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There are many benefits to having a Facebook page for your business. If you keep 
it active and feed it with good content, it will start to show up in the search engines, even to people 
who are not on Facebook. 

I was recently asked to review the process of setting up a Facebook page. Here are the steps to get 

1. Launch the business page from your main Facebook account. You only need one account 
and login information on Facebook. Each account can have a personal timeline and manage 
multiple Business Pages. 
2. After you login to your main Facebook account, go to: and select 
“Create Page”
3. Select the type of page you are creating (company, product, artist, band, cause etc.) Know 
that you can always change the categories later.
4. Facebook will walk you through a step-by-step process. Be prepared to have a square version 
of your logo for the profile image as well as a nice cover image (think in the shape of a billboard).
5. Fill in all the page information details. Make sure you fill in the short description and the 
overview section with good key words as this helps the search engines find your page. Pay close 
attention to the page address. You will be able to set up a unique url just for your page (www.
6. Populate your page with photos and at least four to five posts before promoting your page 
and inviting your friends to “Like” your page.

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in Internet Marketing strategies. They are known for providing valuable information at their Social 
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Many homeowners are still facing mortgage default, and while the best bet is to contact 
your lender directly, there are tempting advertisements out there for companies that claim 
they can solve your financial crisis. Fraud is rampant, so look out for the following warning 

First, don’t believe the hype when you hear, “We’ll stop the auction!” or, “Debt eliminated, 
guaranteed!” If it sounds too good to be true, it is!

You should be suspicious of any company that tries to gain your trust by imitating a government 
agency. They may (illegally) publish government logos and names, or even copy the 
look of an official website, so pay attention to the details.

Back out of any deal that requires you to pay any fees upfront. There is no need to pay anyone 
to modify your mortgage terms, because your lender, and only your lender, can do that.

Most importantly, do not make mortgage payments to anyone but your lender. If a person 
or company presents you with an official looking statement that indicates payments should 
now be made to them, don’t walk – run for the door, and call the Better Business Bureau.

By working directly with your lender, you may be able to modify your loan terms, or agree 
to a pay-off through a “short sale” listing. Please heed this advice from an experienced 


CALL 626-264-2085


The latest on Business News, Trends and Techniques

By La Quetta M. Shamblee, MBA


In a recent interview with leadership expert, John Maxwell captured on CD by Success 
Magazine, he spoke about the correlation between the focus on personal growth and the 
achievement of goals. For decades, setting goals has been heralded as the focus of honing 
one’s progress and success. Mr. Maxwell shares a simple, yet profound perspective based on 
more than 40 years as someone who has taught and coached thousands of individuals who 
have gone on to achieve phenomenal success.

He alluded to the notion of goal setting during a period in his life as well. At some point, he 
discovered that a commitment to personal growth on an ongoing basis leads to attainment 
of, and often the surpassing of milestones that he would have previously identified as goals. 
The basic tenant – if you want to reach your goals, just make a commitment to personal 

Being disciplined is one of the personal traits that he addressed, showing the contrast 
in relation to simply being motivated. The tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions to 
lose weight was presented as an example of how motivation without discipline is useless. 
Stating a goal and having the initial motivation to lose weight has to move beyond making 
a pronouncement and spending money on a gym membership, new exercise equipment 
or weight loss program. If the motivation to exercise beyond a brief period of excitement 
during the month of January is not evidenced by discipline to continue the new routine in 
February, March and beyond, setting a goal followed by an initial surge in motivation is for 

Every achievement, large or small, is built on a foundation of discipline applied with 
consistency to the development and growth of a talent or skill. Talented musicians, master 
carpenters, profession athletes and successful entrepreneurs have something in common. 
All of them have attained their distinctions as a result of a sustained process of disciplined 
effort applied over a period of time with consistency.

Focusing on personal growth in one or more areas of one’s life on a daily basis will propel a 
person to great achievements. The world’s top athletes still maintain regiments of practice 
and conditioning. These individuals recognize the importance on ongoing personal 
improvement in every area to optimize their performances. Their achievements, successes 
and status as champions are indelibly linked to a pattern of discipline and consistency. This 
powerful combination provides the magic formula for personal growth to create the magic 
that will have you looking at your goals in the rear view mirror as you are propelled far 
beyond your initial expectations.