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Book Reviews by Jasmine Kelsey Williams 

By Sean Kayden


Minks, which once started as an indie-synth pop band, is now a one-man 
act fronted by Shaun “Sonny” Kilfoyle. Debut album “By The Hedge” was a 
collection of dark-pop tracks that channeled new wave bands of the 80s. The 
vocals were indiscernible at times and the arrangements quite ethereal. With 
“Tides End,” Minks’ sophomore album delves into brighter pop territory. It may be running on 
chart topping 80s fumes, but the record still has plenty 
of gas left over to burn. Regardless of the similarities, 
Minks second full-length endeavor sheds both beauty 
and nostalgia. It’s not perfect, but “Tides End” evokes 
a summer feeling for those seemingly restless and 
searching for something not quite apparent. 

“Doomed and Cool,” while boasting some trite lyrics 
has New Order written all over it. It’s a fine pop tune, 
but it’s quite expendable. “Ark of Life,” one of the better tracks off the album is silky smooth. With 
the combination of jangly guitars, darkly romantic lyrics, and Kilfoyle’s dreamy vocals, “Ark of Life” 
is superb. The closing title track, “Tides End,” is a breath of fresh air. It’s the ideal song to conclude 
the record. It’s as calm as ocean waters while carrying you away to nirvana. A definite highlight to 
a record filled with solid tracks. “Weekenders” starts off like a Radio Dept. song, but quickly finds 
it’s own footing as a Minks’ original. The track displays cool vibes, laidback arrangements, and 
simplistic lyrics. Perhaps the best song here is “Painted Indian,” the single released a few months 
ago. This effervescent tune is the most upbeat song on “Tides End.” It simply has this don’t care 
disposition about it that makes it feel edgy and dangerous. It induces a sort of chaotic feeling that 
allows for the song to be both utterly addictive and fresh. Opening track “Romans” is almost too 
bright and cheery. If one track could be thrown out for me this would be it. It’s unfortunate that 
it kicks off the album because if you get through this one, you’re in for an excellent journey of 80s 
persuasion tunes.

“Tides End” may not have the sharpest or most thought-provoking lyrics. However, Kilfoyle’s vocals 
are magic. He can turn an ordinary line (and there are quite a few here) into something memorable. 
While his music ventures into crowded terrain, his voice is one of the few that truly stands out from 
the rest. After two years and eight months, Minks’ second album is a clear winner. They may be one 
of the lesser-known acts on the Captured Tracks (Wild Nothing, DIIV, Beach Fossils) label, but they 
are equally as good as any other band on their growing roster. “Tides End” exemplifies warm vibes, 
intoxicating beauty, and a feeling you rather not shake loose. With a well balance of fast and slow 
tempo songs, “Tides End” is one of the most complete records of the year. It may not hit the mark 
100% of the time, but when it does, there’s not a lot out there that can match up with it. 

Grade: 8.5 out of 10 

Key Tracks: “Margot,” Painted Indian,” “Ark of Life,” “Tides End”


 This next book should be quite the eye-catcher with its 
bright red coloring and lengthy title, but the contents 
within will be enough to keep you. “The Honest Truth 
About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone-Especially 
Ourselves” is yet another wordy title, but one that by its 
title alone is very informative. Ariely breaks down the 
down the essences of that one that one habit many of us 
individuals do: LYING. However, he just does not explain 
the concept of lying, but why we lie, and the various reactions 
or reasons of how we may feel when lying (or being 
lied to) to ourselves and others. Ariely continues by 
explaining that even though we may try to be honest, and 
even think ourselves honest people, we actually cheat, 
lie, and do deceptive deeds to achieve what we want or if 
we go as far to believe that we will not get caught. From 
the workplace to the classroom, even to home, unethical 
behavior can be found almost anywhere and when provided 
with certain circumstances how some things can 
be easier to lie about than others, as well the workplace, 
which can open up deceptive ways both intentionally and 

Now dear readers, this does not mean that you should lie because you can get away with it 
(as well as possibly coming back to you later on), but should open your eyes to thinking differently 
about lying in general. Is it better to lie to save your skin and buy more time for what 
you need or to come out with the truth and exposing yourself in the process? Ariely answers 
these types of questions in “The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty” but reassures us that all 
is not lost, as he can point out what keeps us honest, and pointing in the right direction to 
help us achieve higher ethics as unique individuals in everyday life. Copyrighted in 2012, and 
receiving praise from sources such as Washington Post,, Publishers Weekly, as well 
as various critics, “The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty” is blunt, bold, and straightforward, 
making this read not just informative, but one that is perfectly honest in the message it conveys 
to readers.

Artist: Minks

Album: Tides End

Label: Captured Tracks
Release Date: August 6, 2013


With a goal of 100 members by the end of 2013, Authors Tour USA has already attracted authors 
throughout the U.S. and abroad through word-of-mouth. This membership authors’ organization 
was launched several months after The Artisan Faire held at Santa Race Track in November 2012. 
This free admission inaugural community event featured an “Authors Corner” section where 12 local 
authors had a special section for the displaying, selling and signing of their books. It also turned out 
to be a great networking opportunity for writers of different genres who reside throughout Southern 

Authors Tour USA hosted its first booksigning to feature members in March of this year. Since that 
time, the organization has added members throughout the country and abroad. Two international 
members of note include a Canadian, beekeeping English Professor and a Puerto Rican, multi-award-
winning author who wrote the first lesbian fictional work in her country. A synopsis of these talented 
writers provides a glimpse into the broad range of talent among our accomplished members.

Bill Bunn

English Professor and Beekeeper

Latest books: Duck Boy (2012) first young adult novel 
and Hymns of Home (2013) collection of essays and 
articles. In addition to an extensive list of scholarly 
and media publications, Bunn has published three 
books and several essays. He is an English professor 
at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, 
Canada and lives near Millarville with his wife in a 
lively home filled with three teenagers, several four-
footed furry friends, and they watch over two hives 
of bees.

 Yolanda Arroyo-Pizarro

Multi-award-winning, Internationally-
lauded writer and radio host

Latest books: “Raceless” is Arroyo-Pizarro’s 
contribution to “Write for Light”, an 
international compilation of true stories and 
poems (2013, Ghana & UK, edited by Dean 
Tucker) and Negras…Stories of Puerto Rican 
Slave Women (2012).

The writing talents of this Guaynabo, Puerto Rican resident have propelled 
her around the world. She spent time teaching and studying in the U.S. as 
the recipient of the 2011 Woman Latino Writer Award Residency from the 
National Hispanic Culture Center in Albequerque She has contributed to and 
participated in literary projects around the world, including South Africa, 
Japan and New York.

Just a peek of two of our members, among many to watch with writings worth the read.

Are you an author with a published book? Authors Tour USA has extended the FREE membership 
offer through October 15th. . Information and online application availale at

Also Coming To The Playhouse...............


WHAT: “The Lion in Winter.” 
A play.

WHO: Written by James Goldman. 
Directed by Michael Cooper. 
Presented by SMPH 

WHERE: Sierra Madre Playhouse, 
87 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., 
Sierra Madre, CA 91024. Ample 
free parking behind theatre.

WHEN: September 27- November 
16, 2013. Fri. & Sat. at 
8:00, Sun. at 2:30. A Champagne 
reception and buffet follows the 
Friday, September 27 opening 
night performance.

 “The Lion in Winter,” a comedic 
drama, was originally produced 
on Broadway in 1966 and 
made into an Academy Award 
winning film in 1968. It is an 
enduringly popular stage comedy 
that combines keen historical 
insight with humor that bristles 
and burns. 

 The award-winning Michael 
Cooper directs. His long resume 
includes many shows including 
the acclaimed SMPH production 
of “To Kill A Mockingbird”; 
and “One for the Road” (partial 


 The Tap Chicks are seasoned tap 
dancers who dazzle with youthful 
energy. A favorite at the L.A. 
County Fair for many years, their 
previous performances at the Sierra 
Madre Playhouse have sold 

 The Tap Chicks were originally 
formed at Pasadena Senior Center. 
They are choreographed by 
Pam Kay, who also provides musical 
accompaniment, comedy 
and vocals.

 The fully costumed act dances 
to music ranging from Broadway 
tunes to 40s favorites to contemporary 
songs. The dancers are 
mature in years (ranging in age 
from 50 to 84) but young at heart. It’s a good idea to reserve tickets. Their last ten appearances have sold out. 

 There will also be a special guest 
vocalist., Franny McCartney.

 Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 
2:30 p.m. The Sierra Madre Playhouse 
is at 87 W. Sierra Madre 
Blvd., Sierra Madre, CA 91024. 
Tickets are $20 general, $17 for 
seniors (65+), $12 for children 
under 12. 


WHAT: “Murder 
In Disguise,” an interactive 
murder mystery.

WHO: Presented by SanZman 
Productions Renaissance 
Murder Mystery 

WHERE: Sierra Madre Playhouse, 
87 W. Sierra Madre 
Blvd., Sierra Madre, CA 

WHEN: Sunday, August 25, 
2013 at 7:00 p.m.

ADMISSION: All seats $20.


 When a distinguished judge is 
murdered, the evidence points 
to a prominent lawyer. Things 
look grim, and his only option is 
to conduct his own defense and 
uncover the real killer in this, 
the trial of his life. The tension 
mounts, the clues are elusive, but 
can he put it all together? You, 
the audience, are the jury, and 
must ultimately decide if he does.

RESERVATIONS: (626) 355-4318.