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Hop aboard the Yellow 
Submarine and get to 
know the Fab Four with 
Beatles tribute band Hard 
Day’s Night this Sunday, 
July 27th at Concerts in 
the Park. These excellent 
musicians deliver an 
exciting and authentic 
recreation of a Beatles 
concert from the “Touring 
Years” (1964-66) and the 
Sgt. Pepper and Abbey 
Road era (1967-70). 

The concert is sponsored 
by the Sierra Madre 
Volunteer Firefighter's Association and will run from 6:00-8:00 
pm, but be sure to get there early to secure a spot! Please note 
that no alcohol is allowed in Memorial Park. FOOD VENDING: 
Farmers Belly food truck. 


Notice of Intent To Circulate Petition Filed With City Clerk

By Susan Henderson

 On Wednesday, July 2nd, three Sierra 
Madre residents filed a notice with the city 
announcing their intention to circulate a 
petition to place on the ballot an initiative 
entitled “Stop The Utility Users Tax”. 
The measure, if passed by two thirds of 
the qualified voters casting ballots in the 
election where the measure appears, would 
totally eliminate the existing UUT.

 The petition states the intent 
of the measure as, “repealing 
existing ordinances permitting 
the taxation of utilities and 
prohibiting the enactment of 
future utility user taxes except 
upon submission to the voters 
and approval by two-thirds of 
the votes cast.”

 The residents who have 
proposed the measure, Earl 
Richey, Shirley Moore and 
David McMonigle are listed 
on the Pasadena Tea Party’s 
TEAPAC website as having 
“informally associated 
themselves as the Sierra Madre 
Tax Limitation Committee 
(SMTLC).” The site also 
takes ownership of the effort 
as part of the California Tax 
Limitation Committee’s 
“TAX REVOLT”. It also 
notes that the Sierra Madre action follows 
a similar action in Arcadia.

 Earl Richey, a vocal opponent of Sierra 
Madre’s city government, is listed as the 
contact person for the effort. At press 
time, he had not returned a phone call in 
order to get his comments. However, on 
the TEAPAC website, they quote longtime 
Sierra Madre resident Maurice Whittaker 
who did speak with the Mountain Views 

 Whittaker stated that while he had 
informed TEAPAC’s President Michael 
Alexander that he would sign the petition, 
he was quite surprised to learn of the quote 
attributed to him on the TEAPAC website. 
The site quotes Whittaker as saying, “The 
City of Sierra Madre is out of control 
just like every city. It’s being run for the 
financial benefit of public employees and 
the unions rather than the citizens. In these 
tough times it’s only fair that government 
share some of the pain and learn how to live 
within its means.”

 Whittaker denied having ever made such 
a statement and said that while he did agree 
and will sign a petition, he is doubtful if 
the effort will be successful. When asked 
what proponents of the measure intend 
to replace the income derived from UUT 
taxes in Sierra Madre with should the tax be 
eliminated he replied, “I don’t know. That’s 
why I don’t think it will pass [the repeal].”

 There are several steps that need to be 
completed before the measure can be 
put before voters, including gathering 
enough signatures. At this point, the City 
Attorney has prepared, as required by law, 
the proposed language and content. What 
happens next remains to be seen.

Arcadia’s Effort

 Earlier this month, the Arcadia City 
Council rejected the petition of more than 
700 signatures submitted by the Arcadia 
Tax Limitation Committee by refusing 
to put the measure on the November or 
“any future ballot”. That committee was 
spearheaded by Arcadia 
residents Carolyn Papp, 
Larry Papp and Greg 

 Arcadia, where the UUT 
represents less than 14% of 
its General Fund, is a city 
that has other resources 
including a major shopping 
center, race track and other 
commercial businesses that 
generate sales tax revenue.

 Sierra Madre, on the 
other hand, received 
31.4% of its General Fund 
revenue in the 2013-14 
fiscal year from the UUT 
and derives approximately 
2% of its revenue from 
sales taxes with no desire 
for expanded commercial 

 Sierra Madre is currently facing a financial 
challenge trying to provide services with a 
reduction of no less than $1 million dollars 
as a result of voters narrowly rejecting an 
extension of the existing UUT at 10%. As 
a result, the UUT will be reduced to 8% in 
2015 and by 2016 it will drop to 6%.

 If a total repeal is passed the city will be 
faced with a reduction in revenues of more 
than 31% of the General Fund with no 
other source of income identified.

Repeal of the UUT would reduce the city’s revenue by 31.4%

Inside this week: 

Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side: VICTOR ESPINOZA

Sierra Madre Resident Is Best Known For Winning The Kentucky Derby and The Preakness This Year By Deanne Davis



“Awesome. I never dreamed I’d win a second Kentucky Derby, but here it is. This 
was a typical race for him (California Chrome). He ran like he always does. Art 
(Sherman) just said: ‘You know him, ride him.’ I had the trip I wanted”

I had the opportunity to sit down outside Starbucks a few days ago to chat with 
Victor Espinoza, a fairly new Sierra Madrean, AND a two-time Kentucky Derby-
Preakness winning jockey. In 2002, Victor rode War Emblem to victory in the 
Derby and the Preakness, just as he did this past 
May with California Chrome. The Triple Crown 
of racing – Derby-Preakness-Belmont Stakes – 
was last won by Affirmed in 1978, which tells 
you just how hard it is to win The Triple Crown! 
Victor’s career wins: More than 3,100 and many 
more to come! 

 After the Triple Crown meets, Victor flew 
over to England to ride in the Windsor Castle 
Stakes at the Royal Ascot five-day meet, June 
17-21, winning on the colt, Hootenanny, then 
chatted with Queen Elizabeth II and her Racing 
Advisor John Warren in the Ascot Parade Ring. 

 He threw out the ceremonial first pitch at 
Yankee Stadium on June 2nd and joked with 
David Letterman about who’s the boss when he 
and California Chrome get together. California 
Chrome likes to play around before the race but 
when they get in the gate, Victor is the boss and 
that’s that! Victor’s met Michael Strahan, thrown 
a ceremonial pitch for the Angels and loves what 
he does. But he didn’t tell me all that stuff, that’s 
all public record. 

 Victor is a delightful guy who would really 
rather talk about his love for and commitment 
to the young cancer patients of City of Hope 
than any of his celebrity encounters. He was 
quite moved recalling his visit to City of Hope 
after the Kentucky Derby win where he brought 
California Chrome t-shirts and autographed 
pictures to share with the kids. Meeting the 
amazing young people at City of Hope showed 
Victor a different kind of athlete; kids who are 
running races that are very hard to win…

 “All these kids, they have cancer. … Since that 
time, I donated 10 percent of my earnings for all 
the kids that have cancer. … It changed my life 
to see those kids like seven, eight, 10 years old, 
20 years old. … I hope today with what earnings 
I have I can make a change for one of those kids.” 

 Born on a farm in Mexico, Victor relocated to the United States in 1993. His 
mom and the rest of the family are still in Mexico. Older brother, Jose, is also 
a jockey but following a serious accident, from which he is still recuperating in 
New York, he may not be riding professionally in the future. Victor has had a 
number of accidents himself but, as he says, “every day is a concern, but it’s your 
job!” He’s on the move constantly following various race meets; Chicago coming 
up, Los Alamitos, Del Mar. Which are his favorite tracks? “It’s a fun place where 
I can win a race!” But favorites are Santa Anita and Del Mar. 

 Needless to say, Victor is in splendid shape. He says he works out a lot. 
Obviously, to control a racehorse weighing in at 1,000 lbs. or so, you’ve gotta be 
at the top of your game! The maximum weight 
of a jockey, including full gear, saddle, and saddle 
cloth is 126 lbs. in a Triple Crown race. That’s a 
lot of horse for a pretty light rider! During cooler 
months Victor runs up the Mt. Wilson Trail to 
First Water. But now that summer, the heat and 
possible rattlesnakes are upon us, he’s spending 
more time at the gym, sometimes two sessions a 
day, lifting weights in the morning. Made me feel 
a twinge of guilt as my weight lifting guru, John, 
and I are only making it to the gym on an average 
of once a week. Well, we’re walking Sierra Madre 
the other days!

 Of course, we got into the ‘what do you 
eat’ conversation and Victor confessed that his 
weakness is dessert and bread. Which one of 
us isn’t in that same dietary boat! But he has 
learned what his body can and can’t tolerate and 
found out the hard way, just like all of us, that 
dieting doesn’t work. As he says, life is about 
learning and he’s learned his body. Restrictive 
diets just made things worse so now it’s sensible 
moderation, small meals, and a safe distance from 
those seductive sirens bread and dessert! On race 
days, he eats very lightly, possibly just one small 
meal. I asked him if the old practice of sweating 
off excess weight is something he does. No! It’s 
not! The ‘hot box’ is still happening but not with 
Victor. His health is too important to him to 
upset the electrolyte and energy balance!

 Victor is one busy guy, still riding 
occasionally for California Chrome owner, Art 
Sherman, but he’s ready and able to go just about 
anywhere to ride upcoming new mounts, one 
of which might just possibly be the next Triple 
Crown winner. We’re long overdue for another 
Citation, Secretariat or Affirmed to take home 
horseracing’s biggest challenge and Sierra Madre 
would love to see Victor Espinoza in the saddle!


My book: “A Tablespoon of Love, A Tablespoon of Laughter” is available on; or at


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