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Book Reviews by Jasmine Kelsey Williams 



“The Purge” on paper 
has a very intriguing 
premise. The year is 2022, 
unemployment is at 1%, 
and the crime rate is at 
an all time low. The film 
proposes this wild notion 
that our “New Founding Fathers” initiated a 
law that states that for one night out of the year 
anyone can commit any feasible crime without 
punishment. The reasoning behind the purge is 
that we as human beings are in fact violent and 
vicious. Therefore, we need to purify ourselves. 
To purge is to cleanse the soul for those with 
pent up anger, hatred, and rage. In the 85 minute 
running time, writer/director James DeMonaco 
wastes his interesting concept with a lack of 
thrills, chills, and any real social commentary to 
put on display. “The Purge” could have been one 
scary, thought-provoking human story masked 
behind an R-rated horror film yet everything that 
seemed promised in the trailers was not kept. 

 Ethan Hawke stars as James Sandin, a high 
level employee who sells home security systems 
to wealthy people in his suburban paradise. 
Those who buy it ultimately are able to turn 
their luxurious homes into fortified castles. The 
Sandins consists of James, his wife Mary (Lena 
Headey), and their two kids, Zoey and Charlie. 
Zoey is a typical 17-year-old girl. She shows 
bitterness toward her father, who doesn’t approve 
of her older boyfriend. Charlie is an intelligent, 
misfit pre-teen who doesn’t know how to occupy 
his time effectively. Leading up to the purge, 
we hear news broadcasts throughout the house 
expressing what is allowed during the event. They 
also have a brief yet humorous transmit about 
which weapons can and can’t be used. There’s 
also a small segment about how the purge may be 
helping the economy and rapidly lowering crime 
rate. However, analysts insist that perhaps these 
stellar results come at the cost of attacking those 
who are at poverty stricken, homeless, and infirm 
levels. DeMonaco doesn’t really expand too 
much on this in his underdeveloped script. He’s 
more focused on having his film be this small, 
contained thriller than allowing it to develop into 
something much greater as it desperately should 
have been.

 When the purge starts at 7pm, Charlie inquires 
why his parents don’t go out and kill someone on 
this night. They simply tell him they have no urge 
to do so. As the they settle in for the night for 
another annual purge, Charlie witnesses a man in 
trouble outside his home via their outside camera 
security. The African-American man outside 
is begging for someone to help him and to no 
surprise not a single person is willing to open his 
or her home for him. Believing the right thing to 
do is to aid the man who’s in trouble, Charlie takes 
it upon himself to disarm his house’s security 
system to allow for the man to come in side. This 
is where the “real” story of the movie unfolds. It 
become less about this wild event that happens 
each year and more about this family keeping a 
man on the run inside their home from people 
wanting to kill him. 

 Australian actor Rhys Wakefield is the ringleader 
of this group of wealthy collegiate individuals 
looking to kill the man inside the Sandin 
residence. If the family doesn’t comply with their 
demands, they will have no choice to force entry 
and kill everyone. Wakefield is easily the most 
entertaining character in this thinly written film. 
He’s vicious, humorous, and utterly portrays his 
violent tendencies with such ease. Unfortunately, 
his joker-like demeanor can’t save “The Purge” 
from being such a slog from halfway in till the 
end. With a few small surprises in store late in 
the game and a cool fight sequence with Ethan 
Hawke and the perpetrators, “The Purge” isn’t 
completely empty. However, the story is sparsely 
conceived and these surprises are too little too 
late to really care. As we approach the conclusion, 
things become pretty silly and unintentionally 

 With a lack of big moments and neither being 
terrifying nor providing anything remotely 
insightful with its great premise, “The Purge” 
can’t deliver the goods it initially set out to do.

Grade: 2 out of 5


By Kevin Dutton

 With June flowing through and summer break right around 
the corner, our next choice will not just be an interesting one, 
but one that should make you stop and think after you’ve 
finished reading it. “The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, 
Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us about Success” by Kevin 
Dutton, is definitely a mouthful but has so much more once 
you go in depth with it. Now before you start thinking ‘how are 
serial killers beneficial?’ take time to fully read Dutton’s words 
and tone. Dutton explains in this book how such characters 
such as spies and serial killers mirror qualities that we all 
possess on a deeper level, and how each of these qualities can 
sometimes not just define us or highlight our personality, but 
also can be the driving factors for why we want to succeed. 

 “The Wisdom of Psychopaths” delves into different factors 
and different facets of one’s personality so that show how it 
affects one in their own life. This does not mean that we’re 
bound to be violent or crazy, but how we can use certain traits 
to pursue what we want, and how certain traits can be put to 
good use. One example is the second chapter ‘Will the Real 
Psychopath Please Stand Up?’ that breaks down different 
factors such emotions, personality in general and introverted 
versus extroverted that can combine to create unique patterns in individuals that sometimes 
may aid another in identifying one who is a psychopath (so to speak). Do not fret dear readers; 
this book tells us to not just judge a book by its cover, but that we can learn to pay attention to 
those around us and sometimes be able to tell how they may stand out in certain ways when it 
comes to external factors, such as personality and behavior. 

 Published and copyrighted in 2012, and receiving praise from The Wall Street Journal, Daily 
Beast, and Psychology Today, “The Wisdom of Psychopaths” can be one to make you think, as 
well as opening your eyes to an entirely new perspective.

Written and Directed by 

 James DeMonaco

Rated R for strong disturbing violence 
and some language

Release Date: June 7th, 2013



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How about taking him for a hike (or a 
walk) and then enjoy some great music 
and pulled pork sandwiches (also a veggie 

What a better way to spend family time.

This Sunday’s line up is:

6/16/2013 NOON-02:00 

 Bryan Chan

02:00-03:30 GRIT

04:00-05:00 Tim Tedrow & 

 Terry Vreeland

Note: This Father’s day will be dedicated 
to Rich Conforti who left us way too soon on May 30. 

FUNDRAISER: Help us maintain Big Santa Anita Canyon. All proceeds from the 
sale of merchandise will be donated to the Friends of the San Gabriels.

Parking is at a premium and so just tell the gate monitor that you are here for the 
music and we will find a place for you to park.



WHAT: “4 Flappers and a Funeral.” An interactive musical murder mystery.

WHO: Book by Larry Johnson. Original music by Alan Hong. Directed by 
Ken Salzman. Musical staging by Kim Eberhardt. Presented 
by SanZman Productions, Renaissance Murder Mystery Players and 
Sierra Madre Playhouse.

WHERE: Sierra Madre Playhouse, 87 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, CA 
Ample free parking behind theatre.

WHEN: Sunday, June 16, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. ADMISSION: $20.

RESERVATIONS: (626) 355-4318.


* * * * * *

 “4 Flappers and a Funeral” is a 1920's Musical Murder Mystery that takes place at the Kitchy Koo 
speakeasy in East Chicago in 1923. The Kitchy Koo is located in a church basement where the upstairs 
has been closed because of a fire. The club has an aging silent film star, Norma Swanson, as their songstress. 
She happens to be married to Joey Carbonera, a mob boss in East Chicago and owner of the 
club. To fill out the cast is Susie Cue, who wants to take Norma's place; Nannette, an innocent dancer 
who is forced to work because she lost her parents in the church fire; Ruby, a Southern belle from 
Southern Ohio, or she says she is and what’s her real name; and Harry “the horse” Hannigan, who 
flirts anything or anyone in a skirt. Bring these characters together and it spells trouble - m.u.r.d.e.r!

 This is an interactive murder mystery with music (some old favorites, some original music), dancing, 
and gaiety---until someone turns up dead!

Instead of guessing at whodunit, the audience votes on whodunit, and the denouement is tailored to 
match. The show has a cast of eight, including flappers, gangsters, and that aging prima donna.

 SanZman Productions puts on interactive murder mysteries throughout the San Gabriel Valley, and 
is able to tailor their content to fit any occasion.



Sierra Madre’s own home-based and wildly popular band, 
Cow Bop, will bring its unique mix of swingin’ grooves, 
thrilling riffs, sweet and hot vocals, western sensibilities 
and tons of fun to a free concert in the park on June 23rd 
at the Memorial Park Band Shell, 222 W. Sierra Madre 
Blvd., from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. 

Cow Bop has played nightclubs and concert venues 
throughout the world, including Carnegie Hall, but 
they are comfortable in such diverse surroundings 
as roadside taverns and at festivals like the Montreal 
and Monterey Jazz Festivals, the Sisters Folk Festival, 
as well as the Elko, Heber City, Monterey and Santa 
Clarita Cowboy Gatherings. In 2004 Cow Bop won the 
Route 66 Challenge, traveling the length of the historic 
route starting with only $100.00 and no scheduled gigs. They always hit the stage with an 
electrifying and entertaining assortment of music and frolic.

Their first CD, Swinging Out West, was released in 2004 and charted four different genres. 
Their subsequent CD’; Route 66, Too Hick for the Room, and their newest, Cowlifornia 
Swing, have delighted critics around the world. Their music has been described as “the 
most fun you can have with your spurs on.” 

What goes with an evening of Cow Bop fun? The Surfer Taco Truck’s authentic, mouth-
watering food! In addition to tacos, The Surfer Taco Truck features tortas, quesadillas, 
cemitas poblanas, empanadas, sopas, burritos, huaraches, mulitas, tostadas, and shrimp 
cocktails in addition to combination plates, soft drinks, and more. There is something to 
delight every taste, and a chance to taste something new.


Seating is festival style so all you need to do is bring is your blanket or lawn chair, grab 
something delicious from The Surfer Taco Truck, and enjoy Cow Bop’s great sounds! 

The Sierra Madre Civic Club is sponsoring Cow Bop and The Surfer Taco Truck. Civic 
Club meets at 7:00 P.M. on the second Thursday of the month at Hart Park House which is 
located next to the band shell at Memorial Park. Women of all ages are welcome.