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On November 6 residents of Sierra Madre will 
decide whether or not they want to amend current 
development laws to allow for the construction and 
operation of an Assisted Living Center on Sierra 
Madre Blvd.(above), the site of the former Skilled 
Nursing Center. The Measure, ALF will appear on 
the General Election ballot and requires a majority 
of the voting population for approval. This article, 
submitted by the developer, will give readers some 
insight as to the developers plans for the site, should 
the measure be approved.

One need look no further than the heart of 
downtown Sierra Madre to see the future taking 
shape. New signs on the property of the long 
vacant skilled nursing facility depict a bright 
future for a long derelict structure and property. 
Pending approval of Measure ALF by Sierra 
Madre’s voters in November, a brand-new, 
modern and beautifully designed Kensington 
assisted living and memory care community will 
arise. The new Kensington will serve and care 
for residents of Sierra Madre and surrounding 
areas for generations to come. The community 
will provide quality living options for Sierra 
Madre’s seniors that will allow them to remain in 
their beloved hillside neighborhood and close to 
family and loved ones as their need for assistance 
with daily living increases. The project will also 
generate vital property tax revenue and provide 
stimulation for local commerce in the downtown 
business area.

Fountain Square Properties operates Kensington 
Assisted Living residences nationwide and has 
proposed the Kensington Sierra Madre residence 
to replace the current dilapidated eyesore located 
at 245 West Sierra Madre Blvd. The partners 
of Kensington Senior Living bring decades of 
experience, knowledge, care and compassion to 
their projects and are looking forward to applying 
their expertise here in Sierra Madre.

Via a lengthy and thorough vetting process 
spanning nine Planning Commission meetings 
and three City Council meetings, the original 
plan was refined to improve the design and adopt 
a “Santa Barbara Mission” style architecture 
which complements the downtown area and 
adds commercial storefronts while improving 
pedestrian “walk ability.” In line with the city’s 
Measure V constraints, the plan will not exceed 
two stories and thirty feet in height.

 A webpage with photos is available to view here: 

The new Kensington Sierra Madre potentially 
creates over 200 new construction jobs during an 
anticipated 16 month build period culminating 
in the hiring of as many as 90 full and part time 
professional staff that will help care for residents. 
Residents will be accommodated within 75 
assisted living suites where family and loved 
ones will be welcome. Additionally, generous 
community and common space will available, a 
café where residents can gather with friends and 
family, a fireplace parlor, library, media and art 
studios and ample courtyards and gardens for 
outside seating and relaxing as well. 

Sierra Madre City Council member John Capoccia 
notes that he and fellow council members are on 
the record as in favor of the development for the 
reasons mentioned above. When asked about 
possible project shortcomings, Mr. Capoccia 
does acknowledge that some residents have 
expressed reservations about items important to 
them. There were concerns expressed regarding a 
development of this scale and its potential impact 
on concerns such as aesthetics, parking and water 
consumption. “I can’t speak for the entire council, 
but as a member I think the benefits to our town 
far outweigh any perceived shortcomings. When 
you add it all up, I think this all leans heavily in 
favor of the benefits,” according to Capoccia, who 
also reflected that “no project is ever perfect, but 
this one is pretty darned good.” 

Residents of the Kensington community will 
find a full range of services available to them. 
Some of the hospitality and support services 
will include daily prepared meals, shuttle service 
around town, housekeeping and laundry, 
medication management, coordination of medical 
appointments and help as needed with bathing, 
grooming and dressing. An all day dining 
program with a wide menu selection will create 
flexibility around residents’ personal habits and 
daily routines. “The Kensington partners each 
bring a passion for caring for seniors as well as 
unique skills and experience in the development 
and operation of our communities,” said Tiffany 
Tomasso, a founding partner of Kensington Senior 
Living. “As a group we are committed to creating 
an environment that seniors and their families can 
call home. Where friends are encouraged to visit 
for a meal, cocktail hour, or a game of cards and 
grandchildren can play a game of Wii. Even family 
pets are welcome for a visit or an extended stay. 
We are looking forward to conveying our spirit of 
service to the Sierra Madre area.”

When complete and operational, the staff of 
The Kensington Sierra Madre will cover a wide 
range of backgrounds including nurses and care 
staff, chefs, dining room servers, housekeepers, 
drivers, activity assistants, and receptionists. 
A Department Head Team consisting of an 
Executive Director, Director of Nursing Services, 
Executive Chef, Director of Marketing, Director 
of Memory Care, Director of Engineering and 
Housekeeping will provide daily management 
to ensure quality of care and services. Together, 
these team members help Kensington’s partners 
fulfill a promise “to love and care for your loved 
ones as we do our own.” 

So what does the future on the horizon look 
like? Council member Capoccia has a thought, 
“Regardless of my personal opinions, while I was 
campaigning to join the city council, I spoke to 
many residents about this development. My 
impression is that Sierra Madre’s citizens are 
overwhelmingly in favor of seeing this project 
through, and my role as a city council member is 
to carry out the will of people. I’m pleased that 
the Planning Commission and Council have come 
this far, and I’m confident that Sierra Madre’s 
citizens will agree that this project is of significant 
benefit to our community and will vote Yes on 
Measure ALF.”


Rotary District 5300 has selected 
retired Sierra Madre Police Chief 
Marilyn Diaz to lead a team of four 
young professionals to Calcutta, 
India on a 5-week Group Study 
Exchange trip. Diaz is a member of 
the Sierra Madre Rotary Club.

Since 1965 the Rotary Foundation 
has arranged yearly Group Study 
Exchange trips of approximately 
500 teams of young business and 
professional people between two 
paired Rotary districts in different 
countries to enhance international 
understanding and good will. While 
living with Rotarian families, team 
members study the culture of the host 
country and how their professional 
peers practice their vocations. An 
experienced Rotarian leads each 

The selected team members include 
Stephanie Yuen, of South Pasadena, 
and Jason Ramos, of Pasadena, 
who are both directors at the South 
Pasadena-San Marino YMCA. Also 
participating are Marco Pulido of 
Chino Hills, a foster youth agency 
supervisor, and Sarah Schiffman of 
Las Vegas, a Nevada courts mediator.


Rotary District 5300 includes 
Pasadena east to San Bernardino 
County and north to Las Vegas. The 
local team will depart on January 6 
and return on February 8, 2013. A 
Group Study Exchange team from 
Rotary District 3291 in Calcutta will 
reciprocate and visit District 5300 in 
April and May of 2013. 


Sierra Madre’s Village Church (Ascension) will be holding its annual 

“Blessing of the Animals” ceremony on Sunday, October 7, 2012 at noon in 
the Outdoor Worship Area. Everyone is welcome. Refreshments provided.

 Blessing of the Animals is conducted in commemoration of the October 
4th Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis, arguably the most beloved 
of the named Saints, was particularly fond of animals of all breeds. The 
community is invited to bring your animals, no matter how big or small, 
breed or religion. Some animals may require a leash or a

container, so keep that in mind. All of God’s creatures are welcome! Free pet 
sitting available during the 10:15 am Mass.

Church of the Ascension is located at 25 East Laurel on the corner of Baldwin 
and Laurel in Sierra Madre. This event makes for a wonderful family 
outing to meet new neighbors and check out a wonderful community 
church. For more information, please call (626) 355-1133 or visit:

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