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by Lori Koop, Right Brain Business Coach 

Dance: the movement of the body in response to music... and so much more. 
A translation of sound to feeling, and to the present. A tangible expression of 
an intangible world. Personal, unique, precious. A mystical process calling the 
unknown to be known. Asking us to reveal who we are with utmost honesty. 
Through dance, we are invited to uncover, discover, and recover our true selves.

We hear the beat and react innately. The rhythm, the lyrics, the tone speak to our 
soul. Is it true? We can listen and learn things we didn’t know before. We find 
answers to questions we weren’t 
asking. Are we open to listening? 
Will we allow ourselves 
the freedom of unbridled movement? What is our 
body telling us about our spirit? Are we available? We 
are certainly longing to know about ourselves, though 
we may not always be aware that we are searching in 
the first place.

Everyone is invited, but not everyone is willing. To be 
fully alive requires vulnerability: “Do I even know 
how to dance? What if people laugh? What if I trip?” 
Such is the dare of the dance!

Your dance can’t be wrong. It was written for you. 
It was written in you. It’s not something you create 
-- it is something you allow. It moves through you, 
speaking its passion. A meaning hidden until now. 
The dreams and desires of the spirit. The path that 
is right for you. These answers to unasked questions 
were waiting for the right time, for the right heart. 
The Real You revealing.

Say yes. Let it be so. You were born to dance.

Lori Koop, The Right Brain Business Coach

Get clear about The Real You and what’s TRU, for you 
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In Yoga, we refer to a Vinyasa as a series of poses put together. It could be 2 to 3 poses or several poses 
strung together. The idea is to create a natural progression through the poses. Often, we add breath to 
the poses. Not to say we're not breathing already; but deliberate, slower, complete breath. Full inhale, 
full exhale. A systematic calming and enlivening happens. 

I've been reminded lately of how necessary the vinyasa is-- in yoga & in life. When the times comes, 
we move forward to the next thing. Taking an opportunity that comes by or more difficult choices, 
like moving on from a draining situation. Surprise, surprise, even the happy & content need to progress. 
Nothing will quash contentment like lack of enthusiasm. 

Some people do this vinyasa -ing with complete tenacity and even, grace. They make it look easy! Just 
take that as further inspiration to pursue your next move. Beware, the next indicated "development" 
may look like its too hard and too much work. Go from the place of truth and fearlessness. We cannot 
survive, or better yet, thrive on yesterday's practice or successes. Yes, a certain amount of energy from 
those is "in the bank", but it does run out. 

A challenge: Practice the Vinyasa. Try it on the mat. Gather courage and awareness. Then take that 
same deliberate, calm, and fearless effort with you into real life. 


Keely Totten

Teaching Saturdays at Yoga Madre @ 7:30am

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