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Mountain Views-News Saturday, August 10, 2013 

The City of Sierra Madre 
Community Services 
Department hosts a monthly 
excursion to various places 
in Southern California. Don’t 
miss upcoming trips to Oak 
Glen, CA in September and 
Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest 
in October. For more 
information please contact 
the Community Services 
Department at 626-355-
5278. Registration can be 
completed online at www.


On Friday, September 13, 
2013, appreciate the scenic 
beauty and breathe in the 
crisp air while visiting Oak 
Glen, CA. The trip will 
include a visit to Riley’s at Los 
Rios Rancho, the oldest and 
largest ranch in Oak Glen, and 
a working apple farm. While 
at Riley’s browse through 
the unique gift shop, take a 
walk through the beautiful 
apple orchards, or see a 
vintage 1932 cider press that 
produces 100 gallons of cider 
per hour. Following Riley’s 
is a visit to Law’s Complex 
which includes Law’s Oak 
Glen Coffee Shop, where 
lunch will be enjoyed, Law’s 
Cider Mill and Ranch, and 
Five Seasons Gifts. The cost 
of this trip is $38.00; the bus 
departs from the Hart Park 
House senior Center at 9:00 
a.m. and will return to Sierra 
Madre at 3:00 p.m. 


On Saturday, October 
12, 2013 join us for the 
biennial trip to Big Bear for 
Oktoberfest. Upon arrival 
the group will enjoy a 
narrated bus tour of Big Bear 
Lake featuring the history 
of Big Bear Lake, current 
issues facing their eco-
environment, and various 
stories and antics occurring 
at the Lake. A German style 
lunch including a variety 
of bratwursts, potato salad, 
sauerkraut, pretzel, and 
apple strudel will be served. 
During and after lunch enjoy 
German entertainment, 
learn traditional dances, and 
peruse vendor booths. The 
cost of this trip is $89.00; the 
bus departs from the Hart 
Park House senior Center at 
8:30 a.m. and will return to 
Sierra Madre at 4:30 p.m. 


Dear Editor:

 Your August 3 Article emphasizing the critical nature of our water situation was both timely and appropriate. 
The need for enhanced awareness and action to conserve water has never been more critical. 
However, as Sierra Madre's representative on the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, I 
do feel it is important to understand that the original source of the supplemental water described in 
the article is the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District not the City of Arcadia or Metropolitan 
Water District of Southern California (MWD). Arcadia and MWD's infrastructure will be used only 
to transport water provided by SGVMWD to Sierra Madre. 

The water conveyed through Arcadia's water system will be groundwater, previously stored in the San 
Gabriel Basin aquifer by the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District. Sierra Madre purchased 
some of this stored water a few years ago when the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District lowered 
the cost. This groundwater will be pumped from the San Gabriel Basin aquifer using Arcadia's 
wells and conveyed to Sierra Madre through their pipelines. 

The water to be delivered through MWD's pipeline is possible through a cooperative water exchange 
agreement I negotiated with MWD a few years ago. This agreement allows San Gabriel Valley Municipal 
Water District water to be conveyed through MWD's pipelines and MWD's water to be conveyed 
through the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District pipeline (we operate a separate pipeline 
and like MWD, are a state water contractor which imports water from northern California) which 
is mutually beneficial to both entities. This agreement will have substantial benefits to Sierra Madre, 
not only from a water reliability perspective, but also from a water cost standpoint. This water, purchased 
from San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, will be up to 8 times less expensive than if 
purchased directly from MWD, saving the City, residents and businesses considerably.

I have worked very hard over the last decade, in my role on the Board of the San Gabriel Valley 
Municipal Water District, to enhance and improve the value to the City: From funding for necessary 
reservoir improvements ($3 million in grant and loan funds); to implementing and funding several 
water conservation projects within the City. These improvements combined with the ability to access 
supplemental water have enhanced the water supply reliability. But remember, the least expensive 
water supply option is to eliminate wasteful use and to conserve.

Thomas Love, President

San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District 


“H20 Heroes”

Deanne Davis……The Social Side

In honor of the new banners on Sierra Madre lampposts and our fantastic 18.6% less water 
consumption this year than the same period last year, a little rap poem seems in order. 

We’re H20 Heroes,

Our water use is low.

With our faucets turned off,

Just how low can it go!

We’re doin’ all we can,

To save a drop or two,

H20 Heroes! 

That’s me, that’s you!

Our lawns are lookin’ awful,

But we’re tryin’ not to care.

12.6 million gallons less,

Victory all of us can share!

H20 Heroes oughta feel proud,

Our meters show we’re saving,

We can celebrate it loud…

Sierra Madreans really are a water saving crowd!

Yep, we’re doin’ all we can,

To save a drop or two,

H20 Heroes! 

That’s me, that’s you!



 The paper inadvertently listed the purchase of 1,468 gallons of water. IT SHOULD READ 1,468 

Purchased water is expensive, but not that expensive! We apologize for any anxiety this may have 
caused. Thanks for your patience.


For the period July 29 – August 4, 2013

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

At approximately 1:00 pm, Officers responded to the 300 block of Sierra Woods Dr. in reference to a 
suspicious vehicle. Upon arrival, officers found the vehicle, parked, unoccupied and with the engine 
still running. Shortly thereafter, Officer’s observed a subject leaving a home that was just burglarized. 
Officers went in foot pursuit of the subject, who was later detained and ultimately arrested in the 
100 block of S. Michillinda Ave. A second suspect was later located, arrested and transported to 
the SMPD jail. The first suspect was taken to Arcadia Methodist Hospital for treatment of injuries 
he had sustained from climbing over several fences. While at the hospital, the suspect assaulted the 
transporting officer and attempted to flee the emergency room. During his attempt to flee, the suspect 
attempted to carjack a passing motorist in the parking lot. This suspect was ultimately apprehended 
and arrested again a short time later. During this investigation, several items of evidence belonging 
to the victim were located. After processing some of these items for evidentiary value, they were 
returned to the victim.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Around 1:00 pm, unknown suspect(s) entered an occupied residence in the 400 block of N. 
Michillinda Ave. through an open / unlocked window. The suspect(s) ransacked several bedrooms 
and exited the home through the same unlocked / open window. The total loss is unknown at this 
time; however, the victim has preliminarily estimated the loss at $500.00.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

An unknown suspect sprayed water inside the victim’s vehicle. The vehicle was parked in the 400 
block of Grove Street. The amount of damage, if any from the water, was not known at the time of 
the report.