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 It never ceases to amaze me how resistance can effect our lives and accepting 
change can bring about peace. The simplest examples can help us learn big 
lessons. How many times in our lives have we resisted change only to finally, 
reluctantly, change and then wish we had done it years before? This is not to say 
that there are not things worth holding on to, but the ability to flow can make it 
all so much more peaceful. Resistance or “holding” does not flow with the law 
of nature. In fact energy or prana is always moving. We are always changing 
on a cellular level, we are always breathing, moving and thinking. So when we 
get stuck or hold on to ideas and things and thing that are no longer serving us it creates a block in the flow. 

 So how do we learn to be more accepting of change? How do we discern what we want to keep around? Well, 
first accepting that nothing is truly ours. Then we can learn to study our own behaviors. Observing our tendencies 
and our habits is the key. We start this process with the lessons our own movement can teach us. How long have 
we been stuck with those tight hamstrings? The older we get the more stuck we become. It is imperative that we 
keep moving and stay flexible. Every day on the yoga mat we breathe into the change and move the body to stay 
open and flexible. 

 This then translates to our minds. What thoughts are we hanging on to? Are these thoughts serving us? 
What about our feelings? Are they really productive for us or are they habitual? Once we notice, we can see the 
possibilities of change or seeing things in a new way. Once that happens the laws of nature can help us to become 
unstuck. And then it all comes back to the breath. We breathe in the fresh new thoughts and abilities and exhale 
the old. A sense of peace sets in that we are in the flow.

 So, if you have been stuck, in a rut, or resistant to change, take some time to breathe. Move the body in new 
ways everyday. Be gentle and learn to go with the flow. And of course, get into a yoga class.

I will see you there!




Aloe succulent leaves store a gel-like juice with powerful protective and 
healing properties which have been recognized for many centuries. The only 
thing you need to do is break off a leaf, scrap out the gel and the aloe will do 
its magic all on its own.

• Aloe is anti-inflammatory and has a cooling effect so it works 
wonders on bug bites. You may want to break off a leaf and place it in you 
fridge for several minutes. The extra cold will enhance its cooling effect and 
help to reduce the itch.
• My favorite use of aloe is for burns. If you have never burned your 
hand cooking or suffered a sun burn you are lucky. Aloe not only soothes a 
burn but it also heals and moisturizes the skin. The only thing you need to 
do is open up a leaf and rub the inside over your skin to get instant relief. 
• Aloe is great as a skin moisturizer as it hydrates and provides 
nutrients for the skin. It is full of vitamins C, E, and beta carotene which are 
all known to help prevent premature aging. 
• Aloe is not only anti-inflammatory but it is also anti-microbial. 
These two properties make aloe a great choice to treat a wide range of skin 
problems such as eczema, rashes, psoriasis, and acne. It reduces inflammation, cools and moisturizes 
the skin all while promoting cell renewal 
• Lastly is you have stretch marks either from weight gain or from pregnancy, applying aloe gel 
on a daily basis helps to reduce their visibility. Stretch marks are the result of minor tears that appear in 
the top layer of our skin. Aloe can help to heal those tears when applied early to stretch marks. 

Aloe is so easy to grow… everyone should have a plant somewhere in their yard. It can even grow in a 
planter on a balcony. 

Dr. Tina is a traditional 
naturopath and nutritionist 
at Vibrant Living 
Wellness Center

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