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by Lori Koop, Right Brain Business Coach 

TRU Clarity

I asked a bunch of business people what they struggled with most in their 
businesses, and it boiled down to one word: CLARITY. They lacked clarity 
about their products, their brand, their ideal clients, their marketing, their 
resources and/or time management. There are infinite responsibilities that 
come with running a business, and clarity is the key to good management. 
Clarity provides efficient movement forward. 

When clarity is not present, we guess. Like a hamster on the hamster wheel, 
we may find ourselves working really hard but not getting ahead. How frustrating! 
It’s like traveling in a new city without a roadmap. Without clearly 
knowing where we’re headed, we can’t know the best roads to take. 

To find clarity, start with the struggle. Suppose the area of stress is “time management.” That’s a 
broad topic. What specifically about time management is not working? Get really clear about the 
problem, and write it down... for example, maybe you want more time for Social Media each day. If 
there are several areas causing stress, make a list of them, but start with one -- the one that’s most 
frustrating. This is Point A. Now, how would you like this thing to look ideally? Again write down 
your thoughts. Suppose you want 30 minutes each 
day for Social Media. This is Point B. The solution? 
The steps that get you from Point A to Point B. 

Point B is where you’re headed. It is your desired 
destination. How do you get there? 

If you’re like most people, you begin by thinking. 
Engaging the left-brain to analytically figure 
things out. Using your brain power to imagine lots 
of possibilities, then evaluating which ones won’t 
work and reducing the ideas down to “the” solution. 
I know this feels natural. Logic is how we 
were trained. It’s how we have found success in the 
past. But even though it may feel natural, it is not 
how we were designed.

We were designed to begin with the right-brain, 
our spirit. Instead of jamming in the left-brain, 
imagine finding a quiet place and slowing your 
thoughts down to find the answer. This is counter-
intuitive, I know. But if our life map is there, our 
directions are there too. Learning to access your 
answers by first consulting that still, small voice 
will save you time and energy (and probably some 
headaches.) Learn to let clarity come while you 
simply listen. I use journaling to collect the ideas. 
There’s no “working,” the solution is given… even 
with time management. 

It’s a new way of doing business.

- - - - - - - - - -
Lori Koop, The Right Brain Business Coach

Get clear about The Real You and what’s TRU, for you and your business. Schedule a complimentary 
coaching session at The Center for Wellbeing, 626-355-2443.

Ever noticed a brightness about someone that 
you can't quite put your finger on? Even a glow? 
All you know is that it's pleasant. We say to ourselves, 
how can I get that?! 

There are some ways to turn the lights on inside 
& ignite our radiance. 

We know more often when our internal spark 
is not lit; we are tired, bored, and worn out. 
Even humorless. It can feel nearly impossible to 
change how we feel. External sources are of no 
help whatsoever. No amount of money helps. 
However, freedom is not out of reach. 

The work must begin with the body. We've got to 
start breathing and moving. Moving in a way that 
we haven't moved before and breathing in a way 
we haven't before. Learning to breathe in yoga 
changes the emotional state right away. Elongating 
the muscles and ringing out of the organs in 
yoga will make the body feel better.

We can take the opportunity to care about ourselves 
in a way that we haven't before. No more 
putting it off. " I know I should, but..." .

Next, we can move on to the mind & ultimately 
spirit. You can try to avoid the reflection that 
happens while practicing yoga, but be warned it's 
happening! The mind always has a way of trying 
to distract us, there's an itch or clothing adjustment, 
etc. Not to worry, you'll settle down. Soon, 
you'll be seeking out your practice time with 
great focus. 

It does not take long for people to notice some 
immediate changes in you. Emotional well-being 
improved, body is moving better and more freely. 
They notice the GLOW. Still other benefits have 
the ability to alter the landscape of life completely! 

For those who's light shines brightly already: 
think of your yoga like a garden that needs to be 
tended. It needs to be fed, it needs more light!, 
those pesky weeds need to be pulled, and the old 
blooms need to be pruned to make room for new 

Namaste, Keely Totten Teacher at Yoga Madre

Class at 7:30am Saturdays


by Dennis R. Buckley, D.C.


If this past weekend you 
decided that it was time to work 
on the house, clean up the yard, 
open the windows and start 
your spring cleaning, more than 
likely on Monday morning you 
woke up feeling achy and stiff. 
This is a common consequence 
and is expected with a change 
in activities.

Your body is sending you a 
strong message. BEWARE! 
You are overloading me. Even 
if you have been exercising 
regularly, a change in activities 
can activate muscles and joints 
not accustomed to activity and 
this can irritate them.

What can be done? First of all 
be realistic in what you want to 
accomplish. Trying to do too 
much can lead to a situation 
where you will not be able to 
do anything. If you are going to 
work on the house, break down 
your jobs into smaller jobs that 
are prioritized in importance. 
Work safely and correctly. This 
means the proper equipment, 
planning, and common sense. 
More people are injured trying 
to do projects that are beyond 
their means or skills.

Drink plenty of fluids, meaning 
water while working. Wear 
proper shoes and use sunscreen 
on exposed areas to avoid 
sunburn. Lift correctly using the 
legs and take frequent breaks so 
as not to overwork your body. 
Work when it is cooler, early 
morning or late afternoon/
early evening. Wear protective 
gloves or eye protection when 
working. Sunglasses can provide 
protection and lessen stress on 
your eyes. More injuries occur 
because of carelessness than 
anything else does. Stepping on 
tools, dropping heavy objects 
on feet, having objects fall 

on you, tripping, and 
dehydration all can be avoided 
with proper preparation. 

If you do experience pain 
and soreness during or after 
activity, application of ice to 
the affected area can provide 
immediate temporary relief. 
Contrast therapy of ice and 
heat, 5 minutes of heat followed 
by 7 minutes of ice for 4 cycles 
is very effective for decreasing 
inflammation and increasing 

If these symptoms persist, it 
is advisable to schedule an 
appointment with your doctor 
and/or chiropractor. The lack 
of previous activity and the 
increase in new activity has 
probably caused an imbalance 
in your musculoskeletal system 
affecting nerve function 
resulting in symptoms. The 
chiropractor can identify the 
problem and by eliminating this 
imbalance through appropriate 
treatment will decrease the 
pain, correct the underlying 
problem, and allow your body 
to heal naturally and safely. This 
will allow you to take advantage 
of outside activities in spring 
and through summer.



“A Musical Sampler” with songs by American composers is the theme for the Royal Oaks Manor’s 
summer concert. Andrew Henken will direct religious, popular and patriotic tunes. Residents of 
Royal Oaks and Westminster Gardens retirement communities comprise the choirs. Tabitha Henken, 
who has organized the combined choirs, will be the accompanist for “A Musical Sampler.” 

 Instrumentalists include Wendy Bradley, piccolo, and Larry Ballenger, trumpet—appropriate musical 
accents, especially for the patriotic songs. Guests will be invited to join in singing some 
of the familiar tunes. Representatives from branches of the military and the ROTC 
from Pasadena High School will participate. The community is invited to attend the 
free concert at 7 p.m., Tues., June 18, in the Royal Oaks chapel at 1763 Royal Oaks 
Drive, Duarte. Please call 626-359-9371 for more information.