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APPROVED Rate Payers 
Accept City’s Recommendations 

By Susan Henderson

 Despite an organized effort complete 
with ‘robocalls’, opponents of the proposed 
water rate increase did not garner 
enough support to stop the new 
rates from going into effect. 

According the Prop 218 guidelines, 
51% of the ratepayers were needed to 
stop the increase from going forward. 
Based upon the figures available at 
press time, a little over 1,000 ballots 
opposing the measure, indicating that 
approximately 75% of those eligible to 
vote chose to support the city council’s 

The city sent out an e-blast after Tuesday’s 
meeting stating, “The Sierra 
Madre City Council held a Public Hearing 
on January 28, 2014 to receive oral 
and written testimony on the proposed 
water and sewer rate increases. At the 
close of the Public Hearing, all protest 
ballots were received and the final tabu

lation of protest ballots was completed. 

The total number of protest ballots received 
did not reach the quantity of 
1,848 ballots for water rates or 1,591 
for sewer rates that would be required 
under Proposition 218 to halt the rate 
increase proceedings. The City Council, 
based on the outcome of the protest 
vote, adopted Urgency Ordinance 1351U, 
setting new water and sewer rates 
effective March 1, 2014 for the City of 
Sierra Madre. 

At Tuesday’s council meeting a Resolution 
was adopted after all ballots had 
been counted. 

City Manager Elaine Aguilar affirmed 
the information that had previously 
been distributed. “The typical user of 
33 units will experience an increase 
of approximately $12.70” on each bimontly 

Ballots opposing the rate increase were opened and counting on Tuesday morning under the supervision 
of the City Clerk and City Manager. Photo by Councilman Chris Koerber 


Chase Bank First In The Nation To Restrict Cash Deposits

 Customers who stop by Chase Bank in Sierra Madre may have noticed a handout 
and other signs that read, “Important News About Cash Deposits”. The 
notice goes on to inform the public that effective March 1, 2014, the bank will 
no longer accept cash deposits, regardless of the amount, into personal accounts 
unless the person making the deposit is a signer on the account. In addition, 
account holders will have to show i.d. when making such deposits. 

After looking into the matter further, it was discovered that the bank was adopting 
this policy, “In a bid to close potential money laundering loopholes. JPMorgan 
Chase (JPM) told FOX Business it is set to roll out a new policy that requires 
customers who want to make a cash deposit to show identification and be listed 
on the actual account.

 According to the report, “JPMorgan, the largest U.S. bank by assets, has been 
in the crosshairs of heavy regulatory scrutiny in the past year, highlighted by a 
$2 billion settlement last week over lax standards related to the Madoff Ponzi 

 Chase tellers are expected to begin asking customers for ID when making cash 
deposits on February 1, but the policy is not expected to be strictly enforced 
until March 3, Chase. 
“We are making this policy change for cash deposits only to combat misuse of 
accounts, including money laundering," a Chase spokesperson said.

 It is believed that the New York-based financial giant would be the first big 
bank to enact such a change. 
“We are making this policy change for cash deposits only to combat misuse of 
accounts, including money laundering," a Chase spokesperson said.
Neither Bank of the West, nor Bank of America have any such policy change in 
the planning stages at this point. 
This is another policy that may very well have a negative impact on the elderly 
who often use trusted family members and friends to make deposits for them. 
According to the local Chase spokesman in Sierra Madre, the bank now prefers 
that alternative means of depositing, such as checks, is preferred. 


More than one hundred people turned out 
to Peppertree Grill last night for an evening 
of good friends, shared memories, 
Italian buffet dinner and a beautiful cake 
decorated with Wistaria made by one of 
Sierra Madre’s newest businesses Poppy 
Cake Bakery (located where Wildflour 
Baking Co. used to be).

 Since 1966 when William Wark was recognized, 
the Chamber has honored a Citizen 
of the Year (COTY), and recently they 
have also on occasion honored couples, 

the first couple so honored being Paul and 
Louise Neiby in 2009. The Pergolas were 
recognized with a commendation from the 
City, presented by Mayor Nancy Walsh, 
and recognition from the CA State Assembly 
and the CA State Senate, presented by 
Chamber President Ed Chen on behalf of 
Assemblyman Chris Holden and State Senator 
Bob Huff, who were unable to attend. 

To view a video of the event, go to www. or www.sierramadrenews.
net Photo/ caption by Bill Coburn 


At the last council meeting, Chief Larry Gianonne introduced the public the the SMPD’s latest hire, Captain Carlos Isalas 
shown above being sworn in by City Clerk Nancy Shollenberger. That same night the retirement of two longtime officers, 
Lt. Pat Buchanan, left with Mayor Walsh and Lt. Len Hundshamer, right also with the Mayor. Both retirees received cer-
tificates from the city thanking them for their years of dedication. Photos by Dave Felt 



 The Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) and the United Teachers of Pasadena (UTP) have released the following 
joint statement: 

“On January 31, 2014 United Teacher of Pasadena and the Pasadena Unified School District reached a Complete Tentative 
Agreement for a Successor Contract for school years 2013-2014 through 2015-2016. Complete disclosure of all provisions 
and a ratification timeline will be forthcoming from United Teachers of Pasadena and Pasadena Unified School 
District in the immediate future.” 

All relevant documents will be posted at 

Read The Paper Online At:

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