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SATURDAY, MAY 31, 2014 
VOLUME 8 NO. 22 
SATURDAY, MAY 31, 2014 
VOLUME 8 NO. 22 

Board Issues Statement To Clear The Air 

 The development of the 88 
acres of land at Mater Dolorosa 
in Sierra Madre has been the 
primary public comment 
subject at public meetings in 
Sierra Madre the last 10 days. 
The development came up at 
the Planning Commission held 
last Thursday and again at this 
week’s City Council meeting. 

The discussions come on 
the heals of disclosure that a 
developer had been chosen and 
talks with the community had 

 Late Friday, the Passionist 
retreat center issued the 
following statement: 

The Board of Directors of Mater 
Dolorosa Passionist Retreat 
Center released this statement 
today, which is attributable 
to Cameron Thornton, BoardChair: 

“Recent mischaracterizations 
of the proposed development of 
surplus land at Mater Dolorosa 
are unfortunate and terribly 
misleading. In the interest 
of providing the public with 
accurate information, we sent 
a letter today to our neighbors 
and other interested parties that 
made these points: 

There will not be 60 
homes built on the proposedsite. As we have said from our 
earliest communication, anyproject that is built must andwill be compatible with whatis around us. For lot sizes to be 
similar to those of our neighborsthere must be fewer than 50 
homes. The size of these homes 
will not be “massive” either. The 
homes will be approximately 
3,800 square feet in size. 

This will not be a “quick” 
process driven by “secret” 
meetings. We recently selectedthe developer New Urban Westfor the project because they 
share our commitment to a 
very intensive, long-term, oneon-
one type of outreach with 
the community. That is the bestway to hear what is on people’sminds. There has been a “get toknow you” meeting with citystaff and we have reached out to 
current and former city leaders,
so New Urban West can hear 
their thoughts and concerns.
These are merely introductorymeetings, where no decisions 
are made or actions taken. 
Funds from the sale of 
our surplus land will be used toprovide for the long-term care ofour senior priests and brothers 
and continue the Passionists’ 
global mission. Currently, 77%
of the 62 Passionist priests andbrothers of Holy Cross Provinceare age 65 and older. Of all the 
options we reviewed over the 
last seven years, the only onethat would provide these funds, 
protect the Mater Dolorosa 
retreat experience, and be 
compatible with the homes insurrounding neighborhoods was 
the single family home optionwe are now beginning to pursue. 
We look forward to formallyintroducing New Urban West 
to the community, which we 
will do later this summer 
once our Purchase and Sales 

Agreement Due Diligence period 
is completed.”

 Although the statement 
addresses many of the rumors 
circulating, acceptance of any 
proposed development is still 
difficult for many residents to 

 In a recent interview with 
Matthew Bryant, disclosed that 
his group, Stop The Monastery 
Housing Project, had offered the 
Monastery 10 million dollars 
for the land in order to create 
a “win, win situation with 
open space”, but that offer was 
deemed in- adequate. 

 New Urban West describes 
itself as a “privately held, 
Santa Monica based builder/
developer with three decades of 

Bryant noted that the concerns 
about this develoment crosses 
all political lines in Sierra 
Madre and hopes that there will 
be combined efforts to address 
the concerns of the community. 
He also mentioned a possible 
solution for the community 
that has been offered to both 
the Planning Commission and 
City Council by those opposed 
to the project - a citywide 
building moratorium.

 With the rumors laid to rest, 
and a confirmation of their 
intent one thing appears to be 
certain. There will be a new 
housing development on the 
property at the top of North 

S. Henderson/MVNews 

 Last Friday thieves attempted to tamper with the 
gas pumps at the Sierra Madre Valero station on 
the corner of Sierra Madre Blvd. and Baldwin.

 The SMPD was quick with their response to 
the attempted burglary and warned residents to 
be diligent if they had purchased any gas with a 
credit or debit card last Friday. 

Station owner Edgar Artenyan, who has been 
operating gas stations in Sierra Madre since 
1997, informed the Mountain Views News that 
the attempt was unsuccessful and no customer 
information was taken.

 Sierra Madre Police Department Sgt. Joe Ortiz 

confirmed at press time that no complaints had 
been filed regarding comprimised credit/debit 
card use. 

Artenyan says that two men attempted to pry 
open the pump, however their efforts were 
thwarted due to enhanced security systems 
that were installed after thieves successfully 
compromised gas pumps at the gas station south 
of Sierra Madre Blvd. on Baldwin in 2012.

 A search for the suspects and the investigation 
into the incident continues.

 If you have any information, please contact the 
Sierra Madre Police Department at 626-355-1414. 


Did this bunny lead the pack at the 45th Annual Mt. 
Wilson Trail Race - Story and photos on page 3 

This is Simon Cooper (the rabbit) but what is he up to? Photo by Deanne Davis 


If you know Barry Schwam, 
you know he is a many of 
mystery and many talents. You may recognize him from being 
Scrooge, at the Sierra Madre Playhouse, or walking the streets as 
the Grinch during the WhoVille Festival. Or perhaps you might 
even recognize him for the curious instrument he makes curious 
sounds with. One thing is for sure, once you meet him, you will 
never forget him. 

Barry was born in Santa Monica, raised in Pasadena and lived in 
Sierra Madre for 22 years. He wWent to school at CSUN studying 
broadcasting, and lived in Portland, OR doing radio and music. 

He has performed in 50 plus plays, mostly at Sierra Madre Playhouse. 

“I have played Ebeneezer Scrooge in over 140 performances over the 
years. Other roles include "The Nerd," Henry, in "Cliff Hanger," 
Long John Silver in, Treasure Island, "You can't take it with you," 
The old actor in the Fantasticks, and I even played Abraham Lincoln 
once. Dozens of independent films, one commercial for a toy insect. 
Sound design for a hundred or more plays, films, etc.

 But acting and broadcasting is not all that Barry can do. He is 

an accomplished artist. “I have a series of 
watercolors that I have sold prints of over 
the years. I sold some up at Mary's Market 
when I had a show there. They are available 
for viewing at” 

He is also very creative in the use of his art. His Wall Project 
stemmed from “a huge hedge that covered the entire wall at his 
home. Our condo association made us take it down to replace a 
fence. So there was this beautiful, empty, 32 foot canvas; and all 
those "creatures in my head." It was a natural fit.” 

So Schwam started sketching, and painting, and sketching and 
painting. The end result is this very humorous, colorful wall of 
fun! Says Barry, “Maybe I can even paint a creature-scape on your 
wall!” Above the stages of development of The Wall Project

Schwam lives with my wonderful wife Lydia and our cat Princess 
Putzel. “I have loved Sierra Madre, have done some wonderful 
things here, including many stints of music at Beantown. Ihave 
lived the life of an artist because I have to. I have seen life in a 
different way, and "know to much to argue or to judge," as Bob 
Dylan said once. 

When asked what encouraging words he had for other artists 
Barry replied, “Never disavow your vision of the world. If you are 
different, don't try and be like everyone else. Lord knows I have 
tried, and it brought me misery. Whatever your vision, try and 
express it in some fashion. You need to; you have to. You owe it to 
the world.” 

(Barry is also a member of that zany internet radio group, “Barry, 
Rich and Lisa”. You can hear him at or on itunes.)

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