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by Lori Koop, Right Brain Business Coach 

TRU Navigation

The body. Remember that thing? Sometimes we don’t. At times our mind is 
so full of thoughts, we leave our body. Well, really, we don’t -- we are just too 
distracted to notice our body’s sensations. Though we are physically there, we 
have mentally traveled to a place far from the present moment. Away from the 
here and now. This is fine -- even occasionally necessary -- for a while. But when 
our thoughts get stuck whirling, as we try to “figure things out,” we lose the 
benefits of our internal navigation system. We miss the insights that come from 
our body. 

The beautiful and perfect thing about the body, EVERY body, is its innate ability to navigate. You 
see, the spirit holds our life map, and it is designed to show us the way. It sends guidance through 
sensations regarding people, situations, decisions… really any matter involving our lives, if we pay 
close attention. 

Each body uses a unique set of sensations to communicate. My clients have expressed feeling lightness, 
an open chest, excited butterflies in their stomachs 
when their body is communicating “YES!” And 
things like a constricted throat, tight shoulders and 
a queasy stomach when their body is saying “NO!” 
Your body has its own unique language.

To prove it, think of a time when you were in a 
blissful, joyful state. What were you doing? Go 
there now, see it in your mind’s eye. Your body will 
react. What body sensations do you feel? Really 
stop and notice. This is the way your body says 
“YES!” Now imagine the opposite… a situation (a 
job, perhaps) where you were not happy. Engage 
with it viscerally. See it in your mind’s eye. Now 
what sensations are present? They feel different, 
huh? This is your “NO!”

Be patient with yourself. As with all new things, we 
start out as beginners. With practice,

we get better at hearing what our body has to say 
and using its wisdom. We get better at Living TRU.


Lori Koop, The Right Brain Business Coach

Get clear about The Real You and what’s TRU, for you and 
your business.

Schedule a complimentary coaching session at The Center 
for Wellbeing, 626-355-2443.

 When the sun beats down and the outside temp goes up, so does our internal thermometer. There 
are a few little tricks that we can learn from yoga to keep us cooler. But the internal heat does not 
just refer to the physical body. It can mean the emotions get heated, we get angry faster, or irritated 
at more easily. What we eat can make this even worse. When we eat spicy foods it can heat us up 
inside. The heat then rises and we can become ‘hot heads’.

The yoga we practice is an important part of our daily routine. We want to be sure to choose the 
best practice for us for that day. If it is hot outside we want to do a cooling and calming practice to 
help keep the fire in the belly where it belongs and keep the heat out of our heads. So we keep the 
poses centered around forward folds and belly backbends. No big handstands or wheels in the hot 
summer months. Some of you say, “Oh no! I do those anyway”, but watch. Watch and see how you 
think, feel and behave in all that you do. Watch your temper, your relationships, your satisfaction levels. 
Is everything going smoothly, calmly and coolly? Of course we want to stay grounded, but we need to 
add cool to the equation. Cultivate awareness around all these areas in your life.

Here is a breath practice designed to cool you off. It is called Sitali. First you collect saliva on your 
tongue and then curl your tongue into a long tube. Stick it out and inhale through the hole in your 
tongue and across the moisture. It sounds weird, but it works! It’s like a little air conditioner. If you 
cannot curl your tongue, then collect the moisture in your mouth and inhale across your teeth over 
the moisture. Do this ten or more times and you will feel a real difference. You may feel a little silly 
if you practice it in public. But done everyday, it is very effective.

Stay cool and happy,

Namasté, René


Pasadena’s 3rd Annual city-wide event to promote mental health awareness

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Fuller Theological Seminary

135 N. Oakland Ave., Pasadena, California


 The Pasadena Mental Health Day’s focus is to address the mental 
health needs of the residents of Pasadena. It is intended to raise awareness and educate the public 
about mental health and illness in seniors, adults, youth, children, and families. Mental health 
management is fundamental to having a healthy community. Mental Health Day events begin in 
May during mental health month. Pasadena Mental Health Day culminates this month long activity. 
This day, June 1, 2013 is set aside to dedicate thought and put into action the many great services of 
the areas’ health providers … open to the public and all free of charge. This year it is scheduled from 
9:00 to 2:00 at the Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena.

 “Healthy Minds, Healthy Families” is the theme for the event featuring observance of and 
participation in planned activities, health checkups, kids’ activities, information from local agencies 
and food. It gives citizens a true opportunity to learn how to support family, friends and community 
members living with mental health disorders and illnesses.

 The event was initiated three years ago by the Pasadena Mental Health Advisory Committee. They 
have an impressive list of volunteer members, fifty-strong. They represent an array of public and 
private organizations and are all dedicated to this cause … the fundamental necessity of working 
collaboratively to reduce the stigma of Mental Health/Illness and to increase access to mental health 
services. Mental Health Day is an opportunity to educate the community about how to support 
family, friends and community members living with mental health disorders and illnesses.

For the day’s program and complete information, visit

by Dennis R. Buckley, D.C.

 I receive many questions about what chiropractic can do for a 
condition, health, performance or illness and the answer varies with 
each individuals unique situation. Therefore the best answer that can 
be given without performing a complete consultation, examination, 
x-ray’s (if necessary) and a report of finding, is that many people have 
experienced chiropractic care and overall were very satisfied.

In 1994, 1008 chiropractic patients were surveyed about what 
specifically they liked about chiropractic care. All of the patients (100%) reported being satisfied to 
very satisfied with care. This was true whether the patient received one treatment or more than 10.

Patients responded to the survey as follows: 100% were satisfied to very satisfied with treatment in 
general. 99% believed the ability to see the doctor in a reasonable amount of time was good to very 
good. 98% felt access to a chiropractor in an emergency situation was good to very good. 99% agreed 
somewhat to definitely that chiropractic care was leading to a healthier, fit lifestyle. 98% believed that 
their physical condition improved. 99% agreed somewhat to definitely that they have less pain. 71% 
believed they are taking less medication. (Do not stop taking medication without the consent of the 
prescribing doctor.) 87% believed their overall health has improved.

There are no “silver bullets” in health care. If one method does work it does not mean that other 
methods are wrong. Chiropractic can help all people to varying degrees. Co-management of 
conditions may be necessary. You can be assured, as these people surveyed responded, that your 
experience with chiropractic care would most likely be a very positive one. 

You do not have to be sick to get better. Chiropractic care is scientifically, philosophically, and 
artistically designed to optimize health. Scientifically it encompasses the anatomy and physiology 
of the body. Philosophically it recognizes that the power that made the body can heal the body. 
Artistically it utilizes the skills of the chiropractor to safely and effectively adjust the articulations of 
the body to promote a healing environment. 

Experience chiropractic and feel great. Live 
the 100 Year Lifestyle and feel great for a