development that 
sidesteps our laws or is out of touch 
with our “small town” consensus. In 
keeping with this consensus we must 
find a suitable project to replace the 
Skilled Nursing Facility. This is a 
matter of pride for our community.
I will lead the effort to recruit more 
small businesses to Sierra Madre that 
can provide products and services and 
employment opportunities, increase 
foot traffic for our current businesses, 
and can provide much needed sales 
tax revenue. 

My campaign is a door to door 
grassroots effort because I want to 
represent the entire city on the City 
Council, not an ideology, party, camp, 
or special interest group. I need your 
help. Please call me to endorse me or 
put up a yard sign or to volunteer with 
other tasks at 626-434-9595. 

With your help and your Vote on 
April 10th, together we can ensure 
that Sierra Madre’s future is bright! 

Thank you for your consideration.


SoCalGas Shares Tips on 
how to Properly Identify 
Utility Employees

Southern California Gas Co. 
(SoCalGas) is alerting customers to 
be aware of persons who reportedly 
have recently posed as SoCalGas 
employees. According to a news 
account, the imposters distract 
an unsuspecting customer by 
performing “gas leak inspections” 
while an accomplice burglarizes 
the customer’s home.

SoCalGas wants to assure all 
customers that all SoCalGas 
employees carry proper 
identification when called out to 
any job. Customers should verify 
the employee’s proper uniform and 
identification before letting anyone 
in the home or on their property. 

Customer safety is a top priority 
for SoCalGas and employees will 
always be happy to wait while the 
customer confirms their identity. 

Here are some tips to help 
customers identify SoCalGas 

• Be vigilant and question 
anyone who presents themselves as 
a representative of the utility
• SoCalGas workers who 
perform in-home appliance 
services, work on gas meters 
or work on gas pipelines wear 
uniforms. However, some other 
employees do not. Always ask 
for identification before allowing 
anyone inside the home or on the 
• The majority of authorized 
SoCalGas employees will be in 
uniform with company logo and 
carry an official employee badge. 
Most field employees also drive a 
company vehicle
• Most of the time a 
SoCalGas employee visits a home 
or business in response to a service 
request. If no one scheduled an 
appointment, call SoCalGas before 
allowing anyone inside the home 
or property 
• Never leave the house 
unlocked and unattended. 
SoCalGas does not ask customers 
to leave their homes unattended
• To verify the authenticity 
of anyone claiming to be a 
representative of SoCalGas, 
customers are encouraged to ask 
for proper identification or call the 
utility at 1-800-427-2200 (or 1-800-
342-4545 in Spanish). SoCalGas 
customer service representatives 
are available 24 hours a day, seven 
days a week
• Visit 
for more information on staying 

This Week’s Highlights:






Sierra Madre Search and Rescue 
Monthly Report on their 


Dean Lee reports on the latest 
developments regarding the 
710 Freeway Expansion


Meet the “Shock Mom”! She’s 
not what you think!


The Pinney House - The 2012 
Wistaria Festival will also feature 
this Historic Landmark.

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