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Mountain Views-News Saturday, June 15, 2013 

Dogs do some pretty funny things 
sometimes, and I think it’s great that they 
keep me entertained while I walk them to 
keep them in shape. Much like we humans, 
dogs are individuals, each with their own 
personality, unique quirky behavioral 
patterns, and hilarious hang-ups and habits. 
Also, much like we humans, not everything 
a dog does has to have any real meaning or 
purpose. Maybe they just behave certain 
ways because they want to and perhaps 
because they simply enjoy making us laugh.

For example, one of my cute canine clients 
just loves to jump up on top of the stone 
walls all around town during our walks, 
and follow along looking down at me while 
I stay below on the sidewalk. I sometimes 
wonder if she does that because she likes 
the feeling of being taller than the human 
who happens to be walking her. Or maybe 
she likes having the vantage point where she 
can see more squirrels in the trees.

Another one of my dog buds really likes to 
lean in on my leg with his behind while I 
am petting him. I can always tell when he’s 
ready for the massage, because he starts by 
standing in front of me, looking in the same 
direction as I am, and waits till I sit down, 
then literally backs up and pushes himself 
into my two bent knees while looking over 
his shoulder as if to say, “OK, go ahead, I‘m 
ready for a love session!”. It cracks me up 
so much, because I am thinking, “Why not 
just put your face towards me while I pet 
you?”, right? Anyway, I get a real kick out 
of observing the oddities and idiosyncrasies 
displayed by my furry four legged friends, 
and I consider it comic therapy that I am 
sure is meant to help get me through the 

One particular behavioral trait that 
just about all my canine clients tend to 
demonstrate during our walks is that 
of wiping their feet on the ground after 
relieving themselves. Now and again I even 
catch clumps of grass being kicked in my 
face while bending down to clean up the 
dog’s poop. (You can use your imagination 
to get a good grip on that visual). In my 
younger years I always assumed when a dog 
scooted it‘s paws after taking a dump, it was 
trying to cover up the stink, but I found out 
recently that is not necessarily so.

Apparently the general consensus among 
most modern day animal biologists and 
behavioral scientists who have studied this 
particular trait in dogs, is that they scrape 
the grass after doing their business because 
they have scent glands in the pads of their 
feet and they want to add a secondary 
signature to the spot they just finished 
marking. I am sure the researchers are right, 
but as a layperson who loves the mutts and 
likes to think she knows the mind of a 
dog, I still can’t help assuming they’re just 
trying to cover up the mess every time that 

There are so many curious canine quirks 
manifested by the average domestic dog 
during their daily lives, some of which are 
sure to put a person in stitches when or if 
one gets to be the lucky by-stander. I think 
the funniest favorite of all animal antics 
I have had the opportunity to observe is 
when a dog acts out in it’s sleep with rapid 
eye movements, air galloping legs and 
muted bays and barks, all clearly because 
they are dreaming. No stand up comedy act 
out there could ever compare to the show 
an animated dreaming dog can put on!

All in all, whether the comical things canines 
do that make us laugh are meaningful in 
the big scheme of things, I think we can 
all agree that they matter enough without 
the consensus of research scientists. It has 
been said many times that laughter is the 
best medicine, and I agree fully. Therefore, 
I want to thank all of the darling doggies 
I have the privilege of spending time with 
for keeping me happy with their adorable 
antics. Keep up the good work Fido, and let 
the show go on! Live, laugh and love!



TOBY #A4585431 

Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc

Meet the most playful 
puppy in town, Toby 
(A4585431). Toby is an 
extroverted nine month 
old brown brindle male 
Mastiff mix puppy who 
was dumped at the Baldwin 
Park Shelter on June 1st. 
Weighing fifty pounds and 
likely to grow to seventy-
five, Toby needs training 
- which should be easy as 
he will do anything for a 
treat. He is a big puppy 
who wants to play with 
other dogs, and we think he 
will be an awesome playmate for active children who are large enough to 
not be accidentally knocked over. Toby is the perfect indoor pet for an 
active individual or family with large-breed puppy experience living in a 
private home. To watch a video of Toby please visit:

 To meet Toby in person, please see him at the Baldwin Park Shelter, 
located at 4275 N. Elton, Baldwin Park, CA 91706 (Phone: 626-430-2378 
or 626-962-3577). He is currently available now. For any inquiries about 
Toby, please reference his animal ID number: A4585431. The shelter 
is open seven days a week, 12 pm-7 pm Monday-Thursday and 10am-
5pm Friday-Sunday. This is a high-intake shelter with a great need for 
adoptions. For more information about Toby or the adoption process, 
please contact United Hope for Animals Volunteer Adoption Coordinator 
Samantha at To learn more about United 
Hope for Animals’ partnership with the Baldwin Park Shelter through 
its Shelter Support Program, as well as the many dogs of all breeds, 
ages, and sizes available for adoption in local shelters, visit http://www.