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Don’t Forget Election Day In Sierra Madre and Arcadia is Tuesday, April 8, 2014 


Inside this week: 



By Dean Lee

Calendar Page 2 


Sierra Madre News Page 4 

 One thing is certain; 

everyone was fond of former SURFACES IN SIERRA MADRE

councilmember Sid Tyler and 
news of his sudden death last 


Pg. 5 


week came as a shock to those 
that new him. He died March 

28, after falling in a bicycling Anonymous Mailer Containing False and Misleading


accident.Statements Target Two Sierra Madre Council 

 “There is a tremendous 

Candidates In An Apparent Effort To Influence Voters 

outpouring of grief and 


surprise because he was so 

 At press time, the Mountain Views be traced back to a particular mailing 

vital [to the community], I 


News was notified of an unidentified permit. 

mean he was bicycling around 

political mailer targeting candidates 


the neighborhood everybody At press time it was not clear how 

Gene Goss and Noah Green. Both 

saw him,” Councilmember extensive the mailing was, but, 


candidates have denied the accuracy of 

Terry Tornek, said. “He was according to both State and Federal 

the allegations contained in the mailer. 

Pg. 9 

the epitome of what it means laws, the document is illegal. At least 

(See related story on page B5). 

to be a public official.”two recipients of the mailer, notified 


 Tornek was elected to District The mailer, which at a glance carries the the paper of their intent to file claims 

Pg. 10 

7 after Tyler chose not seek colors of the individual campaigns and with the California Fair Political 
another term in 2009. looks like official literature from the Practices Commission (FPPC) and the 


According to reports, Tyler Goss and Green campaigns, was sent United States Postal Service (USPS) 
fell off his bicycle March 27 via U.S. Mail without any indication Inspector General’s office. 

Pg. 11 

after losing his balance riding of the source. The content for the 

The illegality of the piece is in part 

on California Boulevard just most part is blatantly false according 


due to the fact that it does not carry 

blocks from his home on to the candidates and in other parts of 

any return address information, as 

Pg. 12 

South Madison Avenue. it, the wording is misleading. When 

required by law, as well as it violates 

Although the official cause of comparing the allegations in the mailer 

several other State and possible 


his death (cont. pg. 5) against public records and transcripts, 

Federal statutes. The FPPC requires 

the mailer borders on being a peice of 

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT that all campaign literature carry a 


statement which discloses the source Pg. 15 OWNERS OF STOLEN PROPERTY The mailer does not attack the two of the expenditures for the item. It is 
female candidates, but it must be also a requirement that the name of SECTION B Online Viewingphotographs and identify noted that both Goss and Green are the committee (or individual acting 
You can go to the property by the image supporters of the Utility User’s Tax. as a committee) appear on the mailer, 


following link http://number. Once you have as well as a statement indicating 

MORE NEWS Pg. B1 Recipients who spoke to the Mountain 

ci t y o fsier ra m adr e .identified property you its’ association (or not) with any 

 The Sierra Madre Police Views News, each residents of Sierra 

com/departments/believe may belong to campaign. 

HOMES & PROPERTY Department recently Madre for decades, expressed their 

arrested a suspect for police-department to you please call to arrange 

total disgust that the council race had In addition, using the postal service to 

WORLD AROUND USresidential view photographs of an appointment with 

burglary. stooped to new lows. “No wonder no facilitate illegal activities is also against 

the recovered property the Sierra Madre Police 

Pg. B2 The suspect entered one wants to run for office. This is just the law. There also is the possibility 

under the file(s) named Department Detective 

unlocked residences and awful”. that the Los Angeles County District 

SMPD case # 130652 Bureau. 

vehicles to steal property. Attorney’s Office of Public Integrity 

BUSINESS NEWS Pg. B3 and/or SMPD case # Although not the first time the mail 

The department has could investigate the incident. 

140071. The link will You must provide a has been used to attempt to discourage 

recovered several items 

OPINION Pg. B4 be available for viewing police report and/or or destroy candidates, this may well Penalties for such violations can 

of property believed to 

between April 1, 2014 to proof that the items you become the most expensive effort as the be expensive. FPPC fines alone, 

be stolen. In an effort to 

April 30, 2014. have selected belong to card was professionally printed. It also according to their website can be hefty. 

SMTV 98 determine the legitimate 

you. The proof can be in had first class postage, considerably “The penalty for failing to comply with 

owner of the property, 

Pg. B8 If you have been a victim the form of a photograph more expensive than permit mail, the Act’s disclaimer requirements is a 

the recovered items will 

of burglary during depicting you wearing which is the common method of fine of up to $5,000 per violation.” 

be on display on the 

the past year, please the item, a serial number, posting campaign materials. By using 

police department’s web 

look through the listed or a (cont. pg. 4) regular postage the senders cannot S. Henderson/MVNews 


EDITORIAL: Mayor Pro Tem John Harabedian Speaks Up: VOTE YES ON MEASURE UUT 

When deciding how to vote on Madre, were only surviving in cities where they remained a priority, community services. To put that loss into perspective, the City 
Measure UUT on Tuesday, resi-which required unwavering devotion from community leaders and would have to eliminate both the library and its recreation depart-
dents should be asking themselves volunteer groups alike. ment to shed $1 million in expenses. Or, alternatively, outsource its 
one overarching question: what police department, fire department or paramedic services. In other 
type of city do I want to live in five Put simply, the cherished experience I had as a child in Sierra Madre words, if Measure UUT fails, it would have a drastic effect on this 
or ten years from now? The reason did not happen by accident. It was made possible by the hard work community, while only resulting in a very small savings for each 
why I am voting Yes on Measure of our elected leaders and volunteers, and through the continued household – on average $18.50 per month. 
UUT is because I want to ensure sacrifice of our residents to protect the City’s services. As a council 
that Sierra Madre will continue to member today, I want to make sure that future generations in Sierra By voting Yes on Measure UUT, I am making the personal choice to 
be the safe and vibrant community Madre are also able to have this same experience. spend that $18.50 per month to protect Sierra Madre. To me, it is a 
that we live in today for years to small sacrifice to preserve the truly special place in which we live. I 
come. If Measure UUT fails, however, that will likely not be possible. Si-would respectfully ask each resident to make the same choice. 

erra Madre will lose approximately $1 million in annual revenue 

The ad below paid for by the Yes on Measure UUT Committee 

My “Yes” vote is directly informed from its $8 million General Fund. The General Fund pays for ser-

FPPC ID No. 136498 Photos property Mountain Views News Archives 

by my experience as a long-time vices such as police, fire, paramedics, library, public works, and 
Sierra Madre resident. 
Having grown up in Sierra 
Madre, I have a few vivid 
memories about my childhood. 
One is always feeling 

safe within the City’s confines. There was not a day in my life 
in which I felt vulnerable while riding my bike with friends, 
playing in Sierra Vista Park, or walking home from school. 
The second memory is playing baseball at Heasley and Dapper 
fields for hours on end. My weekends were consumed 
by playing sports, and the most enjoyable of those times was 
always spent on those fields. The third is having a library 
right down the street from my house, where I knew the librarians 
by first name and would be consumed for hours in 
a vast array of books, magazines, and computer games. 

I would say that my experience was typical of my friends 
in Sierra Madre and is shared by most children growing up 
here today. But what I took for granted then, and appreciate 
now, is what made that idyllic experience possible. 

I never realized that knowing police officers and firefighters 
by their first name, or continuously seeing those officers and 
firefighters around town, was a unique privilege not shared 
by most individuals in surrounding communities. I have no 
doubt that my constant feeling of safety resulted from Sierra 
Madre having its own police and fire departments, both of 
whose presence were and still are constantly felt throughout 
town. I also never realized that being able to play on 
a pristine baseball field in the City in which I lived was an 
experience that kids in many other communities did not 
enjoy, and was made possible only through Sierra Madre’s 
concerted devotion to providing various community services 
for our youth. I also never realized that having a fully 
operational library down the street with staff members who 
lived in town was a unique thing. Only when I grew older 
did I realize that community libraries, like the one in Sierra 

Read The Paper Online At: www.mtnviewsnews.com

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