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9HEALTHY LIFESTYLES Mountain Views News Saturday, January 18, 2014 
What a gift the present moment is. All things possible. Everything 
is in perfect order. It's only when we drift into yesterday or tomorrow 
that trouble creeps in. You all know those people who live in 
the past, held back by past experiences or accounts of yesterday. Or 
those who live in tomorrow-constantly moving, planning, doing. 
Never moments rest to enjoy a job well done. 

Our yoga practice provides the ideal venue for practicing being in 
the present moment. Time almost stops during class sometimes. 
Breath, movement, focus, it's the perfect recipe. I think this is one 
of the reasons people feel great after yoga. We get a break from 
having to accomplish, having to plan, or even a break from our 

negative emotions. The "All is Well" feeling has a chance to enter our mind and body. It's 
attitude changing. 

You cannot help but notice how comfortable that present moment felt. It feels right! And 
OK. Would it be nice to live this way all the time? Not worrying or about yesterday or tomorrow? 
Enjoying right where you are at any given point in time ? There are many ways to 
begin practicing this. Of course, on the mat is a great place to start. We continue flower in 
this acceptance throughout our times in class. Yoga is known for its ability to increase 
acceptance and compassion. Yes, for others, but first for ourselves. 

See you in class. 

Keely Totten 
Teacher at Yoga Madre 

Dr. Tina is a traditional 
naturopath and nutri-
tionist at Vibrant Living 
Wellness Center 


Can something that is sweet and gooey be a health food? If we 
are talking about dates, it can be. Dates are the fruit of the palm 
tree. They are nutrient dense, which means they contain many 

beneficial nutrients. Dates are rich in several vitamins, minerals, 
and fiber. I think my daughter has a love affair with dates. She 

consumes dates instead of reaching for a sugary desserts, candy 
or chocolate. I use dates as a sweetener to make healthy dessert 

Here are some of the reasons to consider dates as a healthy food 

We all know that vitamins are needed for the body to function 
properly. Dates are rich in B vitamins and B vitamins are necessary for energy production. 

Consider dates a healthy food choice because they are high in fiber. Dates help move food 

through the intestinal track. Dates can be eaten as an aid for constipation. Our bowels take 

care of waste so it is important to keep them moving. The best method for this ailment is 
to soak the dates overnight and then eat the dates in the morning, doing this will give you 

an energy boost as well. 

Dates are packed with several essential minerals that play a role in boosting our immune 

system, transport oxygen through our blood, produce energy, and help maintain bone health. 
These fruits contain calcium, sulfur, manganese, copper, iron, potassium, phosphorous and 
magnesium. All of which are necessary for good health. 

Lastly, dates are a good source of antioxidants. Antioxidants help to remove free radical 

toxins from the body. Eating these antioxidant rich fruits may help to reduce the risk of 
some diseases. 

If you have never tried dates before, give them a try. They are a great alternative to many 

processed sugary treats. Just make sure you wash them well. Due to their sticky surface,
dates can attract dirt and impurities. 

Happy Tails 
hold in my hometown 
of Huntsville, Alabama. 
I have lots of family and 
friends in that area, one 

by Chris Leclerc 

of which is my longtime 
buddy Atha Gail 


“To everything there is a season, 
and a time to every purpose 
under Heaven.” 
~ Ecclesiastes 3:1 

Every now and then I am met 
with the challenge of writing 
an article for this column that 
doesn’t quite fit the category of 
a “Happy Tail“. You see, I find it 
almost impossible to come up 
with an uplifting story when I 
am dealing with sadness. I am 
typically inspired to write by 
my reality, and unfortunately 
reality comes with a mixed bag 
of experiences that can bring 
anything imaginable to life, 
good bad or ugly. One day I 
might be on top of the world 
with everything moving in the 
right direction and the next day 
I am rendered nearly paralyzed 
by the news of a tragic event 
that feels so heavy I can hardly 
bear it. 

Last week I received shocking 
news from a close friend that 
absolutely blind-sided me and 
left me feeling so helpless and 
sad that I am still trying to 
work through it and get back 
to the top of my game. I must 
confess that I am rather weak 
when it comes to handling 
emotional trauma. In the midst 
of turmoil, it is sometimes hard 
for me to see the light at the end 
of the tunnel, and whatever I 
am inspired to write about will 
most likely be steeped in the 
same emotional state that my 
mind is in at the time. Please 
forgive me, my dear readers, but 
I have decided to just let it be as 
I write this article, and let my 
true feelings emerge, as I believe 
that therein lies the beginning 
of healing in my heart. 

On the evening of Friday, 
January 10th a torrential rain 
storm was working it’s way 
through the Tennessee Valley, 
and by the early morning hours 
of the following day it had taken 

Williams, whom I have 
known since middle school. 
She and I have fostered a closer 
friendship as adults than we had 
in our youth and find that we 
have more in common now than 
ever. We talk on the phone often, 
and most of our conversations 
inevitably end up on the subject 
of our pets. Like me, Atha is an 
avid animal lover. In fact, she’s 
the one who inspired me to start 
my dog walking and pet sitting 
business several years ago, when 
I was unsure of what to do with 
myself after quitting my job 
in construction and property 

Atha and her husband, 
Carroll own a horse farm on 
Green Mountain in southeast 
Huntsville and as the storm 
became increasingly intense last 
Friday night, Atha got out of bed, 
got dressed and went out to put 
the animals inside the barn to 
protect them from the storm. A 
few hours later, around 4:00 am, 
as Atha and Carroll lie sleeping, 
a random bolt of lightning 
struck the electrical box at the 
barn, knocking out the security 
system that would typically 
have sent an emergency alert to 
them at the house. The impact 
of the lightning ignited a raging 
fire that ultimately consumed 
the entire structure before 
anyone became aware of what 
had happened. 

Everything was destroyed. 
The barn itself burned down 
and all of Atha‘s precious 
animals perished inside. I weep 
uncontrollably even now as 
I write and I am still trying to 
wrap my mind around the whole 
ordeal. Please understand, my 
intention is not feed a frenzy 
of sensationalism or sadness 
by sharing this story. I guess I 
just need to work through the 
mourning process and I want 
to do my part to honor those 
beautiful beasts who lost their 
lives; Atha’s twelve gorgeous 

in. Appreciate 
your family, 
appreciate your 
friends and 
appreciate your 
precious pets 
while you have 
them. There are 
no guarantees 
in life. Don’t let 
yourself have to 
regret later, that 
you neglected to 
love and let live. 

horses, along with her thirteen 
cats and her dog. She loved 
those animals so much. They 
were a major part of her life. 
When they died they took with 
them a big piece of her heart 
that she will never recover. 
May they all rest in peace and 
carry the memory and legacy 
of how much they were loved 
and cared for while they were 
here on earth. May they be 
memorialized by all who knew 
them with the dignity and 
respect they deserve. 

If there was any consolation 
for my dear friends when they 
were made aware of the horrific 
news, it came in a message from 
the fire fighters that the horses 
were found lying in the center 
of their stalls, as if they’d gone 
to sleep, indicating that they 
most likely died from smoke 
inhalation. They never got to 
the point of panic. Knowing this 
brought some sense of comfort, 
but the feeling of loss was still so 
overwhelming. I pray every day 
that my dear friend will find the 
strength and encouragement 
to make her way through the 
sadness and move on to the next 
season of life, that of rebuilding 
and rebirth. 

There really is a time and a 
season for everything in our 
lives and Atha and I have been 
blessed with sharing many 
moments of joy and excitement 
together over the years. Right 
now it is her time to mourn, and 
as her close friend, it is my time 
to mourn along with her. I love 
Atha, and I would do anything 
to take away the pain. Just the 
thought of loosing one of my 
dogs has the potential to put me 
over the edge, so the thought 
of her tremendous loss weighs 
very heavy on my heart. I pray 
that this too shall pass. 

Dear readers, I hope that next 
week’s tale will be a much 
happier one. Meanwhile, I want 
to thank you for enduring a 
less-than-happy story that I felt 
the need to tell. Please don’t 
forget to be compassionate. Let 
yourself be open enough to love, 
regardless of the time or season 

life finds 


Kazoozle is too! Our friend is a young, male 
Chinese Crested Dog. 

He is approximately 8 months old and weighs just 
about 8 pounds. He gets along with his kennel mate 
and is friendly with people. He is an active, energetic 
young boy who would love it if you’d stop in to meet 
him and consider making him a valued part of your 

Chinese Cresteds become very attached to their 
owners. They love lots of attention, affection and 
togetherness. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, 
reading or taking a bath, your Crested will be right 
there. Intensely curious and lively, they also love 
to play on the carpet, learn new tricks and explore 
the household. They get along especially well with 
children. If you’re looking for a canine that loves to 
snuggle and cuddle, look no further than Kazoozle! 

He currently resides at the San Gabriel Valley 
Humane Society located at 851 E. Grand Avenue in 
San Gabriel with his roommate. We are located off San Gabriel Blvd., north of Mission and south of 
Las Tunas. To arrange a ‘Meet and Greet’ with Kazoozle (aka….6174), please stop by any time from 
10:00am to 4:30pm Tuesday thru Sunday. 

His adoption fee is $120 which includes his neuter surgery, a microchip, first vaccinations and a free 
wellness check-up at a participating veterinarian. Feel free to call us at (626) 286-1159 for more 
information on Kazoozle. 

 See our website at for information and photos of all our available pets. 



Looking for a best buddy? So is Bunny! Bunny 
(A4666637) is a lively three year old tan and white 
spayed female Chihuahua who was found in San 
Gabriel on January 8th and brought to the Baldwin 
Park Shelter. Weighing eight and one half pounds, 
she walks wonderfully on leash, is well socialized and 
is most likely housebroken. Good with other dogs, 
we think this playful medium-energy level girl will 
be equally good with children. Bunny is a fantastic 
lapdog and amazing kissing machine. She will be 
the perfect indoor companion for an individual or 
family in any living situation. She is wonderful! To 
watch a video of Bunny please visit this link: www. 

To meet Bunny in person, please see her at the 
Baldwin Park Shelter, located at 4275 N. Elton, 
Baldwin Park, CA 91706 (Phone: 626-430-2378 or 626-962-3577). She is currently available now. For 
any inquiries about Bunny, please reference her animal ID number: A4666637. The shelter is open 
seven days a week, 12 pm-7 pm Monday-Thursday and 10am-5pm Friday-Sunday. This is a high-
intake shelter with a great need for adoptions. For more information about Bunny or the adoption 
process, contact United Hope for Animals Volunteer Adoption Coordinator Samantha at Samantha@ To learn more about United Hope for Animals’ partnership with the Baldwin Park 
Shelter through its Shelter Support Program, as well as the many dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes 
available for adoption in local shelters, visit