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Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc

 Looking For A Best Friend?? To watch 
football games with? So is Goodfella! He 
is a very cute 6 pound, short haired reddish 
brown and black Chihuahua boy who is 
approximately 4 years old. He was recently 
surrendered by his owner due to unfortunate 
life circumstances that prevented the family 
from keeping him. Despite these changes in 
his life, Goodfella has a very cheerful, happy 
personality and a magical way of putting 
smiles on everyone’s day. His name reflects 
his character. He is truly a good fellow!

 Goodfella is looking for an active family 
who loves to engage in outdoor fun! He 
is a very friendly, confident, independent 
energetic, fast moving, tail wagging, and 
playful little boy who loves life and its 
adventures! Goodfella enjoys going on walks, hikes, running, playing, chasing and fetching toys, and 
has the stamina to keep going for long periods of time! Recently, Goodfella participated in the Los 
Angeles Best Friend’s “Strut your Mutt” 2 ¼ mile fund raising hike and was the pack leader of our team 
of dogs! He had so much fun and inspired many other dogs to keep going!

 Goodfella loves people, but would also make a wonderful buddy to another dog in the household. He 
is waiting for another opportunity to live in a home with a family who will love him, care for him, and, 
enjoy spending time with him. He is a tiny guy and doesn’t take up much space in a home. And with his 
short hair, he is easy to take care of. He just needs his daily exercise outdoors. 

 He currently resides at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society located at 851 E. Grand Avenue in San 
Gabriel. We are located off San Gabriel Blvd., north of Mission and south of Las Tunas. 

 To arrange a ‘Meet and Greet’ with Goodfella, please stop by any time from 10:00am to 4:30pm 
Tuesday thru Sunday. His adoption fee is $120 which includes his neuter surgery, a microchip, first 
vaccinations and a free wellness check-up at a participating veterinarian. Feel free to call us at (626) 
286-1159 for more information on Goodfella. 

 See our website at for information and photos of all our available pets. 

Few and far between are the felines I care for that 
did not respond with some semblance of fear the first 
time I enter their home. It’s a classic story told by many 
cat owners, wherein a person with whom the cat is 
unfamiliar, walks through the front door, only to see the 
kitty’s bouncing behind disappear down the hallway, as 
he high-tails it into another room to seek refuge beneath 
a bed or a couch.

 Although there is usually no apparent reason for a 
typically-friendly feline’s fearful response to a stranger, 
it happens quite often. And even though most of the time, 
the individual who just arrived and entered the home is 
indeed a cat lover, they are still a person whom the cat 
has yet to get to know, so the cat assumes there may be 
danger and runs to take cover. Why do cats behave in 
this manner, and how can we humans help them relax 
and enjoy the company of a new-found friend when they 
come calling?

 One reason why a cat might run and hide upon the 
arrival of a stranger, is because he had limited exposure 
to humans other than his owner as a youngster. If a 
kitten is not introduced to a variety of people during 
his socialization stage (3-9 weeks old), he will likely be 
more apprehensive of interacting with strangers as an 
adult. Another reason is that a visit from a human friend 
is often accompanied by increased noises and movement 
during the initial greeting, and from a cat’s perspective 
that might be interpreted as chaos to be avoided at all 

 There are a few simple techniques that have proven 
to be helpful in preventing a cat from becoming afraid 
of people whom they’ve never met, and as it is with 
most exercises, the more consistently you are willing to 
practice these techniques with your kitty, the better are 
your chances for success.

 First, provide your cat with a “safety-zone” in an 
out-of-the-way location, such as a back room where the 
sound of knocking or a door bell will be muffled. Be sure 
to include a comfortable resting spot, a fresh bowl of 
water and a litter box. Give the cat a special treat along 
with a favorite interactive toy when you take him to the 
safe area, just moments before your guest arrives. Allow 
the cat to remain in the safe place for the duration of the 
visit, the first few times you have a guest in your home.

 Next, try to follow this series of behavioral 
modification steps consistently, to help your cat become 
more comfortable around visitors: Ask a friend or 
relative who does not live with you to act as a stranger 
coming to visit. As usual, put your cat in the safe place 
just moments before their arrival, then when your friend 
arrives, open the door to the safe area and allow the cat 
to can come out at it‘s own will and in it’s own time.

 Once your cat has decided it is safe enough to emerge 
from the back room, have the invited “stranger” stand 
at a distance from where the cat decides is comfortable, 
and reward the cat with a treat and/or a soothing praise 
each time he is willing to get closer to the visitor. The 
goal is to gradually decrease the space between the two, 
by rewarding the cat each time he remains calm and 
allows the newcomer to come closer.

 Take note that the “approaching process” should 
begin from a distance at which your cat shows no signs 
of anxiety or arousal. He should be completely calm to 
start with, and remain calm and confident as your friend 
moves into the cat’s space, eventually coming close 
enough to reach out and pet the cat. Keep your voice 
calm and offer comments of praise along the way. Try to 
avoid excessive movement until the cat becomes more 
comfortable over time. Repeat these simple steps as 
frequently as you possibly can. It may take some time 
for your cat to show progress, but be patient and be 
aware that your efforts are helping to improve your cat’s 
quality of life.

 This process of coaching a cat into becoming more 
familiar with other humans may seem silly to folks 
who are not friends of the feline, but I know there are 
many devoted cat lovers out there who will benefit from 
this bit of information to help make a difference in the 
relationship they have with their cat.

 I hope you do find these tips helpful and I wish you 
all the best success as you work toward socializing your 
kitty cat. Try to understand what is going on in the mind 
of our feline. We humans like to think we relate to our 
pets, so it behooves us to do our best to understand their 
perspective, and work on the relationships we have with 
them. Most importantly, as humans we must be kind to 
the animals, always. Don’t forget to love and let live!

PET OF THE WEEK Marzipan: Animal ID #A4752575 

Meet the cuddliest little canine, Marzipan(A4752575)! 
Marzipan is a lively 10-year-old white female Maltese 
who was found in Hacienda Heights and brought to 
the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center on September 
4th. Weighing 8 lbs, she looks more like a girl than a 
middle-aged lady! She has a yeast infection in her ears 
and has cataracts, but she remains spirited and happy, 
ready to share her sweet energy with her handler. This 
little one delights in cuddles and adores being held 
close. She walks excellently on the leash, appears to be 
housebroken, and seems to get along well with other 
dogs. Marzipan will make a loving and lovable indoor 
pet for a single person, adult couple, or family living in a 
condo, apartment, or private home. To watch a video of 
Marzipan, please visit the following link: http://youtu.

 To meet Marzipan in person, please see her at the 
Baldwin Park Shelter, located at 4275 N. Elton, Baldwin 
Park, CA 91706 (Phone: 626-430-2378 or 626-962-
3577). She is currently available now. For any inquiries 
about Marzipan, please reference her animal ID number: 
A4752575. The shelter is open seven days a week, 12 
pm-7 pm Monday-Thursday and 10am-5pm Friday-
Sunday. This is a high-intake shelter with a great need for 
adoptions. For more information about Marzipan or the 
adoption process, please contact United Hope for Animals 
Volunteer Adoption Coordinator Samantha at Samantha@ To learn more about United Hope 
for Animals’ partnership with the Baldwin Park Shelter 
through its Shelter Support Program, as well as the many 
dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes available for adoption in 
local shelters, visit


A dear friend of mine passed away recently, leaving behind his three beloved bird-hunting 
English Pointers. They are in good hands, with my friend's bereaved widow for now, but since 
she is not into hunting, she has asked if I can be of assistance in finding a new forever home for 
her pups. Here are photos of "Luna", the mom, and her two babes, "Chuck" and "Pearl". 

All three dogs are cordial and in excellent health, with current vaccines and all vet care up-to-
date. They are beautiful babes, I know personally because I had the opportunity to spend a little 
time with them when my friend was traveling, about a year ago. Please take a look, and share 
this post with anyone whom you think might be interested. They are excellent at the craft of 
birding, but would also make fabulous pets. Anyone interested, please contact me and I will put 
you in touch with the owner.