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PETA’s Precarious Hilarious ‘Wild Animal Agent’

LANCELOT: #A4611236

Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc

If you’re anything like me, more often than not after viewing an advertisement by an 
animal advocate group such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 
or an animal rescue organization such as The Humane Society or SPCA (Society 
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), you end up in tears and unable to finish 
watching because it makes you so depressed. There are reasons why those organizations tend to make their ads so emotionally 
engaging, and I am one who will support such groups as much as I can, but I could do without the sad, tear-jerking graphics 
they display in their ads. I mean let’s face it, anyone who has it in their heart to donate already knows about the horrific 
things that happen to animals at the hands of cruel humans, and those who are not inclined to donate most likely will not be 
prompted to do so by viewing grueling graphics of animal cruelty.

Fortunately, PETA has switched gears a bit in terms of how they solicit interest and support for their efforts from their 
viewers. Now, thanks to the creative cast & crew employed by PETA’s promotional department, they are using ad campaigns 
that offer a good gut laugh rather than a tortured tear, leaving the viewer even more enthusiastic about supporting their 
efforts than if they had been forced to witness unspeakable behind scenes acts against the animals. A relatively recent PETA 
promotional ad campaign that pin-points inappropriate exploitation and neglectful treatment of wild animals on Hollywood 
movie sets features the unique technique of humor versus remorse, as a means of prompting a positive response from their 

Devon Dentler, a cute, crazy comic who just happens to reside just up the road from us in Glendale, has made it his mission 
to incite positive responses from the general public, all on behalf of wild animals who have way-too-long been exploited by 
the entertainment industry. Here’s a guy who could get a good giggle out of the crustiest crowd that would otherwise rather 
frown and be down, and has chosen to focus his talents and time on helping prevent wild animal exploitation in Hollywood. 
His hilarious ad antics have recently become an icon among animal rights activists, including myself. When I first saw one 
of Devon’s ads, I was enamored by his charming way of making an important point while making me laugh my ‘you-know-
what‘ off at the same time! It was so refreshing to see an animal rights promotional ad that succeeded in cutting to the chase 
without leaving me emotionally depleted. I have always thought that humor is an amazing medium that can be used to 
convey thoughts that are typically difficult to convey, and in my opinion, Devon (aka: “Wild Animal Agent”) is the master of 
this rather new animal rights advertisement comedy genre.

If you’ve never caught one of PETA’s ads featuring Devon Dentler, ‘Wild Animal Agent‘, I highly recommend it. Even if you 
are not in a position to donate to the cause right now, you will definitely benefit from the laughter these ads will bring, and it 
can‘t hurt to be reminded of what goes on behind the scenes with animals in entertainment. There are at least 8 commercials 
in the PETA “Wild Animal Agent” campaign series that I know of, and each one is focused on a particular type of animal. 
There is one with a bear, one with an elephant, a couple featuring a lion, one with a gorilla and even one with a bat. These 
animal advocate ads make full fun of the ‘average’ Hollywood talent agent using simply side-splitting satire that is guaranteed 
to hit the nail on the head regarding 
the inappropriate use of wild 
animals in film. Of course, there 
are no wild animals in the PETA 
ads themselves, as that would be 
somewhat of a conflict of interest, 
so instead of including a real animal, 
they use sound effects, and panning 
techniques that turn the viewer into 
the animal. Brilliant stuff, I think!

A few of Dentler’s PETA ads can be 
viewed free at: http://tennilleteague.
com/PETA-Devon-Dentler. Be sure 
and check it out! And, meanwhile 
don’t forget that life is too short not 
to be kind…laugh, love and let live!

Lancelot (A4611236) is as sweet as they come! Lancelot 
is a cuddly eight month old black and fawn male Spaniel/
medium hair Chihuahua mix puppy who was dumped at 
the Baldwin Park Shelter on July 26th. Weighing twenty 
pounds, Lancelot does not walk on leash and insisted on 
being carried by his handler for his photo shoot. Mellow, 
content and with a charming disposition, he is good with 
other dogs and we think he will be okay with children. 
Lancelot is a wonderful pet for anyone in any living 
situation! Please check him out and fall in love with this 
puppy. To watch a video of Lancelot please visit: www.

To meet Lancelot in person, please see him at the Baldwin 
Park Shelter, located at 4275 N. Elton, Baldwin Park, CA 
91706 (Phone: 626-430-2378 or 626-962-3577). He is 
currently available now. For any inquiries about Lancelot, 
please reference his animal ID number: A4611236. The 
shelter is open seven days a week, 12 pm-7 pm Monday-
Thursday and 10am-5pm Friday-Sunday. This is a high-
intake shelter with a great need for adoptions. For more 
information about Lancelot or the adoption process, please 
contact United Hope for Animals Volunteer Adoption 
Coordinator Samantha at Samantha@hope4animals.
org. To learn more about United Hope for Animals’ 
partnership with the Baldwin Park Shelter through its 
Shelter Support Program, as well as the many dogs of 
all breeds, ages, and sizes available for adoption in local 
shelters, visit